My Week Of Being Unfaithful Ch. 02

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Steve and I were friends from University – he lived about an hours drive away from me but we used to go out for a few beers every month or so, alternating between Guildford and Bournemouth. It was his turn to come up to my town on the Friday after my night with Tricia, and I was looking forward to telling him about that, as well as catching up with the regular talk.

He turned up at mine at around half seven, having driven straight from work. We ordered pizza and sat eating that and drinking beers, chilling out before hitting the town. Steve laughed out loud when I told him about inviting Tricia down, and was very interested to hear about the other girls I’d met that night, Clara and Alex. I’ve always enjoyed going out with Steve – he’s a bit more extrovert than I am and is always happy to start off conversations with women. This has occasionally left me with the less fanciable of a pair, but on the whole we make a good team. He was impressed that just this once I seemed to have done the groundwork for him!

We left my flat at around nine, and headed for The Tap, a local bar with a good vibe for this early in the evening. It was packed, loads of people out enjoying Friday night, the music loud but not too loud as people met up and chatted, before heading off to club nights. Steve and I knew where we were headed – Mambo’s, which had long been a favourite of mine because of the jazz flavoured tinge to the dance music there, as well as the good looking girls of course!

I was half expecting Clara and Alex to not be there, or even if they were for them not to be interested in us. But within a couple of minutes of Steve and I arriving and getting a drink, Clara had rushed up to me, welcomed me with a squeeze on the arse, and invited us to join them in the sofa zone. We were only too pleased to agree, and Steve gave me a wink of approval as we followed Clara upstairs.

She was as gorgeous as I’d remembered – tonight dressed up a little more in a long red dress, her dark hair flowing over bare shoulders and bright red lips shining out as she smiled. Alex was sprawled on a sofa, wearing a shorter skirt, a black shirt opened to the waist revealing a black bra and her tattoo, and swigging from a bottle of lager. “Hi!” she greeted us enthusiastically, “you must be Steve?”

Steve sat down on the sofa next to Alex, Clara sat next to Steve and I sat opposite them all, perched on a low table. We all introduced ourselves, and happily got chatting over a beer. I had to describe what had happened after I’d left the girls earlier in the week, which I did without too much detail, but causing much hilarity and “I told you so” type comments. They had enjoyed the evening too, although Clara’s mum hadn’t been too happy about them waking her up when they’d come in at around one o’clock, drunk and staggering. “You’ll have to come and stay at my place tonight then!” I (half) joked.

“Might just take you up on that offer,” replied Alex, “I’ve told my parents I’m staying at Clara’s, and she’s told her mum she’s staying at mine. Don’t think they’ll check with each other!”

The place was filling up, and the beer was going down really well. I had a dance with Clara, and she very deliberately rubbed her body against mine on the crowded floor, so I pulled her towards me and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “That feels good, sexy!” I mouthed at her, and she reached for me to kiss me again. We moved off to the side of the dance floor, finding a space against a wall at the end of the bar, and within seconds were kissing again, hard and lustfully. My cock was straining against my trousers as Clara pushed her hand down to feel it, and I massaged her tits through her dress. “Hmmm, that feels a bit too good for in here!” I laughed, as we broke the kiss. “Let’s go back upstairs to see what Steve and Alex are up to.”

Steve and Alex were lying almost horizontal on the couch, Steve’s hand on Alex’s arse and creeping up all the time. I guess the girls had chosen who had who! Clara and I sat on the couch, the others sitting upright and tidying themselves up a bit. “We’re gonna go back to Joe’s,” announced Clara, slightly to my surprise but not to my displeasure. Alex wanted to stay at the club, so Steve suggested that they come back later, and asked me to leave a key outside for him, which was no problem. Clara and I left Mambo’s, and walked across the street to the taxi rank. It wasn’t a long wait, and only a five minute trip in the cab, and before I knew I was alone in my flat with a second girl in three days who wasn’t my girlfriend. I’d been honest with Clara, and it didn’t seem to phase her that I was spoken for, in fact, she’d said in the taxi home, it was a bonus because the guys she’s gone out with before were too clingy to her, she wanted a bit of freedom.

