Innocence destroyed.

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Innocence destroyed.
Jack thought long and hard after his daughter had left. He thought about how easily he had fallen into this world of decadence, wondering if those feelings for his daughter and later his granddaughter had always been there below the surface. He needed to get some support from somewhere, the only place he could think of was the internet. His limited excursions into that world had already opened his eyes to practices he had never previously thought of.

He had been searching round different websites for over an hour when he happened across one that contained people relating their personal experiences. There were different categories depending on your preferences. One of the categories was labelled ‘Taboo’, Jack opened up that page and discovered it to be full of stories concerning sex between family members, usually fathers with daughters or mothers with sons.

He read a few of the stories, quickly discounting those that were either badly written or obviously just fantasy tales. He quickly discovered that each story had a place for people to write comments. He found a few stories that appeared to be genuine, he noticed that one person had commented on most of them, comments that indicated the person had some personal knowledge. Jack also noticed a symbol against that person’s name, showing that they were currently on line.

Jack discovered that in order to investigate that person further, he would have to register for access to the members pages. After a few failed attempts, he finally managed to get himself registered.

He went back to the person he was interested in, finding that he or she was still on line. He selected the icon to send a message, explaining that he had only just joined, having just started having sex with his granddaughter and daughter and wondered if the person would be prepared to give him some advice.

As soon as Jack clicked the send icon, he began to worry that he had done something stupid and that he should not have divulged so much information. He wondered if there was any way to delete the message, he noticed a bin icon at the corner of the page, he was about to click on it when he noticed that the person had replied.

For the next hour, Jack carried on a conversation with the man, he said he was seventy years of age, living with his family in a remote location in Mississippi, America. He told Jack that there were various members of his family living there in a number of buildings, that they were a nudist family and that there was always sexual activity going on between different family members.

The description seemed too outrageous to be true, but on the other hand Jack felt there was something genuine about the man. The man said his name was Joe, that basically he lived with his daughter as his wife had died, that he had two sons and one other daughter, that all three were married and that all of the family were involved in what appeared to be one big in*******s relationship.

Jack explained how he had only just started having sex with his granddaughter and then his daughter, he described the circumstances, also that his daughter’s husband and friends were involved sexually together and that his granddaughter was having sex with her father.

Joe eventually said that he was prepared to send Jack some photos to prove he was genuine, but first he wanted Jack to send him a photo of himself naked, holding up a written message to prove it was genuine.

Jack hesitated but then he felt himself being taken over by the same demons that encouraged him with Emma and Rebecca. He explained to Joe that it would take some time to sort out how to follow his request as he was not very competent on a computer.

Joe gave him some instructions, Jack managed to work out how to take the photo, stripping off and stroking himself to erection. He took the photo, then surprised himself at how easily he managed to transfer the image from his phone to the computer. He then sent the photo of himself, displaying his erect cock and holding up the message.

Joe came back immediately, saying that he thought Jack’s cock was very impressive, that several members of his family had seen the photo and all said they thought it was a beautiful cock.

A few minutes later Jack’s computer pinged and a photo appeared, there was a caption that said, “myself and daughter/wife.” The photo showed an older man, obviously Joe, sat on an armchair, there was an attractive woman, probably in her young forties sat on his lap facing the camera. Both were naked, her legs were spread and Jack could see Joe’s cock inserted into her cunt. The woman was holding up a message that said “l love your cock Jack.”

A few seconds later, Jack’s computer pinged again. This time the caption read “Myself and granddaughter.” This time the photo was virtually a copy of the first, but this time the girl was younger, probably early twenties, again with Joe’s cock in her cunt and holding the same message.

For the next hour, Jack continued to chat with Joe. More photos appeared. “Daughter/wife with brother,” “Granddaughter with father,” “Daughter/wife with daughter-in-law and granddaughter.”

Finally there was a whole group photo, everyone naked, all the men showing decent erections, some of the women sucking cocks, some just standing, displaying themselves. Jack noticed that one girl, seemingly the youngest was pregnant.

Joe confirmed that it was his youngest granddaughter, she was eighteen years old, Joe said that they did not know who the father was as the girl had been fucked by every male in the family. Jack was both shocked and excited by the photos and Joe’s description of his life.

