Nando and Will Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Ceremonies and Consummations

The tall dark man stood proudly at the side of his soon-to-be Spouse. His hair, as black as a raven’s wing was shining, tied neatly in black silk ribbon at the nape of his neck. His deep brown eyes radiated joy. He was certain that on this day, his perpetually slightly stubbled cheeks were smooth enough to rival those of the blond beside him. He also fought to keep his occasionally less-than-pure thoughts to a minimum. His black pants were so tight as to have been sewn onto him and they displayed his endowments to great advantage to exemplify his virility. However, it also displayed unintentional jolts of arousal as his mind drifted to spending his first time with his young lover as a married couple. His white silk shirt had a deep ‘v’ showing the bronze skin at his chest and the dusting of dark fur. A red silk cummerbund was around his waist. A black bolero jacket and heeled and highly polished black boots completed the ensemble. Nando knew just how good he looked.

However to his mind, no matter how good he might look, his mate looked simply stunning. His eyes slid to caress the blond possessively. The golden silken tresses that normally framed the angelic face were similarly tied as Nando’s, but with turquoise ribbon. The same turquoise as the silk shirt which so perfectly complimented his lover’s cerulean eyes. The high cheekbones were slightly flushed and each time the tip of a pink tongue peeked out to lick at full lips, Nando felt his groin tighten. The blond’s pants and jacket were white to denote purity and chastity and were both much looser than Nando’s clothing. The boots were the same heeled and highly polished footwear as the bigger man’s. Nando suddenly snapped his attention back to the speaker.

“Do you Fernando Rodriguez Rodriguez, with the giving and receiving of a ring, accept William Green as your Spouse, this day and for all your shared tomorrows?”

“I do,” Nando said his voice proud and confident as he slid a gold ring onto Will’s slender finger.

“Do you William Green with the giving and receiving of a ring, accept Fernando Rodriguez Rodriguez as your Husband, this day and for all your shared tomorrows?”

“I do,” Will replied as his shaking hand managed to successfully place a matching ring on Nando.

“Then in the presence of the people here gathered, your family and your friends, I pronounce you Husband and Spouse. You may now kiss.”

Nando’s beaming smile held a feral edge and Will’s bright blue eyes opened wide. His husband’s lips closed over his and all else around them ceased to exist for the younger man. Nando’s tongue teased the ridges at the roof of Will’s mouth, stroked the satiny inner cheeks and lazily duelled with Will’s own slick muscle. Will moaned softly as his mouth was tenderly ravished. A strong hand held his head at the perfect angle, the other at the small of his back kept him upright.

Nando felt his erection straining at its cloth prison as his conquering maw sucked Will’s tongue into his mouth before the need for air finally drove them apart. He swung Will to be cradled in one supportive arm, the only thing that kept his Spouse still standing. He saw the way Will’s eyes were darkened and glazed, giving him a sultry and debauched look and he grinned triumphantly.

“Vos presentos a William Rodriguez Green, mi Espouso,” Nando bellowed unashamed at the hard evidence of his arousal.

A corresponding shout went up from the crowd and Nando was please to see Will’s uncles join in. He still harboured some reservations about Jack, but the older man had given no cause for concern since Will’s illness.

Will buried his face against Nando’s shoulder. He’d been warned all about the ceremony and rituals, but could still feel his face burn at the thought that so many had seen the way in which he melted under the searing heat of Nando’s desire.

“Te quiero, mi chico bonito,” Nando murmured softly into sweet-smelling, soft blond hair. “No man has anything so beautiful. I am truly favoured to have you as my Spouse.

“Love you, Nando,” Will whispered back.

With a reassuring kiss to Will’s temple, Nando then raised his head.

“I invite you all to eat, drink and to celebrate our wedding, the most joyous day in my life.”

Another cheer of approval had Nando beaming widely. Privately, he knew not all of those present would be truly as pleased as they appeared. His Papa was both rich and successful, his horses prized as far as Europe and the East. Many of the more distant family had harboured the hope that they could ally themselves with Don Carlos through marriage with one of his beautiful daughters or his dashing son. However, now all the children were married, this was no longer an option and Papa was a very shrewd businessman. Any association with a less successful family concern needed careful negotiations to persuade Don Carlos to assist. Nando knew there were conventions to be followed that day by all, but if any marred his union with Will by speaking openly in unfavourable terms, Nando had every intention of letting his fists provide a suitable response.

As haramidere escort though sensing Nando’s sudden tensing, Will pressed close.

