My Sexual Liberation Ch. 04

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Rebecca had to use the washroom so I was left standing alone in the kitchen with Mitch; and of course I was still buck naked. I was still super horny and it seemed like I could have some fun with Mitch and Rebecca if I wanted. While I was more interested in Rebecca, I still found Mitch really attractive. His labor job kept him in great shape and I just love a guy with tattoos.

Mitch broke the silence and also confirmed my suspicions. “You know I am really jealous that Landon got to touch you…” Mitch coyly teased me while looking me up and down.

“Your right,” I giggled. “That’s not very fair that only he got a turn.” I then stuck my chest out towards Mitch, inviting him to touch my boobs. I moaned in pleasure as he reached out and started groping me with his strong hands – tweaking my sensitive nipples. Things escalated quickly and soon we were making out with his hands running all over my body.

“You know what else isn’t fair? That your not naked too.” I said as I got on my knees and started undoing his swimming trunks. I pulled his shorts down and was now face to face with his erect penis. It was a decent size, probably about 8 inches and had good girth as well. Seeing I was already on my knees I decided it was a good idea to put it in my mouth.

Now I know some girls don’t like giving head but I actually enjoy it. I find pleasure in giving pleasure and enjoy the man’s reaction to me sucking his dick.

I started by used my tongue on the tip of his dick. I then grabbed the base with my hand and executed a slow twisting pumping motion with my fist and each time my stroke went down I would swallow his cock. It was at this point I noticed that Rebecca had came back from the washroom. I was slightly nervous at what she would think as we had not actually discussed if I could play her partner. Turns out I had nothing to worry about as upon finding me giving her man a blow job she started touching herself. I watched Rebecca out of the corner of my eye rub her clit with one hand and play with her nipple with the other hand as my mouth went up and down Mitch’s hard cock.

I playfully rubbed it across my lips He groaned as I ran my lips down the shaft, teasing him, kissing the bottom of his dick. I wrapped my lips around the tip; sucking on it for a moment before flicking my tongue against the head of his cock. I then leaned fully in, taking enough of his dick to hit the back of my throat. My head bobbed as I worked further and further down the length. pendik escort

“Holy shit.. you know how to give head.” Mitch moaned, moving his hand through my hair.

I began to suck a little faster. I was now taking all of his cock in my mouth, sucking hard with every pump of my head. I also made sure to use plenty of a tongue and made sure my mouth touched every inch of his cock. I could tell he was close as his breathing started picking up rapidly. I moved my mouth up to the head of his dick and started pumping with my hand at the base.

“Look up at me babe,” he told me while groaning.

I looked up and gave him my best big doe eyes while swallowing his dick. I kept my eyes locked on his as he tensed up and shot his load into mouth. I swallowed everything I could and gave his dick a quick cleaning with my mouth. Giving head always gets my going and I was ready for more.

As Mitch recovered I found my way over to Rebecca and we quickly embraced. Our lips locked and as explored each others bodies with our hands. We were very passionate and the sexual energy was through the roof – it had been so long since I fucked a girl! Our nipples were rubbing together and the feeling was so intense I thought I might orgasm from that alone! I eagerly grabbed her tits – who knows when I would get a chance to touch to a rack that nice again!

I then buried my face in her cleavage and licked her breasts all over. Her nipples felt great in my mouth! She was leaning up against the kitchen counter and I wanted to taste her pussy so I helped her up and planted my head between her legs. I had barely started when Mitch decided to rejoin the action; he laid on his back underneath me and begin licking my clit while using his hands to play with my tits. Both Rebecca and I were moaning as we both were getting eaten out. She tasted really good but I was having a hard time focusing as Mitch was distracting me.

This scene carried on for a little while. With Mitch licking me and tweaking my nipples as I was going down on Rebecca. I felt her tensing up and building towards an orgasm. When she finally hit an orgasm the feeling of her cumming in my mouth sent me over the edge and caused me to orgasm as well. I moaned so loudly; I was worried the neighbours would hear!

“That was fucking awesome,” Rebecca panted.

“I’m not done with you yet!” I laughed.

