My Wife’s First Date

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I was a senior in high school when I met my first real girlfriend, Melanie. Actually we met at a church social. I asked her out the second time I met her and she agreed. Since we had met at church, we naturally assumed the best of each other and we just barely kissed on our first date. We didn’t make much progress and sex was not really on the table. We were both eighteen. I was a virgin and assumed she was also. After a few dates, I was really hooked on her. I was definitely lusting after her for she was very cute and had a dynamite figure.

One of my friends found out that we were dating and began talking about what a great piece of ass she was. He assumed that we were having sex. When I questioned him further, he said that he was at a party and met her. They found an empty bedroom and he fucked her. He said that she was more than hot to trot and she came multiple times as he fucked her. I was heartbroken. I later found out that she was pretty much fucked anytime she felt like it. I felt betrayed and we gravitated apart. She certainly didn’t need me with her being what I called then a ‘slut’.

Fast forward three years. I was finishing my degree in college when I met my ex-wife, Ellen. She was very sweet and yet very conservative. We dated and seemed to click. It looked like there would be no sex in my future and in a moment of weakness, I asked her to marry me.

We got married four months later. We were both gainfully employed. I was a junior engineer for a small civil engineering firm. It was a good opportunity for me. Ellen worked in a doctor’s office and learned quite a bit. She was handling insurance claims and really progressing up the ladder quickly. We both work hard. After the wedding, we went on the honeymoon to the Bahamas and enjoyed sex for the first time. It was good but we were both inexperienced.

I was a horny male and I wanted sex almost all the time. Ellen was content with once a week after a few months. I began looking at internet porn trying to broaden my horizons. I was blown away by the accessibility to just about everything. I began trying to get my new wife to loosen up some and suggested some new positions and ideas about bedroom games. She thought it was silly and seemed embarrassed to talk about a little more adventure in the bedroom. Inevitably she came across some of my web sites on our computer and really raked me over the coals. At first I was on the defensive and apologized profusely. This seemed to placate her, but sex became less frequent after that.

Eventually she told me that my watching porn so disrespected her and our marriage that she could not even have sex without thinking bad about me. In six months we had reached the end and we both agreed to a divorce. It was somewhat amicable. We did not hate each other. We were just on different wave lengths.

I began dating somewhat casually and really did not click with anyone. I had several dates from various dating sites and some of the women were really pretty. I guess all of them were cute at least. For whatever reason, I could not seem to connect with any of them. I had a few second and even third dates, but nothing serious.

Then I met Cathy. She worked in a client’s office. I was spending quite a lot of time with the client and met her on a few occasions. One day, my contact at the company asked if I wanted to go to happy hour with some of his colleagues. I thought this would be a good move and accepted. There were three guys and four women. We had a few drinks and had a good time. I was immediately smitten with Cathy’s personality and of course her beauty.

I thought she was out of my league. She was 5″-7″ and had a great figure. Her legs were long and perfectly formed. Just the right amount of muscle. She was very athletic and very comfortable around her co-workers, both men and women. That really impressed me because she seemed to treat them all as equals even though she was by far the prettiest of the women. Her ass and hips are very full. Not an ounce of fat, but the full hips make her small waist look even smaller. All of that is topped by full C cup breasts that are just perfect. I was to find that her pink areolas and nipples were so perfect, so well proportioned, so perfectly shaped that I can say without question she has the prettiest breasts that I have ever seen. That includes Playboy models, porn actresses and any other women I have been involved with.

I found a way to occasionally interact with people in Cathy’s department. As she slowly warmed up to me, I began to wonder if there might be a possibility for me to get up the nerve to ask her for a date. I knew I should be very casual and not let my eagerness appear as desperation. I was a few years older than Cathy and I needed to try to figure out a way to see if we had any mutual interests. Since I did not work directly with her department, I had no way of continuing to pop in. I began hanging around the people who seemed to have more contact with her late in the day. The opportunity to silivri escort get asked to happy hour seemed like the best connection so far. At one of the cocktail hours, I learned that Cathy and some of the other women played in a company softball league. It was recreational and not very competitive. Some of the single guys or husbands of the married women were frequent fans at the games. I eventually partnered up with one of the single guys and we went to some games, drank beer and cheered the women. He said it was a good place to see the girls out of the office and it had led to a few dates. I asked him about Cathy. He said she was dating a guy and was not very approachable.