Joe said that if Jack wanted to set up a Skype contact with him, he would give him his details as he would like to see live pictures of Jack fucking his daughter and granddaughter. Jack replied that he would discuss it with Rebecca and Emma but could not promise anything, he admitted to himself that he was excited at the prospect.

Joe said that he had found it refreshing to be contacted by someone as genuine as Jack and that he looked forward to developing their relationship.

Jack slept fitfully that night, visions of Joe and his family floating around in his mind until he found it necessary to release the pressure in his balls, pumping his cum into a handful of tissues.

After breakfast the next morning, he decided he needed to talk about what had happened with Rebecca. He dialled her phone, she answered almost immediately.

“Hi Dad,” she whispered, “feeling randy?”

“I need to talk to you,” he replied.

“Lovely,” she whispered softly, “l’ll come over, give me twenty minutes.” She disconnected the call.

Jack wondered why she was whispering but assumed she was still in bed and that Steve was sleeping. Fifteen minutes later, he was standing in the window when he saw Rebecca’s car turn into the street, it sped down the road, almost sk**ding as it turned into his drive. Then he saw Emma’s car turning into the street, it came racing down the road, screeching to a halt outside his house. Emma was out of her car like a shot, catching her mother before she had reached the front door.

The two women seemed to be having a heated discussion as Jack opened the door.

“I knew you were up to something when you sneaked out in such a hurry,” Emma was saying as both women stepped into the hall.

“I wasn’t sneaking out,” Rebecca replied, “your Grandad called me and said he wanted me.”

“I bet he didn’t say that,” Emma replied, “Did you Grandad?” She turned to him, “did you call Mum and say you wanted to fuck her.”

“W….well l didn’t say….” Jack tried to answer.

“See, l told you,” Emma turned back to her mother, “Grandad never said he wanted to fuck you.”

“I never said he did,” Rebecca replied.

“Yes you did,” Emma shouted, “you thought you’d come over here and get that cock up you, well it’s my turn first, you had it yesterday.”

“Can you two just shut up a minute,” Jack finally got between them, “l never said anything about fucking either of you,” he turned to Emma, “l just told your mother l wanted to speak to her that’s all.”

“See, l told you,” Emma said triumphantly, “he never said he wanted to fuck you, you just thought you could skip a turn, we agreed last night to take turns.”

“I wasn’t trying to pinch your turn,” Rebecca protested, “when Grandad phoned l thought there was something wrong that’s why l came over.”

“Liar,” Emma said, “l bet your pussy was on fire as you drove over, l bet you took your panties off in the car.” Emma saw her mother blush, she quickly reached over and flicked up her mother’s skirt, exposing her naked cunt. “See, l knew it,” Emma said, “you’re such a slut sometimes Mum.”

“You can talk,” Rebecca replied, “what about when you came into our bedroom last night asking your father to fuck you, and you call me a slut.”

“That’s not fair,” Emma replied, “l could hear you telling Daddy all about Grandad fucking you, l just thought he would like a tight pussy instead of your sloppy one.”

“Enough!” Jack stepped between them again, “Stop it this minute, if this is how it’s going to be l wish we had never started. I have no intention of fucking either of you so just calm down, this is ridiculous, l wish we had never started this, perhaps it would be better if we stop it now and try to forget about it.”
“You don’t want to stop Grandad do you?” Emma said, tears güvenilir bahis welling in her eyes, “l thought you enjoyed fucking me.”

“Look, l think this is getting out of hand,” Jack said, “you both need to calm down, Rebecca l only asked you to come over to tell you what happened to me on the Internet last night. Why don’t you go and make a cup of tea and we’ll all go through to the lounge.”

Rebecca rather reluctantly left them and went into the kitchen, obviously suspicious that Emma would start something before she got back.

“Have you been looking at porn again Grandad,” Emma giggled as they went into the lounge, “you’re turning into a dirty old man,” she laughed, sitting on the sofa. “Come and sit by me,” she said, patting the seat next to her.

“No, l’ll sit here,” he replied, taking his armchair, “that way there with be less arguments.”

