My Wife has an Appointment

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My Wife has an Appointment
Kelly sat on the bed checking for stubbles as she lifted each leg up and bent it back running her hand along the bottom of each thigh. They felt as smooth as silk. Kelly remained sitting on the edge of the bed while gazing down at her bald pussy.

She looked over at the dress she had carefully laid out on the bed remembering the explicit instructions that she was given on how she should dress and things she shouldn’t bother wearing.

Kelly stood up brushing her long auburn hair back over her shoulders as she picked up the dress and carefully squeezed it over her head and down past her shoulders.

She stepped closer to the mirror and tried to tug the thin red fishnet material so it would cover her ass. She twisted her body looking at her profile as she stood on her toes.

Kelly leaned closer into the mirror adjusting the material to cover and form around her breasts. The material pushed her breasts together forming a superb cleavage. She poked a finger at her heart shaped pendent that hung down between her breasts.

Her hard nipples were pointing through the fishnet material and she could see that her belly button was clearly visible through the almost transparent dress as well. She took a step backward and saw that her pussy mound was visible as well.

A loud band of a door could be heard throughout the suite causing Heather to gasp then held her hand to her heart. Someone in the next room had slammed the door shut and she felt relieved for the moment.

She still had twenty minutes as she rushed over and sat on the edge of the bed putting on the plate formed heeled pumps. She quickly fastened the straps then went into the bathroom to apply her makeup.

Kelly worked quickly as she padded her cheeks then topped it off by applying red lipstick. She squirted the perfume in several short spurts near her breasts, thighs and belly.

She shook her head making her hair cascade naturally down her shoulders. She took one last look into the mirror then switched off the light and nervously sat down on the sofa and waited.

She crossed her legs as she pulled on the material then glanced at the bed. She saw wrinkles in the bed spread. It bothered her but she wasn’t home and it didn’t matter at the moment. She looked at the clock. She had five minutes yet.

Kelly starred down at her thighs as she shifted her legs across her knee. She had a wonderful figure with full figured hips and large natural breasts. She exercised regularly keeping her ass and thighs toned.

She could feel her heard pounding as she stretched out her fingers admiring her nails. She’d just had them done. They were red to match her lipstick. She starred at her wedding ring for a moment remembering that she was told to keep it on,

Kelly’s heart skipped a beat as someone knocked on the hotel room door. She quickly stood up adjusting the material again then slowly walked toward the door and peeked through the tiny hole.

She peeped through the tiny opening and saw a dark figure standing and waiting. Was it too late to change her mind? güvenilir bahis siteleri She unlocked the deadbolt and took off the chain and slowly opened the door.

She poked her head around the corner. He was black! She nervously gulped as she pulled the door open a little further.

“I’m Mark. I had an appointment for eight.”

Kelly nervously smiled as she held the door wide open and watched him enter the room. She quickly shut the door and locked the deadbolt then stepped far enough away from the man so he couldn’t touch her.

He stood for a moment just eyeing her up and down from her platform heels to her face. Kelly saw his eyes focused on her nipples then shifted down to her pussy mound then back to her breasts.

She nervously spoke as he started to take off his suit coat. “Can I get you anything?”

Mark just stood starring at her as he slipped off the suit jacket. She instinctively took it out of his hand as if she were greeting a guest in her house. She smiled as she turned to hang it on the rack for him.

Kelly turned around and Mark was already taking off his shirt. He wasn’t much taller then her, but she had to remember that she was wearing extremely high heels at the moment.

She moved closer and took the shirt from him and hung it on the rack hearing his belt buckle clanging and saw his pants drop to the floor. Mark kicked off his shoes and picked up his pants. Kelly was so nervous she didn’t know what else to do other then take his pants and folded them on the chair.

Mark stepped forward and reached out and held her arms near her shoulders making her feel very uneasy. He was still wearing white boxers and Kelly starred down for a moment to see his stiff cock poking straight out under the thin material.

Mark began moving his hands along her smooth skin feeling her arms then slowly brought his hands down along her skin until he was holding her hands. He kept starring at her as if he were waiting for her reaction.

He held her hands moving her arms forward until they were near his cock. He was waiting for her to take hold of it. She starred down for a moment then decided to pull her hands away from his while taking hold of the elastic area and gentle tugged the boxers down his legs.

She tugged at the material and bent her legs as she wiggled them down his legs. His shaft sprung free almost hitting her nose as she stood back up looking into his eyes. She was too nervous to look back down at his cock.

She knew it was large and looked fat from what she saw. She just kept looking into his eyes as he moved closer and reached out to hold her arms hear her shoulders again as he tilted his head to kiss her cheek.

Mark kissed her several times with gentle peeks then moved his lips over hers and gently parted her lips with his tongue as he wrapped his arms around her back. She had never kissed another man since she got married and now she was standing in a hotel room letting a strange black man intimately kiss her.

His tongue probed deep inside her mouth as she stood holding her hands on his perabet güvenilir mi shoulders while his hands lowered to her ass giving her cheeks a gentle squeeze.

