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He told me to think about it over the weekend. Think about it? It was like he thought I might not after suggesting such a thing to me late Friday. And, just what else was I going to think about? Nothing else. As Sunday evening came, I wondered if I had thought about anything all weekend except for his suggestion, his proposal. The words rang in my head all weekend, “What if … just a what if … you were to fuck all the guys, suck them off, dress sexy and tease them.”

My mind spun around on the same questions: Could that even work? How would it work? Could I do that? Is that what I think I need now?

All the while I knew it was the most exciting idea I had ever heard. The girls were out of the house, I had a new job with a bunch of great guys in a small company, and I was wanting to discover a life I had always been denied. My sexual response to fucking Bob had been the confirming exclamation point if I ever needed one.

When I walked into the office Monday morning, I didn’t know if I had consciously made a definitive decision in my mind. I dressed for work like I almost always did: conservative blouse, knee-length skirt, pantyhose, bra and panties (not necessarily matched), and low-heeled shoes. I greeted those who were already in the office as I always did. Nothing outwardly could have seemed different that morning. Inwardly, though, it was as if I was moving on some kind of cruise control. I don’t know that I could have even verified that I saw all the traffic lights or stop signs along my route from home.

It was the same as I entered my workstation, dropped my purse and lunch, turned the computer on, took my phone off automatic messaging, leaned over the back edge and started the copier and printer. Then, without a thought I was in the doorway of Bob’s office, softly rapping on the open door.

“Bob, can we talk?”

He smiled, “Of course. Should the door be closed, or … won’t that be necessary?”

I turned without response and closed his door. We might be informal in the office, but if a door is closed it is treated as private. I stood for a moment with my hand on the doorknob, then turned and took the same chair I had used Friday. Neither of us said anything for a few moments. It could have been very awkward but he was very patient.

“Bob … I thought of nothing else all weekend. You know …” He nodded. Yes, he knew and he had probably been holding his breath all weekend. On the one hand, he was probably wondering what I might decide, and on the other hand, hoping he didn’t drive me away from the company.

I peeked at him and he saw it. He beat me, apparently not able to be that patient in silence. “Patty, I shouldn’t have said what I did. I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want you to leave because I made a stupid suggestion that rose from you confiding in me your deepest desires. I was out-of-line.”

He thought my quiet was because I was upset; that I was disappointed in him? “Bob, no, no … my response is YES, but there are things I … we … have to understand.”

He looked back in amazement. He had prepared himself for anger and retribution. I said, yes, though. He was still wrapping his head around the answer. He looked at me carefully as if he was trying to verify what his ears told him. I nodded and smiled.

He recovered admirably. “What understandings? You think you can do this?”

I smiled, diverting my eyes as I blushed intensely. “Do I think I can do this? I don’t honestly know. What I do know is that I WANT to do this. You know my story now, Bob. Yes, I confided in you my deepest desires that night. I liked that night, Bob. Not just the fuck, though it truly was amazing, but that I chose to do it. I realized I needed to do it. It had been a long time and the experience I had was limited, but you also know I am hungry for more experiences.” I smiled shyly, “As you said, better here than strangers from bars.”

His smile was broad and the confident, controlled president was back. I just knew he would support me in everything. I also had confidence that once we really began he would challenge and push me to experience more and more. It was what I confided in him, which drew all this out into his proposal last Friday. We discussed the questions of how in an office the idea could work. Who would be involved, how is it would be controlled? The office is so small, it isn’t as if something like this could be hidden for long. There were five managers in the office, four guys up front, Bill Clancy as a manager in the shop, and the 20 guys working in the shop. What were we even talking about? The idea is exciting, but how could it be practical, manageable? There were a lot of questions.

Bob was a problem-solver, though, it was how a small company like us competed in a larger market. He saw opportunities and how someone like us with flexibility and speed could take advantage of those opportunities when a larger company was still trying to see the opportunity. He was sitting in his classic ‘Bob thinking’ pose, as we called it. Turned slightly to the side, his fingers steepled to his lips, his eyes focused on something far off through the window.