“It’s the most joyous day in my life, too,” he whispered, holding to Nando’s arm. He was immediately rewarded by a long, deep kiss.”

“Come mio amor,” Nando husked. “Let us attend our reception for a fitting time and then I can take you to the hacienda where we can be alone and … intimate.” The last word was a dark, seductive caress of Will’s ear, followed by Nando’s moist tongue sliding sinuously around the small shell. Will couldn’t suppress either the moan or the shiver of arousal and anticipation that ran through his body. He was even more relieved for the looseness of the clothes he wore. Throughout the ceremony Nando’s looks and touches had the younger man repeatedly growing hard. Will was certain that by the time they returned to Don Carlos’ ranchero he would be begging his Husband to fill him and the thought sent another jolt to his already excited flesh. He gave a soft whimper of need.

“Come, Pequeno,” Don Carlos jovial voice broke into their intimacy. “Come, Nando, your guests await. There will be plenty of time for you to be alone later.”

Smiling, nodding and holding tightly to each other’s hand, the newlyweds followed the older Rojan.

Inside the large hall were tables laden with a wide variety of food and drink and Nando nodded in approval. Fresh flowers bedecked the walls and hung around the ceiling. A small band played music and Nando was pleased to hear the small gasp and the look of surprised delight from his new Spouse. Everything today had been arranged by Don Carlos, although Will’s uncles had insisted on paying towards the food and drink.

“Senor, senoras, senoritas,” Don Carlos bellowed. “I present to you my sons, Fernando and William.” He beamed proudly as he stood aside for the younger men. On cue, the band began to play the music for Nando to lead Will out onto the floor; their first joint act as a married couple. Will felt his cheeks redden further. He and Nando glided effortlessly in a complex mix of twirls and dips that they had practised for several weeks. Finally, as the music reached its crescendo, Nando dipped Will so that the younger man’s hair seemed to almost brush the floor. In Rojan marriage tradition, the deeper the dip, the deeper the love and trust of the couple and Nando’s chest swelled with possessive pride at the gasps of appreciation from the audience.

A breathless Will was guided to the relative sanctity of his family and friends which included Joel and Samuel as well as Vacho and Pedro. Convention also dictated that Nando’s family would come to request dances from the new Spouse to ensure Will met everyone and for them to offer their congratulations. The blond knew he would be dancing repeatedly, but wished it would only be with his beloved Husband. He couldn’t help but smile however as he was whirled around the floor by different people and saw Nando watching him lovingly.


A couple of hours later, Nando had reached the limits of his patience. He wanted his young lover and needed to consummate their marriage. A carriage was waiting for them and from the relative safety of a travel rug over their legs, Nando was able to touch and caress the hidden sweetness of his Spouse. They tumbled achingly hard and kissing desperately into the hacienda. The ranchero still had its guards outside, but all the indoor servants were celebrating back at the hall in the local town. Nando urged Will upstairs, his hands stroking at flesh he had managed to reveal as he unfastened and tugged impatiently at Will’s clothing.

Finally both men were fully naked and their twin arousals throbbed with need. Nando loomed over his blond beauty, revelling in the knowledge Will was truly *his* now. Nando licked at Will’s parted lips and the younger man surrendered willingly. Nando dove inside, plundering the warm wet cavern and ravishing Will’s shyer muscle. He moved to nip down Will’s smooth jaw to suckle hard at neck and shoulder to leave his first mark of possession as Will’s Husband. Open-mouthed kisses were bestowed across the smooth, heaving chest and each perfect cinnamon nub was laved with moist heat. Kitten licks followed and Will writhed and moaned, his hips thrusting, seeking relief for the aching arousal between his thighs. Nando growled possessively at the sight of the rosy flesh, its pearls of need pooling at Will’s soft abdomen.

Will opened his legs wider in a silent plea to his dominant mate. He wanted, needed to be taken; needed the touches from his Husband that would bring his fulfilment and completion. A pleasurable heat in his lower belly was spreading, enveloping him in a web of sexual pleasure and he whimpered his desire. He gave a choked moan as Nando’s heavier weight settled between his splayed legs. Nando’s hardness rubbed erotically against him, his bigger mate thrusting down as Will pushed up. Nando’s lips crushed against his, stealing his breath. Their tongues danced together to the same silent, ageless music ikitelli escort as their arousals. A tug at one already highly sensitised nipple and Will’s joy overwhelmed him. He shouted Nando’s name as his release pulsed between them. An echoing cry and his Husband crested and their seed mingled between their sweat-sheened bodies.