Emma quickly changed seats, taking the armchair opposite him, immediately sitting with her legs wide apart, giving him an uninterrupted view of her cunt.

“Close your legs,” he told her.

“Oh come on Grandad, l can see the bulge in your trousers, why don’t you give me a quick fuck before Mum gets back.” Emma spread her legs even wider, hitching her skirt up. “I’m all wet and ready for you,” she said.

At that moment Rebecca entered the room carrying a tray with two mugs of tea and a bottle of Coca Cola for Emma.

“I knew it,” Rebecca said, looking at her daughter shamelessly displaying her cunt.

“You’re only jealous because he prefers my tight little pussy to your Grand Canyon,” Emma retorted. “Ooooh that will do nicely,” she took the bottle from her mother, immediately inserting it in her cunt, “that is so cold,” she said, “mmmmmmm.”

“If your not going to behave you can both go home,” Jack said, getting increasingly uncomfortable watching his granddaughter fucking herself with the bottle.

“Okay,” Emma said reluctantly, “l’ll behave.” She pulled her skirt down and closed her legs, leaving the bottle deep in her cunt.

Jack accepted that that was as normal as he was going to get from Emma, although he admitted to himself that he found her very stimulating, he adjusted his position, trying to disguise his erection as much as possible. He went on to describe everything that had happened the night before.

“You’re very silly sending photos of yourself like that Dad, especially to someone you don’t know,” she said.

“Well he just seemed so genuine,” Jack replied, “and when he sent those photos back l was proved right.”

“Did you save the photos Grandad?” Emma asked, “can we see?”
Jack opened his laptop and recovered the photos, both Emma and Rebecca took up positions behind him. Jack noticed that Emma still had the bottle in her cunt, which caused him to smile.

“Wow, his daughter/wife looks nice,” Emma said, “about your age Mum but better tits, his cock looks quite big too, not as big as yours though Grandad.”

“That younger one is pregnant,” Rebecca said, looking at the group photo.

“Yes, that’s Joe’s youngest granddaughter,” Jack replied, “they don’t know who the father is as all the men in the family have fucked her.”

“Lucky girl,” Emma said, “do you think Daddy would get me pregnant Mummy, or what about you Grandad?”

“Don’t even think about it young lady,” Rebeca told her, “you’re far too young to be having babies, plus we don’t live in an isolated place like them, we could never keep it secret.”

“So what are you going to do Grandad?” Emma asked, “shall we all Skype him and have some fun.”

“I think we should talk it over with your father before we do anything,” Rebecca said.

“Okay, that’s fair,” Emma replied. “Right,” she continued, stepping round in front of her grandfather, discarding her top and bra, then dropping her skirt, removing the bottle from her cunt, “time to fuck, but you have to be quick Grandad, l have an appointment at the Dentist.”

Jack had passed the stage where he was worried about the consequences, his beautiful granddaughter was naked in front of him, he could feel his cock pressing against his trousers. He looked over at his daughter, Rebecca had moved to sit in the other chair, her legs were spread and she was already fingering her cunt.

“Come over here and lick my pussy while Grandad does you doggy style,” Rebecca said.

“Oh yes, yummy,” Emma replied, dropping to her knees and crawling over to her mother, “Come on Grandad,” she called to him, “nice and deep and quick, l won’t take long to cum.”

Jack removed his trousers and underpants, stepping over behind his granddaughter, kneeling behind her. She reached between her legs, guiding his cock into her cunt. He gripped her hips, sliding the full length of his cock, deep into her cunt in one movement.

“Oh my god that’s beautiful,” she cried out, her voice then muffled as her mother grabbed her head, clamping it against her own cunt.

Jack reached under his granddaughter, grabbing her swinging tits, gripping them firmly as he began fucking her, her groans of pleasure muffled as she worked her mouth on her mother’s cunt.

“Get your tits out,” he said to Rebecca as he drove his cock into Emma’s burning hot cunt.

“Oh yes Daddy,” Rebecca said, removing her top, revealing her braless breasts, “do you like my tiny tits?” She said, pushing them together and pinching her own nipples.

