Nate’s Evil Exploits Pt. 07

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*** Nate’s Evil Exploits is the tale of a sex-crazed bisexual sociopath whose job (and passion) is sexually exploiting people during corporate downsizing. ***

Nate skipped checking in at Mala Suerte and caught an Uber back to his apartment. The driver took one look at his face and didn’t try to start a conversation.

He spent the short journey staring out the window, fuming with rage that some ignorant Manc twat actually thought he could intimidate him. Sending someone after him to threaten and fuck him? He’d pay for that. By fuck would he pay.

At the gate to his apartment complex he left the cab without a word, taking the steps up to the lobby two at a time.

As he waited for the lift under the harsh fluorescent lights, he eyed the concrete dust and dirt that coated his jacket and pants with disgust.

He turned his hands palm-up, and found them grazed raw from his fall. He rubbed his fingers against his palms, grimacing at the tackiness of skin coated with dried cum.

In the lift, he faced the mirrored rear of the carriage and put a hand to a face that looked alien to him. Darker somehow. Something in his eyes. He was losing it, he could feel it.

The lift dinged and he spun on his heel and strode down the corridor to his apartment.

His boyfriend, Rene, was passed out on their bed, the twink from the club curled against him.

Nate slapped the kid’s face until he woke, then hauled him to his feet. “Out.”

The pre-pubescent-looking slut pulled on his mesh shirt and jeans and left without a word.

Nate perched on the side of the bed and watched his boyfriend snore softly, one arm flung across his face. Drunk as he was, he’d likely be out until morning.

His soft blonde hair lay against his forehead, a dark scattering of stubble framing a full mouth, shading across his cheekbones.

It was no surprise to Nate that guys couldn’t keep their hands off Rene. But while Nate had never minded him sleeping around, it did irritate him that by the time he and Nate ended up in bed together, his boyfriend was usually too drunk or sated to want to fuck him.

Since Rene had moved into his apartment, he could count the number of times they’d had anything approaching enjoyable sex on the fingers of one hand. And honestly, what was the point of having someone taking up half his living space if they weren’t even satisfying him?

Momentarily lifting from his drunken coma, Rene grunted and rolled away from the light, pulling the covers up over his shoulders.

Nate sighed and tugged off his shoes. He got up and switched off the bedroom lamp and went into the bathroom. He shed his clothes and dumped them in a heap, then took a shower.

As he finished and turned off the water, he put a hand to his bruised ribs. Fucking Colin. Part of him wanted to find the man now, didn’t care that it was 3 a.m., just wanted to find him and punch him until he cried blood.

But the part of him that had made it this far without putting himself in jail, urged him to be patient. Colin’s time would come. And it would be so much more satisfying if the salesman thought he’d cowed Nate. If he thought he’d won.

He finished towelling himself off and went back to the bedroom. He climbed under the covers and pressed up against Rene, sliding his arms around his lover to steal his heat. It hurt his ribs, but it felt good to be skin to skin.

He rested his cheek against Rene’s back and let sleep pull him down.

* * * * *

By the time Nate woke, Rene had already left for work. He rolled over to check his phone but the movement made him gasp with pain.

He pulled the covers back and found a black bruise extending across his chest from the centre of his chest to the bottom of his ribcage.

He touched it gingerly and swore as pain lanced through him.

He gritted his teeth and reached for his phone again and checked the time. Nearly eight. There was no way he was going to make it to work.

He pulled the covers back and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

Sitting up brought more pain. Something had to be broken. He stood and pulled on a robe, then rang ZST.

Justin answered the phone. “Hello, Zero Sum Technology, how can I help you?”

“Hi Justin, it’s Nathan Lloyd. I won’t be in today. I need you to push my appointments to later this week.”

Justin’s voice grew sly. “What’s wrong?”

Nate’s eyes narrowed. Did he know? If he found out Justin had colluded with Colin, he’d make sure the rest of the kid’s life was one long festival of misery.

“I have a cold,” he snapped. “Just sort it out, would you?”

He ended the call and threw the phone behind him on the bed.

Two hours later he sat at a small cafe, nursing a black covfefe. He’d spent a small fortune seeing a doctor to get x-rays, only to be told that, while he had two cracked ribs and the cartilage that joined his ribs to his breastbone had detached, the treatment for it was to breathe deeply from time to time.

His laptop was open on the table in front of him, a list of files filling the screen. küçükçekmece escort It was, in fact, Colin Dunbury’s hacked online receipt repository, and Nate was combing through his records looking for something he could use to ruin the man’s life.