He turned to me, “We start small and work it out as we go. At some point, you’re right, it will be too much to control and we have to manage it with rules and understandings. If you’re willing, let’s start out just between us as a teaser for what will come. Before we extend it. I will have to have private, confidential conversations. I suppose there is still the risk of harassment claims even with the guys.” I nodded. I was putting myself in his hands. I suddenly saw this as a great risk for him like for me. I could go somewhere else for a job and he would protect me even if the company was slapped with a harassment claim. Or, he could settle it and I would still be here. But, the company was his and the risk was to the company in any claim.

“Whatever you think, Bob.”

“Oh, my dear, be careful. You might not believe how I might think.” I laughed with him. It was interesting. In that moment, I knew I was past the self-doubts. Whatever his thoughts might come to, I wanted to experience things.

“I’m trusting you, Bob. How’s that for a downer? I’m putting my trust in the guy who loved his wife the way you did.” He smiled. I could see it in his eyes, touché. I called his bluff and he knew it.

“Are you ready?”


“Why wait? Maybe you want to lock that door now.” He watched me intently, studying my eyes, facial reaction, body reaction. I stood and moved to the door. I stopped at the door with my fingers at the knob. Seconds ticked by as I stood there. My fingers turned the lock and I returned to the chair. His hand came up to stop me from sitting. “What did you call it last Friday?” An office toy, I responded. “Yes, I like that. Let’s see what we have here, then.”

I put my arms out and turned slowly in a circle where I stood. He smiled. “Yes, very nice, but I meant really see. Remove your blouse, Patty.”

I sucked in air with a gasp. He really was starting. My hands were shaking and it felt like my knees might collapse, but my heart was racing with excitement and instantly I felt wetness between my thighs in my pussy lips. My shaking fingers moved to the top button and they worked down the front of my blouse until I had to pulled the blouse from my skirt to finish unbuttoning it. My blouse was fully open and my hands moved to pull it off my shoulders and down my arms. I dropped it onto the adjacent chair. On my own, I turned around, again, for his appraisal.

“Yes, very nice, Patty. Remember, though, I’ve seen you naked, already.”

“Yes … but not in your office. You can’t believe the difference it feels for me.”

He smiled reassuringly. “Now, your skirt.”

My fingers were shaking again as they worked the clasp and zipper at the side. I glanced at him, saw him watching intently, and pushed the garment over my hips and let it drop to the floor. I stepped out of it and dropped it on the chair. Again, I turned around for him. I was standing in my bra, pantyhose, and panties. I had kicked my shoes off with my skirt.

“Pantyhose. You had pantyhose on last Wednesday, too.” I nodded. It was all I wore. “That won’t do, Patty. Pantyhose isn’t sexy. Take them off.” He opened his desk drawer and came out with scissors. “Cut them up as a ritualistic commitment to never again wear them.”

I even smiled as I did as he said. I pushed the pantyhose down, having to sit to remove them from my feet. As I lifted one foot, then the other, I was sure he could see the wetness on the gusset of my panties. I stood and cut the pantyhose into small pieces, dropping them into his wastebasket in the process. I stood in my bra and panties. The panties were cotton briefs and the bra was a basic soft cup. I knew what he was going to say before he did.

He was shaking his head, “Not sexy, Patty. You are, don’t get me wrong, but we can’t be having you running around her in bra and panties and not having them be sexy.” Running around in my bra and panties? “Is that what you own?” I nodded. I’ve been divorced and being a mom for five years. “We’re going to take care of that today. I know some shops at the mall my wife loved and frequented. If they are still there. I’ll check.”

“Bob, I can’t … I mean, I can’t afford to change out my whole wardrobe.”

“I wouldn’t ask you to. I will buy you some new things, then if you decide to continue, I’ll give you a credit card to use for more and other expenses resulting casino siteleri from what the guys might suggest. I have a feeling they will have suggestions.” I blushed at the thought of him dressing me and the others having ideas of how I might dress for them. He saw my blush but didn’t give me time to get too nervous.