He saw his daughter raising her hips as Emma worked on her, he could see Rebecca was close to orgasm. He began fucking Emma harder, his tummy smacking against her buttocks as he drove in with each thrust.

Emma didn’t flinch as his monster cock ravaged her insides, the feel of his cock and the taste of her mother taking her to the edge.

Rebecca cried out first, pressing her daughter’s head firmly against her cunt as she came. Almost immediately he felt the tremors in Emma’s body and the flood of hot juices bathing his cock as she came. He rammed his cock deep into her, pulling and twisting her tits as he filled her cunt with his cum, humping hard against her buttocks as his cock pulsated wildly, he could feel his spunk leaking from her cunt, coating his balls.

All three stayed locked together as their orgasms slowly abated. Jack finally releasing his iron grip on Emma’s tits and pulling his cock out of her cunt. Emma rolled away from her mother, onto her back. Jack could see how her tits were red and sore, he realised how hard he had gripped them.

“I’m sorry baby,” he said, “l hurt you.”

“It was beautiful Grandad,” Emma smiled up at him, “god you’re so big, it felt like l was being fucked by a horse.”

“But your breasts,” he said, “they look bruised.”

“Oh they’re alright,” she smiled, “a bit sore now, but l hardly felt it when you were fucking me, l could only focus on that cock of yours pummelling my insides, it was beautiful Grandad, it is going to be wonderful now you’re going to be fucking me regularly.”

“Yes, well it’s my turn next,” Rebecca interrupted, “l get him first tonight.”

“You will have to fight Lisa for that,” Emma laughed, “you know what she’s like, she’s cock crazy.”

“Not like you of course,” Jack mocked her.

“I’m just crazy for you and Daddy,” Emma replied, “Lisa, doesn’t care who fucks her, she even goes dogging and let’s total strangers fuck her.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Jack asked.

“Oh Chas goes with her,” Emma replied, “he likes watching strangers fucking her. Shit!” She said scrambling to her feet, “l had better go and freshen up, l don’t want the dentist smelling your cunt on my face.” She grabbed her clothes, trotting off to the stairs, one hand between her legs to stop Jack’s cum running down her legs.

Jack sat back in his chair, reaching for his clothes.

“Just a minute,” Rebecca said, crawling over to him, “l want a taste at least.”

She proceeded to lick his balls, taking each one into her mouth before transferring her attention to his shaft, cleaning the mixture of spunk and cunt juice from it. Finally taking the bulbous head into her mouth, relishing the feel of it filling her mouth even though her father was only semi hard.
“I suppose you want fucking as well now,” he laughed, feeling his cock responding to her mouth.

Rebecca released him, looking up at him. “I would love it,” she said, “but l think you should save your energy for tonight, Lisa is bound to want this up her cunt,” she gave his cock a squeeze, “Steve wants to see you fucking me and l can’t see that slut daughter of mine not wanting another turn, so no Daddy, you save your energy, you’re going to need it.”

A few minutes later Emma appeared, dressed and looking fresh.

“Don’t worry,” Rebecca said, seeing her daughter scowl at seeing her mother still holding her Grandad’s cock. “I’ve told him he needs to save his energy for tonight.”

Emma walked across the room, kissing Jack first then her mother, “l don’t mind Mum, honestly, l was only joking, you can have Grandad tonight, l will have Daddy and maybe Chas too, it’s going to be fun Grandad, l have to go, bye.”

Rebecca stayed for a while, doing some housekeeping, although Jack was pretty good at keeping the house tidy. Rebecca made him some lunch and left him some sandwiches in the fridge for his tea.

“We’ll see you about seven thirty then,” she said when it was time for her to go. She kissed him, taking his hand and putting it up her skirt. “Feel how wet l am Daddy, l’m going to have to use a dildo when l get home. Love you,” she said finally, releasing him and leaving.

Jack perabet put his fingers up to his nose, smelling the perfume of her cunt on them, he put them in his mouth, tasting her. “Well, there’s no turning back now,” he said to himself.

All afternoon, Jack found himself thinking about the coming evening, he finally admitted to himself that he was enjoying sex with Rebecca and Emma, he reconciled himself that it was them that instigated it and that he had certainly been feeling much happier since it had started. He wondered what it would be like with Lisa and Chas.