While he fully planned to traumatise Colin at least as effectively as the salesman had traumatised Greg’s wife, Abby, he had a savage hunger to go further; to ruin Colin completely. He wanted to look into Colin’s eyes and see a broken man. A broken man who wouldn’t dare try and exact revenge a second time.

He set down his coffee and scrolled down slowly, looking for transactions that didn’t fit the spending patterns of a man on Colin’s salary.

An invoice caught his eye. Colin had bought a car two months ago. Nothing much irregular with that, expect it was a fucking Bugatti Veyron. He read and re-read the invoice half a dozen times, convinced he had to be hallucinating. Even a second hand Bugatti cost over a million pounds. It was the ultimate in supercars. You didn’t buy a Bugatti unless you had millions to spare.

As far as Nate knew, Colin’s annual salary topped out at 150,000 quid. That was a decent wad of cash, but it wasn’t owning-a-Bugatti-Veyron level cash.

He checked the details on the invoice. Paid with an offshore credit card issued in the Caymans. Absolutely nothing dodgy about that.

He kept scrolling. Colin, it seemed, liked to spend large. There were other invoices, mostly for things like high end audio equipment, big-screen TVs, and even a holiday home just outside of Alicante.

But what really interested him were regular invoices for a storage facility in Stockport where, he was guessing, Colin housed the car he shouldn’t have been able to afford.

He picked up his coffee and sipped it while he considered how Colin Dunbury might have come across that kind of cash.

There were a few possibilities. Either the guy was involved in some kind of scam—anything from multi-level-marketing to a Ponzi scheme to blackmail—or he was involved in something worse. Something on the darker side of criminal. Organised crime. Drugs. Human trafficking. Something big.

That gave Nate pause. If the man was sufficiently connected, Nate could find himself outmanoeuvred. Did he really want to take on someone who could have him murdered?

No. If Colin had those kinds of connections, Nate would be floating face down in a river somewhere.

Maybe he’d inherited the money. Or his wife was loaded. Either were possible. But the Caymen Island account suggested something illicit. Tax avoidance, if nothing else.

His phone rang and he held it to his ear. The voice on the other end of the line was a broad Manchester boom.

“How are you feeling today?”

Nate’s face split into an enraged grin. “Colin. I was just thinking about you.”

“Were you, love?”

Nate winced as the swell of his anger sent a stab of pain through his chest.

“I wasn’t going to gloat, and then a little birdie told me that you didn’t turn up for work today. A little sore, are we?”

The delight in the man’s voice made Nate’s throat constrict with anger.

“What do you want?”

“You’ll receive a call at some point from a prospective employer, asking why I was dismissed. I don’t really give a fuck what you tell him; just make sure you make me look good.”

“You want me to give you a reference?” Nate managed to choke out. “Don’t you have a rape case pending?”

Colin laughed. “When I explained to Nina what was involved in going to court, she didn’t want to go through all that. I offered her cash to keep her mouth shut and she took it.”

“And Abby?”

That laugh again. “If Abby wanted this dredged up, don’t you think she’d have taken it up herself?”

Nate was silent.

But you,” Colin drawled, “You’re the real enigma here. What did you think you were doing, you stupid little fuck?”

Nate took an NHS-recommended deep breath. “Are you done?”

There was a pause. “Perhaps,” said Colin. “We’ll see.” He ended the call.

Nate set his phone down and stared at it. After a moment, he picked it up again and set the phone to do a cloud backup, then updated his password.

It took a lot to make him paranoid, but something in Colin’s voice had set him on edge.

He sent a text to Alec. ‘Bringing the plan forward. Tomorrow night. Be ready.’

A moment later his phone vibrated. Alec’s reply was a photo of a giant purple dildo. It looked as though it was infused with glitter.

Nate unscrewed the cap from a bottle of pain killers and took one with a swallow of water. If he was going to do this while he was injured, Alec was going to have to do all the physical work. Did he trust the kid to do it?

He looked back at the photo. His phone vibrated again. This time, Alec had sent him a selfie. In the late morning sunshine his hair was touched with gold, a happy grin splitting his face wide.

Nate felt a twinge in his gut, an uncomfortable feeling he couldn’t name. He killed levent escort the phone’s screen and sat back in his chair.

Should he take on Colin, or leave it? If nothing else, Colin had access to resources—resources he could use to deal with Nate, unless he put the man so far down he was afraid to get back up.

He idly continued clicking through the receipts until he found something else unusual. A password protected document. He clicked on it and typed in Colin’s cloud storage password, suspecting it’d be the same. The document opened.