“Now, off with the bra and panties. We’ll definitely find you much sexier items than that to tease everyone with.”

I wasn’t sure what was going through my mind, if anything, but my hands reached behind me and unclasped my bra. I shrugged it off my shoulders and down my arms. I then pushed my panties over my hips and down my legs. I was about to crouch down to pick them up when he stopped me, again.

“Patty, turn your back to me, part your feet about a foot, and bend over to pick them up without bending your knees.” God, I’d heard about this move. I didn’t think I could get any redder, but I think I did. I moved as he instructed, then, to truly give him what he wanted, I glanced back as I was fully bent over. He smiled widely.

I stood before him, again. I turned to him, again. He was enjoying this. I was wetter than I think I might ever have been without being touched. I stood before him in his office and was completely naked. Just outside his office were the sounds of people beginning to go about their work. I was watching his face as I stood before him and we both listened to the sounds outside the door. Someone asked someone else if they knew where I was and I shivered. He saw it and smiled.

“Exciting, isn’t it?” I nodded. I was dripping wet. He stood, unbuckled his belt and loosened his slacks, pushing them to his knees before sitting again. He didn’t say a word, just sat in his chair turned to the side. I looked at him as he watched me. It was obvious what he intended, his big cock even semi-hard exposed. I walked around his desk and knelt at his spread knees. I looked up at him. I had a smile, too. I was really going to do this in his office with the clatter and chatter of people outside this office.

I took his cock in my left hand and moved my head to it. I licked the underside and kissed the head. I wasn’t an expert in sucking cock or any kind of sex, really. My husband had been intent on climaxing, not playing or experimenting. But, since he left us, I have watched my own preference of porn videos and stories.

His cock quickly grew in my hand and mouth. Like last week during our first time, I marveled at the size of it compared to the cock I had my only experience with. I pulled my head back and turned to his desk. I started opening a drawer and looking inside, then another.

“What are you looking for? Condoms?”

I stifled a laugh. “We didn’t worry about that the last time. My tubes were tied after the girls were born.” I continued to look, “A ruler … or tape measure …”

He shifted and opened a drawer on the other side. He handed me a tape measure. “Is this how your brain always works? In the middle of giving good head and your mind wanders to needing a tape measure for something?”

I glance at him as I reposition myself at his knees. “Don’t be silly. This is all about your cock. You might say I have been sort of fixated on a thought since the first time.” His cock had softened slightly and I sucked and stroked it more to achieve full stiffness, again. “I was curious … don’t worry, I’ll get back to sucking you … I’m naked here, right? After experiencing this wonderful thing, I did some checking. Amazing what you can find on the internet. I was right. The average American penis is about 5.6 inches erect. That fit with my thought of my ex.” I extended the tape along the underside of his penis. “Mmmmmm …” I looked up at him with a lusty smile. “I knew this felt good. You’re over 50% bigger … about 9 inches.”

“Is that good? I mean for you?”

“Did you ever think maybe it was why your wife like sex so much?” I raised my eyebrows. He chuckled, but I was already devouring his cock, again. When he came, I made an elaborate show of swallowing and licking my lips. “A lot of cum, too.” I stood up in front of him. My pussy was dripping with need, my nipples were tight, hard pebbles on the end of my breasts. Then, he did something I wasn’t expecting.

He stood up and fastened his slacks. The frustration was evident in my body and facial response. He stepped up to me and kissed me on the lips, his hands roaming down my naked body, fondling my breasts, and slipping a finger into my very needy pussy. He brought the finger up to his lips and had me watch as he sucked it clean.

“I think you’ve been absent from out there long enough, don’t you? Do you want them to start speculating, already?”

I shivered as his hands touched my body. My pantyhose was gone, but I dressed in the rest of my clothes. As I buttoned my blouse, he judged which one could be left open without blatantly showing my conservative bra. “We’ll get you some bras that allow more cleavage exposure.” He just smiled. When I opened his door, he called out to me, a little louder than necessary, “Patty … we’ll need to review that information more thoroughly this afternoon.”

