Naughty New Neighbors: Ass Training

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Naughty New Neighbors: Ass Training

Summary: Rick begins Chrissie’s ass training with a little help from sex shop sales girl Zoey

Note 1: Thanks to Jasmine, and LarryArcher, for their helpful suggestions and wonderful editing of my story. I can’t thank you enough.

Note 2: Special thanks to Jasmine whose stories have inspired me to write.

The next morning, Rick woke after only hitting the snooze on his alarm once rather than his usual four to five times. Rolling over on his back he discovered he was alone in bed. Then he thought damn that was the most realistic dream I’ve ever had…if only it could have been real, as he grinned ear to ear.

Rick stumbled, still partially asleep, towards the bathroom and into the shower. He thought if the dream was real, he would never want to wash his cock again. It would be a crime to wash Chrissie off his dick. But without even one remark by his subconscious dirty old man or nice guy, he shook off the notion that the dream was real, now quite sure fucking Chrissie had only been a vivid dream and nothing more.

Back in his bedroom he reached under the bed to find his dress shoes. He was shocked when he pulled them out from under the bed, to find them entangled with Chrissie’s shorts. A quick glance around the room revealed his shorts, boxers and sneakers on the floor near the closet, his t-shirt and glasses likewise on the floor near the dresser. Rick sat down on the bed shaking his head, it wasn’t a dream.

Damn right it wasn’t a dream, you fucked the hell out of her, dirty old man finally acknowledged. And it was damn good nice guy added.

Before he even had to time to ponder how Chrissie had gotten back to her apartment without her shorts, in just a tank top, his cell phone began to ring. Jumping up to answer his phone, Rick noticed the caller ID said ‘baby girl’. He answered the call to be greeted by Chrissie’s voice.

“Morning Sugar, did you happen to find my shorts?” she giggled, “I’m glad it was dark out when I woke up and headed home half naked.”

“Why didn’t you just wake me?”

“You looked so peaceful lying there hugging your pillow talking in your sleep, moaning, oh Chrissie yes suck my cock Chrissie, that I just couldn’t bring myself to wake you.”

Giggling more, “Oh by the way I have your keys and will trade them for my shorts…see ya when you are leaving,” as she abruptly ended the call.

Rick noticed it was getting late as his cell flashed the time and if he didn’t get it in gear he would be late to work. He rushed to get dressed, grabbed his wallet and Chrissie’s shorts. Knocking on Chrissie’s door, he was greeted by her dressed in a sheer see-through pink nightie. Rick’s mouth nearly dropped to the ground at the sight of her. Even after having seen her buck naked just the day before, her beauty was still able to bring his cock to attention in milliseconds.

Chrissie noticing his expression and the slight bulge in his pants twirled around slowly, “You like Daddy?” her pussy suddenly damp. Chrissie never understood why showing her body to an older man excited her so much more than with men around her own age and really rarely even gave it a second thought anymore.

“Ahh,” Rick stammered, too aroused to think or speak straight.

“Oh I see you found my shorts…here’s your keys,” she said with a devilish grin, as she handed Rick his keys and took her shorts from him.

“Oh Sugar, if you leave your house key with me I can walk over to the hardware store and get a copies made of our keys…what do you think?”

Rick came to his senses long enough to ask, “Why?”

“Well one, so I can let myself in while you are at work and be able to have dinner waiting when you get home and the other just in case either of us wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly have an urge,” she smiled at her naughty innuendo.

Rick locked his door, still not composed he fumbled getting the house key off the key chain. He handed the key to Chrissie, and then turned away, rushing to his car and driving away. Chrissie just closed her door and thought oh he is so going to fuck me tonight.

Rick had driven two to three blocks before he regained his composure, only to be blindsided by dirty old man damn we are so going to fuck the hell out of her tonight. Nice guy butted in let’s not get too excited after yesterday we are going to have to pace ourselves. Rick’s response was shut the hell up both of you!

The rest of the drive to work was peaceful, allowing Rick time to revel in the memories of how great having sex with Chrissie had been. Nice guy gave his ego a boost commenting you sure did fuck her good even after all these years without getting laid. Damn right he did dirty old man concurred.