He was kissing her hard probing his tongue into her mouth. Her tongue finally touched his as they shared saliva until he finally withdrew.

He leaned his head back to admire her breasts and lowered his head around her neck and started to lick and nibble his way to her cleavage. Kelly felt his hands lifting the back of her dress up over her ass cheeks while smashing his face into her breasts biting the flesh until it she groaned from the pain.

She finally reached between their bodies and held his cock. She felt it throb as she wrapped her fingers around it and gently started to stroke it. Mark lifted his head and moved his hand to the back of her head and pushed his lips over hers sending his tongue back into her mouth.

Kelly kissed him back until she decided to lower herself to her knees to escape his invading tongue and kneeled down until his thick black shaft was in line with her face.

Kelly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and touched the head. Mark held his hands on the back of her head waiting for her to take it inside her mouth. She closed her eyes and without thinking any further she took the large head between her lips and started to suck.

She learned a lot over the years with her husband and knew how to bring a guy off in a hurry. She licked his cock running her tongue around the shaft dripping her own saliva along its skin then licking it back up.

Kelly repeated this technique several times then allowed her saliva to drip down on the floor while she peered up into his eyes looking for mercy as she flicked her tongue around his cock head.

She wanted to finish him off with her moth but Mark wanted more. He leaned down and grabbed her under her arm pits and lifted her to her feet as he held his lips on hers and shoved his tongue back into her mouth.

Mark quickly grabbed the material and pulled it swiftly over her head and tossed it onto the floor and backed her up against the bed until her legs gave way and she fell backwards bouncing on the mattress.

Mark jumped onto the bed and quickly moved between her legs and held his cock while guiding it into her pussy slit. Kelly spread her legs and closed her eyes as she felt his cock head pressing against her slit.

She closed her eyes and pulled her legs back holding onto her knees as she felt his cock press a little more then plopped inside making her body stiffen. Mark held himself still for a moment then shoved a little more of his cock inside her until he leaned forward resting his head on the pillow next to her head and started to drive himself inside her until he hit bottom.

She groaned slightly from the pain letting him believe she was excited.

“It feels good and tight doesn’t it, baby?”

Kelly didn’t reply. She was only interested in getting it over with as soon as she could and started to move her his with his making the bed move with every thrust tipobet he made inside her tight pussy.

She never felt so full and it hurt a little. She could feel the cock head every time he bottomed out inside her womb. Mark kept going and soon his body was slapping again her ass making a loud slapping noise until he grunted and groaned and released his seed deep inside her waiting belly.

“Take it, bitch.”

Kelly still had her eyes closed as she held onto his back and waited until she felt him throbbing inside her pussy a few more times. He pushed forward one more time then backed out of her pussy making a huge sucking sound as her pussy lips contracted shut again.

Mark was holding himself high above her looking down at his spent cock. Kelly opened her eyes and looked down and saw the remnants of his sperm still clinging to his cock head.

She felt his sperm leaking out of her pussy. He still held her legs back against her chest as he caught his breath then slowly let go of them and climbed up onto her chest.

Mark held his cock in his hand wanting her to suck him clean. It smelled strong and salty but she opened her mouth allowing him to push it inside and began licking the salty sperm off his cock until it was clean.

Mark turned over and dropped down onto the mattress making her body bounce. He held his arms over his head as he tried to relax for a moment.

Kelly remembered what she was told. They were only allowed to cum once. If a client wanted to cum again then they would have to pay for it. With that in mind she quickly rolled off the bed almost losing her balance in the heels and walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

Kelly sat on the toilet wiping as much of his sperm from her pussy as she could. She quickly went pee and got up and walked back into the bedroom where she found Mark getting dressed.

She walked over and picked up her dress as he was walking out the door. Kelly quickly locked the deadbolt and applied the chain and lifted each leg as she took off the heels.

She stood in the hot shower letting the water hit her breasts. She looked down and saw the tiny red marks that he had left on her breasts. What was she going to tell her husband when he saw them?

Kelly quickly pushed the tiny dress and heels into a bag and zipped it shut. She leaned over the counter one last time checking her lipstick before leaving the room. The man at the desk smiled as she walked by leaving the key card on the desk.

She walked swiftly to her car looking around to make sure that Mark wasn’t waiting around to follow her home.

Kelly stopped at a red light and quickly dialed the number. Jack answered the phone.

“It’s me, Kelly. I just got through with Mark and I’m on my way home.”

“Did everything go alright? Did he give you any trouble?”

“Everything went fine.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I’ll have another client for you to meet the same time at the same hotel. Just go to the desk and tell them your name and they’ll have your room key waiting.”

Kelly hung up the phone. She pulled away from the red light and headed home. Her husband would be home soon. She looked at the time and stepped on the gas passing a car.

Things would be different from now on. She was a whore, an adulteress. She just hoped her husband wouldn’t see the bit marks on her breasts and start asking questions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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