I helped her off the counter and led her into the living room. I pushed silivri escort her down on the couch and climbed on top of her. I could tell Rebecca liked that I had taken charge. I pinned her arms down and pushed my cleavage into her face. Mitch obviously followed us into the room and gave my ass a nice slap as he passed by and sat across from us to watch the show. I winked at him and bit my lip to show that I appreciated it.

Rebecca was now going to town on my tits; licking and sucking both my nipples and everything in between. I was loving the feeling of a woman’s tongue on my body. Mitch had started stroking his dick and seemed like he was getting hard again. Which was great because I wanted to fuck him too! My inner slut was finally getting a chance to come out.

Rebecca and I were incredibly passionate. We squeezed each others hands as our naked bodies pressed together, locked in an embrace. I had positioned my vagina on top of hers and started fucking her. As a side note I find most of my guy friends are surprised to find out that girls fuck each other just like a straight couple (obviously no penetration like with a dick but the motions are pretty similar).

Our breathing grew heavy as our moans and sighs became louder and louder. I looked over and saw Mitch was hard again – the fact that he was so aroused from watching me was also a huge turn on! I picked up the pace and pushed myself into Rebecca. My nipples rubbed up and down her body as I pumped my hips. Her hands slid down the slides of my body until she found my ass and started squeezing. As we continued fucking we both came pretty regularly; I could tell when Rebecca climaxed because her hands gripped my ass so tight that it hurt a little.

Rebecca and I continued fucking until I felt like she was too sensitive to continue. I wasn’t ready to quit though so after giving her a big kiss I made my way over to Mitch and climbed in his lap. I then started to very slowly move my hips back and forth; rubbing my clit against Mitch’s hard cock. My hands went to the back of the chair which put my boobs right in front of his lips. His mouth quickly found my nipple and I being to moan his name.

After letting him play with my nipples for a little bit I started to slowly slide up and down, letting my tits rub on his chest. We kissed whenever our lips were near. When I had slid down his body I used my hands to push his legs apart and gave a quick flick of my tongue şirinevler escort on the head of his dick. I bent further and moved my chest until his cock was between my tits. I moved up and down letting him fuck my cleavage. Once I was sure he couldn’t get any harder I moved back on top of him and slowly eased him into me. I took it very slow at first and felt every inch as I slid myself down the length of his shaft. Once I had him fully inside of me I sat up and started to gently ride him.

“Ohhhh Mitch,” I moaned as I moved up and down.

I leaned back as Rebecca came up behind me and put her hands around my waist and started nibbling on my neck and ear. As I continued to ride Mitch her hands slowly made their way up my body until she found my breasts. She wasted no time groping me as I rode her boyfriend.

“Oh yes, oh yes. oh yes,” I moaned. The pleasure wars overwhelming.

I started moving faster and fucking Mitch harder and harder My tits bounced wildly when then weren’t firmly in Rebecca’s hands.

“Yea fuck me Mitch, fuck me hard. I’m going to cum!” I reached climax and kept on pumping. I was hitting orgasms pretty quickly; moaning uncontrollably. When I felt Mitch finally blow his load I had my biggest orgasm of the night and left him covered with my juices.

We relaxed together for a bit on the couch after that and they both complimented on my skills in the sack and how hot I was. I told them I had a great time as well and that it was fun to let loose. I was far too drunk to drive and my clothes were still spread out all ove their backyard so I spent the night and we all slept in the same bed.

I eventually manged to stumble out of bed the next morning to grab a Tylenol and a glass of water – still completely naked of course. I was trying to collect myself before going out and searching for my clothes when Mitch came into the kitchen. I turned around to face him and he didn’t even say anything. He just grinned while looking my body up and down. I could see he was getting hard so bit my lip and looked at him playfully.

First we start making out and before I know it he has me bent over the kitchen counter fucking me doggy style. I came several more times and I was impressed with his endurance after a night of hard partying.

Eventually I went outside to gather up my clothes. I probably could have borrowed something of Rebecca’s but I found the possibility of someone watching me very arousing. I am not sure if anyone was looking but I made sure to find all of my clothes before I put anything on. I felt a little bad for having a threesome without James but truth be told I really wasn’t happy with our relationship. I decided until I got up the courage to break up with him I wouldn’t let it stop me from having a little fun.

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