It didn’t take us long to free ourselves from our clothes – Clara virtually dragged them off me as we kissed our way to my bedroom. My shirt was first, and my jeans were unbuttoned by the time we got to the bedroom door. I unzipped her dress, soğanlık escort bayan and she stepped out of that in the doorway. I stopped to take off my shoes and socks, and Clara dropped to her knees to pull my jeans down and off. My cock was sticking out of my boxer shorts, and Clara grabbed hold of it quickly, sucking it deeply into her mouth as I let my shorts fall to the floor. I wanted her to be naked too, so I stepped away from what promised to be a fantastic blow job and pulled her to her feet, kissing her hard on the lips as I did so. I reached round and unclipped her bra, which I threw onto the floor, and stepped to one side to lean over and admire her firm, round tits, nipples big and erect. I took one in my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, before doing as she had done and kneeling in front of her, pushing my nose between her legs and inhaling the scent of her cunt. I reached up and pulled her knickers down, and she stepped out of them and kicked them away. Once again I pushed my face between her legs, which parted quickly to allow my tongue to lick her hairy cunt. God she was so wet already! She leaned back against the wall as I probed her clitoris, and her hand reached down to pull her lips apart and allow me easier access. Her hips were thrust forward, and I could feel her legs start to tremble as I sucked her hot cunt. With my left hand I reached round to her arse and pulled her even closer to me, running a finger along her arse crack, her breaths getting shorter and shorter as she nearer her orgasm. “I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming,” she cried, and I eased slightly off her clitoris as she shuddered and pushed my head away, “no more, no more!”

Well maybe no more sucking, but I really needed a fuck now. I stood in front of her and kissed her lips again, as she composed herself, throwing her arms around my neck. My cock was pushing against her stomach now, and she eased her leg up onto my hip to allow it to nestle between her legs. I reached around and put my hands on her butt cheeks, pulling her up and pushing her against the wall, which gave my cock the freedom to find her opening. She sighed as I managed to twitch my cock against her clitoris, and the head then found her hot cunt and slipped in. She was so tight, and the angle wasn’t the easiest, but with a little manoeuvring I was able to slide the full length into her, a combination of my arms and the wall stopping her from sliding down too far. I felt like I never wanted to move from this position, but there wasn’t much scope for friction and I needed to come, so I picked her up and carried her, still impaled on my cock, over to the bed. I gradually lowered her down onto her back, and when she was fully reclined began to slowly stroke myself in and out of her, leaning up in the press up position so I could look into her eyes and admire her tits.

“Hey, that feels amazing,” I whispered as she reached down with a couple of fingers and wrapped then around my cock. “Are you touching yourself as well as me by doing that?”

She nodded, and bit her lip to hide her gasp of pleasure as I thrust a little quicker. “I want to make you come as well as you made me,” she said, looking at me almost pleadingly.

“Yeah, you’re going to make me come, you just say when,” I said, hoping she’s say it soon.

“Oh now, oh now,” cried Clara, which was just as well as I could feel my balls bubbling over and my sperm splashing up into her throbbing cervix. “Oh yes, that’s beautiful, that’s wonderful.”

My arms buckled and I fell onto her, and we kissed again. “That felt fantastic,” I said, “well worth leaving that club early for!” She agreed, smilingly, and we lay back, getting our breath back. I went off to the kitchen to grab a couple of beers from the fridge, and when I got back Clara was rolling a joint and lying on her front on the bed. We relaxed, getting a buzz from the beer and the grass, and were just discussing when Steve and Alex would get back when we heard a key at the door. “Ssshhh, let’s see if they’re as desperate as we were!” I chuckled.

They were obviously a bit drunk. Alex stumbled into the hall, and laughed as Steve tried to stop her falling. “Oooh,” she said, “nice flat!”

“Let’s go into the lounge,” Steve suggested, obviously assuming we’d be in the one bedroom. They staggered off down the hall, and Clara and I heard them sit down on the sofa. After that it went a bit quiet, and we strained to hear what was going on.

“So is your friend as much fun as you are in bed?” I whispered to Clara.

“I reckon so,” she replied. “I’ve snogged her a few times, and always enjoyed it!” This was interesting news – I’d fantasised about the two of them together to myself in the last couple of days, and wanted to know more now! We heard a low moan from the other side of the wall. “Let’s go and watch what’s happening!” said Clara, eyes shining with mischief.