Lisa and Nicki had been friends with Rebecca since her first day at university. Lisa was not a girl you could call attractive, she was rather plain in appearance but Jack had to admit there was something about her that drew your eyes to her in a crowded room. He was well aware how some women had a sexuality that was not obvious at first glance. Angela had possessed it in a different form, she was attractive but never openly sexy apart from at home with Jack. As the afternoon wore on, Jack found himself relaxing in his chair, stroking his erection, imagining Lisa lowering her cunt onto him.

After his tea, he decided to shower and shave, as he was shaving, he recalled seeing a man on one of the porn clips that had shaved off his pubic hair, Jack had immediately thought it had made his cock look even bigger. He knew he had a larger cock than normal but wondered what the girls would think if he got rid of his pubic hair. “It would be more comfortable for them when they suck my cock,” he said to himself. He made a decision to do it.

It took him a little while to be completely happy, he took great care whenever the razor went near his cock. Finally he dried himself off and checked himself out in the mirror. He was sporting a full erection and he was pleased with the result, he was sure the girls would be impressed as he thought he looked even larger.

He wondered what to wear, then realised that he doubted if he would be keeping his clothes on for long so opted for casual trousers and a polo top. At seven o’clock he got the car out of the garage, the 1953 Riley was his pride and joy, lovingly restored to it’s original condition, apart from the CD player in the dashboard insisted on by Angela. Jack loved the car, the running boards and white walled tyres reminded him of the Chicago gangsters of the 1920’s. Angela loved the deep, soft leather seats, plus the fact that there was acres of room in the back for when they drove out in the country and made love.

Rebecca and Steve had bought their house a few years before, a big, imposing four bedroomed house on the outskirts of town, tucked away down a short drive but hidden from the road by a high hedge. There were open fields at the rear which made the back garden completely private.

Jack realised the benefit of the high hedge at the front as he pulled up in front of the house. The front door opened and Rebecca and Emma both ran out to greet him, both naked, Emma’s tits bouncing wildly as she ran.

“Oh it’s so good you came,” Emma said excitedly, “we were afraid you would change your mind.”

The girls led him to the front door, Rebecca managing to get his polo shirt off before they got inside. Once in the hall, they both quickly got him out of his shoes and socks, Emma undoing his trousers, pulling them down with his underpants, both girls steadying him as they removed them.

“Wow Daddy!” Rebecca cried, seeing him totally free of body hair, “that looks great Daddy, god you look even bigger….Wow.”

“He has to look his best for Lisa,” Emma said, kneeling in front of him, “l’ll get him hard.”

With that she took his semi hard cock into her mouth, pulling him in and sucking him hard.

“Bitch,” Rebecca smiled, “l was going to do that, anyway Dad, get nice and hard, we were just about to go in the hot tub, Steve and Chas are there already, we’d better get a move on before Chas starts fucking him.”

Emma released his cock, pleased that he was as hard as iron. Jack felt himself being swept along by the whirlwind of the two girls.

They led him through into the lounge, Lisa stood there, sipping a glass of wine. Jack was taken in by the simple beauty of her as she stood there naked. Facially she may not have been a raving beauty but there was a sensuality in her face that was undeniable. Her body on the other hand could have been taken from a schoolgirl more than half her age. At forty five she was a year older than Rebecca but Jack reckoned her body was still as firm and tight as when she was in school, small, firm, pointed breasts, a tiny waist, flaring slightly to narrow hips, standing with her legs slightly parted, Jack could see the tidy cleft of her hairless cunt disappearing between her legs.

“Wow!” Lisa exclaimed, looking directly at Jack’s cock, “l’ve had some big ones but never as big as that.” She put her glass on the table, walking over to him, taking his cock in her hand, “l hope you’re as good as you look Grandad….you do’t mind if l call you Grandad do you?”

“Call me what you like when l’m fucking you,” Jack replied, reaching for her nipples and pinching them lightly.

“Not yet you don’t,” Rebecca separated them, “Come on, let’s get in the tub before Chas starts fucking Steve.”
“Oh he’s getting a real fixation about Steve’s bum hole,” Lisa laughed, “he’s never fucked a man before, he says Steve is tighter than mine.”

