My Son in Law (Part 1)

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My Son in Law (Part 1)
By Dina Petro

Writer’s Note:
Dearest Fans & readers, this is a true story that happened to one of my very close friends, not me personally, but she had given me the full consent and approval to go ahead and write it, of course I have done my best to alter all of the personal facts and informations, to protect the privacy and personal life, of her and her family, it will be written as the first person, in my own words for making it more fun to read and enjoy, the story was broken into a few parts to avoid making it boring for the readers.
My Son in Law (Part 1)

My name is Mila, I was in my early forties when this happened, I am a widow with two daughters, Sheila and Mai, Sheila was newly married to a great looking guy who was 5 years older than her by then, she was 19, and they loved each other very much, went out and got married, Mai was a teen ager by then.
Sheila and Mai are great looking girls, very beautiful with exceptional sexy looks, but after all, they took it after me, their mother, I was one of the prettiest women in town, I have always had taken good care of my body looks, always wore suitable, sexy and feminine clothes, even after my husband passed away.
I had my own business, and that business was dealing with international market, it required lots of traveling, I am one hell of a sex loving woman, but I did not have any sexual encounters with any man after the death of my late husband, simply because I had teenage daughters who needed the full care, and secondly I wanted to be the ideal mother.
An ideal mother could not do things that she would ask her k**s to refrain from doing it, although I have been a very open minded woman all my life, but I thought it would not look good in front of my girls if I had any sexual relations with other men, I had a few chances at work, which I was the owner and manager, my great sexy looks with the kind of clothes I wear would make me the center attention of all men around, but I was tough and very discreet when it came to that.
I was on a business trip that was scheduled for five days out of the country, I told my daughters, and gave them my exact date and time of arrival, but I finished my work in three days and I decided to come home and spend the other two days as a vacation with my family, I did not bother to call them or tell them, I just booked my flight ticket.
The flight was a very long flight that required many hours, I did not sleep, but I was drinking lots of alcohol during that trip and somehow I was feeling very horny that day, I even went further by going to the toilet, rubbed my pussy to cum, but it did not feel enough, I just wanted sex so bad I tried to sleep, although it was a very short period that I slept, during which I had a dream of having sex with a man.
When the plane landed, I was barely able to walk steady, I took a taxi home, it was late at night when I arrived, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri everybody was sleeping, I did not want to wake them up, and I took my high heels off by the door, walked on the tips of my toes to my bedroom.
When I turned the lights on, someone was sleeping in my bed, fully covered with the bed sheets, I knew it was Mai, as she usually liked to sleep in my bed weather I was in it or not, I turned the lights off, got rid of my clothes, as I usually like to sleep fully naked, I went under the covers, turned my back to her and fell asleep right away, I was so drunk and tired.
During my sleep, a while later, I felt a hand going over my bare ass, feeling it passionately, I figured I was dreaming again, as I was so horny all that day and night, I felt it would be natural to dream of having sex, I did it on board, but I was literally feeling the hand touching me, I was about to lift my head when I decided if I did that I would wake up and miss my lovely dream, which I was in bad need for it.
Things went further when I felt the hand was joined by the other hand and they both went all over my body till they both started feeling my tits pinching my nipples which were getting so hard, again, I was sure this time I was dreaming, enjoying my dream.
Later on, I felt a pair of lips and tongue going over my ass cheeks, it felt super good, I was almost trembling when the tongue and lips were getting closer and closer to my sensitive, secret parts, soon enough the tongue went over my outer pussy lips, oh god, that felt great, I wanted that person to go on further, and he sure did, he was literally licking my pussy, I almost came, but again, it was not the first time I cum in my dreams, it had happened many times, and usually after waking up I would find my pussy leaking and full of pussy juices from my own cum, meaning I would cum in real, when dreaming of having sex, just like any other person would, it is only normal.
The next step I felt a nice thick, long cock, sliding in between my ass cheeks, it was rubbed to my ass, ass cheeks then sliding further till it almost touched my boiling ass hole, then it was directed in between my legs, under my pussy, all the way till it was being rubbed to my pussy lips from under them, that was great, It felt like never before, I felt my pussy was leaking wet by then, I was just wishing, I would not wake up during that dream till I am totally fucked in my dream, I wanted fucked so bad in fact.
When I felt the dick was lifted up and pushed back till its head touched my outer pussy lips, I tried to lower my head lifting my ass and pussy up , parting my legs as if I was trying to make it easier for that cock to reach my pussy and it sure did, soon enough that rock hard dick head was pushing itself in between my pussy lips right into my pussy slit, and it found no rejection or rebelling, canlı casino siteleri it popped into my willing, horny cunt and started sliding in me inch after another, I felt In heaven by the time I felt a pair of thick huge balls stopping right at my pussy entrance, after my cunt had sucked the full length of that dick.