“Beautiful, mi carino,” Nando murmured as he peppered Will’s face with tiny kisses and nuzzled in the blond silk that was slipping free from its silken prison.

“But that was a mere appetiser. We have much more to delight us still.”

Nando moved to straddle Will’s sated form. He licked his way down Will’s body, his tongue swiping desultorily across the still-heated skin to cleanse away their mutual completion. His tongue rimmed Will’s navel before thrusting inside the tiny indent to mimic a more intimate act to follow. He nuzzled at musk-scented blond curls, tugging gently with his teeth as Will’s shaft began to re-awaken. He nibbled carefully at the base and then kissed his way up the thickening organ. He knelt at Will’s side gazing with eyes that blazed with love and desire.

“Open yourself to your Husband, mi angel,” Nando husked.

Will obediently bent his legs at the knee, lifting them towards his chest and then let them drift wide apart. He moaned softly at the passionate look in his lover’s eyes as his hidden entrance was revealed, his position hiding nothing from Nando’s possessive stare. He felt even more naked and wanton as he saw the undisguised desire in the older man’s gaze.

Nando’s eyes devoured the sight before him. Will open and vulnerable, his half erect manhood lay on his abdomen and moved hypnotically with each panting breath Will took. Nando licked at the filling organ, allowing his tongue to follow the vein on the underside from root to tip over and over. Taking it fully into his mouth he began to suck slowly, letting his tongue probe at the tiny slit encouraging Will’s intoxicating pre-come.

Will mewled as he was enveloped in wet suction. Nando’s hands slid over his body, tugging at his taut nipples and caressing his sac. He felt the orbs within rolled together and apart and he keened softly. His hands sought out Nando and contented with petting at his Husband’s hair and shoulders. Nando’s agile muscle laved at his shaft before he moved to graze the glans with his teeth.

“Oh, Nando,” Will sighed. “Love you.”

Nando hummed in reply as he engulfed Will’s member and Will bucked and writhed only to find himself pinned to the bed by strong arms. Nando had no intention of rushing their intimacy. He wanted to make Will come again and again. His dark head began to bob between smooth golden thighs as he took Will inexorably towards a second climax. His dark tresses, loosened from their ribbon by their earlier lovemaking tumbled free and Will reached to pet at them. Will’s moans and cries increased in intensity as the older man hollowed his cheeks and sucked hard. He slid a finger between the widely-spread legs to ghost tantalisingly over the tight rosette and then pressed.

Will thrashed in abandon. His hair now fully unfettered whipped freely as his head rolled from side to side. He felt Nando’s mouth work at his arousal, the wet heat and suction driving him closer and closer to completion. He reached to fist mindlessly in Nando’s hair, his hips desperately trying to pump into the older man’s gloriously persistent maw. He whimpered as he felt a single finger caress his secret opening and then it pressed against him and Will was lost. Pleasure shifted and crested washing over the blond in wave after wave.

“Nando, Nando, oh…ohh,” with a scream the young man came again.

Nando’s mouth was filled with Will’s sweet cream. The Rojan swallowed rapaciously, releasing his restricting hold on Will’s hips to allow his young lover to thrust into his mouth.

Will came back to his senses to realise his hips were still thrusting languidly into Nando’s now gentle mouth even though his manhood was fully spent. He opened his eyes to gaze adoringly at his older mate and Nando moved to lie alongside him and kiss him with a sweet tenderness that contrasted with the intensity of their previous act.

Releasing his love’s lips to a whine of distress, Nando allowed Will to see him coat his finger with their oil. He watched as Will’s eyes darkened impossibly further, sultry sapphire meeting burning bronze. He teased at the tiny aperture patiently waiting until it pulsed its welcome and then slid a single finger into molten heat. Will’s channel grasped greedily at the welcome intruder as Nando caressed silken walls. Nando dropped his head to lick at Will’s velvet sac as he entered Will with a second finger. As he rubbed at Will’s sweet spot he took one then the other precious orb into his mouth to roll and suck.

“Please, Nando, be inside me now,” Will begged.

As tempted as Nando was, he refused to rush preparing his lover. His erection was long and thick and was always a tight fit into Will’s slender channel. Although no longer a virgin, Nando wanted his Spouse istanbul escort to remember his wedding night for pleasurable reasons. He pressed a third finger into Will as he licked around the head of his lover’s organ. He scissored and corkscrewed his fingers, opening and coating the blond for their union.