Without bothering to put any clothes on, we crept out into the hall, ümraniye escort bayan and looked around the open door of the lounge. Steve was lying naked on the floor on his back, with Alex astride him – we could see Steve’s thick cock disappearing into Alex’s cunt in a rhythmic motion. Watching these two fuck on my lounge floor was a curiously erotic sight, and I could feel my own cock come back to life as my erection grew. I think Clara was of the same mind, as she leant back into me, pressing to feel my hardness. Alex had her back to us, and was in the way of Steve seeing us, so we had an excellent view as they increased the speed of their fuck, Steve reaching round to grab Alex’s cheeks and pull them gently apart so we could see her arsehole too. They almost fell out of their rhythm as they neared a climax, before Steve groaned deeply and stopped his thrusting as he shot his come into her.

“Hey babe,” said Clara suddenly stepping into the room, “what you doing on the floor when there’s a perfectly comfortable bed in the next room?” She walked over to behind Alex and put her arms around her, kissing her lightly on the top of her head.

“Hiya sexy,” replied Alex, “just didn’t want to disturb you, that’s all.” Alex lifted herself off Steve’s cock, and the two girls sat next to each other on the sofa, seemingly quite content to be naked in each others (and our) company. Steve stood up too, we all looked around at each other and had no choice but to burst out laughing.

“Anyone for a beer, then?” I offered, and went to get four from the fridge when everyone wanted one. When I came back Steve had gone to the loo, so I sat on the end of the sofa next to Clara, Alex at the far end from me. “Did you have a good night then?” I asked Alex.

“Not bad so far!” she replied, leaning across Clara to clink her beer bottle on mine. “You?”

“Yeah, excellent!” I said. “Your friend Clara’s very sexy indeed!”

“I know, I know,” said Alex, “it’s all I can do to keep my hands off her myself sometimes!” She put her beer down on the floor and reached over to stroke Clara’s hair. Clara looked up at Alex, and craned her neck to kiss her friend on the lips, very gently. She reached down to put her beer on the floor too, and her now free left hand went round Alex’s neck, pulling her towards Clara’s mouth as their kiss became a little harder. They shifted position a little, Alex almost lying down against the arm of the sofa as Clara leant on top of her, their breasts rubbing as they kissed. Unsuprisingly, this was making me extremely horny, and as Steve walked back into the room my hard on was raging! I reached out to touch Clara’s arse, stroking down as she parted her legs and allowed me to rub her cunt, before shifting position so I was kneeling behind her. Clara moved back as she started kissing lower on her friends body, down to her tits and stomach, down to her hot pussy, and back towards me. I rubbed my cock on her wet cunt, and slipped it in, hard. Clara lifted her head from Alex’s pussy and groaned in pleasure, before going back to her licking. Alex, meanwhile, had beckoned Steve over and had taken his cock first in her hand, and now in her mouth.

I reached round Clara’s waist and squeezed on her nipple, then moved down to rub her clitoris. “No, not yet,” she instructed me, “I don’t want to come yet.” Fair enough, I thought, this scene can carry on for a while longer as far as I’m concerned! Clara lifted her head from Alex’s pussy again, and moved her body up, pulling my cock from her as she went. She knelt over Alex’s head, lowering her hot cunt onto her friends face and reaching for Steve’s cock. I bent down to lick Alex’s pussy, hot and wet after the sucking Clara had given it, a treatment she was now issuing to Steve. I really wanted a fuck, so I knelt over Alex and pulled her hips up to meet mine, pushing myself into her as deep as I could in that position.

Clara was very close to coming as Alex lapped at her, and I didn’t think Steve was far behind judging by the look on his face. Clara was gasping now, and struggling to keep Steve’s cock in her mouth because she was bucking up and down so much. She had to take him in her hand, and Steve was suddenly coming, spurting over Clara’s face and neck, as Clara cried out that she too was there. Alex’s cunt felt fantastic to me, slippery with Steve’s first load of spunk, and I wanted to add to that. I could feel Alex’s muscles contracting around my cock as I realised that she wasn’t far off coming too, and I let myself go, pushing as far as I could into her and holding there as she shuddered to her orgasm beneath me. I couldn’t believe that four people could make each other come in such a short space of time, but we were all gasping for breath as we parted, red faced with exertion. “God that felt fantastic!” Alex was the first to speak.

“Yeah, but I still think we’d have been more comfortable in the bed!” Clara laughed. “And that’s where I’m off to now, if aksaray escort anyone wants to join me!”

I wanted to join her, but I wasn’t sure about Steve and Alex. We looked at each other as Clara left the room, and I said “Well, it is quite a big bed….” leaving them to decide as I followed.

