Love Child

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Chelsea Atkinson cleaned out her locker with a smile. It was finally the last week of high school and summer was going to start soon. Graduation would be in three days and she felt excitement knowing she’d be heading off to college soon.

“Chelsea! Don’t forget your baby pictures!” Ramona, Chelsea’s best friend yelled out.

“Yeah I have to look for some. My parents said they didn’t get to take too many baby pictures of me. I’m going to have to dig them up.”

“Alright then, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Ramona called out as she walked away.

Chelsea headed off home. She usually saw her mother when she was home but this time her mother wasn’t anywhere to be found.

“Mom?” Chelsea called out looking around the house.

The small Spanish style home was empty and Chelsea could almost hear her own echo. She decided that this would be a good time to search for her baby picture. She didn’t want an embarrassing picture since all her classmates and her classmate’s parents would be looking at the slide show of the student’s baby pictures.

She headed up to the attic where she knew her parents kept most of their old belongings. The attic was dusty and felt humid. She turned on the light and gasped not knowing where to start looking for her baby pictures. The room was full of cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

“Oh God, where do I start? She asked herself.

She began rummaging through box after box. Some of them were labeled and some were not. She then heard noise downstairs and knew her mother was home. She decided she’d look for the pictures later. She went downstairs and greeted her mother who was getting herself a glass of water.

“Hey mom, I was just up in the attic looking for some baby pictures of me.”

Wendy, Chelsea’s mom, gulped. “Oh? Oh yes that’s right. You need them for a slide show this Friday right?”

“Yes that’s right, but mom, we have so much junk up there I don’t even know where to begin!”

Wendy laughed. “Don’t worry I’ll help you honey. First I really need to go buy some groceries for tonight. You want to come with me?”

Chelsea smiled. “Yes! As long as you buy something good to eat tonight.”

Wendy raised a brow. “Good to eat? Like what?”

Chelsea’s eyes wandered. “Hmmm like…your famous chicken enchiladas that you make!”

Wendy groaned. “Oh honey those take too much time. Plus your father should be home soon and I might not have time to get it all done.”

Chelsea did a pouty face. “Please? I know daddy will wait and besides, I’ll be leaving soon for college and then I will hardly be able to eat your delicious food!”

Wendy laughed. “Oh Ok! You always know how to convince me.”

* * *

At the grocery store, Wendy went buying all the ingredients for the enchiladas, while Chelsea stood in the magazine section reading the latest issue of Cosmo. She was getting into an article about flirting, when she noticed someone staring at her. She slowly raised her head and saw an older man and woman, probably in their early 60’s or so staring at her.

Chelsea felt almost as if it was déjà vu. She felt she knew these folks or had met them sometime. Their eyes were piercing at her and she felt almost uncomfortable. She smiled at them and they looked away whispering something to each other. Chelsea put her magazine away and headed off to look for her mother.

Wendy was getting the grated cheese when Chelsea came up from behind. “Are you almost done?”

“Yes I am. What’s wrong?”

Chelsea looked around as if she was going to tell Wendy a secret. “Mom, there was this elderly couple looking at me strangely just a while ago. Do I have something on my face or what?”

Wendy laughed. “No you don’t have anything on your face.”

“Well then, I don’t understand why they were staring at me. I am so serious mom, their eyes were glued to me!”

“Oh Chelsea it’s all your imagination honey.”

“No it’s not! Mom I just go so freaked out! I just want to get out of here.”

“Alright no need to be frightened. We are leaving.”

Chelsea sighed and both women walked to the check out line. Chelsea’s eyes wandered the entire store to make sure she didn’t run into these folks again. Something about the way they kept looking at her made her feel so strange.

After finishing bagging the food and paying, Wendy and Chelsea made their way to the parking lot. Wendy was busy opening up the car trunk and that’s when Chelsea looked up and saw the same elderly couple standing only a few feet away looking at her.

“Mom!” Chelsea whispered.

“What?” Wendy asked putting one grocery bag in the trunk.

“That’s them.”


“The folks that were staring at me!”

Wendy was about to turn around when Chelsea stopped her. “Don’t make it obvious mom! Just casually turn and pretend your looking all around.”

Wendy rolled her eyes and turned slowly. Chelsea saw her mother’s face turn white as a ghost. Wendy quickly turned away and continued to put the groceries up.

“They are pretty şişli escort freaky huh mom?” Chelsea asked.