As Nate scanned it, his anxiousness was replaced by dark joy. He picked up his phone and dialled Alec.

* * * * *

It was after six when Rene arrived home. Nate was waiting for him, dinner laid out, a vase full of brightly coloured flowers ringed with tea lights in the centre of the table.

Rene gave him a confused look as he walked past him into the bedroom to drop his bag and coat. He came back out and Nate pulled him into his arms and kissed him.

Rene looked past him at the candles. “What’s the occasion?”

“We don’t do this enough,” said Nate. “When was the last time we had dinner together like civilised people?”

Rene eyed him warily as he took a seat at the table. “I never took you for a romantic.”

Nate poured him a glass of red wine. “Surprise.”

Rene set his wine in front of him while Nate poured himself a glass. “What happened to Braden?”

“I told him to cluck off. Honestly Rene, letting him sleep in our bed?”

“He wouldn’t have minded sharing.”

“Yeah, well, I did.” Nate sank into his seat and stared into his wine.

Rene took a yellow carnation from the vase and held it to his nose. “Are these supposed to smell nice?”

He handed it to Nate, who sniffed it and shrugged. “I have no idea.”

He dropped it back into the vase and lifted out a red bloom. “This one smells nice.”

He tried to hand it to Rene, but his boyfriend waved it away.

“I’ve been thinking,” he said. Nate was instantly alert. “This… this isn’t working for me.”

Nate stared at him. “What do you mean, it’s not working for you?”

Rene waved a hand at him. “I know what you do, Nate. Do you think I’m fucking stupid?”

Nate frowned. “Wait… you bring home kewp street trash and you have a problem with what I do?”

“That’s just it Nate, you don’t bring it home, you don’t share. You’ve got a problem.”

Nate laughed bitterly. “Says the chronic alcoholic.”

“To the sadomasochistic sex addict.”

Nate took a swallow of wine. This wasn’t how he’d planned this evening going. If everything went wrong tomorrow, he’d hoped he’d have Rene to fall back on. Or at least to have spent one last night pretending they were okay.

Rene got up from the table. “I’m sorry, Nate, I want to move out.”

Nate shook his head as he stared into his wine. “Okay. Okay, mate, you do that.”

Rene stared at him for a long moment, then disappeared into the bedroom. He shut the door, but Nate could still hear him packing. He came out twenty minutes later, a bag in each hand.

“Where are you going?”

“Does it matter?”

Nate shrugged. “I guess not.”

Rene pulled open the front door. “Take care of yourself.”

Nate sat alone at the table until the candles burned low. As the last flame flickered and died, he threw his empty wine glass against the wall.

* * * * *

He woke late the next morning and lay on his back staring up at the ceiling, a dull ache in his chest. He reached over to the bedside table and took a pain killer, swallowing it down with water from the night stand.

His phone vibrated and he picked it up. Two missed calls. Both from Alec.

He opened his messages and saw Alec’s grinning selfie from the day before, followed by a text that read, ‘Can’t wait to see you, blud.’

While he was holding the phone, another text came through—another photo, this one of Alec swallowing down the purple dildo. Nate was impressed by just how far down his throat the kid managed to stick the thing.

He sent a text back. ‘Meet me here in twenty.’ He sent his address and got up to shower.

Fifteen minutes later the buzzer sounded.

He greeted Alec at the door and the kid stalked past him into his apartment, waving the giant purple phallus. He’d stuck googly eyes to it.

“Hi, I’m Bruiser, nice to meet you!”

Nate shook his head and closed the door behind him. “You’re in a good mood.”

Alec grinned at him. “Why aren’t you? You going to settle with Colin, blud.”

“Sure, just… do you have to speak like that?”

“Like what?” Alec spun the dildo in a wobbling circle.

“It doesn’t matter. You want a coffee?” He gestured towards the kitchen, then put a hand to his chest with a wince.

Alec looked concerned. “Fuck, is you still hurt?”

Nate shook his head. “I’m fine.”

“Lemme see.” Alec dropped the dildo on the bench and held his eyes while he undid the buttons on Nate’s shirt. He pushed the fabric kurtköy escort aside and let out a whistle.

“Christ man, I’m sorry, I honestly didn’t think I got you so hard.”

Nate smiled at the unintended pun. He pulled away from Alec and poured himself a coffee.

“It’s nothing.”

“That bruise is bigger than fucking Africa!”

He sounded impressed with his own handiwork.

“Coffee?” Nate asked again, irritated.

“Yeah, yeah, sure, blud.” He continued admiring the bruise.