Clara was under the covers, and I slipped in beside her. She turned round to kiss me, and I could smell Steve’s spunk on her face. I was slightly surprised to find myself getting hard again – I’d already come twice and drunk quite a lot of alcohol – but then again this was one sexy girl. She pushed a leg over mine, feeling my erection against her inner thigh, and looked up at me. “What, more?” she said, mock shocked. I shrugged my shoulders, mock apologetically, and she raised her eyebrows, mock resignedly, before sliding her head down onto my chest, licking my nipples and edging further down. She reached her hand down and grasped my thick rod, breathing heavily onto it as she sucked me deep into her mouth. She’d been about to give me a blow job when we got in a couple of hours ago and I’d stopped her in order to fuck her, but she wasn’t going to be stopped now. Her mouth felt heavenly, moving as it was from cock to balls, taking me in deeper and deeper with every sucking motion, this was without doubt the best blow job I’d ever received. My come was bubbling up now, and I reached down to hold her head, warning her that I was about to explode, before letting out a huge sigh of relief as I shot my spunk into her mouth.

She crept up back towards me, licking her lips and smiling as she threw a leg over me and lay on my chest. She was rubbing her cunt on my shrinking dick, and reached down to push it into her. My cock was too tired now, though, and it slid straight out. She kissed me on the lips, and rolled off me, breathing heavily, tired too. “I guess Alex and Steve didn’t want to join us then?” I whispered to her.

“No, but I might go and get them to in the morning!” she said. We both fell asleep with smiles on our faces.

She didn’t need to – I was woken up on Saturday morning by the sound of Steve and Clara fucking. As I opened my eyes I saw Clara on her hands and knees with Steve kneeling behind her, inserting his cock into her pussy. Alex was next to them, kissing them alternately and massaging Clara’s tits. “Morning mate,” said Steve, noticing my eyes were open. Clara looked over, and stretched her neck to kiss me, and Alex moved around the others and lay down next to me.

“I think this might wake you up,” she smiled wickedly at me, sliding her head down my chest and grasping my already hard cock in her hand. She slowly started to lick the head, before sucking it into her mouth. Clara shifted her position to lean over my face, kissing me on the lips and encouraging me to lick and suck her hard nipples, whilst Steve kept up his thrusting behind her. A blow job from Alex was just about as fantastic as a blow job from Clara, and I couldn’t think of a better way to be woken up in the morning!

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” Steve was biting his lip and muttering, “I’m gonna come, oh, yeah, I’m coming, ooooh, yeah.” He thrust hard into Clara’s pussy, shooting his spunk into her. “Oh god that felt good!” he exclaimed, slowing his fucking and finally sliding his long cock out of her cunt, sticky with all the sex juices.

“Mmmm, that felt good to me too, Steve,” said Clara, and bent her head down to my cock, which Alex had lifted her head from to watch Steve come. Now the two of them were taking it in turns to suck me or nibble at my balls – I was in heaven. Alex moved back up towards my chest, and threw her leg over me, sliding her cunt back down to my cock, and Clara stopped her sucking to position her friend over me, and watch me slide my full length into her hot pussy. Alex slid up and down a couple of times, then lifted off me completely to let Clara take me in her mouth once more, and after a couple of sucks Clara helped my cock back into Alex’s waiting cunt. I wasn’t going to last long at this rate – I could feel my balls twitching as my come got ready to erupt. I didn’t know which of the girls wanted it most, and told them to get ready so they could decide. In the end Clara got the first spurt in her mouth and then pressed my cock over to Alex’s cunt, the second spurt all over her pussy and arse and the third deep inside her.

Alex rolled straight off me once I’d come, and straight into Clara’s arms. They kissed deeply, before edging into a position where they could rub their wet cunts together, sharing mine and Steve’s come. Steve moved behind Alex, and I moved behind Clara as we both reached round them to massage their tits, and I moved a hand down to fondle Clara’s arse, slipping a finger partly into her spasming pussy and then back to her tight brown hole, rubbing gently before inserting a fingertip. She was breathing heavily, panting almost, and it was obvious her orgasm was close. I pushed my finger a little further into her, and she yelped slightly but then groaned hard and bucked against me and Alex. “Don’t stop, don’t stop….I’m coming…oh yes….oh yes!”

Alex wasn’t far behind either. She was a little quieter, but the look on her face was one of sheer pleasure as Clara reached down to rub her clitoris as Steve fondled her tits. “Oh god that’s soooo good,” she whispered, shaking with the force of her climax. We all fell apart again, breathing hard.

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