Never Did This Before

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Jim Ellis stood in the doorway of his bedroom and looked around the room. There were still a couple of unpacked boxes in the corner, the only evidence that he had only moved into this senior apartment complex about a month ago, but Jim wasn’t looking at that little mess.

Instead his eyes were fixed on the naked person sprawled on the bed, a bed that was neat and immaculate several hours ago but was now filled with sweat and other body fluids. That was a rare enough experience for Jim since his divorce a few years ago, but the person on the bed? That was completely new.

That’s because the person was a man, and while Jim had thought about it many times over the years, even dating back to his youth, he had never acted on it. That changed a few hours ago and this is his story.

This is primarily a gay story with a brief reference to some male/female interaction.


The sun was coming up and as I stared at the naked man on my bed I was wondering what it would be like when he woke up. Would I be able to talk to this man or even look him in the eye after all that had gone on between us last night and into the early hours of the morning?

I hadn’t gone looking for this but I think my neighbor had. Maybe he had his sights set on me from the moment we met out in the hall a month ago, but as for me I hadn’t thought about that at all. I thought that he was just a nice friendly guy who was lonely like me.

He was just that though. He was a nice guy and like me he was alone and lonely, having lost his wife few years back. A lot of times I back away from people who are friendly and outgoing, but I hadn’t with my neighbor, Mr. Rogers.

That was the nickname I had given him since he looked a bit like the iconic television star. My neighbor’s real name was Carl Benson, who at 58 was three years older than me. I had just turned 55 and that was why I moved into this place, because that was the minimum age to live here and it seemed a nice place that was perfectly located near downtown Saratoga Springs.

Filled with a lot of old people though, I recall thinking while I moved my things in before it struck me that while I was probably the youngest resident, the simple truth was that I was now an old man. 55 is the new 45 or 50 or whatever according to those current sayings? Nonsense. 55 is the same 55 as it ever was for me, and my back gave testimony to that every morning.

Not this morning though, strangely enough. My back felt alright despite the extreme amount of exercise I had gotten last night, and as I eased back into the bed carefully so as not to disturb Mr. Rogers aka Carl, I looked at his naked body as I thought back to how I ended up next to a naked man for the first time in 55 years.


“I’ll come over to your place because you’ve got a bigger screen,” Carl had declared after he had suggested we watch the Mets game together. “I’ll bring some refreshments.”

To my surprise I had agreed when Carl suggested this mainly I’m not a Mets fan, but it was better than sitting in the apartment alone and I was getting depressed without people to talk to.

We had lamented the fact that it was too hot and muggy to stay outside long, what with the temperature near 100 every day this week and the night air oppressively muggy and filled with mosquitos.

Bingo down in the Community Room? We both agreed that wasn’t for us although Carl said he had played a couple of times so he could look at Pat, the woman who was in charge of pulling the numbers out of the tumbler.

“She’s got a nice rack,” Carl had commented about the woman who was on the younger end of our age spectrum here, although I speculated as to what would happen to those breasts out of their heavy-duty support.

“You’d be surprised at some of these women, Jim,” Carl said with a wink. “Game time is 7. See you then.”

Carl arrived promptly armed with a bottle of single malt Scotch that he said was excellent.

“I’m more of a beer guy,” I admitted as I offered him a bottle of Left Hand Milk Stout and brought out cheese and crackers.

“Well, you can educated me about beer and I’ll introduce you to Scotch,” Carl declared as we settle in to watch the game, and that was fine by me.

Instead of the game though we watched rain fall on the infield tarp for a time, and then they played an old edition of Mets Yearbook, which was a highlight film from the 1960’s.

“This I like. Ed Kranepool and Casey Stengel I can relate to,” I told Carl, but soon that film ended when they broke in to announce the game was called on account of rain.

“Well, now what?” Carl asked after we skipped through 100 other channels filled with excerise equipment infomercials and people eating bus for prizes. “I see you’ve got some movies.”

Carl went over to the bookcase filled with DVD’s, and as he looked through them I hoped he wouldn’t peek behind the ones visible to see my porn and think I was a pervert. I am, of course, but didn’t know how Carl felt about aksaray escort that sort of thing.