“Chelsea, get in the car please. I’m going to go put the cart away.”

Chelsea shrugged and got into the car. She turned on the engine and rolled the windows down. She was about to put on the stereo, when she heard some voices. It sounded like an argument. Chelsea looked in the rearview mirror and saw her mother talking to the elderly couple. She could hardly make out the words her mother was saying but she only managed to catch a few.

“You kicked us out a long time ago. Leave us alone. We don’t need you!” That was all Chelsea could hear her mother say. Did she know these folks?

Chelsea was about to get out of the car, but then stayed seated as soon as she saw her mother walking back. Wendy got in the car saying nothing. She turned on the car stereo and put it low. Chelsea eyed her mother.

“Mom? What was that about? Did you really tell them to leave me alone? Do you know them?”

“I might know them. Let’s not talk about this right now Chelsea. We need to get home.”

Chelsea didn’t argue she just stayed silence. She could see fear and sadness mixed in her mother’s green eyes. Wendy looked straight into the road and didn’t talk all the way home, which was very unusual.

* * *

Chelsea helped her mother make the chicken enchiladas, while Wendy cooked the Spanish rice. Her mother hadn’t spoken much since they gotten back. Chelsea felt so confused but yet she was scared to ask Wendy about what had happened back at the grocery story that afternoon.

Later on, Chelsea heard her father, pulling up to the driveway. “Dad’s home,” Chelsea said softly.

Wendy just nodded and continued to cook. Chelsea went out to the living room to greet her father. He walked in carrying his briefcase. He’d become a successful lawyer just like he always wanted to be.

“Hey dad,” Chelsea said smiling at her father and hugging him.

Samuel Atkinson kissed his daughter on the cheek. “Hey sweetie. Where’s mommy? Mmm wait a second something smells really good!”

Chelsea laughed. “Yeah I got her to make those chicken enchiladas you and I love.”

“That’s just a perfect ending to a perfect day.”

They both walked back into the kitchen together and Chelsea’s smile disappeared when she noticed her mother had been crying. “Wendy? Are you ok honey?” Samuel asked his wife.

Wendy just nodded without saying anything. Chelsea put her hand on her mother’s shoulder. “Mom what’s wrong? Please talk to me.”

Wendy wiped her tears. “Chelsea, I need to talk to your father alone please.”

Chelsea felt so confused but left the kitchen quietly. She sat in the living room hoping to hear what her mother was saying. Ever since the incident at the grocery store, her mother had been sad and angry. She’d been very quiet cooking, which was unusual for her. Wendy was usually a very upbeat and happy person.

“I couldn’t believe it myself but it was them! They’ve got some nerve!” Chelsea heard Wendy whisper.

“Maybe they changed their minds, maybe they want to be part of our lives again,” Samuel went on.

Chelsea tried to listen harder but the voices got lower and it was hard to hear anything anymore. She turned on the TV and waited until dinner was ready to be served.

At the dinner table, there was an awkward and unfamiliar silence. Chelsea kept trying to keep a conversation going but it was almost impossible when all her parents would say were things like “yeah,” “oh really,” “that’s great.”

* * *

That night, Chelsea lay in bed thinking of all the events that happened earlier. There had to be something, some kind of story behind those folks she’d seen earlier at the grocery store. The way the woman looked at her was not a cold stare but a warm, caring stare. The man also had the same caring eyes and sweet smile. She only hoped her mother would tell her what was going on. It wasn’t like Wendy to keep secrets from her.

* * *

The next day after school, Chelsea went up to the attic again to search for the baby pictures for her graduation ceremony. Wendy was still at work since she taught fifth grade at the local elementary school. Chelsea continued to rummage through old boxes finding nothing but old Christmas, Halloween and New Years’ decorations.

“Oh great, how in the world am I ever going to find anything in all this mess?” She asked herself.

Just then, from the corner of her eyes she saw a small chest under a few cardboard boxes. She had a feeling that her pictures might be in there. Getting up from the floor she walked towards the small cherry wood chest and took the other cardboard boxes off. She grabbed the small, but heavy chest and sat back down on the floor. As she opened it, her eyes widened and she smiled. There were tons of pictures of her mother and father when they were younger.

