Long Live Sister

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Double Penetration

Having visited Madurai umpteen numbers of times, it wasn’t difficult getting a room in my favorite lodge. I was immediately allotted my preferred room which was on the third floor and away from the hectic activities of the lodge. I could see a lot of surprise in Raji, my sister’s eyes for all the respect I commanded from the staff and she smiled at me feeling somewhat secured.

“I am feeling better,” She told me as we got inside the elevator. I smiled in reply.

Raji and I grew up in Bangalore under the strict surveillance of our parents. At 19, she looked like the typical angel from the heavens. I knew that there were many guys who would do anything under the sun for a date with her. I was thrilled to see her grow into a gorgeous teenager and obviously my eyes were attracted to her sexy curves and wonderful well shaped tender breasts. Not so surprisingly, she remained my favorite fantasy during all those masturbation sessions.

I was understandably upset to know that she was in love with Karan. I was jealous of him although he was a handsome guy with neat habits and hailing from one of the illustrious families in the city. I knew that my parents had other ideas about Raji’s marriage and hence it would be impossible for her to convince them about Karan. Somehow, I realized that I had a fat chance of getting her laid if I extended some support to their love affair. Soon, she began trusting me to the hilt unsuspicious of my intentions to take her virginity before she married her lover.

As expected, a huge volcano erupted once my parents came to know about Raji’s boyfriend. They were unrelenting as they categorically made it clear that Raji could never marry Karan so long as they were alive. Fortunately, they weren’t aware of the clandestine support I have been providing to the young lovers. When you are lucky, you remain lucky most of the time.

“We are going to flee from Bangalore,” Raji had informed me a few days ago. “We are planning to get married in Madurai and may never return here.”

I immediately felt a gloom settling all over me. I feared that my fantasies about my sister might never get fulfilled if they do as they had planned.

“You are at some risk if you do that,” I tried reasoning with her. “You don’t know the influence Dad has in the police. He can trace your whereabouts within hours.”

“Do you think so?” Raji sounded really concerned. “What else can we do now?”

“Listen carefully,” I said holding her hands. “You have to come to Madurai with me under some pretext. Let Karan join a day later so that nobody can doubt anything. You do whatever you wish once he comes and I won’t stop you.”

We had to tell a lie to our parents that a close friend was getting married in Madurai. I persuaded my parents by telling them that I could use the opportunity to talk to Raji and influence her in changing her mind. As I had expected, we both were allowed to proceed to Madurai. Obviously, Raji was delighted about the whole thing. She never knew that I was more delighted than her.

Finally, we were in Madurai. I felt like jumping in joy the moment we entered the hotel room. I was nervous too wondering as to how and when I should take the first step in seducing my sister.

“You are a wonderful brother,” Raji said as we relaxed after a typical south Indian lunch. “I know you are risking a lot for our sake.”

“It’s alright,” I quipped with a smile.

“I wish we can reciprocate whatever you did for us,” Raji kept speaking.

“I am sure you can,” I said with a broader smile.

“Tell me how,” Raji came closer to me on the sofa.

“You look very tired,” I said with genuine concern. “Let’s talk about it in the evening.”

She was persistent for a while and kept asking me what exactly I meant. I had made up my mind to relax a while after a tedious bus journey. While I preferred to stretch myself on the chair, Raji slept on the cot. I kept watching her breasts heaving in and out as she breathed before I slumped into a brief sleep myself. When I woke up around five in the evening, she was watching the television muting the sound. We had some nice coffee after which we got ready to go to the famous Meenakshi Temple that was in striking distance from our hotel. I wasn’t giving a clue after returning to the hotel and even after we retreated to the room after dinner.

“Now, let me know what you have in your mind,” Raji spoke after emerging from the bathroom with a loose nightie on. I still feared it was a bit too early.

“I hope you won’t mind if I sleep on the bed,” I deliberately changed the topic although I knew that her reply would perhaps give me the encouragement I was looking for.

“Of course I won’t,” Raji replied sounding unduly surprised. “After all this is a double bed.”