A couple guys in the area heard him and glanced my way. Now seen, I had two guys headed my way looking for help or supplies. I wondered if they would be able to smell anything different from my wet pussy. Whether the guys noticed or not, my fingers were a bit shaky as I opened the supply drawer.

* * * * *

Bob made it a point of interacting with me far more that morning than normal. And every time he did I wondered if he would want me in his office for more of the same, but it always had something to do with a project, a company account, or some more trivial thing. By lunchtime when he came to his door, I looked up quick only to find him smiling and indicating he was running out for a minute. I was flushed and I could feel it.

I sat with some of the guys in the lunch/conference room for lunch. I was spaced out, my mind sorting through the spider web of thoughts, ideas, and emotions. The guys would say something to me and wait, then repeat it. Sometimes, I heard it on the repeat, other times it took more.

“Are you okay, Patty? You seem really distracted today.” I assured them I was fine, just a lot going on. It was a put-off and maybe they knew it but they let it go if they did.

I was bent over the table wiping it down as I routinely did after lunch in case the room would be needed for a group meeting. My back was to the door as I stretched over the table when I felt a pair of hands placed squarely on my ass cheeks. I jerked at the touch, then heard the voice, “You have a nice ass, even in that skirt.” The words were almost a whisper and they were spoken next to my ear as he leaned over me. He took my hand and led me to the other end of the table away from the open door. He pressed the front of my thighs into the edge of the table and applied a little pressure on my back. I felt myself moving forward, my hands reaching out to support myself as I leaned over the table.

“I love what you are doing, Patty. It is so very hot. YOU are so very hot.” His hand slid down over my butt, down the back of my thighs to the hem of my skirt, which I felt rising up my legs. I sucked in air and gulped it in a lump down my throat. Cruise control. What else made me do it? My skirt up at my waist. I opened my feet to shoulder width if they moved an inch. I was holding my breath now, waiting for the next touch, anticipating it, wanting it … needing it.

His fingers brushed lightly up the back of my bare thighs then rotated inside as they neared my panties. I gasped as the finger of his right hand pressed into the gusset of my cotton panties, sliding along my pussy. His left hand moved across my ass and a finger slid inside the right leg hole and pulled the gusset to the left exposing my pussy directly to the touch and stroking of his right hand. When a finger slid easily into my soaked pussy, I gasped and moaned, moving one hand quickly to my mouth to muffle any further sounds.

His lips next to my ear, again, “I can’t wait to feel your pussy around me, again.” I groaned. “You want that, too.” I nodded. “What do you want? Say it.”

“Yes, I want it. YOU. I want YOU. I want you inside me, again.”

“What are you becoming, Patty?” I groaned a little louder this time.

“A office plaything, a toy.”

“What does that mean? What’s an office plaything, a toy?”

“God … fuck me, please!” It was whispered but so deeply it surprised even me that it came out with the desperation I felt.

His finger was jammed deep in my pussy. “What does it mean to be the office plaything?”

“You fuck me in the office. They fuck me. Everyone fucks me in the office. I’m here for all of you to use.”

He turned me around and held his finger up to my face. I took his hand and put the finger in my mouth. He had me feeling so wanton and he knew it and he was enjoying my frustration. I pulled his finger out and let go of it. I looked him in the eyes and shocked myself if not him, “I wish I was sucking my juices off your cock.” I turned to the door, smoothing my skirt as I went.

I almost bumped into Bill Clancy. “Bob, can I see you for a minute?”

I had stepped back when Bill turned into the doorway. Bob winked at me as he led Bill out, “Of course, Bill, something wrong in the shop?”

* * * * *

The afternoon was torture. I went to the women’s room three times in vain attempts to dry my leaking pussy. If I was reacting this way now, what was it going to be like when/if the whole office canlı casino was involved? Would I just get used to it?