Nate poured him a mug, then started to button his shirt.

“Hey, hey,” said Alec, “I was enjoying the view.”


Alec left his coffee on the counter and took the mug from Nate’s hand and set it down. He put his hands on Nate’s waist. “Now.”

He pressed his lips to Nate’s, his tongue seeking the heat of Nate’s mouth.

His touch woke the part of Nate that Rene had crushed, his hunger flaring to life.

He pushed Alec back against the kitchen counter, the pain in his chest briefly forgotten, and slid a hand down to the kid’s husband bulge.

“This what you want?”

He fumbled Alec’s zip down and took out his cock, stroking it until it grew hard under his touch.

“Fuck, blud, you know it is.”

Nate pushed him into the lounge and dropped down on to the couch.

“Come get it.”

Alec dropped to his knees and positioned himself between his lover’s legs. He pulled

out Nate’s cock and took it into his mouth, sliding it as far into his throat as he could.

With a sigh of pleasure Nate shuddered and pushed a hand into the kid’s hair while Alec’s throat muscles contracted around the tip of his cock.

Once Nate was hard, Alec pulled his jeans and boxers off and tossed them aside.

“Turn around, blud,” Alec panted, stroking his own cock.

Nate shook his head.

“You want your arse licked or not?”

Nate shook his head again.

“Arright then, your loss.”

“Your gain.” Nate pulled Alec to his feet and turned him around. He ran his hands over Alec’s taut ass cheeks, kneading and caressing.

“You want my tongue on your arsehole again?”

Alec groaned. “Please.”

“You are quite the nasty little slag, aren’t you?”

“You have no idea.”

Nate pushed Alec’s legs apart and lightly ran his fingertips along the underside of his ballsack.

Alec dropped his head to his chest. “Fuck, that feels amazing.”

The sight of the kid shuddering under his touch made Nate’s cock unbearably hard. The way the muscles in his back flexed as he balled his fists, his arse cheeks smooth and perfect, his skin like porcelain.

“Please lick me,” begged Alec. The delicious tremor in his voice made Nate’s chest swell with excitement.

“How badly do you want it?”

“Don’t do me like that, bruv, please! I’ll beg if I have to. But don’t make me beg.”

Nate pulled Alec’s butt cheeks apart and started to tongue his quivering hole.

Alec let out a groan as Nate licked up and down his crack, then stroked his pulsing ring with the flat of his tongue.

“Oh fuck, that feels amazing.”

Nate paused and slicked his finger with spit, then slid his fingertip inside Alec’s tight hole, twisting it while he licked around the kid’s sensitive nerve endings.

Breathing hard, Alec glanced back at him. “You got some lube, bruv?”

Nate nodded towards the kitchen. “Coconut oil’s on the bench.”

Alec reluctantly pulled away from him and came back with the jar. He slathered his and Nate’s cocks with it, filling the air with the faint scent of coconut.

When Nate’s cock was glistening, Alec turned around and lowered himself on to Nate’s now rock-hard pole.

With so much lubrication, the tip of Nate’s cock penetrated his hole easily, and Alec slid himself down inch by inch until even Nate felt uncomfortable for him.

“Christ,” he breathed. “Are you sure you want go this far?

“Yeah, blud,” said Alec. He bit his lower lip and slid himself slowly lower until every inch of Nate’s length disappeared inside him.

Nate put his arms around the kid, his twitching cock squeezed deliciously in its hot prison.

“You ready?”

“Give me a second.” Alec’s breathing was shallow as he adjusted to the intrusion.

Nate nuzzled his spine, his hands roving over the kid’s chest, running down to caress his thighs, teasing his cock.

“Okay,” said Alec. “Go slow, bruv.”

Nate went slow, lifting his hips just enough to move inside his lover, his hands exploring, teasing.

Alec’s breathing quickened and he closed his eyes, his hands resting behind him on Nate’s thighs.

“You can go harder.”

Nate pulled the kid down on his cock, going deeper than he’d ever imagined anyone would ever let him. He let out a groan as Alec used one hand to massage his balls with oil-slicked fingers.

Alec glanced back at him, his eyes half-focused. “Fuck me deep, bruv. I want you to take me all the way.”

He had no idea what he was asking. But he was too fucking hot to argue with.

Nate put both arms around him again and lifted him, slamming him down on his cock as he drove his hips upwards.

Alec let out hot grunts of pleasure that Nate knew had to be riding the edge of pain. But he didn’t ask Nate to stop.

Nate was almost delirious with lust as he gave in to his hunger and slammed into the kid’s arse.

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