My Second Apartment Ch. 03

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Shane and I had been working the eleven to seven shift at Samville Home Furnishings for almost six months. It was one of those places where a leather chair would run you three hundred bucks and a dining set might bankrupt your average “Working Joe”. White pillars held up a steel awning over the front entrance, seemingly inviting only those who had a large enough bill fold to enter the modern concrete building. The doors were glass trimmed with steel that showed the main area of the place to anyone with a mind to buy the “Good Stuff”.

I shoved the passenger door open and stepped out of my roommate’s old Nissan, grunting as I stretched in the midday sunlight. I looked to the other side and saw Shane grinning at the structure that held our place of employment.

“Do you think my car helps the image of the place?” he asked as he began his own stretching ritual, one arm raised toward the sky.

“Man, this car is art. Abstract art, but still art,” I replied, my own smile surfacing.

Like the gentleman he was, Shane simply gave me the finger and walked toward the back entrance of the place. He was wearing faded blue jeans and a long sleeved tee shirt that showed off his chest. I looked down at my own outfit, jeans and a white tee shirt, and decided that simple was sometimes just as good as anything else. I followed Shane to the doorway.

I could hear the sales people laughing about something as we entered the place. There was always time to chatter and joke around when business was slow. Without people there to sell to, they had nothing to do other than talk or find things for us to do. We were the blue collars in that place, so when there was something to move or fix, that was on us.

I saw everyone standing around an empty area that we’d been instructed to clear out the day before. Cindy, our manager, was pointing at the space and talking to the others about a new armoire that we’d be placing there in the next few minutes.

Cindy was the quintessential “Hot Boss”. She was short and a bit thick around the hips and midsection, but not fat in any way. Her breasts were enormous and she made sure that they were the star attraction of every outfit she wore. Cleavage was an understatement when applied to this woman. Long feathered brown hair dangled nearly to her ass, which was another of her fantastic traits. I’d fantasized quite a few times about the way that ass would look as I fucked her doggy style.

Her face was cute and she was always smiling. Shane had once observed that someone had probably slapped her on the back as a kid while she was smiling and her face was stuck like that forever. I didn’t mind it, though. She had a fantastic smile.

Today she was wearing a brown skirt that stopped at mid thigh, giving us a delicious view of her stocking clad legs. Her shirt was one of those wrap around deals with long sleeves and not much more. That shirt was tight to the point that a bra couldn’t be worn with it. It was going to be a frustrating day.

“Good morning, boys,” Tina, the secretary, said from her desk, pulling her long red hair up into a bun.

“Good morning, Tina. Did you miss me?” Shane asked beaming at her.

“You have no idea how much. Cindy wants you guys for something.”

“Yeah, that piece from Africa came in last night. Wayne’s going to move it out for her,” my friend said.

He patted me on the shoulder as if he just knew that I’d be the one to dolly the monstrosity from the warehouse. He was right, of course, because I was the stronger of the two of us and the armoire was easily a six hundred pound piece of furniture. As I said, before, it was going to be a long day.

“Is it big?” Tina asked, leaning back in her office chair.

I grinned as I watched her blouse open just a little bit as she did this. Her fair skin showed through the gap in the white material. Cindy wasn’t the only one not wearing a bra that day.

“Oh, it’s big,” I said with a grin as I planted my hands on the desk right in front of her.

“That’s what they all say,” she retorted with a grin of her own, “You’ll have to prove that some time.”

Have you ever had an urge to jump over a desk? I did just then. Tina and I had been flirting for the last six months, though we’d not acted on anything as of yet. I didn’t know how much longer this would go on, but my patience was wearing thin.

The place had great acoustics. Our footsteps echoed in the near silence as we walked over to Cindy and the other sales people. I couldn’t help but stare at our sexy manager during the short trip. She’d caught me staring many times before, so I wasn’t really worried about being subtle about it. Shane had adopted the same philosophy about the situation and I believe that Cindy enjoyed the attention that we gave her.

I watched as she turned toward us, her breasts coming into view. Her nipples showed through the top in an almost obscene way and I was instantly aroused by the sight of those beautiful orbs on display. Shane maltepe escort and I looked at each other for an instant and then back at Cindy, whose glare was one of knowing. A patronizing smile found its way to her lips which only served to turn us on more.