They went out into the garden, all three girls giggling as they led Jack out.

“I knew it,” Rebecca laughed when they saw Chas sitting on the edge of the tub, Steve in front of him sucking his cock.

“Wow…fucking hell,” Chas shouted when he saw the size of Jack’s cock.

“Fucking Christ,” Steve said, lifting his head from Simon’s cock, “which fucking donkey did you steal that from a Jack, are you telling me you used to fuck Angela with that, Jesus, l knew she was a special woman but how the fuck was she able to take that, she always looked so prim and proper.”

Jack just smiled, slightly embarrassed at the attention his cock was attracting from two men.

“You leave him alone,” Rebecca said to her husband to stop him as he went to climb out of the tub, “us girls are having him first, you wait your turn.”

Jack had seen the hot tub from a distance but never appreciated the size. It was almost the size of a small swimming pool. Even with six of them inside there was still plenty of room. He sat down, leaning back. Lisa immediately noticed that at least two inches of his erection was visible above the water.

“Up periscope,” she laughed, crossing the tub, standing astride him, lowering herself so that the tip of his cock was resting against her cunt.

“You may need to take it slowly,” Jack warned her.

“Fuck that,” she smiled at him, “there’s only one way to take a cock like that,” she said, lowering herself hard down on him until she was firmly on his lap. “Jesus fucking Christ,” she hissed, “is that a cock or a tree trunk, god that is so good, let me sit a while and get used to it.”

“Surprised we didn’t see the bulge in your tummy as you took him,” Steve said.

“It’s not just the length,” Lisa replied, “that just goes on forever, but it’s so thick, did Angela really take all this, She always looked so pure and innocent, l mean, l bet she never took it doggy style.”

“That was her favourite,” Jack laughed.

“I have to try that,” she said, standing up then bending over the side of the tub, her legs spread. “Come on Grandad, give it to me as hard as you like.”

“Go on Daddy,” Rebecca called out, “destroy her cunt for her.”

Jack stood behind her, positioning his cock against her still gaping cunt. He gripped her hips, pulling her back as he thrusted forward as hard as he could, his belly slamming against her buttocks.

“Oh Jesus,” Lisa cried out, “is that your cock or your arm, fucking hell Grandad, no-one should be that big.”

“Shut the fuck up Lisa,” Steve said. He had climbed out of the tub and was standing in front of her, he grabbed her hair, forcing his cock against her mouth. As she opened to accept him he drove forward as hard as he could, his cock hitting the back of her throat. “Right Jack,” He said, “let’s spit roast her.”

Jack began pummelling her cunt, Steve timing his thrusts to meet him, Lisa moaning with pleasure and gagging on Steve’s cock. Jack heard a shriek from the other side of the tub, Emma was sat on the side, legs wide, her mother kneeling before her, her mouth clamped onto her daughter’s cunt. Chas was behind a Rebecca, fucking her. Jack didn’t have a perfect view but judging by the angle that Chas was above her, Jack guessed that his daughter was getting her arsehole punished.

The whole scene was like something from a porn movie. Steve came first, shooting his spunk into Lisa’s mouth first, then taking his cock out and spraying the rest onto her face. That caused Jack to lunge forward, his orgasm quickly followed by the surge of hot liquid as Lisa came.

Jack saw that Chas was still, his cock buried deep in Rebecca’s bum hole, he presumed Chas was depositing his seed, then, as he pulled out, Emma roughly pushed her mother aside, sliding down and taking Chas’s cock into her mouth.

Once everyone had subsided, Steve climbed back into the tub, they all lounged around in silence for a while, allowing the water jets to soothe them.

Rebecca was the first to speak, “All perabet giriş this spunk in the water,” she chuckled, “l’m going to have to clean out the tub and the filters tomorrow.”

“Why don’t we go inside, before we all look like prunes,” Emma suggested.

Rebecca handed out towels from a pile. Once everyone was dry they all trooped indoors. She sorted out drinks and plates of snacks then they all retired to the lounge.

Jack sat at one end of the sofa, Emma curled up at his side, gently playing with his cock and balls. Jack had one arm around her, cupping her breast, rolling her nipple between thumb and finger.