Rick arrived at work and he was walking from his car into the building, his ego ataşehir escort now a bit inflated, he had a new swagger in his walk and an obvious smugness in his smile.

Rick was surprised when the office flirt Tess, who normally paid him little attention, stopped him and remarked, “My, my looks like someone got lucky this weekend.”

“Maybe!” was all he could think to say. Then feeling more confident than at any other time in his life, gave her a wink and a devilish grin as he walked away.

Tess called out to him as he walked away, “Rick, how about a happy hour drink this Friday?”

Rick stopped and turned back towards her, stunned by her invite for a drink. He nearly told her yes before remembering that Friday night just might be the night he got to fuck Chrissie while her husband watched.

He instead replied, “I can’t this Friday, I have other commitments…can I get a rain check?” He stared at her breasts without blinking.

Tess blushed but answered her tone sultry, “Sure hot stuff.”

Rick turned and continued to his cubical, pondering whether women have some sort of sixth sense allowing them to know when a guy has had sex. Because it certainly seemed like Tess had suddenly realized he might have something between his legs that she might want to check out for herself.

Knowing he had to keep himself from thinking of Chrissie all day, Rick poured himself into his work. The first time he looked up it was nearly lunch time, the morning had gone by quickly and Rick had gotten lots of work done and hadn’t even given Chrissie a thought.

Remembering Chrissie had promised her ass to him if he trained her, Rick decided to text her just to make sure she hadn’t had a change of heart.

Rick Sanders: how is daddy’s little girl doing?

He got an almost instantaneous reply.

Baby Girl: great daddy especially after last night

Rick smiled her words boosting his confidence.

Rick Sanders: good because I am planning ur training right now and intend to keep u to ur promise

Several seconds passed before a reply came back.

Baby Girl: okay daddy

Rick’s confidence took a blow from her hesitation to reply. Was she having second thoughts? So he rushed to texted her back.

Rick Sanders: ur not going to disappoint daddy are u?

Baby Girl: no daddy just a little nervous … Brad hasn’t even had my ass before…worried what he will think

Rick didn’t even take time to weigh the risks of revealing to Chrissie that Brad had asked him to ass fuck her. Was now the time or would that be better for later? He quickly texted her back.

Rick Sanders: u will make Brad very happy baby girl…he wants me to fuck your ass

Baby Girl: really? How do you know…did he tell you?

Rick Sander: he asked me to…when I talked to him on the phone last night

Baby Girl: OH REALLY!!!! That SOB serves him right then…TRAIN ME DADDY I want u to have my virgin ass

It had worked just as Rick had hoped; Chrissie was now determined to give up her ass, if for no other reason than to spite her husband.

Rick Sanders: we start ur training tonight baby girl…count on it

Just then Rick’s team leader Jim popped his head into his cubicle and asked how it was going.

“Oh just fine…but I need to take an extended lunch I’ve got some personal matters I need to take care of,” Rick quickly added.

“Not a problem. I assume you have nothing pressing work wise right?” Jim replied.

“Nothing pressing that I know of,” Rick answered.

“Then take the whole afternoon if you need it…use up some of that 300 plus hours of vacation time you have on the books,” Jim chuckled, as he walked away.

For a moment Rick was immobilized not sure how to go about training Chrissie’s ass for his cock. Suddenly he remembered a story he had read on Literotica where a guy had his intended piece of ass use three different size butt plugs on herself. This allowed her to become accustomed first to the feel of something in her ass and secondly to stretch her just enough that when he finally took her, she was more than ready.

Not having any other ideas, Rick decided this was as good a way as any to train Chrissie.

This is going to be so much fun, dirty old man chimed in.

But nice guy cautioned you don’t want to be seen buying butt plugs and oh don’t forget some lube.

Taking nice guys warning, Rick did a search from his cell to find sex shops in the area. Finding one a good distance away from work and home, he headed out to get what he needed.

As he drove, he wondered if he should get two or three plugs, not sure if he was actually going to take her ass tonight, or have her prepare herself for tomorrow night. Tonight he really wanted to taste her pussy and get a better avcılar escort look at that tattoo he couldn’t read the night before.