“I’ve got a few DVD’s next door, but I don’t know if you would like them or not,” Carl said, apparently having a warped mind like myself. “They’re more of a – let’s say adult in nature.”

“I’m fine with that,” I said, and after a quick trip next door Carl returned with a double of discs.

“What do you think of the Scotch?” Carl asked with a hearty slap of my knee.

“I have to admit I’m developing a taste for it,” I confessed while watching this couple screw on my large screen which showed ever pore and hair on the actors.

“How about the movie?” Carl asked with a grin. “That guy looks a little like you. You do porn when you were young?”

“Hardly,” I chuckled when I watched this guy slamming his cock into a little blonde, because while the man was a big hairy dude like me, what he had between his legs bore no resemblance to what I had. “Although I would be glad to trade bodies with him.”

“Hmmm… what’s this?” Carl said as another guy came into the room. “Haven’s seen this DVD in quite a while. Forgot about this part.”

We sat in silence as the action unfolded, and as I watched the action it appeared the two men seemed to forget about the woman in the room. About then I got a queasy sensation in the pit of my stomach. You didn’t forget a scene like this in a movie, and I could feel Carl’s eyes on me, looking for my reaction as the two guys sucked each other’s cocks.

“You ever do anything like that Jim?” Carl asked.

“Uh. A threesome? No. Have you?”

“Yes,” Carl said calmly. “Never interested you?”

“Well sure, being with 2 women. I thought about it but – no. Wouldn’t have had the guts. I had enough trouble handling one. What’s it like, being with two women?”

“Wouldn’t know.”

“I thought you said…”

“My wife would never let another women in our bed,” Carl explained. “She was too insecure about herself.”

“You mean,” I said, shivering when a trickle of sweat went down my spine. “You and the other guy would have sex with your wife?”

“That too, but mostly this,” Carl said as he directed my attention back to the screen. “Does that bother you? Knowing that about me I mean?”

“No,” I said too loud, shaking my head vigorously.

“You never did anything like that with another fella?” Carl asked, and I nearly jumped off the couch when Carl’s hand landed on my knee, or just above it. “Not even when you were a wild and crazy kid?”



“I swear,” I said defensively like I was being grilled instead of just chatting.

“Never tempted? Never thought about it?”

“Well, yeah,” I said before finally coming clean and proceeding to tell Carl about my friend Kenny back in my youth, but it wasn’t much of a story because it ended with me chickening out.

“Something tells me that you regret not going through with it,” Carl said while I sat there staring straight ahead with my hand gripping the arm of the couch like a vice.

“Yes,” I heard myself whisper in response.

“If you want me to stop Jim, just say so,” Carl said, having slid over next to me, and I was afraid to look down as I felt my zipper being pulled down. “It’s just that I find you very attractive. You’re just my type. I love a big hairy bear like you.”

“You’re going to be disappointed,” I managed to choke out just as he was reaching into my open fly, and I was going to tell him that was the way my wife felt toward the end of our relationship despite the fact that I was no different at 50 than I was at 20.

“Want to bet?” Carl replied as he worked into my boxers, and then we both gasped as his hand wrapped around my cock. “Nice. The best part is that you’re hard. Hard as steel, and nice and thick too. This feels good doesn’t it?”

I nodded as the feeling of another person stroking my squat stub was exciting, and the fact that it was a man added even more to the experience. Carl wasn’t judgmental about what he was holding either but simply kept continuing to spin his hand around my cock.

“Want to touch me too?” Carl asked, and after I shrugged my shoulders and made an attempt at a nod he suggested we might be more comfortable somewhere besides the couch.


It was like I was the guest and he was the host in the way my neighbor had taken control of the situation, even grabbing the bedspread and yanking it down towards the foot of the bed when I stood there with my zipper down.

“Are you nervous Jim?” Carl asked as he turned around to face me, and after I nodded he said he was too.

I doubted that but was too busy trying not to faint as I looked down at Carl who at about 5’5″ might not actually be a foot shorter than me but seemed it, and I probably outweighed him by nearly a hundred pounds.

Carl’s eyes were a light blue and his hair was probably light brown or blonde once but was now mostly silver. Unlike mine his hadn’t anadolu yakası escort thinned much, I noted as I looked down at his scalp while he placed his bony hands on my chest and squeezed my man boobs through my shirt.

