Long Walk Home Ch. 01

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Had it been two weeks? Two months? I couldn’t tell anymore. Amy and my relationship had grown stale over the last few months, and it showed no signs of getting any better. I couldn’t lay the blame on her, anymore than on myself.

Everything between us had always been done when we could get the time, and time had seemed to be working against us more and more with each passing day. If she wasn’t working, I was working. If she wasn’t out of town, I was out of town. Any chance at a moment of intimacy was interrupted by one thing or another. I could no longer wait anymore.

I had to do something, find someone, or anything to ease the pains I felt inside. And it wasn’t a sad pain, more like a hunger pain. Masturbation can only go so far, and it did little to appease the appetite of human contact.

So I did what any normal man would do in my situation. Consider the options over a beer or two and see who comes along.

And like most men, the outcome was always the same. Spend too much money on beer, and not one person coming up to me. I guess I could have put more effort in meeting someone, but when one goes out alone, you are almost at a set back. You always look like the “strange quiet one”…unapproachable. And when you did approach, alone, you gave the girls the creeps. Without that safety harness, I was outmatched and outgunned. Everyone knows there is strength in numbers. I had no numbers.

At last call, I walked out to my truck, locked the doors, and began the long walk home. It was a good five miles to my place. I was determined to make it home in good time. Those thoughts were put to rest after the first mile. I decided to go crash at my mother’s. It was half way there, and I found I was in no shape for a long distance march tonight.

She had a rather large, old apartment in the downtown area. Being a large city, the rent was quite expensive, but she made good money. She owned the Laddington Lace, an upscale clothing store dealing in all aspects of fineries.

She’d bring me there to work with her somedays, and I was always afraid to wake through the lingerie section. She’d just take my hand and guide me through, hand covering my eyes until we made it past. Ofcourse after I got a little older, and a little more fascinated with what was there. And that section, which seemed huge when I was little, didn’t shrink at all as I grew older. It became one of the bigger draws to the store, and everyone knows how expensive some of that stuff can be.

I walked by the front doors and checked the locks just in case. You never know if someone could have forgotten to leave them undone. I casually glanced at the lingerie in the window, yup, looks good from out here, but I still can’t bring myself to walk through there.

I made my way up the stairs to my mother’s apartment, unlocking the door quietly stepped inside, easing it shut behind me. Kicking my shoes off onto the floor, I went to the kitchen and raided the fridge. There wasn’t much, she had most meals delivered, or went out to fancy restaraunts with her friends.

I picked my way through the shelves, finding bits and pieces of things to munch on in my room. I stumbled, still tipsy down the hallway to my room.

I passed her bedroom and peeked in to the complete darkness. The thick antique curtains keeping every twinkling of light out. I heard her breathing, good, I hadn’t woke her.

I entered my room and closed the door behind me. She had kept this room set aside just for situations like this. Emergencies. Sitting on the bed, I leaned back against the headboard, trying not to let it clunk against the wall as I did so.

I grabbed the remote and went channel surfing while I consumed cold pizza, pickles, and orange soda. Not being used to having actual cable tv, I tend to forget that my mom did. And she had every channel. About ninety percent of them probably had never even shown on her TV, and I landed on one such station. I don’t recall what it even was, but it was definately an after hours station. The lovely flash of nudity told me that right then and there.

Setting the empty plate on the night stand, I leaned back and watched. I guess another night of this wouldn’t hurt me. My stomach was full, and so were my balls.

Stripping my jeans çağlayan escort off, which really smelled of smoke, I tossed them into a corner. If the sounds of my big feet plodding down the hard wood floors didn’t wake her up, this would. To make sure, I tossed a blanket over my clothes to help hide the smell.

I continued watching as I slid my boxers down to my knees, I don’t know what the movie was called, but it was a good one. Pulling the sheet up over me, like it would do much good, but there is always a sense of security when one is jerking off that no one will know. Regardless the thickness of the covering.

I’ve always loved watching porn. I was never afraid to admit it to anyone either. Be it on dvd or off the internet. I guess it really grew on me. What I was lacking with Amy, I was gaining from this. Or atleast coping through this. Being only nineteen, and for the most part alone, it pretty much becomes a part of life. I shouldn’t even think that it has anything to due with my age, everyone needs that form of touch. Be it tender kisses, or rough sex. Sex is a natural need, and when you need it, you have to take things into your own hands…so to speak.

Being used to being at my own place, I instinctively reached for the bottle of lotion I keep at bedside for such occasions. Remembering where I was at, I realzed that there is none here. Reaching down below the sheet, I gently began stroking my manhood, the porn flashing before my eyes. Fully erect, it filled my hand, and I can be proud to say it was above average. I was no mammoth by anymeans, but I was thick, and I never heard any complaints about size.