“Close your mouths, boys. We’ve got work to do,” she said, hoping to embarrass us.

“We can’t help it. How many guys are lucky enough to have a hot boss who shows it off?” Shane shot back with the confidence possessed only by twenty year old men who get laid almost constantly.

She shook her head at him and smiled. I could have sworn her eyes landed on our crotches for a moment. Damn.

“Wayne, you should probably do the transfer on that armoire. Shane, you need to make a path as he comes. I don’t think the walkways are wide enough for it,” Cindy stated.

Her right hand rested on her chest, her fingers moving just the smallest bit against the soft skin at the edge of her shirt. I wondered if I’d be able to do anything that morning without stepping on my own feet. The woman was beginning to fluster me.

“Will do, boss,” I replied with a nod.

We were sitting on a couple of five hundred dollar chairs and smoking in the warehouse area when Tina and Cindy came in. I looked up at the pair of seductresses and wondered what they’d be doing down there after hours.

I tapped ash from the end of my cigarette and whistled to Shane who hadn’t noticed our visitors. He looked up as I turned my eyes toward Cindy and Tina. He grinned as he looked at them. I wondered what he was thinking for a moment and dismissed it. Chances were that Shane was thinking the same thing as I was.

“No fucking way,” we said simultaneously.

“This has been one hell of a week,” Shane said.

I let out a short burst of laughter and shook my head in amazement.

The two women were beside us in no time, looking down at us expectantly. I matched eyes with Tina as she began rifling around in her purse. She pulled out a pack of cigarettes, snagged one from the pack for Cindy and then another for her. I flipped the top on my Zippo, flicked the wheel to get a flame started, and handed it up to Tina. She reached the flame to the tip of Cindy’s smoke and then to her own. I watched as they took the first drag, exhaling smoke into the air through painted lips. There was something sexy about that.

No one had said a single word as the women stood over us, matching our stares with half lidded eyes. We all just continued to smoke. I knew something was about to happen and I had an idea that it was going to be a very profound experience. Watching Tina and Cindy stand there was enough to make me hard as a rock. I know, I know, it’s not hard to do that when you’re young and constantly thinking about sex.

“So, you ladies look fantastic today,” Shane said as if the silence had become too much for him.

“I think we need something, boys. Tina and I are very bored. The place is closed and we’re the only ones left here,” Cindy said confidently.

“Think you can entertain us?” Tina asked in a hushed voice.

“I’m really starting to like the way things are turning out lately,” I admitted to Shane and looked back at Cindy.

“Do you think we can entertain them, Wayne?”

“I believe we can give it a shot, Shane.”

The girls seemed to itch with excitement as they waited for us to give them a decision. I wondered if they meant to have one or the other, or switch between us. I think Shane and I knew exactly how to do this.

I stood up, taller than either Cindy or Tina, and pulled my shirt off. My tattoos were on display to them. Tina seemed enthralled by the Theater Masks on my chest. They watched me with feral eyes as if they meant to pounce at any moment. I nodded toward them, waiting for one of the two to make the next move. Cindy proved to be bolder than Tina. The wrap around style shirt was tossed to the floor in seconds, revealing the most excellent pair of breasts that I have ever seen. I know I’ve said that a lot, but with Cindy I truly mean it. Her tits had only the slightest sag and they were huge. Her nipples were hardening as the air in the place caressed them. She nodded back at us.

Shane rose from his chair. He pulled his own shirt off, slowly, smiling the entire time as he showed them his smaller, but more defined, upper body. He had no tattoos, but I don’t think our guests minded. He nodded back at them.

Tina was next and she did not disappoint us. I couldn’t help but stare as she loosened each button on her blouse, her eyes on Shane’s chest. Her fair skin came into view a little at a time. The anticipation of seeing her nude was eating at me as my body began to react to the situation. I looked up at Cindy just in time to see that she too was watching Tina, her right hand touching the flesh around her own silver dollar sized nipples. At that moment I vowed to stay with this job until Hell froze over or Cindy quit.

Tina’s maslak escort red hair was a startling contrast to her pure cream colored skin. Her nipples were a light pink and they were bright against the light flesh of those perfectly shaped breasts. I pondered on whether she would scream while we fucked her senseless. I smiled to myself as her blouse hit the floor. She nodded at us, lightly biting her lip.

