Nigel’s Pet Ch. 07

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Part 7 of a series. Please take the time to read 1-6.

Ali had just returned home to her family’s Minnesota dairy farm for the summer after her first year of college at the U of M.

Her father was not sure if he liked all the changes in the way she dressed, the piercings and that strange horse head tattoo that she had on her thigh.

He knew something had happened shortly after she had started her freshman year, that made her pull away from her family.

Today Rich Shanhan was making the short drive into the twin cities to find out what was going on with his daughter.

In the past Rich and his daughter were always able to talk about anything.

But the last few months when he had tried to talk to Ali, she would never want to make any eye contact with her father and always acted like she wanted to keep the conversations short.

Most of the time it seemed as if she would go out of her way to avoid any contact with him at all.

Rich understood that Ali was on her own for the first time in her life and probably needed time to adjust to college.

She had always been independent and wanted to make her own decisions on what she was going to do with her life.

So Rich didn’t push her for answers because of the fear that he might make her rebel and pull away further.

What really bothered Rich the most was that Ali would call her mother with some lame excuse for not coming home for the holidays. She then seemed to just vanish on these days and if they tried to call her cell phone there would never be an answer.

Usually it would be several days later before she would call back to answer the voice messages they had left.

Then there was that unforgettable day in late August.

Rich had traveled to the cities for a business trip for the dairy.

He decided that as long he was in town that he would drive down to the college to surprise Ali and take her out to dinner.

He parked in the main lot right next to her car to wait for her to finish her last class of the day.

Rich spotted Ali coming out of the classroom building and noticed that she was walking towards the lot with an older looking man that was dressed in a suit.

Before he could call out her name (to get her attention) she had quickly gotten into a car with the man and drove away.

The next day he called Ali on the phone to tell her about his trip to the cities and that he had just missing her the day before in the parking lot of the school at around 4 in the afternoon.

He then asked Ali “Who was the man that you got into the car with?

Ali told him that he was mistaken and that he must have just seen another girl that looked like her, because by 4 she was already back in the dorm studying

Rich knew his daughter was telling him a lie.

He had called the dorm and talked to her roommate and she had told him that Ali was not there.(Nigel’s pet ch 01 explains that day).

It hurt him knowing that for the last several mouths that she seemed to be always telling lies to cover her tracks, but he really didn’t have any hard evidence.

Richard Shanhan wanted to find out the truth about his daughter’s unexplained disappearances so he hired a local private detective.

Rich didn’t like the idea of spying on Ali but there where just too many signs pointing to the fact that there was something wrong in his daughter’s life

Was she on drugs? What has happened to Ali that has changed her so? Why is she lying to us all the time?

He had found the private investigator through the local yellow pages .

On the bottom right hand corner of page 850 there was a picture of a very overweight man along with this text: Nobody can hide the truth from James Patrick Scott. Your wife or husband cheating? Your employees stealing you blind? Let JP answer your questions with modern hidden video technology.

It was a little after three in the afternoon when Rich arrived at the PI’s office located in south St. Paul.

After double checking the address, Rich drove his new Lincoln to the front of the red brick building and parked next to the detectives rusted out 78 Cadillac and went inside.

James Patrick Scott’s office was a total mess from one end to the other.

Fast food wrappers were piled on the floor around an already full trash can and overflowing ash trays where scattered all over the room.

Along the outer walls, boxes full of files were stacked with no visible pattern.

The air smelled of the old cigarette butts and the foul body odor given off from the fat man sitting behind the desk.

“Hi” I am Richard Shanhan ” You said on the phone that you have some information about my daughter?”

JP said back to his client” Yes ,I think I have found exactly what you have been looking for. Have a seat Mr. S and I will go over the information with you.”

“Now you must understand that what I am about to show you might be very upsetting to you as a father and the pictures are quite graphic.” James told Rich.

“I need to pendik escort bayan know what’s going on with my daughter, so just get on with it.” Rich said back.

On the desk in front of James were the stacks of photos and the video’s he had taken without the young girls knowledge.

“Let me show you part of the first tape so you can see what she has been doing.” JP said to Ali’s father.

The two men sat with their eyes glued to the small TV screen as the video started to play.