“Thanks Raji,” I said with a glee. I presumed deeds would talk louder than words. I remembered beyoğlu escort to have slept with Raji on the same bed when we were kids. Things changed once she attained puberty and understandably so, in a family that still held the conventions as close as possible. Perhaps, the distance between me and my sister had flared up my curiosity about her. We hardly touched each other and when we did, we used to apologize as if we had committed some sin. From a thin puny girl, Raji blossomed into a curvy sexy woman kindling my desires for her all the time.

“Are you thinking about something?” Raji interrupted while I was almost immersed in memories.

“Yes. Somewhat,” I replied with a sigh. “I was wondering why Karan hasn’t called yet.”

“Don’t worry,” She smiled. “He might be calling late tonight.”

So, after almost eight years, here I was lying on the same bed with my sister. I gathered the courage and let my right hand to rest on her forehead. She smiled at me and closed her eyes as my fingers began stroking her hair. She wasn’t reacting when my fingers trailed through her cheeks and on her neck. She opened her eyes and looked at me with surprise after my fingers traced around her soft lips. I held her lower lips with my fingers and gave them a gentle squeeze.

“I can’t believe that you are the same mischievous girl,” I said while I inched further towards her body. “Do you remember those playful days? We were always together. We ate together. We slept together and even bathed together.”

“Yes. Those were wonderful days,” She agreed. “I will miss you after my marriage.”

“Me too,” I said with a sigh. “You were the only saving grace in the house. I have always managed to be cheerful watching you smile.”

I could see her eyes moisten a bit. It was the right opportunity for me to keep going further. I wiped off the few drops of her tears and followed it up with a gentle kiss on her forehead. I immediately felt her body shaking gently while my lips brushed her forehead.

“We used to kiss each other when we were kids,” She said with a giggle.

“I know,” I said with my heart thudding heavily. “You were a little girl. You looked very thin and puny. I used to carry on my shoulders most of the time. I was fond of pinching your thighs whenever you were mischievous.”

“Yes, I can tell you it used to hurt a lot,” She laughed. “I am glad you stopped doing that.”

“Somehow, I want to pinch you once today,” I said with a smile. “It has been so long.”

“You won’t,” She laughed again.

I looked straight into her eyes for a while as we kept smiling at each other. My left hand reached to her left thigh and gave it a nice pinch.

“Ouuuuuuuch!” She screamed rather aloud.

“Thank God,” I laughed. “At last I made it after so long.”

“It hurts,” She said with no signs of any pain. I could see the smile on her face was intact.

“I thought I did it quite gently,” I said while my left hand began rubbing the spot where I had pinched.

“What are you doing?”

“Just hold on. You will be alright,” I said while my palms went about rubbing her thighs quickly.

“It’s ok. Leave it.”

“Just wait for a minute,” I said and quickened the pace of my fingers on her thighs. She closed her eyes as my fingers stroked the soft fiber of her nightie just above her thighs in an amazing speed. As I kept motioning my fingers on her thighs, I could see her nightie slowly moving upwards. My eyes gazed at her ankles, calf; knees as I kept stroking her letting her nightie crawl upwards till I could see her lower thighs. I stopped briefly to have a close look at her shining thighs before my fingers settled on her soft skin of her left inner thigh.

“Ohhh!” She moaned instantly.

“Raji, you have a glowing skin,” I admired while my palms gently caressed her left thigh.

“I am feeling very odd,” She began heaving as she spoke. “Please stop it now.”

Her hands hurried to push her nightie to cover the exposed legs. I quickly slid down and planted my lips on her feet. I started brushing my lips against her ankle and soon moved up through her calf to reach her thighs again.

“Now I know what you are doing,” Her hands firmly pushed my head which was moving upwards. “This is very wrong.”

Nothing could stop me once she had realized what I was intending to do. My hands began rolling up her nightie again till it went well above her navel. She was stronger than I had presumed as her hands were pushing back my head from moving upwards. My face rested on her panties while my cheeks were brushing against her inner thighs. She arched forward to push me off and my hands swiftly grabbed both of her young breasts and held them in a tight grip.