Bringing my hand to my mouth, I spit onto my palm, reached down, and began again. Enjoying the wet, slick coating as I slowly pumped my fist up and down my shaft. The sheet billowing as I stroked myself closer to orgasm. My eyes were glued to the set, watching a busty brunette bob her head up and down on some guys rod. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the way her lips curled around the shaft, or the way her breasts swayed and bounced as she sucked him.

I’ve always been fascinated by the female form, especially the breasts. They were always there at eye level for me when I was little, and I was always called a “boob-man” from my mother, due to a childhood crush on my babysitter.

Spitting into my hand again, I let my eyes slide shut, hearing the sounds of sex coming from the tv. And there she was. There was no mistaking what I saw when my eyes were closed. Her lips, wrapped tightly around my shaft. Her short cropped hair, clinging to her head, sweat dripping onto my lap. The sounds from the tv seemed louder, more real, in this sexually induced state I was in. The slurping of saliva on skin grew louder, as did the moans and the creaking of bed springs.

Replaying a fantasy I have always had, but haven’t recalled upon in years, not since puberty. Having done this many nights when I was younger, relieving the strain on my changing body, this was the most immediate way of release.

My thinking of this being so wrong went away years ago after reading a study that most or all boys dream of having intercourse with their mothers. It’s said to be a natural desire, brought on by being around them during puberty. I quit feeling bad about it, and just rolled with it. And enjoyed it.

Spitting into my palm yet again, I continued, slowing down at times to keep it up. It felt too good to stop, but I wanted to climax. I was torn between two things, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Leaning back, I worked my hand over my dick, imagining it was her. Her hand sliding up and down the shaft as she sucked and licked the sensitve head of my penis. Picturing it all was so close to experiencing it, I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning out.

Her head and hand meeting with strong strokes, saliva dribbling between her fingers, mixed with my precum. I watched in extacy, her tongue lashing out at my cock, licking up all the lubricating spit, and continuing again, reapplying it deep inside her mouth. I held the back of her head gently, guiding her on as she looked up at me, making eye contact. Her breasts swaying and heaving as she through her whole body into the perfect çapa escort blow job.

Just as I was whispering to her it was time…it all ended in a flash. Interupted with footsteps in the hallway.

Cursing, I tugged my boxers back up and curled into the fetal possition on my side. I turned the tv off just in time for the door to creak open and a head to peek in.

“Mark, are you up?” Said the voice.

Feigning sleepiness, I did the best I could to moan out a yes.

“Are you okay? It sounded like you were getting sick.” Her voice tinged with worry.

“No mom, I’m fine…go back to sleep.” I said, half sitting up.

“Oh, I’m up for the night, or should I say day. It’s almost four in the morning. I was going to take an early shower when I almost killed myself on your big shoes in the middle of the hallway. I heard you moaning, thought I’d better check on you.”

“Sorry about the shoes. I’ll be more careful next time. I had to walk home last night. Figured it would be easier to stay here, than to try and make it all the way home. I’d still be walking.” I finished with a yawn.

“Anytime, you know my baby is always welcome home.” She said with a smile as she bent to kiss me on the cheek, with those lovely wet lips.

I cringed a bit at her touch, my hand covering my shaft to keep it from springing up and hitting the sheet.

“Are you okay?” She asked with more concern as she sat on the bed right infront of me, mere inches from my rigid shaft.

“Well, actually I-” I never got to finish.

“Amy again, huh? I don’t mean to give advice on the subject. You both are great kids, but I don’t think you are meant for each other. I think-“

“I should find someone else?” It was my turn to cut in.

Nodding, she rested her hand on my shoulder and smiled. Running her fingers thru my hair, only to pull them back quickly.

“Honey your burning up, sure your okay?” She said as she wiped her hand off on the sheets.

“Yeah, ma. I am. And don’t worry, I have been over the whole Amy thing for weeks.” I smiled slightly, trying make like I was more tired than I really was. I was having a real hard time holding back. My hand gently, ever so slowly rubbing the head of my cock as she sat there smiling at me. I haven’t been so blatant as to masturbate in front of her in a long time, but there was the ever protective sheet covering me.

Making herself comfy, she leaned back against the headboard and swung her legs up onto the bed. Her hands gently running through my sweaty hair. I nuzzled against it instinctively, it felt good. And it was real touching. And, something so soothing should calm the nerves and settle me down, but I was hornier than ever. Having come so close to cumming, this interuption was both wonderful and painful at the same time.

“Anything else you’d like to talk about? You know you can talk to me about anything.” She said, leaning close to me. Too close for comfort, her breast brushing against my shoulder. As she kissed my forehead. Those lips again. I shivered at their touch, and nuzzled into them.