“Patty?” I looked back at Bob’s office door. “Could you bring that account file in so we can finish the review we started this morning?” He didn’t even wink. I turned bright red. He said it in a normal conversational tone that almost anyone could hear. Of course, it wasn’t unusual for me to take a file into one of the offices for review. Nobody was going to think anything of it. Not unless they saw me blushing severely ….

I grabbed a file from the drawer. I didn’t even look to see what file I grabbed. I tried to compose myself as I stood and walked to his office. He was leaning against the front of his desk, his hands resting on the desktop as I entered. I actually started to hand him the file but his hands never left the desktop. I flushed at my silly action. The file meant nothing, simply a ruse to have me come to his office.

I tried another attempt to compose myself. My fingers floated to the top closed button on my blouse and undid it.

“I think you REALLY want to close the door … and lock it.” His voice startled me. I looked up at him, then quickly behind me at the wide-open door. I flushed, again. Beads of perspiration were already forming from the blushed state I seemed to be constantly in.

I returned to stand about five feet in front of him. “I’m a wreck …” I looked up from my fingers on my blouse to his face, “I had no idea I would react so strongly to this.” My fingers continued to work on the buttons. I was down to the waistband of my skirt and I pulled the blouse out. “I considered that I might chicken out sometime in this first day.” I slipped the blouse off and dropped it on the chair. I reached behind my back to remove my bra. I was going to be naked, it didn’t matter what order I took my clothes off. Not only that, but I wanted to be completely naked in his office, again. The feeling this morning was amazing. I didn’t just want to lift my skirt to be fucked. I wanted to be naked and fully exposed to him. “But … I never expected this feeling of desperate, all-consuming need and lust.”

I loosened my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I pushed my panties down and picked them both up. I stood before him naked and needy. He stepped up to me, his hands on my upper arms, sliding them up and down my arms as he looked into my eyes. My eyes. I was naked and he fixed my eyes with his.

“We’ll take it in steps, Patty.” He kissed me on the lips, his hands now wandering my back and ass. “You’re an amazing woman. I have a theory that plays into all of this. I just never thought I would have the chance to actually test it out.”

He was fondling my breast and kissing my neck like I needed any foreplay. I moaned out, “What theory?”

“Later.” He put a slight amount of pressure on my shoulders and I sank to my knees. I freed his lovely nine-inch cock (I measure it) and began sucking it. I felt him prying off his shoes and wiggling his feet out of his pants. He turned his tie to the back and opened his shirt, leaving it on, though.

His moans and the flexing of his hips told me I was doing well, not to mention the hardness of his cock in my mouth. The head of his cock hit the spot in my throat when the gag reflex took over. I committed right there to investigate deep-throating. He had a lot of cock to use it on.

His hands pulled me up. “You’ve taken my cum into your stomach once today. This time I want your pussy.” I smiled. Finally! I moved past him and leaned against the desk. I looked over my shoulder and he chuckled. “Yes, that will do just fine this time.” I smiled back at him. This time. There will be many more times.

He moved his cock head along my wet pussy, found the hole, and pressed the head firmly at the opening. He reached around and took a breast in his hand as he held my hip with the other. When he pressed forward, I gasped and let a long, deep groan flow out of my throat. He pulled back and pressed more inside, back and more inside. God! I love his cock! He only had about half inside me but his thickness was already giving me the feeling of being full as it opened my passage further with each advancement of his cock. When I felt his hips against my ass, his cock was touching me deep inside.

He started a smooth, easy rhythm of stroking in and out, his hand continuing to fondle my breast, the fingers occasionally adding pinching and tweaking to the nipple. I was so needy when I walked into his office, it didn’t take me long to feel an orgasm rising quickly. I pressed back hard against his thrust, finally finding his rhythm and magnifying his thrusts with my own. My arms collapsed to my elbows and my head hung to the desktop. My orgasm broke over me and I muffled my cries with biting my lip then covering my mouth with a hand as my body shook. My head lifted and dropped, my back arched, my toes curled into the carpeting. My legs shivered and my pussy spasmed around his cock. He stopped moving inside me. Instead, he leaned over me, both hands fondling my breasts as he held his cock in place, his lips kissing my shoulders and back.

