Humiliating husban in front of wife

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Humiliating husban in front of wife
I like to arrage 3somes with: hubby (husband or boyfriend), bull (lover) and hubby’s wife/girlfriend. The scenario is the following:

– The bull: is dominant, has a substantially bigger cock than hubby, is better built and takes the wife as he pleases, he also obeys my commands.
– The wife: is sometimes blindfolded, cannot speak to her hubby directly and she has to obey my (the mistress) orders unconditionally.
– The hubby: always sees what happens, but is not always allowed to touch, or even approach his wife. Every single time he comes, it is only on my command and with my permission, and he always has to lick and swallow the cum 100%.

I brief the wife before the session, I tell her the answers she has to give when I ask her things, I explain to her that canlı bahis siteleri she should not think about her hubby’s feelings, as this is something purely sexual, that it will not affect their real life relationship, that the men love to experiment this kind of situation, where they see their wife have a lot of fun, enjoy a big cock, cream on it, etc. I ask her if he ever suggested to her having sex with a much bigger cock, and if he got excited by this idea. The wife has usually already been suggested this by her hubby, and knows this excites him. Her only (and biggest) concern is not ho hurt the feelings of her hubby. I have this chat with her, so she understands the above, and is ok with it. The answers I tell her to give are the following:

When I make the wife suck the bull’s makrobet big cock, she needs to sit on the edge of the bed, or kneel on the floor, hubby is kneeling next to her and helplessly watches. I ask her if she likes it, and expect an answer like: “yes, I love his big cock, it’s very nice to suck, I get wet when suking it, thinking how it will feel inside me”

I also make her compare the bull’s cock to her husband’s cock: I love to see how she takes both cocks into her hands, when she measures the cocks herself, so she can see and remember the difference better. Most men I’ve met have a 14-16cm cock, so when the bull has a 20cm cock, the difference is very noticeable. I ask the wife if she likes bigger cocks, and expect answers like: “yes, bigger cocks fill my pussy better, makrobet giriş they make me feel more, deeper.”

I make the bull fuck the wife, and have the hubby see the faces of pleasure the wife pulls when she’s feeling the big cock enter her pussy. At first, she might feel unconfortable with the bigger size (or not, depends). I tell her that this is absolutely normal, that once the vigina adapts to the size, she will feel more pleasure than ever.

The hubby is just watching, sometimes holding his wife’s hand, and feels how she squeezes it, feeling the big cock entering her.

I have both hubby and bull lay down face up on the bed, and the wife fucks the bull, feeling how deep it goes inside. Then she switches to her hubby, and starts riding him, with her pussy loose, sloppy and wet, so she barely feels him. Then she switches to the bull again, and start feeling pleasure again. I ask her if se feels the difference, and she responds that yes, very much, that she prefers a bigger cock.

While the wife sucks the bull’s

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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