Chas sat at the other end of the sofa, Rebecca sat on his knee, his hand between her thighs, fingering her while he sucked on her nipples in turn.

Steve occupied the armchair, Lisa on the floor between his outstretched legs, resting her head on his thigh as she nuzzled his cock.

They chatted for a while, mainly about how they hoped to continue and especially when they could arrange for Nicki and Simon to join them.

“Who’s getting this next,” Emma said, taking hold of her Grandad’s cock which was rapidly returning to full erection. “Go on Grandad,” she said, stooping to kiss his cock then smiling up at him, “which one do you want to fuck first, Mummy or me.”

“That’s not fair,” Rebecca said, “you had your turn this morning, it’s my turn next.”

“That’s cute,” Chas said, “what about me, can l have Emma?”

“If you want,” Rebecca replied, “anyway you’ve already had my bum, anyway what about Steve, he’s eyeing your cock, since you prefer arseholes, what about his.”

“Can Steve take Grandad up his bum,” Lisa said, “that would be good to watch.”

“Maybe another time,” Rebecca said, getting up from Chas’s knee and standing in front of her father. “Come on Emma, shift your arse, it’s my turn now.”

“Mummy, you are such a slut, honestly,” Emma pretended to protest as she reluctantly moved away from her Grandad.

“Takes one to know one,” Rebecca laughed, wasting no time she knelt astride her father, lowering herself onto his erection until she was seated firmly on his lap, his cock buried deep inside. “I understand no how Mummy used to take him,” she said to the room, “as long as you relax it’s quite easy, but he still feels big inside.”

Rebecca stayed quite still for a while, offering her breasts to her father for him to suck and tease her nipples.

Jack didn’t know whether to concentrate on his daughter or on the scene that was unfolding across the room.

Lisa had moved into the chair, her legs spread wide, Steve on his knees before her, his face buried between her thighs. Emma had taken a jar of cream from the table and was applying it to her father’s arsehole while Chas waited behind him, stroking himself to full erection.

“Who’s bum hole do you prefer Chas?” Emma asked him, smearing the cream around her father’s anus, then sliding first one then two fingers into his bum.

“God you are such a dirty slut,” Chas said to her.

“But that’s the way you like me Uncle Chas,” she giggled, “l bet you were wanking off for years wishing you could fuck me, all those times l was running around in those tight shorts and thin tops with no bra, was l driving you crazy,” she laughed, “l used to frig myself off dreaming of Daddy fucking me, l was so hot sometimes, if you had taken a chance you might have got my tight little pussy.”

All the time she was talking she was working her fingers into her father’s bum hole, reaching under him and milking his cock at the same time.

Chas had to admit that every word Emma said was true, he had lusted after her for years, Lisa had recognised it, she would deliberately dress up in outfits similar to something Emma had worn, every time Chas had taken her violently, pounding her cunt, just the way she liked it.

“Go on Uncle Chas,” Emma said, withdrawing her fingers, “fuck my cissy Daddy, fuck him hard, punish him because he was always the one l wanted.”

“God you are a bitch,” Chas said as he gripped Steve’s hips. Emma took hold of his cock, guiding it to her father’s anus, her other hand was pumping her father’s cock.

Once the head of his cock was located, Chas lunged forward, plunging into the depths of Steve’s arsehole. Steve cried out, his cry muffled as Lisa forced his head tight against her cunt.

“I love watching Daddy getting fucked” Emma said, “don’t you Mummy? What about you Grandad, you’re nice and hard again, does it turn you on too.”

Jack couldn’t believe he was seeing this side of his granddaughter, in all the years of her growing up he had never had one lustful thought about her but now she was driving him crazy.

“She’s a dirty cow,” Rebecca said, snuggling up to her father, holding his rigid cock, “but l can be dirty too Daddy, would you like my bum?”

“No,” he cried, unable to hold back any longer as he watched Chas ramming his cock into Steve’s arsehole. Emma was now underneath her father, sucking his cock, Steve’s muffled cries as Lisa wrapped her thighs around his neck clamping him against her cunt.