“No. I’m fine…fine.” I pressed my face into her kiss again. My hand softly stroking myself, my shaft still suprizingly wet. I closed my eyes as she slid closer to me, moving her hand over from my head down to the matress.

The noise was too startling, neither of us could react has her hand, or some body part landed on the remote, turning the tv back on. The porn was back on in all its glory, and the remote was lost in the bedding.

Neither of us moved. She was too startled, and I couldn’t for fear of exposing my raging hardon, still wet from masturbating. I just pushed my face into the pillow and laid there, saying nothing.

Seconds, minutes, maybe an hour could have passed. The movie was still going, and the couple on the screen were still fucking. I managed to peek, seeing the same girl, bent over the edge of a loveseat taking it hard from behind. My penis jumped in my hand, still erect. If it would just go down, i could get up and act like I wasn’t watching this. But she didn’t. It was still on, and she was watching it.

Her body was less tense, and she eased into the bed with me. Not saying a word, but cennet mahallesi escort just watching. I couldn’t see her, but I can only imagine she was totally crushed, knowing her son was jacking off in his guest room. Its one thing to get caught, but its another to get caught where you don’t even live anymore.

I managed to sit up, straining to hold the sheets over my throbbing cock. I looked up, and saw her expression blank, unblinking, and watching.

“Mom. I…” I said as she began to shush me.

“Mark, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You are a grown man. It’s natural for people to watch this on occasion.” Her hand running through my hair again as she spoke to me.

AS i was about to say something, she spoke again.

“I’ve even watched a few times.” She said with a smile and a wink, catching me totally offguard. I was stunned, I never imagined her to get into anything like this. Maybe romance novels, but not this.

I couldn’t say anything, I just looked back at the tv, then at her. Closing my eyes, and seeing the fantasy replaying again, I forced my eyes to open again.

“Move over, kiddo.” She said as she nudge my ribs. Ofcourse, in my position, I couldn’t dispute it at all. I slid over with plenty of room to spare.

“Mom. Turn it off.” I half pleaded, but didn’t really want her to.

“Well you were watching it, you might as well finish. Mind if I?” She smiled as she eased back against the pillows, she had no intentions of leaving.

“No. I guess not.” I didn’t know whether to smile or hide under the blankets until this storm rolled over.

I watched her hand go to the sheet, she was wanting to share the blanket with me. I clutched it, pulling it back. She just giggled.

“Yeah, maybe I’ll get my own blanket. I’ll be right back.” She said winking as she made her way into the hallway. I couldn’t help it, I watched her hips swaying the whole way. I was uncomfortable, but every so horny. I was between a rock and a hard place. She was no longer cheerleader material. But her body had that sexy, matronly look. Semi wide hips, big breasts, round butt. I’ve always been atttracted to that shape as long as I can remember.

A few minutes passed and she came back. A blanket wrapped around her. Sliding back onto the bed next to me, I edge further away. She covered the distance and rested just as close as before. Grabbing the remote, she turned the sound down a little.

We both just sat there and watched, and within a few minutes, the nervousness melted away. It was actually getting fun. I didn’t move, but I was enjoying it. And my cock was harder than ever. I was sore, and I was in need of fixing that problem as soon as possible. I moved, inching my knees up and my hands down.

I noticed it then, she kept glancing down at my lap. The thin sheet hardly hiding what I was attempting to do, yet she made no motion for me to stop. She just mimicked my movements by raising her knees too, resting one against mine. The touch was comforting, almost inviting. I took the time to glance over at her then.

Back and forth, we watched each other. Both wondering who would start first, if at all. We both, getting more comfortable with this, eased back shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee, enjoying the movie. The second movie to be exact. Aptly named “Forbidden Fantasies 6”.

It was in the second clip of the movie when I started. Dry. It was bad enough I had an erection for so long, but now it had gone dry, and I wasn’t about to spit into my palm infront of my mother.

Almost like she read my mind, she slid a bottle of hand lotion to me…She knew. And the thought of that was mind blowing. I emptied a heavy amount on my hand, and went to work. Stroking lightly, enjoying this moment, knowing full well it won’t happen again aside from my occasional wet dreams.

I wasn’t sure, but I think she was doing it too. Simple signs that I watched. A twitch of her leg, a jerk of her foot. It only kept me going. I stopped watching the movie and started watching her. I knew for sure when I watched her shoulders rising and falling in league with mine.

What happened next was was almost too much, I had to stop stroking to keep from spraying the inside of my sheets with my seed. I felt her hand snaking in from underneath my sheet, pulling my hand away from my cock, and taking it into hers. She gripped it tight, and smiled at me. A look of wonderment on her face. Her hand starting out slow, but speeding up, her fist pumping faster and squeezing tighter. I moaned softly against her shoulder as she continued. Sweat forming on her brow now.

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