Something very strange struck my mind, the feel of that cock was something new, I had never ever felt it before, usually when I dream of having sex, the cock I feel fucking me would be a cock I am used to in real life, either my late husband’s cock or any man who had fucked me before, but that dick inside my pussy at that moment, felt strange and new to me, it was much longer and thicker than any cock that had ever been in me before that time.
My pussy was stretched to its utmost it could stretch, I am not complaining at all, it felt real heaven on earth, I wanted fucked so bad and that cock was a great satisfying and filling one, I just was hoping I would not wake up to find out I was alone in bed, or only my little daughter, sleeping right behind me and I was dreaming, so I tried not to wake up any of my senses till I am fully fucked and satisfied.
One hand was over my tits rubbing and pinching, another hand was feeling my ass, slapping it once in a while in a soft passionate fashion that made me fly to heaven while being fucked so deep and so hard, the fucking process was getting better and better, it was only done while I was on the side and from behind, but the way I spread my legs putting one over the other, was making it easier for that cock to get balls deep inside my pussy without wasting any centimeter of that lovely thick, long dick, it was all inside my pussy.
I was moaning, I knew I was moaning in my dream, I even felt my moaning in my dream could be heard by my daughter, but I did not give a damn, it was only a dream and she could not deprive me of the sexual pleasure during my dream at least.
I started hearing, or imaging I was hearing, some kind of hard breathing and almost moaning of a male sound right behind me till that cock got thicker, and stronger, I felt its vanes touching my inner pussy walls, then as of a sudden, the dick was shooting its load deep inside my pussy, I was feeling it deep in me, it had been a long time since I had felt a dick shooting its load that strong and that hard into my ‘cock hungry’ pussy.
For a moment my mind was buzzing as if asking myself, that dick had splashed its cream into my pussy, bare back, then I answered myself back saying it is all a dream and fiction actions, that was why I was still and that cock was deep inside me still shooting the last few drops of its fluid into my cunt.
I did not move, neither did the cock, till I felt it shrinking inside me, I convinced myself I was dreaming, as all I knew that I was dreaming, in fact, a very strong battle was going on inside canlı poker oyna of me, my inner mind, the wise one, was trying to wake me up, telling me something is wrong or fishy, but my passionate, emotional mind and feelings, were all convincing me it was a dream and they wanted it to continue till the end, I guess the emotional feelings won, at least for that moment, I went in deep sleep right away,
When I woke up from my sleep, it was beyond 11 o’clock am, I had a huge headache due to my hangover from being drunk last night, I forgot about everything else when both of my daughters walked into my room hugging and kissing me as a welcome back.
I noticed something strange on their faces, as if their eyes were wondering around, looking for something, I did not know what it was, I looked at their faces while sipping on my coffee, which was brought by Sheila, I smiled saying “you naughty k**s, if you are looking for your presents, I left them in my suit case in the living room”
They both smiled saying “oh, we thought you forgot our presents”
I looked at Mai saying “you were sleeping in my bed last night, weren’t you? But I could not find you when I woke up, what happened?”
Saying that seemed to have relaxed the girls a little, she smiled but did not answer me; there is something I did not mention earlier, I had taught my daughters to tell the truth no matter what, and never to lie for any reason in the world.
I told them I needed a shower, they left me alone in my bedroom, I got up walked to the bathroom, attached to my bedroom, but something was wrong and so fishy, as I walked to the bathroom, I felt something leaking out of my pussy on my inner thighs, I looked down to find my pussy was leaking male’s cum, I was shocked, where did that come from?
I used my hand in my pussy, scoping some of it, bringing it to my eyes to look at it, then to my nose and smelling it, oh God, it is man’s Cum, I am not a c***d, I know how men’s cum looks like or smells like, how could a woman dreaming of being fucked, have cum all over her body and deep inside her pussy, no way, something is wrong definitely.
I was totally shocked, I took a quick shower, cleaned myself, wrapped myself with a towel, knowing, by then, for damn sure I was actually fucked last night by a human being, not in my dream, who could that be? Who was sleeping in my bed? I did not even check if it was Mai or not?
I walked out of the bathroom so fast, started calling the girls, they walked into my room so fast, both together, I looked at Mai, deep into her eyes saying “Mai, you know the rules of this house damn well, don’t you?”
She nodded saying “yes of course I do mom”
I said “I asked if you were sleeping in my room last night and you did not answer me, did you or did you not sleep in my bed last night?”
She did not answer, but she looked at her sister, Sheila, who started talking to me instead saying “No mom, she did not sleep in your bed, it was Josh, my husband who was sleeping in your bed when you came in”
I screamed as loud as I could “what? What did you just say?”

To be continued in Part (2) of the same story

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

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