It showed a white limo pull up in front of Ali’s dorm and the young girl dressed in a very short red dress coming outside and sliding into backseat of the car.

“I followed them across town and they ended up at the Radisson on the west side of Minneapolis.” JP said.

The video showed the car pulling up to the main entrance of the hotel and Ali and a older gentlemen got out of the back of the limo and went inside.

“Who is that guy?” Rich questioned ” I saw Ali and him get into his car in front of her school several months ago.”

“He is Eric Nigel Lucas.” JP responded “He is one of Ali’s professors at the U.”

“Why is she going to a hotel with her professor in the middle of the day?” Rich asked.

“I did some asking around.” JP said back ” This guy has a history of setting up clients with college age prostitutes. I am sorry to tell you Mr. Shanhan but it looks like your daughter is one of these girls.”

JP hit the pause button freezing the young girls entrance into the hotel.

“I have a client that works at the front desk of the hotel. She still owes me some money for some divorce work I did for her last year so I can use her to get information about the comings and goings at the hotel. She told me several weeks before I took this video that Nigel has a standing Friday night reservation for the next three years and that he always wants to have the same room for his parties. I asked her if I could set up a few cameras in the room in trade for part of her overdue bill and that I would also need the room next door to set up my monitor and vcr.”

“Today the party was for four of Nigel clients and your daughter (Ali) was the featured entertainment for the afternoon.” JP said to Rich.

“All my cameras have a wide angle lenses with a separate remote so I can move them around the room and change the angle.” JP went on to say as he pushed the play button.

As the video started on the small colored tv screen it showed that Nigel and the four men were standing in the middle of the room talking out the business end of the party(everyone must pay to play was Nigel’s motto).

Ali was across the room sitting alone on the big couch in the very plush suite.

“Stop the tape for a second.” Rich said to the detective. “Tell me the names of these men and what they do.”

“I thought you would want to know that, so I asked around.” JP said back ” That big fat white guy is Ben Roberts he owns a sports bar in Minneapolis. But rumor has it that he makes most of his money selling dope. The two black guys are his bouncers/dealers. The taller one is Tyron Morgan other is Tim Davis, both were going to be linebackers for the Vikes a few years back but tore out their knees in training camp. Skinny white guy is Ben’s lawyer George Campton.”

“She is very pretty but she looks too young to be doing this.” lawyer George said to Nigel “Are you sure she is 18?”

“Yes she just turned 18 a couple months ago. ” Nigel responded “I want you to know that it is safe to fuck her bareback. I have all my girls tested weekly so she is totally disease free. Plus this little whore is totally addicted to having cum shot inside her.”

“Tell them that you want your holes filled with their hot cum.” Nigel ordered Ali.

Ali responded “Please Sirs, I need you to fill all of my holes with your hot cum.”

“Stand up and show the men what they are buying today.” Nigel said to Ali.

Ali stood and move to the middle of the group of men .

She pulled up her short red dress to show them her clean shaven young pussy.

Ali slowly moved her hand over the soft lips and spread them slightly to show the men the silver ring that she had pierced through her clit.

“Play with your pussy and show the gentlemen you are wet and ready for their cocks.” Nigel said to Ali.

Ali moaned as her hand moved over her mound and dipped two fingers in her pussy, covering them with her clear juices. She then held them up proudly to show the men her hole was ready for a good fucking.

“Turn around and bend over.” Nigel order the girl.

Ali held her dress up over her hips as Nigel’s hands spread out her ass cheeks to expose both of her tight holes to the on looking men.

“Here they are gentlemen, two of the tightest holes that you will ever have the chance of sticking your dicks in.” Nigel said as he slowly started working one finger in her wet twat and another in her tight asshole.

“This whore is here to please you and şirinevler escort bayan make you cum.” Nigel said “She has three holes and loves to have a cock filling them all at the same time. You can fuck her ass and then make her suck your cock clean. You can cum inside her pussy or in a glass and make her drink it. You can spank her ass or whip her with your belts. But don’t hit her in the face or make any permanent marks or else you will never get to play with her again.” Nigel said sternly.