I should start using the workout room upstairs, I mused while regretting the 30 pounds of extra baggage I was carrying around these days, even more so as Carl unbuttoned my chest and pulled it open to reveal my barrel chest and too meaty for my liking man boobs.

“Mmm,” Carl sighed as he raked his fingers through the silver and black mat of fur that covered my upper torso. “Even better than I imagined back when I would mentally undress you while you moved in.”

There was no hint of sarcasm or anything negative at all in his voice as he spoke, and I looked hard for it too. I didn’t know what Carl was seeing when he looked at me but it couldn’t be the same thing I saw in the mirror every day. Regardless, his words felt so good that I didn’t care if he was lying or just trying to make me feel less self-conscious about my body.

All I knew was that I loved what Carl was saying, and as he kept sliding his fingers over my chest his touch began to excite me even more than his comforting words. His smile grew even wider as he looked up at me before leaning forward.

“Oooh!” I sighed when Carl’s mouth found my nipple and I could feel the bud get stiff as he sucked my right nipple hard while using his fingers on the left one.

How can you go 55 years without ever experiencing this, I wondered while Carl’s sucking became softer and then harder again before switching to the other side. My wife had grown to hate even touching my hairy body, much less doing something like this to me, but Carl was not only accepting of the way I was but seemed to reveal in it.

“You like what I’m doing Jim?” Carl asked when he moved his slightly flushed face back for a second, and after I assured him that I did he told me to make sure to stop him if I did something I didn’t like.

“And there’s a lot of things I want to do to you,” he said with a smile, gripping my chest hard before going back to sucking on my very stiff and tender nipples.

How long would it be before I got tired of having Carl suck on my nipples like this? I wouldn’t find out because my knees were still shaking and my heart was still pounding when he finally leaned back away from me and grabbed my wrist, yanking it up and back behind my neck before leaning back into me and burying his face under my arm.

“Omigod!” I mumbled when I felt Carl’s tongue sliding into the moist jungle of hair that filled my armpit, and while I had done this to my wife a lot back in the day I had never experienced having my own armpits nibbled and licked before.

I was glad that I had taken a shower earlier or else I would have felt squeamish about what Carl was doing, although it felt so good I’m not positive about that either. Carl had snaked his hand down into my fly again when I briefly jerked back in shock at first but when he found that I was still very much aroused he attacked me with even more passion, licking and sucking while undoing my belt.

My slacks dropped to the floor, some change bouncing on the carpet and then rolling out onto the hardwood floor outside the borders of the rug, and then I felt my boxers coming down. Carl disengaged his face from under my arm and quickly got my clothes from around my ankles, and just like that I was naked.

Carl was still fully dressed though, making me feel even more naked if that’s possible but he resisted my efforts to at least pull his shirt off as he went down to his knees and took my cock in his mouth.

Carl’s teeth lightly grazed the ridge of my glans as his lips slid down the shaft until his nose was in my pubes, but that was the last time he nicked me. His mouth slid up and down the length of my cock while I stood there on rubbery legs, a condition that wasn’t helped when he lifted my cock up so he could lick my hairy nut sack for a minute before resuming.

I fought the urge to cum while running my hands through Carl’s scalp, not sure what the protocol was for that. If I ever came in my wife’s mouth she probably would have bit my dick off, but I managed to hold back.

“You’ve got a real jawbreaker there Jim,” Carl sighed as he got to his feet, and he must have been referring to the thickness because the barely 5″ I had been blessed with hadn’t been any challenge to him length-wise.

“Never did this before,” I said as I fumbled for the bottom of his pullover shirt. “Don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

“You’re doing fine,” Carl said as he raised his arms to permit me to lift this shirt over his head, exposing a slender pale torso that looked almost boyish which was remarkable considering it belonged to a 58 year old man.

Carl had very large nipples, fat crimson aureolas

with thick pegs that were as nearly big as my ex-wife’s had been, and his chest was smooth as a baby’s. The only hair ataköy escort I could see on him had been little sprays of hair under his arms, and I found the smoothness of Carl much less unsettling that it would have been to have found something like me under the shirt.