Wendy had told Chelsea that she’d been in love with Samuel since she was almost suadiye escort a child. Chelsea now understood seeing the pictures that had her mother and her father as teens at the beach, roller-skating, and at the park having a picnic. They looked so much in love in the pictures as they did now. Chelsea smiled and stared at the pictures, which were slowly beginning to fade. She dug deeper into the chest and found more pictures.

Finally she had come across some of her baby pictures. She’d found a few pictures her father took of her mother when Chelsea was still inside Wendy’s belly. Her mother looked beautiful pregnant and she smiled so lovely for the camera.

Chelsea began taking out more pictures and then noticed there was a book or diary at the bottom of the chest. She looked curiously and got it out. It was indeed a diary. Must have been Wendy’s diary. She knew it was wrong to look, but she was curious about what her mother wrote about.

“This is all the past anyway, besides, mom won’t know I read this. I’ll never tell her.” Chelsea said to herself.

She slowly opened up the journal and couldn’t wait to read her mother’s juicy details. She knew Wendy had a secret or two. As she began to read her mind got lost in the diary.

May 16, 1985 – said the first entry.

Dear Diary, I saw Chris McDowell today and I know he wanted to talk to me, but I was rushing to get home because I knew Samuel would be home that day from college. Ever since he’d left for college, my heart had felt so empty…

Chelsea sighed and held the diary against her chest. “Oh mom was really in love.” She smiled and continued to read on.

May 17, 1985

Dear Diary, Samuel and I got to spend some time alone today. He’d brought me a charm bracelet for my eighteenth birthday, since he hadn’t been home to celebrate it last month. He asked me to go for a swim with him this afternoon and I couldn’t wait since mom and dad had left to work. Finally I was able to have him all to myself.

Before we got into the pool, I couldn’t help but stare at Samuel. He took off his t-shirt slowly and my heart raced. His body was so gorgeous. It was strange having these strong feelings for him but I couldn’t help myself. I was in love, it was wrong but I couldn’t help myself.

I felt almost shy to show off my body in a bikini for the first time. I had always been insecure about my body but I saw Samuel’s eyes light up when I took off my long t-shirt. I felt myself blushing and wondered if he felt the same way I did.

We dove into the cool water that early morning and splashed around like kids. I told Samuel how much I had missed him and suddenly I found myself crying. Crying because I couldn’t just yell out how much I was in love with him…..

Chelsea was puzzled. What could have been so forbidden about their love? She had to continue reading.

“Are you ok Wendy?” He asked me coming wiping the tears off my face.

“Y-yes,” I said almost choking in my own tears.

“No you’re not. Tell me. What’s wrong?” He asked cupping my face and making me stare into his beautiful blue eyes.

“I’ve missed you…I’ve missed you so much,” I sobbed.

“I’ve missed you too sis. But please don’t cry. I’m home now.” He put his arms around me and held me close.

Our hearts were pounding together as he pressed his body against mine. He took another look at me and I knew there was no turning back. I had to tell him. It was now or never.

“Sam, I-I….oh god!” The words were so hard to say!

“What? Tell me Wendy.”

“I love you,” I finally blurted out.

He licked his lips and didn’t hesitate to press his lips against mine. I gasped, barely able to breathe as his lips touched mine. It was like a dream come true. Finally, I was able to kiss my brother, the one and only man I had ever loved.

I felt his tongue gliding on my lips. My lips parted so naturally inviting his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues caressed against one another, as we got lost in this passionate kiss. Samuel lifted me up carrying me in the water. I wrapped my legs around him and continued to kiss him and him how much I was in love with him.

He broke out kiss, leaving me aching for more. “Oh Wendy, I love you so much baby. I think I always have.”

“I’ve always loved you. It feels so good to tell you!” Wendy cooed.

He smiled and took me into his arms again, giving me yet another sensual long wet kiss. My toes curled and never felt happier in my entire life. Sam broke our kiss again and stared into my eyes.

“I think it’s a bit too hot out here don’t you?”

I nodded knowing what he wanted. He led me out of the pool wrapping a big towel around both of our bodies. Once again he pressed his body against mine. His lips trailed down my jaw line and down to my neck. His lips brushed against my skin making me want him more than ever.

“I want to be with you Wendy. I want to be with you…like a guy would want to be with his girlfriend.”

My heart taksim escort pounded. “You do?”

“Yes, but only if you want the same thing. Baby, I would never force you not to do something you didn’t want.”

“I do want this. I want you. I love you!” I shrieked and reached up to kiss him.