Jack suddenly stood up, picking up his daughter then throwing her back on the sofa, grabbing her ankles, forcing them up, over her head before plunging his cock into her gaping cunt.

“Oh my god Daddy,” Rebecca cried out, “Yes Daddy, fuck your slut of a daughter.”

Jack was totally possessed by lust, his body out of control as time and again he thrusted his cock deep into her cunt, his whole weight behind each thrust.

Lisa was the first to cry out with orgasm, quickly followed by Chas who plunged deep one last time, grinding his hips against Steve’s buttocks as he unloaded his spunk. At the same time, Steve filled his daughter’s mouth with spunk, Emma taking it greedily, massaging her father’s balls as he came.

“Come on Daddy,” Rebecca called out, “god that is so big, l can’t believe it’s so far up me, give me your spunk Daddy.”

Jack looked across, seeing Emma’s face covered with her father’s cum, Chas pulled out and Emma scrambled after him, taking his cock into her mouth. He felt as if his balls would explode, with his full force he drove himself down on his daughter, his cock firing jet after jet of hot spunk deep inside her cunt.

“Thank you Daddy,” Rebecca cried out, her own orgasm flooding over his cock, her juices spraying from her cunt.

They all lay where they were for a while, silent, contemplating what had just taken place.

“Wow,” Emma was the first to speak, “that was the wildest ever, did you enjoy it Daddy?” She said, crawling over to her father, snuggling up next to him, kissing him.

Steve just cuddled his daughter, rather embarrassed that his father-in-law had witnessed him being humiliated but still feeling a tremor of excitement remembering how it had felt to have Chas inside him, fucking him harder than he had ever been fucked before.

“Don’t worry Daddy,” Emma said, sensing her father’s embarrassment, “it’s good to experiment with different sensations, you still like fucking me though don’t you?”

Steve Just drew her close in response, reassured when he looked across at his wife smiling at him.

“I think we had better get home,” Lisa said, “l’ve only had a few sips of wine so l’m safe to drive, can we use your shower to freshen up.”

Lisa and Chas went off to shower, Rebecca crawled over to Jack, climbing onto him, lying full length, looking down at him.

“Are you going to stay the night Daddy?” She said, “you can sleep with me, Emma will enjoy sleeping with her Daddy.”

Jack was unsure how to respond, the enormity of what had occurred causing a plethora of emotions rattling around in his brain.

“Daddy and l are going to shower, then he can sleep with me in my bed,” Emma said, standing and helping her father up. “Don’t let Mummy keep you awake all night Grandad, you need to get some rest, l may want you to fuck me in the morning.” She walked over, kissing her mother, then Jack, before taking her father’s hand and leading him upstairs.

A few moments later, Lisa and Chas appeared, their hair still wet from the shower, they quickly grabbed their clothes, Lisa just slipping her dress over her naked body.

“Thank you for a great evening,”Lisa said, kissing Rebecca, then turning to Jack, “thank you for a great fuck Grandad,” she smiled, kissing him, “Angela was such a lucky woman to have that cock all to herself for all those years, l look forward to the next time.”

Jack wasn’t sure how to respond, looking at Chas rather sheepishly.

“Oh don’t worry about me,” Chas smiled, “these three are completely cock crazy, and Nicki will be the same, just fuck them and enjoy yourself Jack, it’s just a bit of fun.”

Once Lisa and Chas had gone, Rebecca started tidying up the room.

“Do you want to do anything?” Jack asked.

“You just lie there and get your strength back Daddy,” she replied, “l’ll just tidy up a few things, then we can go for a shower before bed.”

Jack propped himself up, admiring his daughter as she worked her way around the room, he could never have imagined that one day he would be doing this. The sight of her moving round the room, totally unselfconscious about her nudity just made the whole scene even more erotic.

Jack didn’t even register that he was stroking his cock as he watched her.

“You’re a dirty old man Daddy,” Rebecca giggled, seeing her father stroking what was rapidly turning into another erection. “Come on,” she said, taking his hand and helping him up, “let’s get freshened up, then you can take your time and make love to me like you used to do with Mummy, this is going to be wonderful Daddy, l do love you so much.”

She kissed him, then led him upstairs for the night.

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