I bent over – way over – and put my lips around those plump buds, and when I heard Carl sigh his approval I kept going. The pudgy nipples felt so good in my mouth that it was easy for me to forget they were attached to a man.

Like sucking on strawberries, I mused while sucking on the soft flesh, and Carl giggled a little bit when I gently used my teeth on it, telling me that I was a fast learner while stroking the back of my neck.

I didn’t know about that because while I nursed on his nipple I felt stupid doing the same things he had done to me, but maybe that was why he was almost presenting his armpit to me. Was he giving me a road map on making love to another man?

My eyes took in the pale hollow with just a few long golden hairs in the center of the deep pocket, and the aroma that hit my senses was not unpleasant. Besides, I had done it before with my ex so I kissed my way over, and when my tongue reached the moist grotto the sharp intake of breath that I heard come through Carl’s teeth told me I did right.

“That’s it – let your tongue slid all the way down,” Carl encouraged me. “Nice.”

What had Carl done next? I tried to remember while sliding over to the other side, pausing along the way to kiss those amazing nipples again. I seemed to recall Carl had undone my belt and after my slacks dropped he had pulled down my boxers and gone down on me.

Could I do that? I didn’t know. Undoing the belt was easy enough, although I did manage to fumble around with the button that secured the pants for a moment. After I did that Carl’s baggy trousers dropped as fast as mine had. Now the tough part. My knees creaked at I went down to the carpet and helped him get the slacks off of his ankles, and I was so taken by Carl’s pale smooth legs that it took me a second to realize what I was looking at right in front of me.

By the time it did register Carl was trying to pull me up to my feet and onto my back in the bed while rebuffing my awkward attempt to take his boxer shorts down, and now he was kneeling beside me going down on my cock once more.

What had I just seen? It didn’t seem possible, and now despite how good it felt while Carl was sucking my cock I wanted to get those boxers off of him. Amazingly when I reached down that way Carl seemed to try and move his hip away but I was not going to be denied.

I kept giving the waistband of his boxers little tugs to nudge them downward although as time when by I was getting more and more ready to rip them clean off of Carl. Slowly they came down, first exposing the little tuft of golden pubic hair at the the base of his cock, but at the angle I was at I couldn’t see what I wanted to.

“Carl – please take them off,” I whispered, about to remind him that he had said that if he did anything I didn’t like I should tell him, and him keeping those boxers on fit that.

Finally Carl stepped off the bed and tugged the boxers off before getting back on the bed next to me, but not before I had seen what he was trying to hide from my sight for some reason.

What I had thought I saw before was the tip of Carl’s cock sticking out the leg of his boxer shorts. Now granted Carl’s boxers weren’t as long and baggy as mine were but they were boxer shorts nonetheless and now that the underwear were off and his erect manhood was springing around I learned that my eyes had not been betraying me.

I brought my hand down to Carl’s thigh and squeezed the flesh gently while trying to get a better look at the only erect penis I had even seen in purpose besides my own, and nothing about it looked anything like mine.

Mine was thicker, no question about that, but outside of that any comparison was ludicrous. Besides Carl being uncircumcised the other obvious difference was the length of his organ, which was preposterous.

Even if it were attached to my brawny body that cock would look outrageous, but attached to Carl’s skinny frame it looked inhuman. That was how I enjoyed my first orgasm with a man, staring enviously at a cock that looked like it belonged in a porn movie.

As I started cumming, my cock spurting wildly into Carl’s mouth, I felt guilty but if Carl was mad about it you would never know it they way he swallowed my cum as fast as it came out, and he kept on sucking until I was limp and drained. Only then did Carl raise his head and asked me how I liked it.


“I can’t believe this,” after Carl had taken my place on his back and I positioned myself at his hip, kneeling there and looking down at Carl’s cock which was still pretty erect and laying back on his stomach, the fact that the end of his long foreskin reached up his stomach above his navel only intimidated me more.

“When you were trying to hide yourself I figured that – well – that the reason was the same as why I didn’t want you to see me,” I told Carl, buying time with words because I was every bit as scared as I was excited.

“You looked like you were nervous,” Carl said as he looked up at me from the bedding. “I didn’t want to lose you.”

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