Will writhed on the fingers that delved deeply into his body, mewling incoherently as they swept across the sensitive bundle of nerves hidden within his body. He reached for their oil and coated his hands and then moved to reach between Nando’s splayed thighs.

Nando grunted as Will’s hands began to stroke their lubricant onto his already primed manhood. He gripped the base tightly to stave off coming too soon as he pulled away from his lover’s attentions. He leant over his smaller lover, draping Will’s calves over his shoulders and lining up his hardness with the glistening portal that silently beckoned. Nando pushed forward, sheathing himself fully in slick, searing tightness. He held himself still waiting for the hitch of Will’s slender hips that would signify his mate’s readiness.

As he felt the movement of his lover to impale himself further on Nando’s arousal, the older man leant to take his lover’s mouth in a long deep kiss. His hips moved in a slow, fluid rhythm pumping into tight heat as he let the kiss ebb and flow. He felt Will’s shaft twitch dryly as Nando repeatedly struck his sweet spot. His young Spouse moaned softly as Nando worked slowly and steadily to reawaken his lover’s passion. The blond writhed as the older man reached between their undulating bodies to gently tease the half hard flesh at Will’s groin. Will groaned as his highly sensitised shaft was stroked with barely-there touches as his jewel was rubbed repeatedly.

“I am glad I make you insatiable, mi angel,” Nando husked, his touches becoming stronger, more demanding.

“Only you, Nando,” Will moaned.

“So tight, so hot and so mine,” Nando growled. His hips began to move faster and harder pounding into his lover’s sweet willing body.

“My Husband,” Will cried as Nando thrusts took on a punishing pace and the older man’s hands became a blur as he pulled demandingly at Will’s resurgent shaft.

“Venes, mi amor,” Nando purred into Will’s ear. “Come for me; come with me, my love.”

Will’s cries became a continual keening. His head thrashed, he couldn’t believe his body was hard yet again. He felt on the cusp of falling into eternity. Stars danced before his eyes, tendrils of pleasure enveloped him in a sensual haze. All he could see, hear and feel was Nando’s body; possessing him, owning him, claiming him in a way unfelt before. It was suddenly too much for him. He arched with a silent scream as another orgasm wracked his slender frame, his erection able only to produce a small pulse of seed. The lights increased in brilliance before all went grey.

Nando roared as he felt Will’s channel clench rhythmically around his aching flesh. His seed erupted into the spasming velvet walls, filling his young mate with the hot liquid essence of his love and desire. Finally spent Nando nuzzled at his exhausted young lover who still lay senseless. With an economy of movement, Nando arranged them comfortably and slipped into sated sleep.


In the living room of the hacienda, Don Carlos and Roberto sat with almost finished glasses of brandy. The partying would continue for some into the night whether the newlyweds were there or not, but the two older men had sought some quiet time following the activity of the last few weeks.

“Come, Roberto,” Don Carlos said standing. “I have something for you.”

Puzzled the bigger, dark man followed Don Carlos to the table. As he drew near, the older man moved to push Roberto face down and took his place between the younger man’s spread legs.

“In all the time we have been Husband and Spouse I have had to hide my joy and our relationship for the fear you held for my children. The fear that they would in some way be disadvantaged by the world knowing of our marriage. Today that ends. Nando and Will already know and tomorrow I tell my daughters and their husbands.” As he spoke, the white haired man undid and removed Roberto’s shirt. He paused to admire the solid musculature of the naked back. “So much power, mio amor,” he husked. “So much beauty.” His hands unfastened the other man’s pants, allowing them to fall unheeded. “Before we retire this night you will concede to me. I will no longer hide what we are or what we have.” Roberto groaned as a knowledgeable hand cupped and fondled the heavy, furred sac that hung between his spread thighs. A moan greeted the touch to his hard, hot erection.

Don Carlos rubbed his cloth-covered erection against Roberto’s naked cleft before dropping to one knee. In a practiced manoeuvre, he parted the lightly haired globes and began to tongue the dusky rosette. He smiled at the wanton sound from his bigger lover as his folded muscle jabbed and pressed until granted the desired entry. He tongued the velvet channel avidly relishing the earthy taste of his lover and the incoherent cries from the younger man. Reluctantly pulling his tongue away, Don Carlos inserted two saliva-slick fingers and teased mercilessly at the dark man’s prostate. As he pushed a third inside, he unfastened his pants and stroked his pre-come over his engorged flesh. With a moan of pleasure, the older man stood and sheathed himself in one swift slide.

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