Thinking to himself, no need to try and get it all at once. She wasn’t going anywhere and he had plenty of time yet before Brad returned home. Yeah, break her in tomorrow night and then make sure she is good and broke in the next two nights dirty old man suggested.

When Rick finally arrived at the sex shop, he was a bit nervous about going inside. Not because he had never been in a sex shop before, he had a few times to see if they were having a sale or not on DVDs, but because he had never been in a sex shop to purchase any kind of sex toy or sex aid.

You want her ass don’t you? Then you’re going to have to do this nice guy offered trying to be supportive.

Inside the store, Rick walked about looking lost, not knowing where to find what he was looking for. Frustrated he was about to head back out the door, when a petite young Goth salesgirl dressed all in black with short black spiked hair tinted blue at the ends and wearing a black Hello Kitty t-shirt approached him.

As she walked towards him, being in a feisty mood she decided to have a little fun with is older man and see if she could break her personal best record in creating a bulge in his pants.

“Can I help you find something in particular?” she asked, “You look a little lost,” her voice soft and sultry. Rick feeling frisky himself wondered if he could have some fun of his own and embarrass the sexy young girl, but hesitated before speaking.

Just tell her what you need; she has probably heard it all working here nice guy advised.

Noticing her name tag and taking nice guys advice, Rick replied, “Yes Zoey, I have a young lady with a virgin ass, who is willing to give it up, but needs a little training first,” his cheeks slightly blushing.

Zoey flinched just a little at his bluntness, as her crotch dampened, but managed to keep a poker face.

Zoey had worked at the sex shop for over a year. In all that time she had never had any man accept her offer to help them find what they were looking for. They mostly just asked her to point out what part of the store to look in, being too scared to accept her assistance or trying to put on a macho act. Rick was different, something about him excited her, was it his honesty or the fact that he was undressing her with his eyes.

“Do you have a plan in mind how you’re going to do that?” Zoey asked without even a hint of embarrassment, trying to outdo him in her bluntness.

She gave him a wicked little smile, “I didn’t get your name, but I hope your idea includes butt plugs.”

“Rick, and yes it includes plugs, can you help me?”

“Let’s get you a basket and I’ll show you what you need,” Zoey gave him a coy smile then went to get him a basket for his purchases, returning she lead him to one of the other display areas off from the main room where mainly the tamer items were displayed.

Never having been in any other room of a sex shop except where the DVDs were sold. Rick’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. He couldn’t believe all the different sex toys there were to be purchased.

“First I would suggest at least two tubes of lube for starters, after that you can probably just use your spit or her love juice,” Zoey gave Rick a wink and a sexy smile, hoping her innuendos hadn’t gone unnoticed, as she dropped the lube into the basket. From her expression and tone of voice, Rick correctly surmised that being butt fucked was something Zoey was personally familiar with.

Rick lost focus on what he had come into the store for, finally noticing just how sexy Zoey was. Her perky small breasts seemed to be straining to burst out of her tight black T-shirt which left her midriff exposed. Rick could almost swear her nipples had gotten even harder during the brief time they had been standing there in front of the butt plug display. As there was an obvious impression of a nipple ring piercing her left breast.

Rick became fixated with her belly ring and a lacy tattoo pattern running down her left side and swooping around headed towards her crotch before it disappeared inside her pants. His gaze not being broken until Zoey spoke again.

“Are you in a hurry to do her ass tonight or do you have more time to train her?” Zoey asked as if she was commenting on the weather.

“What difference would that make?” Rick asked really not knowing the answer.

“Will if you want her ass tonight, I’d suggest using just a medium size plug to break her in …it will hurt a bit more when you insert the plug and then when you insert your penis…but you’ll get her ass tonight instead of say tomorrow night,” Zoey calmly explained without even a hint in her voice that she found the subject in anyway revolting or that it was exciting her.

“And if I wasn’t in a hurry…what would you suggest?” Rick inquired, giving Zoey a slight devilish smile while avrupa yakası escort still staring again at her pierced left breast.

“In that case I would suggest starting with something small like this,” as she grabbed a plug from the display, took Rick’s hand to measure his middle finger to the plug, then commented, “This will work just fine and I’d have her wear it overnight.”