As my breath returned in gasps, I pressed my body back up and he resumed his stroking into my sopping pussy. I was so wet from my previous need and now my orgasm that his plunging cock squished as it moved inside me.

His lips were near my ear, again. “I’m getting close, Patty. You feel so good around me. I can feel your walls squeezing me and relaxing as if milking me.”

“Cum for me, Bob. Give me your cum. Fill my pussy.” And he did. He seemed to cum and cum, huge spurts of cum one after the other.

He was leaning over my back. He was still stroking his cock in my pussy. He whispered, “Do you want to cum, again?”

I chuckled, “I’m afraid to. It’s weird to hear the others out there when we do this. As you know, I can be vocal.” He chuckled and pulled slowly out. I turned around quickly, his cum and my juice leaking from my pussy to my thighs. I took his cock and guided it into my mouth. “Let me, please.” I sucked and licked all our mixed juices from his cock. I then stood and stepped into his open arms. We kissed, then, “Thank you, kind sir. You brought a suffering damsel much-needed relief.”

He laughed, then reached for a box of tissues for me. “You might need these.”

I smiled and looked between my spread thighs. “No ‘might’ about it.” A long, thin string of cum hung from my lips. We both laughed.

* * * * *

It wasn’t long after I finally got fucked that he took me shopping before the workday was even over. I left my car at the plant and he drove. He went straight to the mall and our first stop was a shoe store. He wanted me to select three pairs of heels and one of them had a neutral sandal-type strap shoes. He asked if I thought I could walk in 4-inch heels and I told him I would learn if that was what he wanted me to wear.

I got excited all over again as we walked into the store and a young man in his early twenties came to help us. While in the car in the parking lot, Bob had me remove my panties. I was understanding that exhibitionism played largely in his sexual play. So, when the young man directed us to chairs and removed my shoes, then measured each foot, then discussed the type, style, and color of shoe I was interested in, my skirt had slid up my thighs with each movement. When he left to retrieve the shoes for me to try on, Bob leaned his head next to mine.

“Exaggerate your leg movements when he returns. Let’s see what he does as you skirt rises higher.” I shivered and looked down at my skirt to find it was already at mid-thigh. Then, Bob must have decided not to trust nature and moved my skirt further up himself. He smiled at me as the young man returned.

I ended up with three new pairs of shoes and the young man got quite a view if the wide-eyed look was to indicate anything. Bob said exaggerate, so I raised my knee much higher than necessary each time he slipped a shoe on. I was sure he had several glimpses of my glistening pussy.

The next store was similar to Victoria Secret but smaller. He said it provided more customer service and I wondered what that meant given the intimate nature of the garments they sold.

A woman, older than me and perhaps Bob’s age, came out from behind a counter next to the door. A younger woman moved to greet us and the older woman waved her off.

“Mr. Hansen?” We turned to the voice. “It is you. I was so distressed to hear of your wife’s passing.” She gave him a heartfelt hug and kiss on the cheek. I stood stunned next to him. This was where his wife had purchased much of her intimate apparel. She remembered Bob from over seven years ago? She released him and turned to me. As she did, I saw her appraise me from head to shoes. “And, who is this lovely woman?”

“Mary Worley, this is Patty Mason. She is … my …”

Wow, he was at a loss for words. I never thought that could be possible. I put my hand out, “Nice to meet you, Bob has said lovely things about your shop. He insisted on bringing me here.” I looked at him and back to her. “I work for him … kind of girl for any job kind of thing around the office, I guess. But … well …” I looked back at him wondering how much to say about the reason for him bring his employee to her shop of intimate apparel. He gave a nod. “Bob and I have reached an agreement and I desperately need your help with my clothes … everything.”