“Oh Brother,” She moaned again. She sounded like music when she moaned and I could feel my bostancı escort dick swell inside my brief. My hands began squeezing her tender breasts while my mouth was pressing hard against her panties. Her young scent filled my nostrils and my tongue popped out of my mouth to lash at her panties. She was almost jumping at every stroke of my tongue while her hands pulled my hair in a cluster. I wasn’t minding the pain and kept moistening her panties with frantic lashes. Her breasts were getting mashed under my tight grip and she squealed feeling my palm brushing against her nipples. I went about eating her pussy with her panties on and kept going till I felt her loosening her tight leash on my hair. Her screams of agony soon sounded like moans of pleasure as she fell back on the bed. Her hands went up to hold the headrest of the bed while her legs began spreading apart.

“That’s like a good girl,” I said in an appreciative tone. “Enjoy yourself.”

I stood up and took off my clothes in a flash. Her eyes closed at once after I was completely naked. I was amazed to see my hardened dick which looked longer and harder than ever before. I leaned towards Raji and pulled off her panties quite easily.

“Don’t make me naked,” She pleaded.

“Ok. Raji,” I agreed and jumped on to the bed. I quickly made her turn sideways and got as close to her as I could. My erect dick was pressing hard against her naked ass cheeks while my bare chest was pressing against her back. I closed my eyes for a moment to enjoy the fragrance of her hair before letting my hands through her armpits to reach to her breasts yet again.

“You need to pull up the nightie a bit further,” I said and without waiting for her answer lifted her nightie well above her breasts. My hands struggled to unclasp her bra hooks before finally letting off her young breasts free in the air. She shuddered once her bra went off and her body arched forward as my fingers reached to her nipples. My hands hungrily cupped her breasts and kept squeezing and kneading them with lust.

“Hmmmmm! Hmmmmm!” She kept moaning while my throbbing cock was getting in between her thighs to search for her moist pussy.

“Let’s stop here,” She pleaded again. “I am your sister. I am getting married.”

“Shut up,” I ordered and planted a kiss on her neck with passion. “Tell me once you are through. You will forget Karan after having your brother’s dick inside.”

My left hand reached in between her thighs and settled on her public hair. She squirmed as my fingers stroked her hair before tracing her pussy lips. My palm soon found her moist cunt and began stroking it quickly. Her moans became louder and I could see her nipples hardening as I kept teasing her pussy. She was carefully holding her thighs together not to let my dick get past them. Suddenly, she turned around, hugged me and kissed on my lips. She was surely turned on now. My hands moved to her bare ass cheeks and started fondling them. Raji was writhing.

“Oh Brother,” she yelled.

“Suck them now,” she pleaded after bringing her breasts inches away from my face. “Lick them and bite them.”

Why should I refuse? I pounced on her breasts and began sucking her nipples.

“Yes. Just like that,” she squealed. “Suck them all over.”

It was dream come true for me. I kept squeezing, kneading, sucking and occasionally biting her breasts. Her arms held me in a tight leash while her lips kept kissing me on my cheeks, chin and my lips. She squirmed every time my hard meat brushed her thighs and public hair. She soon reached to my shaft and squeezed it. “That feels like a monster.”

“I can’t tell you how excited I am,” she muttered while holding my monster in her hands. She sent down a thunderbolt all over my body by stroking her fingers on the split on the head of my dick.

“I didn’t like it when you touched me,” she hissed. “But I want more of it now.”

“It would have been thoroughly unfair,” I freed her breasts and spoke. “If you would let Karan to play with your wonderful body for the first time.”

I resumed slowly on her breasts and began to massage them. Raji moaned low and leaned closer to kiss me again. Her body felt soft and amazingly warm against me as we indulged in another prolonged kiss. My tongue began running across her lips, licking her moisture with thirst.

“I better get rid of this,” She swiftly pulled off her nightie through her head and threw it wildly on the floor. She followed it up with taking off the unclasped bra and smiled at me watching my eyes scatter all over her nudity.

“I am fascinated by your dick,” She admitted. “It is a magic rod.”

I couldn’t resist closing my eyes as my sister kept feeling my dick by caressing and fondling with glowing lust in her eyes. My hands gently rubbed her pinky areola while her büyükçekmece escort puffy nipples grew beneath my palm. Raji wrapped herself around my legs and I quickly pulled her closer.