“Then what?” he asked.

“Well I’d suggest a medium size plug, for her to wear all morning and then one just slightly smaller than your penis to wear in the afternoon until you get home and do her,” Zoey got a little flush when she noticed Rick was staring at her breasts as well as a bit wetter down below.

Rick noticed she was trying to hide the excitement in her eyes as she talked to him about plugs and how to train a virgin ass.

“So Rick how big is your penis when erect?” Zoey’s eyes sparkled in anticipation of his response and she was getting wetter by the minute.

Rick chuckled, “Can’t say I know for sure, since I have never had a complaint about my size, I’ve never had the need to measure it,”

Suddenly Zoey had a naughty thought and she decide to do something so risky it was almost insane, “Men! Follow me…I will have to measure you if we are going to get the right plugs.”

Rick nearly pissed himself not believing he had heard her correctly. But did as he was instructed, following her towards the back of the store. As they passed the checkout stand, Zoey called out, “Claire keep an eye on the floor, gotta take a measurement.” Claire’s mouth dropped open but didn’t say a word.

Zoey lead Rick into a small storage room and locked the door behind them, before starting to search the desk drawers of a battered old desk.

“Damn I know there is a measuring tape around here someplace…oh found it!” she announced, before turning to Rick, her expression turning to one of annoyance.

Rick just stood there wondering what was going to happen next.

She wants to measure your cock fool, whip it out dirty old man screamed.

“Well what are you waiting for I haven’t got all day let’s measure it, then get back out front and get the plug you need,” she sighed while inwardly smiling with the knowledge that she would have to do something to stimulate the bulge in his pants into a full erection.

She wants your cock you lucky bastard, make her suck it dirty old man pleaded. Nice guy chirped in oh yeah she wants it alright.

“Zoey I’m going to need your assistance if we are going to get an accurate measurement,” Rick smiled at her, with a confidence that had come out of nowhere.

Zoey giggled as she pulled her shirt up under her chin, exposing her beautiful firm little tits, nipples hard and protruding an amazing half inch from the center of her areolas. “Is this enough assistance for you?” she asked seductively, then declared, “Or will you need more help, you dirty old man?”

“Fuck whip it out now!” dirty old man screamed.

“No be calm and you just might get a blowjob out of this,” nice guy advised.

It took all of Rick’s will power to keep his hands from trembling. Zoey had stepped closer to him; her head lowered looking at one thing and one thing only, Rick’s crotch. She was biting her lower lip as she watched him undo his belt and unzip his pants.

The anticipation of seeing his cock sent another gush of wetness between her legs. Zoey pondered for a moment why she was getting so wet, she had seen plenty of cocks and had more than her fair share in her ass, cunt and mouth. Maybe it was the fact that she had forgotten to put on panties this morning.

Rick stooped just enough to lower his pants and boxers to mid-thigh. As he stood up again his cock was saluting Zoey who gasped, “Oh my!”

All thoughts of why they were in the storage room were suddenly lost to Zoey. All she could think was how perfect Rick’s cock was for ass fucking a gal. Not so big as to split a gal apart with searing pain, and yet large enough that a gal would know without a doubt that she had gotten her ass fucked.

Finally coming back to her senses she mumbled softly, “Your lady friend is one lucky bitch,” as she started to stretch the measuring tape to get the measurement they were supposed to be getting.

Rick had almost missed what she had said, but dirty old man even though still mesmerized by her tits didn’t, make your move dude she wants it, she wants it bad.

Rick’s self-confidence was boiling over, as he put his hand on her shoulder and pressed down, “Zoey I think I need a little more assistance to make sure we get an accurate measurement.”

Zoey’s legs felt like butter melting in a hot frying pan. She didn’t resist his hand pressuring her to drop to her knees, to have his cock right in front of her face. Nor did she want to resist, I know I can swallow all of him, I just know it was the only thought spinning in her head.

Zoey loved that he was about to make her suck his cock. He wasn’t asking if she wanted it. He had just pushed her to her knees to take it, he was in control, Zoey loved when a man took control. Zoey thought, I hope he grabs my hair while he pushes my mouth down over that delicious cock.

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