I was able to maintain contact with the group and eventually had a few conversations with her. One night at happy hour Cathy was there and seemed to be drinking a little more than usual. I asked one of the women why and she said that Cathy was celebrating. I of course asked what she was celebrating.

“She just broke up with her boyfriend.”

“Oh.” I said.

“Yeah, can you believe it? She caught him cheating. Cheating on Cathy. She is the hottest girl around and her boyfriend cheats on her.”

“That is stupid unless he is some kind of special guy that can have every woman he sees. She is so hot.”

Along with drinking more, Cathy was even more outgoing that evening. I spent a while sitting next to her. By then she knew who I was and was actually quite friendly. I took a chance and asked her out the next weekend. She agreed and gave me her phone number.

The following week I called her up to make sure that she remembered accepting my invitation.

“Oh, you think I was drunk out of my mind and forgot?”

“Well, I just didn’t want to take advantage of you in a, uh, well what could have been a, uh, weak moment.”

“Oh, I guess Hilda put my business in the street about breaking up with my boyfriend?”

“Yeah, she mentioned it.”

That is how it started. I feel so lucky. Dating led to more dating. Dating led to sex. She was passionate, yet classy. She took charge early. I am not the most well-endowed man, just over four inches hard and not very big around. After the first two times, she led me to satisfying her with my tongue. Afterwards I fucked her. She came when I ate her out, but not when I just fucked her. After a few months, we decided to move in together. Now I am not bad looking by any means. I am 5′-8″ tall and weigh 150 pounds. And yes, I do have a small cock. Before we moved in together, I brought up the subject of sexual compatibility. I did not want my heart broken later. I asked her if I was big enough for her. She said that size was overrated. He ex-boyfriend was well hung and look what that had gotten her. So despite our disparity in looks, we began living together. As luck would have it we were married eight months later. I was in heaven with a hot wife, intelligent, witty, etc.

About four months after we moved in together, I started watching some porn and reading some erotic stories. When I read some cheating wife stories I remembered my high school girlfriend who cheated on me. I was devastated at the time, but as I read, I started having an erection. Even with thinking about how down I was. I also thought about how unsatisfying and plain vanilla had been with my ex-wife. I pondered which was worse. After the years, I had matured emotionally and got a strange feeling in my loins thinking about my girlfriend fucking my friends without me knowing until it was too late. I remembered that Melanie was pretty and had a dynamite figure to boot.

As I began comparing her to Cathy, I realized that Cathy was exceptional in every regard. I began fantasizing about seeing another man fuck Cathy. Was I crazy? I had lucked into the prettiest woman imaginable and would later marry her. How on earth could I fantasize about her fucking other men? I knew that my cock was at least below average. I guess some would describe it as little. I tried to stop myself, but the fantasy kept coming back. It was like I was watching the most beautiful porn actress fuck the biggest cock and pasting my wife’s face on the woman. It was crazy. My cock would get so hard each time I thought of it. Every porn video I watched I imagined Cathy taking a big cock.

As we grew sexually, she began to take even more charge. She would dress provocatively for bed and entice me until I sucked her pussy. After a few orgasms, she would ride my cock and get me off. A couple of times she woke me up after I had already fucked her. She could not cum on my cock, so she was left frustrated after I came again. She would bring herself to another orgasm with her fingers. I thought this was so erotic. She didn’t hide to masturbate. She just bucked and groaned while I listened.

On my part, I became bolder and sometimes would talk sexy to her after I had brought her to an orgasm. She would be lying in bed and her pussy was still dripping from me eating şirinevler escort her.

“Go ahead,” I would say, “Jack off like an adolescent boy.”