“I am going to eat your pussy,” I whispered into her ears. She blushed and hugged me harder. My hands stroked through her legs which felt as smooth as if made of sandalwood. I ran my fingers up the back of her thighs and she squirmed.

I felt the moisture on her pussy lips. She was quick to pick the clue as she lay back on the bed. I immediately went besides her and let my hands wander all over her naked body. She giggled as I touched her breasts yet again and played with her nipples.

“Brother, I thought you have had enough of them,” She smirked.

“Not really,” I said and lunged forward at her globes again. This time around, it was my tongue that trailed all over her breasts and jumped from one to another licking those wonderful nipples. She was right, I wasn’t getting content with her breasts as I kept teasing them with my tongue before eventually devouring them to suck again. Raji’s body arched pushing her breasts deeper into my mouth.

“Take them on; this is our last night together,” She spoke with long gasps.

I ran my hand well below her stomach till I reached her pussy. She groaned aloud as I gently began rubbing pussy lips. I looked up to watch her flutter in joy while my fingers kept teasing her pussy lips and kept going till she writhed.

“My fingers aren’t bigger as my dick,” I whispered before slipping two fingers into her soggy clit making her let out a very loud moan. My dick was growing in size and strength watching my sister while my fingers dived in and out of her.

Raji was swimming in pleasure feeling her pussy getting rigged by her brother’s fingers. I easily made out that she was fast loosing and let my face move and rest close to her pussy. No sooner did she feel the eruption, her juices started flowing inside my mouth like a stream.

“What a wonderful brother you are,” she moaned. “Go ahead and plunder me. Let your monster barge into me.”

I mounted on top of her at once as if I was waiting for her to give the go ahead. I began by kissing her again while pressing my dick against her pussy. I felt touching the doors of heaven as the tip of my dick knocked at her entrance. I wasn’t unduly hurrying as I pushed in slowly letting my long meat slid into her gradually. She was tight as hell as I tried to push further. I paused for a moment taking a deep breath and humped into her again. She was swinging her head either side as I kept trying to let my dick inside her pussy. She groaned aloud after I managed to let almost half the length of my dick inside her.

“Tell me if it hurts,” I told her with real concern.

“Go ahead brother,” she groaned again. “Fill it up at once.”

I withdrew from her for a moment and pushed my waist against her a bit harder than before. This time around, I could feel her pussy lips yielding to my forceful thrust and Raji’s squeal suggested that my dick finally made the headway inside her.

“Oh this is heaven,” I muttered and preferred to stay still for a while, relishing the feeling of her pussy holding my dick. I could see a magic smile flashing on my sister’s face that encouraged me to start pumping her. I teasingly withdrew the whole length of my dick from her pussy and watched her looking at me somewhat perplexed. I knew that she was wondering why I had retreated from her and her expressions suggested that she was really ready for a royal screwing. While she kept gazing at me with surprise, I suddenly humped against her letting the whole dick to slid into her pussy at one go. She screamed again and her pussy gratefully gripped my dick.

Raji began moaning intermittently and moved her waists to cope up with my pumping pace. We picked up the pace soon and my dick was gliding in and out of her pussy with amazing ease. We looked at each other while our bodies slammed. I was frequently modulating my strokes to let her feel the pleasure of her pussy being pounded by my hard meat. Raji’s legs wrapped around my waist. She gripped my back as though she wasn’t willing to let me off the hook. Soon we could just hear the slurping sound of my dick diving in and out of her soggy pussy and the noise of our sweating bodies slam against each other. I was getting more intense as I increased the momentum and soon felt a hot stream erupting from the bottom of my shaft through the stem of my dick. I was getting excited to realize that I was about to explode into my sister and went about slamming as deep as I could.

“Raji,” I screamed before unloading consecutive shots of cum inside her pussy sending her body to a few shivers. I felt as though my dick was immersed in hot fluid and soon realized that my sister had passed out as well. I almost collapsed on her naked body and kissed her neck before letting my head rest on her shoulders. Raji discovered the warmth of her brother’s semen flowing into her while she herself was writhing in her orgasm. They slept in each other’s arms soon and never heard the cell phone ringing in their deep sleep.

At Bangalore, Karan was wondering why Raji wasn’t picking up the phone.

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