She looked at both of us with a face of intense curiosity and I could see she wasn’t letting it go. “Agreement?” kaçak casino She gave me a lusty smile. “And what kind of agreement does a president of a company and his employee come to that leads them to my shop of intimate apparel?”

I didn’t look at him this time, he just boldly moved ahead. “We don’t want to demean her with a nasty title, but generally we agreed in principle she will act as an office plaything aside from her other duties.”

Her mouth dropped open and her hand rose to cover it. Then, she burst into gushing, taking me in her arms and pulling Bob alongside. “That’s the most outrageous … and completely erotic thing I have heard.” She looked at me carefully and seemed satisfied since I was acting on my own. “I’d ask how such a thing came to be, but it isn’t my business and I can see this is your free-will.” She stepped back and walked around me. When she stopped, she was still appraising me, but spoke to Bob, “You dog, you. I can tell you, though, she would approve of your selection. She is lovely, we need to peel back outside covering to let her true beauty and sexuality come out.” She looked at him as though something just occurred to her, “I assume you have already confirmed …”

He laughed, “Oh, yes! I think she surprised herself how sexual she really is.” I blushed, again. I was blushing a lot.

“And she blushes. Wonderful! Sexual but still innocent enough to blush.” She took my hand and Bob fell back behind us. She turned to him, “What are you thinking?”

“A week’s worth of everything for now. Short dresses, short skirts, sheer blouses, semi-sheer blouses, thigh-highs, panties, bras, throw in a black baby-doll, and white sheer floor-length, both sheer, of course.”

I was shocked. I thought this was going to be a few things. She held my arm tightly and gazed over the store, then called over the younger girl. She gave her instructions on what to collect in sizes, colors, and styles. She turned to me, “Oh, dear, this is going to be so much fun.”

Bob interrupted her enthusiasm, “Mary, you can relax just a bit. I will be getting her an account here for anything else she might need or desire.”

She squeezed my arm, “He just knows how a woman likes to feel sexy and desired.” She held up dresses and skirts to me, then shook her head. She called out to the younger woman and told her they were closing the shop early. The young woman smiled and ran off to lock the door and put the closed sign up.

“Okay, now we can do this right. Strip out of those clothes.” I looked at her in shock and appealed to Bob who just shrugged his shoulders. “Come, come … it will be so much easier.”

Cruise control. What was happening to me? My fingers were unbuttoning my blouse like they did in Bob’s office. Soon I stood naked in the middle of the shop. I glanced at the front of the store and could see some people walking by along the interior hallway. It wasn’t completely private, but she wasn’t giving the time to react. Bob handed me a pair of the 4-inch heels and I slipped into them so the height would be correct, though I doubted anything would be that long to reach the floor, much less my knees.

Standing in the middle of the shop she had me put on stockings of various types and sizes until Bob was satisfied with the height of my legs and the way they hugged my leg shape. Panties and bras were the same. Various types of bras for cleavage, just for display, sheer meant for visual appeal and not for support. Panties were the same: lace, bikini, thong, sheer. The dresses and skirts didn’t even reach my mid-thigh. I was led to a chair in front of a mirror and told to sit. I looked at everyone. I was bare breasted sitting in the skirt without panties underneath. I looked at them and they only looked at me, then Bob indicated with his head to the mirror. I gasped. I could see my pussy lips. I tried harder to pull the skirt down and it just covered me. With these skirts, I would have to keep my legs crossed. The blouses were nearly or semi-sheer. My nipples showed both in color and the nub pressing at the material. With a bra underneath, the bra was evident. The negligees were stunning, too. The black baby-doll was open from the breasts down with a pair of matching sheer panties. The white floor-length was fastened just below the breasts. When I walked, the gown gaped open and flowed around me. When I stopped, it gathered around me, again. It was very sheer and my body was evident underneath regardless.

By the time we left the store, I had spent two hours naked or nearly so in the shop. I had no idea how many people might have glanced through the window and stopped at seeing a naked woman using the middle of the store as her own fitting room.