“We understand the rules and will respect your wishes. Here’s your money” the bossman Ben said as he handed Nigel the envelope filled with cash .

“$5000.00 seems like a fair enough price for her services for afternoon ,because she is very sexy.” George said to his boss.

Ali was still bent over at the waist with her sex exposed to the room full of older men.

“Take your dress off dear so we don’t ruin it.” lawyer George said to Ali.

She reached behind her and unzipped the dress and then pulled it up over her head. She turned to face the row of onlooking men naked except for her red thigh high hose that was attached to a bright red garter belt.

The two black men had moved the large coffee table into the center of the room.

“Get up on the table and dance for us” the fat boss man said.

The men undressed and were all naked sitting on the couch(2 on the seat and two were perched on the arms) waiting to watch Ali start her dance.

Ali climbed up on the table and slowly started gyrating her hips as she ran her hands up and down her body and over her young firm breasts.

She could feel the heat in her pussy building as eight hungry eyes were focused on her firm tits as she pulled on her nipples and twisted them hard between her thumb and fingers.

She moved her hands down over her belly as she slowly parted her legs.

Ali moved her hands between her thighs and put one hand on each side of her pussy to pull it wide open so the wide eyed men could get the full view of inside of her young twat as she thrust her hips up and down as if she was riding a hard cock.

She then turned and bent over at the waist as she pulled her butt cheeks as far apart as she could to exposing her tight ass to the now very turned on men. She hear a chorus of Ah’s from the men as she took some juice from her wet pussy and rubbed it on her tight anus.

After a few more spins on the table top Ali laid down facing the men as she worked two fingers in and out of her steamy twat. She was moaning loudly as she finger fucked her tight teenage hole.

“Oh my god she is hot.” boss man Ben said” Tyron you go first I want to see you try to fit that big black cock into that tiny pussy of hers.”

Tyron stood up and Ali got the first good look at his horse sized cock. It had to be 10 inches long and it was bigger then her wrist.

Tyron moved up between the young white girls open legs with his huge cock in his hand. When the black man placed the tip of his cock on her wet pussy Ali reached down between her thighs and grabbed the long black pole and rubbed it the length of her wet slit gathering moisture so he could slowly ease that big thing in her tiny pink twat.

Ali raised her head up so she could see her pink pussy lips being pushed apart as Tyron slowly pumped his black cock in deeper with each short stroke.

She had never in her young life taken a cock that thick and long and she was loving it.

Her pussy soon adjusted to his pumping black shaft and she now was wanting him to fuck her deep so his balls would be hitting her ass.

She laid back down on the table and arched her hips trying to help Tyron get his long cock all the way in her wet snatch.

Ali would let out a little whimper every time that he pushed deeper, to make it seem to the men that Tyron was hurting her young twat with his huge cock.

Ali could feel two cocks rubbing on her tits and Tim (other black guy) was standing over head sliding his long cock to her waiting mouth.

“Oh my god she is tight ” Tyron exclaimed as he fucking her harder making his balls slap against her ass.

Ali always loved to put on a good show for her men customers. So she let Tim’s cock slide out of her mouth and tried to jerk her hips ahead enough to dislodge Tyron’s weapon from her pink fuck hole.

“Please you have to stop now, that huge black cock is hurting my tiny little white pussy. Please stop you are just too big for me.” Ali screamed out at the black man on top of her.

“Shut the fuck up you little cunt.” Tim said as he forced his cock back in her mouth to silence her.

“You need to learn how to take a man’s cock, you aren’t fucking with little boys here” Tyron yelled back as he pounded her cunt brutally.

“That’s it ,fuck the bitch with that big cock. Make it hurt.” Tim said. “Get ready bitch I am going to fill your mouth with my cum.”

Ali increased the suction on his cock and he shot his first load of şişli escort bayan hot cum in her waiting mouth.

Ben and George had been standing over Ali’s chest, jacking their cocks and as Tim pulled out of Ali’s mouth they both shot their white cum all over her firm tits.

Tyron was working up a sweat as he now had her ass in a vise like grip as he fucked her tender hole with his hard shaft.

“Does it still hurt you little bitch.” he asked Ali

“Get the fuck off me .” Ali screamed ” You are hurting me. Let me go I don’t like this.”