Tina stole a glance at Cindy and I decided that we’d have to hurry this up a bit. I looked over to Shane and knew that he was in agreement. We both kicked our shoes off in the least awkward way possible and began to undo our pants. It wasn’t long before our jeans joined our shirts in a pile on the floor. We looked at one another, again, and laughed quietly. I guess we’d both decided to go commando that day and it had paid off. We nodded to the girls and I think we were both done with this little game. It was time to do something.

Our guests did the same with their skirts, the fabric falling to the floor soundlessly. Cindy wore nothing at all under her skirt, but Tina was pulling a white g-string down her muscular thighs. In moments we were all standing there, facing each other, completely naked. Each of us looked at the rest for a long minute. I think we’d all wanted this for so long that we didn’t really know what to do next. Luckily, Shane was a stand-up kind of guy.

“Tina, come sit on my chair,” he commanded and patted the seat.

She said nothing, only walked to the suede arm chair and sat down. Shane knelt before her and wrapped his hands around her ankles, pushing her thighs up and placing the crooks of her knees over the arms. He kept eye contact as he dropped the pretense of games and simply buried his face in her crotch, tonguing her sex slowly. She gasped just as his mouth touched her.

I stepped forward to Cindy and took her hand as she watched my roommate and her employee. She was led easily and I heard her whimper with need as I placed her hands on the arm of the same chair being occupied by Tina. I let my erection press against her ass for a moment as my hands reached around to her perfect breasts. I’d wanted to touch them for so long that I couldn’t help but take the time to knead those heavy orbs, my fingers squeezing her nipples.

I knelt behind my boss and spread her ass cheeks apart so that I might taste all of her. My tongue touched her clit, softly, making her moan as I licked upward along her lips, to her perineum, and farther up to her asshole. I rimmed her gently, tasting her, and then moved my tongue back down along her bent over frame to her clit again.

Tina’s moans were louder now, as Shane licked her. I felt Cindy’s ass press out further as she bent her head down lower. I couldn’t see what she was doing, but Tina nearly screamed when Cindy stopped moving. I didn’t stop to look, but I knew that Cindy was using her luscious lips on some part of the other girl. From the sound of it, she was helping Shane eat Tina’s pussy.

I felt my cock twitch at the thought. I could wait no longer.

My eyes never left Cindy’s body as I stood, my cock sliding between her legs and then against her clitoris. Tina’s hand was between Cindy’s thighs and grasping my prick in no time at all. I tensed as she squeezed my erection, stroking it against the other girl’s slick labia. She looked up at me as she pressed me against Cindy’s warm opening. I began to edge forward, feeling the tightness of both Tina’s hand and Cindy’s sex. Her fingers tightened and loosened as I moved deeper into Cindy. Looking down at Tina’s pale hand against the darker flesh of my cock was something I could’ve stared at all day long.

As I slid completely into Cindy, Tina tightened her thumb and fore finger around my slick cock, making me slow down. Cindy’s moans might’ve pushed me to move into her more forcefully if the sexy little red head didn’t have a firm grip on my shaft. Tina smiled again as she tightened and loosened her hold on me. I was going crazy with the need for both of them.

Shane was standing in front of Tina now, his cock level with her face as Cindy continued to taste the other girl’s juices. Tina was shivering against Cindy’s tongue and I felt every vibration through her fingers as she massaged my cock. As I continued my controlled motion into my boss’s cunt, Shane pushed his member into Tina’s mouth with what seemed like anxiety. I could tell that my roommate was about to lose whatever control he possessed at any moment.

I began thrusting into Cindy faster, being mindful of the tensing palm of her secretary, as I watched Tina gobble the cock before her. Soon, Shane would be fucking the living daylights out of one of these girls. I had a feeling that Tina would be the first, but not the only. We would leave these two with something to remember.

I wanted, so badly, to fuck my boss harder, but I could only move as fast as Tina would let me. It was exasperating, though mecidiyeköy escort erotic at the same time to be controlled in such a way. I was bound to pay her back for this wonderful torture. I reached beneath Cindy to fondle her perfect breasts. She nearly screamed as I began to pull and pinch her nipples.