That was about all it took for her to get herself off. Sometimes I would finger her to another orgasm before I renewed my oral ministrations. She seemed to like the variety and had no inhibitions. As this became a bigger part of our love making, we both got more vocal. This progressed to me calling her on her phone and telling her what I was going to do to her when we both got home. She would come home ready for action. Thank god I was able to satisfy her with my tongue and fingers. It was lively and fresh. It seems like we managed to add a little more salty vocabulary each time.

One big turning point in our erotic talk came when one evening I sucked her to orgasm and then fucked her, cumming inside. She waited about five minutes and began fingering her cummy pussy. As she started cooing a little and moving her hips, I slowly touched her hand. I rested my hand on hers while she stroked her pussy. She seemed to like this. I touched her pussy with my finger.

I whispered in her ear, “I feel your boyfriend’s cum in your pussy, you naughty girl.”

Almost immediately she touched her clit and then grabbed my hand and made me finger fuck her until she burst out with a huge orgasm. It took her a while to come down from that one and seemed a little different afterward than normal. Neither one of us commented on it then, but the next time we made love, as she guided my lips to her pussy, I whispered, “I hope you have not been with your boyfriend recently.”

Again, she came very intensely. I believed I had struck a mutual nerve center. I fucked her and came in her pussy. After a few minutes, she pulled me back to her and guided my face to her just fucked pussy. There was no mistaking what she wanted. I whispered, “Oh, god, no, don’t make me eat your boyfriends cum.”

She attacked my face with her pussy. I tasted cum for the first time. I had no chance to even think about it. As I sucked my cum from her, she wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me into herself. I was about to faint when she came violently and finally released my head. This was the most intense orgasm I had ever seen her have. I was hard again and fucked her swampy pussy once more. She had me eat her again until we were both exhausted.

This time we did talk about it.

“Wow,” she said, “That was fantastic. I hope I did not gross you out by making you eat me after we fucked.”

“I really didn’t have time to think about it. I can’t believe it either.”

“Honey, I am sorry. “She said.

“No, no, it’s okay. For some strange reason I did not mind. You were in control and I loved it. I don’t want you to think badly about me, though.”

“In what way?” she asked.

“About eating, uh, you know, ugh.”

“Your cum?” she said.

“Well, uh, yes.”

“About you eating your cum, really? Dude you gave it to me.” She laughed. “When you give it to me, it’s mine. It’s not yours anymore. So you were really just eating my cum. See? So don’t get all defensive about it. It was hot and what is even more, it was sweet of you to satisfy me in that way.”

“Well,” I replied, “I guess if you look at it that way, it lets me off the hook.”

“What hook?”

“You know the taboo hook.”

“No, I don’t know. Did you enjoy it? Yes or no?”

“I was following yo…”

“No, stop. I asked if you enjoyed it. Don’t equivocate. Yes or no?”

“Okay, yes.”

“Good. Then we can do this again?”

“Well, I, uh, …”

“Stop. Yes or no? Will you eat my boyfriend’s cum from my pussy?”

“Okay, yes.”

“Good. I liked that.”

I threw the suggestion of my fantasy on the table and she did me one better. From that point we progressed in the role playing and we both seemed to like where it was going. My old frustration with a pure vanilla sex life seemed to have vanished. And now my gorgeous wife was a willing participant. I sometimes called her and asked her accusingly, “You better not be with your boyfriend.”

She would answer something like, “Well, I have to get some cock somewhere. You will not fuck me.”

Then we would get home and shower. She began letting me fuck her first at that point. Usually one of us would mention that she had just been fucked by her boyfriend. Once she said, “Eat me and find out if I have fresh cum in my pussy.”

I was now eating my cum from her most of the time when we had sex. The suggestion of her cheating was getting more vivid. I asked her one evening, “Did you fuck your boyfriend today?” She answered, “Which one.” I chimed in, “The one with the big cock.” She said, “Oh, yes that one. Yes. You want to suck me off to check?”

This was getting hotter. If I had ever wanted spice, I was getting more than I bargained for. One evening we had planned to go to her work party. I knew all her co-workers, şişli escort so it was not bad for me. We dressed not formal, but evening party dress. I wore slacks and a sport coat. She was stunning in a sequined top that had a modest neckline. It draped over her breasts and formed a crop top at her waist. She wore a black leather skirt just above the knee with a slit up the back. Under the dress were black pantyhose. In addition, she wore sequined high heels that went with the top. She never used much makeup. She had that special natural beauty. But for the party she had matching eye shadow and more mascara than normal. It really set her eyes off and looked very proper for a party, but sexy as all hell. I got a hard on just looking at her.