We went into the house, which was quiet, nice and cool. Sam and I walked hand in hand upstairs to his room. He closed the door and I stood silent for a moment waiting for the most precious moment of my life to happen.

His bedroom window was open so the sunlight crept into the room letting us get a wonderful view of one another. He put his hands on my shoulders and slowly moved them around me. I felt him tugging at my bikini top until it came loose. I closed my eyes for a moment as my top fell to the floor. I was scared since I had never let any boy see my breasts before. I knew they were small, especially for being eighteen years old. I tried to cover myself up but Sam took my hands off my chest.

“Don’t do that Wendy. Oh my god sis you are so beautiful. You have beautiful breasts.”

I blushed. I wanted him to touch me but he just stared for what seem to be forever. I felt a hot rush flow through my entire body when his hands reached up to touch my breasts. He touched me so gently running his fingers on my hard nipples. I couldn’t help but moan.

“You like that baby?” He asked.

“Uh huh.” I muttered hoping he wouldn’t stop.

His fingers then pinched my nipples getting me so excited. He teased my nipples with his fingers for a moment and then leaned down to tantalize me with his mouth! Oh god his mouth felt so good on my hard nipples. His warm saliva coated my nipples as he moved his tongue in circles.

“Oh Sam!” I cooed captivated by his love.

My arms were wrapped around him while he continued to tease me with his mouth. He took turns sucking on each nipple making me hotter. His hands ran up and down my back slowly putting me at ease. After a few minutes of sensual torture, he looked up at me and kissed me softly.

“I want to be inside of you Wendy. I know that’s wrong, but I love you so much.”

“I love you too. With all of my heart!”

He said nothing else. Instead, he lifted me up, easily picking me up and laid me on his bed. I stared up at him while he began to take his swimming trunks off. I wanted to stare at his cock but I was too shy. I’d never seen a man’s cock, at least not in real life. Magazines and movies don’t count until you really see one in person.

He climbed on the bed with me kissing me passionately once again. His lips soon left mine and moved down my chin, to my neck and then slowly to my chest. My heart raced when I realized he wasn’t stopping at my chest. He continued slithering his tongue down to my tummy. I felt him grab the sides of my bikini bottom and began to tug on it. I lifted my body up slightly giving him access to remove my bottom. It wasn’t long before I was completely naked. We both were.

He got up and grabbed my legs sliding me down to the edge of the bed. He got on his knees, and being the naïve girl I was, I had no idea what a wonderful treat my brother had for me. He put his head between my legs. I captured his warm breath, as he got closer to my pussy. The slight touch of his lips made me jolt. Never in my life had I felt anything so beautiful. His tongue then slowly began to lick my sensitive clit. I spread my legs wider and moaned.

He stopped for a second and looked up at me. “Sis, sit up a bit. I want you to watch me taste you. Please.”

I did as he said and raised my body up slightly until I could see him between my legs. He went back to pleasuring me. His hands spread my lips open and he vigorously licked me. His eyes met mine as we stared at each other in that wonderful moment. I watched his tongue flick on my swollen clit until I couldn’t take it anymore. A rush of ecstasy went through my entire body. I let myself fall back on the bed barely able to moan from the intense pleasure but soon enough I moaned louder than ever as I exploded on my brother’s mouth. I felt my juices ooze out and heard him drinking me up. My body was still as my heart raced. I lay trying to recover from my incredible orgasm. I could feel Sam’s lips still wrapped around my clit until he finally released my aching clit.

Sam got back up and wiped his mouth rushing to kiss me. I could taste my own pussy in my brother’s mouth. Our tongues pressed against one another mixing our saliva and my juices in our mouths.

“Oh my God! I came! I came so hard!” I gasped.

“You sure did. You looked so beautiful climaxing. I promise to make you cum like that more often.”

I blushed and pulled him closer to me. “I need you to make love to me,” I said to him. The words came out so naturally.

He touched my face and nodded. “I want to make love to you. Are you a virgin sis?”


He smiled. “I love you Wendy.”

“And I love you. Now show me how much you love me.”

He laughed softly and stood back up. He put my legs around his waist and then aimed his cock for my tight entrance. I knew sex the first time would hurt, but I knew Sam would make the experience amazing for me. The sharp pain of his cock trying to enter me was excruciating. I shut my eyes tight and Sam reached down rubbing my tummy and whispering comforting words.

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