Shane was fucking Tina’s mouth in a way that must have been opening her throat to his length. His grunts were accompanied by the girls’ moans, though they were stifled by the objects occupying their mouths. Shane pulled away from Tina’s lips as he reached for Cindy, taking a handful of her hair and raising her head to his prick. She opened her mouth to him, now taking a cock from both sides and whimpering with lust.

I felt Tina’s hand withdraw and took it as a signal to give the woman everything I had. Without a second of hesitation, I began to pound into Cindy’s sex without consideration for her comfort. I don’t think I could’ve stopped myself if I wanted to. I knew it was exactly what she wanted when she rocked back to meet each remorseless thrust.

Tina slid out from between the other two and came to my side. Her lips were against my earlobe and one of her hands slid down to rub my balls as I fucked Cindy.

“I know you like the way that pussy feels,” the girl said as I reamed her friend’s hole, “She likes it, too.”

I could only moan in response as she fondled my cock and balls, her fingers slipping along my sensitive flesh.

“You gonna fuck me like that, too. I need you to. Cindy and I have wanted this for so long and we both have to have both of you.”

I was not one to disappoint, so I pulled away from the older woman, leaving her to Shane as I turned toward the fair skinned younger girl. He wasted no time in pulling Cindy to his lap. I watched her turn toward us and sit back on his lap. She screamed in orgasm as his erection landed deep inside of her. I couldn’t tell you how many times she came while I was fucking her, but I could see in her eyes that it wasn’t the first time.

Tina pressed her body against mine as our lips met. We kissed long and hard as I lifted her body, planting her on my prick. Her legs wrapped around my hips just as I began to lift ad drop her along the length of my shaft. We never stopped kissing as I felt her clutch my cock with her cunt. I stopped her groans with my tongue as she did mine.

We moved against each other harder and harder even in the awkward position, moving closer to climax with every motion. I wanted to fuck this woman until I couldn’t manage to fuck her anymore.

One of my arms was on the small of her back while the other gripped her ass. As we continued the relentless movements, I let my middle finger slide between her cheeks and against her puckered little asshole. Her nails dug deeply into my back as I did this, scraping my flesh while she came. Tina’s orgasm was wild and untamable. I wondered if we’d end up on the ground before it was all over.

Tina moved her body up and down on me, using her thighs for purchase. My finger was sliding in and out of her ass as she did this and it only added to her enthusiasm. Finally she broke our kiss and looked at me with wild eyes.

“Use two fingers,” she demanded, breathlessly.

I did as I was told, once again, and pushed my ring finger into her beside my middle one. Tina buried her head against my neck as we began to move again. She wasn’t screaming as we did this, but her lips and teeth showed me more than enough thanks for my ministrations.

Now, I could see the other two. I was just in time to see Cindy bracing herself with her hands on the arms of a chair as Shane began to work his cock into her awaiting ass. I watched as he stretched her with the angry red tool between his legs.

“More. Give me more,” she said over and over as he pushed deeper into her anus.

He was halfway into her when she pushed back, abruptly, taking his entire length into her ass. I knew it wouldn’t take much more to make my friend cum, but I wondered if Cindy would be able to stop even after he did.

“Is he fucking her?” Tina asked me as she devoured my cock with her sex.

“He’s fucking her ass,” I said, calmly, as I pushed my fingers into her own.

“God, do it harder! Fuck me in both holes!” she shouted in a perfect porn star voice.

Under other circumstances, I might’ve laughed, but as these weren’t other circumstances, I did as she commanded. I began to cram my fingers into her ass faster and harder, with only her juices to lubricate them. My hips were slamming against her thighs and we were pushing against each other relentlessly.

When I heard Shane scream I looked back at them. He was standing before the kneeling woman and shooting rope after rope of come on her tits. Cindy was moaning in triumph as she rubbed the cream into her globes. I watched as she stood up and turned toward Tina and me, still cooing as she walked on trembling knees. She was coming to join us.

I let Tina slide down my body without a word. She knew that I was close and how I wanted it to end. In fact, I think she felt the same way.

Cindy got down on her knees just as Tina slithered to her own. Both of these beautiful women were on their knees in front of me as I began to stroke myself to orgasm.

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