When we got to the party, everyone was eying Cathy even though her attire was quite proper. During the evening, I found out that her old boyfriend David was with one of her co-workers. They knew each other from happy hours just like I knew Cathy. She was a little icy to him, but tried to keep an even keel. The party was nice. We both danced with other partners from time to time, but when her ex approached, she shook her head and walked away.

When I asked her about it she just said that she didn’t think it was a good idea for her to dance with him. Driving home, I asked her again about dancing with her ex.

She said, “He just wanted to hold me and rub his big cock on my stomach. I was not going to give him a chance.”

At home in bed, I teased her, “I bet you were avoiding his cock because you wanted to feel it again.”

“No, asshole. Shut up and fuck me.”

As our new agenda was in effect, I licked her pussy a few times and then stuck my little cock in her. I pumped and groaned until I shot my load into her. She was of course not ready to climax on my little offering, but she was in the mood.

She guided my face to her pussy and began whispering, “That’s it get my old boyfriends cum from my stretched pussy.”

Of course this excited me beyond belief. I bathed her pussy lips and dug my mouth as far as I could to enter her opening with my tongue. I paid careful attention to her clitoris. When I took her clit into my lips and sucked her, she came very violently. Her whole body tensed up as she had waves of orgasms.

After we rested, I asked her, “I guess you wish now you had danced with your ex to feel that cock, huh?”

“No. However, he does have a great big thick cock. I miss it sometimes, but guys like that unfortunately have that attitude and think that cock rules all. I mean I love big cock, but not at the expense of putting up with a prick just to get fucked twice a week… Oh, Baby, I’m sorry I said that. What was I thinking? What a bitch I am for insulting you.”

“That’s okay. I mean you were turned on by the thoughts and you can share anything with me.”

“Uh, I guess you really wouldn’t want to hear about my former lovers.”

“Quite the contrary, Cathy. We are both adults with a sexual past and talking about our experiences is okay with me. My ex-wife was so inhibited that there is not much to talk about.”

“You mean that you like your women to be uninhibited.”


“Really? Would you say that if I had danced with him and let him rub his cock on my stomach?”

“It’s just dancing,” I said.

“Okay then, would it be all right if he rubbed my ass and felt me up while I was dancing with him?”

“As long as he didn’t force you.” I answered.

“Wow, how about if I fondled his big cock?”

“Uh, if that’s what you wanted to do.”

“No way buster. You would try to kick his ass. Although that might not be a good idea either. Beside it does no good to fight over pussy. Or cock for that matter. But really, you could watch me do that?”

“That is so hot.” I blurted out.

“Oh my god. No. I guess you are going to tell me to bring him home and let him fuck me next?”

“Well I didn’t say that, but you did ask me to eat his sperm from your pussy.”

“That was role playing. We have been doing that.”

“How about I suck his cum from you again?”

I got down on her and sucked and licked her until she came again.

Finally cooling off again she said, “You really know how to treat your women.”

The set up was smooth and quite unintended, but the cat was now out of the bag. We continued to role play and had sex almost every night for a while. One evening we were watching TV and cuddling on the couch. It was getting a little touchy and I told her that the night of the party she was so hot that I bet her ex was kicking himself for letting her get away.

She said, “You are crazy. I was dressed conservatively for the office party. It was festive but not what I would call sexy. “

“Cathy, everything you wear is sexy. That sequined crop top on top of that leather skirt was nothing but erotic.”

“Dork,” she said, “I would not dress trashy for my office party.

“I didn’t say trashy. I said sexy.”

“Okay then mister fashion critic, what would have been sexy?”

“The top having a deep V or U scoop where you breasts showed some cleavage. The dress shorter and the split higher up your gorgeous legs. Maybe stockings and garters with a thong. Or maybe no panties at all.”


“You asked.”

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