Ali put her hands up on his shoulders and tried to push him off , but he was too strong.

The more she tried to fight him off, the harder he fucked her. His cock was making a swishing sound as it fuck her young cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhh.” Tyron moaned as he shot his warm seed inside Ali’s young body. “Take my cum you little white bitch.”

After he came he held Ali’s ass up tight against him. He wanting her to remember the feel of his huge cock buried inside her quivering teenage pussy.

When he finally pulled his cock out, it made a popping sound like a cork coming out of a bottle.

His huge load of cum was leaking out of Ali’s wide open fuck hole, making a small puddle of the white goo on the table.

“I want to leave now .” Ali said as she sat to get up off the table. ” You guys are assholes and are just trying to hurt me.”

Ali managed to pick up her dress from the floor and made a run for the door, but Tim tackled her from behind.

“You are not going anywhere yet. We will tell you when we are done.” Ben the boss man said.

“Get the fuck off me.” Ali screamed

Tim had her pinned firming down on the floor and

before she could say another word Ben placed a red ball gag in her mouth and cinched tight with its leather straps.

George took her wrists and bound them in two leather bands and hooked them behind her back.

“The little bitch has some fight in her, that needs to be beaten out.” Ben said as he pulled her up off the ground and pushed her back to the middle of the room forcing her to kneel down with her knees on the floor and her tits resting on the cool wood of the coffee table.

“Tie her to the table and we will teach his little slut who is the boss.”

Tim held her down as Tyron ran a white cord around the table several times and tied it so tight that it cut into her back and made Ali’s tits hurt because they were squashed down into the table top.

“There is a spreader bar in the bag, I think we will need that too.” George said to Tyron.

Ali could feel the leather straps being placed on her ankles and two sets of hand pulling her legs apart so they could hook them to the wide bar.

The men took two more short pieces of cord and tied her thighs to the coffee table legs.

” Nice work boys, lets see if the little bitch can get away now.” the boss man Ben said.

Ali lay there very still ,now appearing to be too scared to move.

The men were now standing in a circle around her and she was not sure of what they were going to do next.

“You need to except the fact that you are our whore to use as we wish. If we wanted to hear women bitching about how we are not fucking them right we would have just went home to our wives.” the boss man said as Ali felt the first crack of his belt on her pink ass.

Crack…..crack…..the belt went as it hit Ali’s ass with such great force that it was actually pushing her and the coffee table across the push carpet floor.

Tears welled up in her eyes and the men could hear her sob through the gag.

“Have you had enough yet? Are you going to remember that you are nothing more to us then a place to dump our cum and we really don’t care what you like? the boss man Ben asked Ali.” Just nodded your head yes, if you understand and are ready to continue.”

As Ali slowly nodded her head yes, she was secretly smiling to herself knowing that things were going just as she had them planned. She loved to try to escape from her clients only to have them tie her young body and make her submit .

“Get her ass ready.” Ben told Tyron and Tim “I want to be the first in that tight little hole.

Ali could feel Tim’s hand pull her ass wide apart as Tyron applied some K-Y jelly to her up turned ass.

“Here warm her up with this.” George said as he tossed a 8 inch cock shaped vibrator to Tyron.

Ali could feel the pressure of the tip opening her tight back passage as Tyron slowly fucked her ass deeper until the whole length was fully buried in her bowels.

Tyron just held it there and turn the knob so Ali could feel with gentle buss of the motor.

After a few minutes he started fucking her ass hard and deep with the toy as he forced three fingers in her wet cum filled twat.

“I think she is ready, lets fuck that ass.” Ben said

Ali’s ass was left stretched wide open after the thick vibrator was pulled out making it easy for Ben to work his five inch penis in and out.

Ali could feel the weight of his fat hard belly on her back as he pumped his tiny cock in and out.

Ali loved being tied and fucked in the ass and was soon trying to push back to meet Ben’s thrusts but could not because she was bound so tight.

“Ahhhh Fuck I am Cumming.” Ben yelled as he dumped his cum inside Ali’s teenage ass.

“STOP THE TAPE” Rich yelled out to JP “I have seen enough.”

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