Bob took me to dinner and I took him home, again. We stopped at the plant for me to get my car and he followed me, his car nearly overflowing with my new clothes. At least a week’s worth, anyway.

* * * * *

“So … tell me what this theory of yours is that you never thought you’d have a chance to test out, but then here I came into your circle.”

We had just fucked like very horny rabbits for the past 45 minutes. He moved me through more positions than I had ever had experience with before. Almost all of them I wanted to focus on more. We ended up with me on top in the cowgirl position facing him. I thought his cock went deep into me before, but with me on top, it seemed to go even deeper still. It felt like my cervix was bruised … deliciously, though.

I was lying on his chest, my hands supporting my face about six inches from his. We were kissing a lot. I had thanked him for the millionth time for the clothes and he told me for the millionth time that it was required if I was going to be able to properly carry out my other responsibilities. Those responsibilities were still largely undefined, but the general context was clear. How we got to that point and managed it ultimately was the undefined element.

He reached forward for another kiss, then, “It would be easier for me to concentrate on presenting the theory if you weren’t so distracting with your pussy muscles.”

I giggled. He was still inside me and I was trying very diligently to use the Kegel muscles I trained for with the birth of the girls. I always thought they would come in handy, though my ex never seemed interesting in prolonging sex. Bob on the other hand …

“Are you complaining about my pussy?”

He stammered a moment before he saw my teasing. He wrapped his arms around me and that kiss was truly something. I then sat up so we could look at each other better. I continued to tease him with muscle flexes and gentle rotations of my hips. He was becoming hard, again.

His hands came up to my breasts and I smiled. If I tried really hard, I might find something I didn’t like about this man … maybe.

He started laying out the theory. Turned out it wasn’t his at all, but a study he read somewhere, probably a men’s magazine at some point, he confessed. He expounded for a while but finally summed it up:

“They believed that there was a special synergy when men and women work together and that synergy is stronger the closer they relate to each other. Each gender fully compliments the other, and in the end, the group benefits as a whole. That can effectively be realized by rewarding the departments with opportunities to enjoy themselves and get to know their fellow employees in a most intimate way. That builds a strong foundation and unity within the group.”

He looked at me to gage my response, then continued, “This isn’t something made up. This was tested and researched. And the reported results were astounding. There was less bickering. Less gossiping. And, less jealousy.” He paused, “In truth, the study models were not quite what we have here. They involved more widespread sexual interaction in larger organizations.”

I smiled tolerantly, “How would anyone get away with that in a larger organization with more widespread sexual interaction?”

“I know. But, I’ve thought about what we are trying to do here for you … and for us. Think about it without just the sexual release. We’ve been concerned with how do we manage the sexual interaction. As you said, wouldn’t it just fall into chaos? Maybe the key is to not have it be thought of as a free-for-all. What if it was presented as an incentive, reward, bonus, job-well-done? It could be our own model. Everyone feels included and everyone feels very satisfied.” He smiled and pinched my nipple. “Most importantly, everyone gets laid.”

“I like that part.”

“I know you do. But, seriously, there have been numerous other studies, not like these, that shows a correlation between employees who receive great sex regularly and being highly productive and happy in their work setting. It’s practically common sense, isn’t it?”

I tried to put on a look of sincerity while sitting on his cock in my bedroom. “I know exactly what you’re talking about and I agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy.”

I ended up laughing and he grabbed my arms and rolled us over so I was on my back and him between my legs, his cock still, somehow, well inside me and I realized how hard it had become. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him long and passionately.

“In all seriousness, it does kind of make sense. That might be the tact to take with this. A rotational reward, incentive to encourage productivity and performance. It would be interesting to see the results.”

He looked seriously at me, “Are you teasing me?”

I giggled, “No, not all. I’m sincere. Of course, maybe its just that your cock is in my pussy …”

“Well then, we have to talk about it again tomorrow when I am not fucking you.”

I kissed him, again. “Whatever you say, boss. Now … can you just fuck me, again?”

* * CHAPTER 3: THE MANAGERS to follow * *

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