On the Beach Ch. 02

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The bright morning sun and a full bladder woke him up.

“It’s not even 7 o’clock on a Sunday morning,” he muttered in disbelief while sitting on the side of the bed facing the ocean.

His erection led the way into the bathroom where he had to wait a minute for it to subside before he could take his morning piss. As he automatically shook the last few drops off of the end the image of the “woman in white” came to mind. His shaking turned into stroking when he remembered her smile and comment about the beautiful night.

Moving to the bed he settled back and continued with his morning masturbation. He had taken up regular masturbation since Sandy had left him and it didn’t take many more strokes before his legs straightened and he emptied himself onto his belly and chest.

He had forgotten to buy coffee but the last tenants had left some packs of instant in the drawer next to the stove and milk and sugar disguised the instant taste to the point where a sip told him that it was at least palatable. He carried it and the box of donuts he had bought out onto the balcony only to have to return to get a paper towel to wipe the dew from the seat of plastic chair he was going to use. The morning mist was just beginning to burn off as he sat at the little table and watched the early morning walkers and joggers doing their thing on the damp sand.

His attention was drawn to a darkly tanned lifeguard wearing a baggy sweatshirt and a crush hat strolling up to the elevated lifeguard chair and storing his belongings on hooks under the seat. The lifeguard opened a locker near the dunes and started carrying umbrellas down to the high tide mark. Bill thought it was a young man until he removed his baggy sweatshirt and exposed the body of a lithe, young woman dressed in a red, one-piece bathing suit. He watched with interest as she drilled holes in the sand with an iron bar and spaced a dozen large beach umbrellas in a line down the beach. She spent the next fifteen or so minutes setting up umbrellas and placing two wooden, beach chairs under each umbrella.

“They must be for the condo renters,” he thought. “I wonder how you get to use one.”

Digging his bathing suit out of his bag, he realized he had forgotten to bring along his supporter. “Damn! I forgot my jock strap,” he said aloud. “Well, I’ll survive until I can get to a beach store.”

Stuffing a towel and a book along with his cell phone into the little net bag he had brought along he soon appeared on the beach and headed towards the lifeguard. She was busy with several people and he patiently waited until it was his turn.

“Nice!” Missy said to herself when Bill approached her. Out loud she told him, “The umbrellas are $15 a day and $25 with the chairs. I can give you both the chairs and the umbrella for $20 a day if you rent them for the week. I will reserve one for you and have it in place by about 7 or 7:30 every morning as long as the weather is nice. Do you want to reserve one?”

Bill was only half listening because he had been studying her nipples and what looked like the outline of her pussy lips beneath her bathing suit. He figured he was safe behind his sunglasses until she spread her legs a little and jutted her pussy out towards ataköy escort bayan him. She was smiling at him when his eyes jumped up to meet hers.

“Well? What do you want to do?” she asked.

Embarrassed at being caught perving her tits and pussy, Bill filled out the form and paid her for the week.

“Thank you, Mr. Hughes,” she said as she read his name off of the form. “I don’t have the change I need but I’ll get it to you when more people reserve chairs. Pick the one you want and I’ll be down to put a reserve sign on it in a little while. I take the chairs and the umbrellas down at around 4 or 4:30 right before I get off work.”

“Thanks, keep it! I appreciate it,” he replied, still a little embarrassed.

“Thanks,” she said and reached out to touch his arm. “Are you here alone? I’m staying right across the street in one of the cottages,” she continued.

At first, Bill didn’t realize that she was offering more information than was needed to rent some chairs and an umbrella.

“I’m usually alone at night so I walk on the beach or go to one of the Shag clubs. My two roommates work as waitresses and they are gone at night,” she offered. “I go to bed early since I have to get up at six to attend a lifeguard briefing before I come out here but I’ve been known to stay up late on special occasions. My name’s Missy,” she continued and pointed to the name embroidered in gold on her suit between her little breasts.

“Uh, thanks. I’ll remember that,” he replied and moved off across the sand towards one of the umbrellas. “What the hell is a Shag club? Did she just hit on me?” he mused.

Bill put his bag and flip-flops down on one of the chairs and pulled off his shirt. The sun was not too hot this early in the morning so he decided to forgo any sunscreen. The ocean water was warm and the bottom sloped so gently that he had to walk out about 50 or 60 yards before he could comfortably float on his back beyond the gentle breakers. He lazily watched one of the Parasail boats pulling a couple of people in a tandem harness and marveled at the grace of a small flock of pelicans as they soared high above him.

His mind flicked back to the lifeguard and her tight, red bathing suit with the yellow “Lifeguard” badge sewn onto the hip. He wasn’t sure she was even 21 but you probably had to be 21 to be a lifeguard.

“What the hell is a Shag Club?” he thought.

The only Shag he knew was either catching a baseball or the British term for screwing and he knew she couldn’t have meant that. Could she?

Bill heard voices muffled by the water covering his ears. Raising his head out of the water he looked around and realized that in the 15 or so minutes he had been floating around that more people had entered the ocean. A soccer ball landed close to him and reaching with his hand he slapped it back to the group of young men and women playing in the water. A 20-something girl jumped up to tip it to the next person and he marveled at how little covering the girls wore on the beach. Her top was not much more than two little cups of cloth that barely covered her breasts that were so firm that they barely jiggled as she played in the ataşehir escort bayan water up to her waist.

Trudging towards the shore, Bill let the rollers carry him forward rather than trying to fight the undercurrent going back out. He stood in ankle deep water and realized that the beach was rapidly filling up. It was not as crowded as he had seen in photos of Coney Island, New York on the Fourth of July but there were dozens of umbrellas, blankets, and towels spread out on the sand. Spotting “his” umbrella, he headed towards it while carefully avoiding the tykes playing in the damp sand at the water’s edge.

Murphy glanced up from her book and caught sight of a good-looking guy coming in her direction. Tipping her head she looked over the top of her sunglasses at him as he ambled towards her. She guessed he was about 35 or so and his hair was beginning to thin. He didn’t have a six-pack abdomen but his little love handles made him look mature in a nice way.

“He’s not wearing a wedding ring and I don’t see any sign of a white line around his ring finger. I wonder if he’s alone?” she asked herself. “What’s the difference?” she went on with her internal conversation. “You’re married and you’re too old for him to be attracted to you anyway.”

She got flustered, when he continued walking directly towards her chair under the umbrella, and she quickly ducked her head back down and pretended to be reading her book.

Bill noticed the blonde women sitting under the umbrella next to his and she looked vaguely familiar.

“I wonder if she’s the same one I saw last night,” he thought as he eyes ran up her legs, paused at the juncture of her thighs, then settled on the tanned cleavage above her white bathing suit.

“If she is she looks older than she did last night,” he thought as he picked up his towel from the chair next to hers.

Bill studied her from under his towel as he dried his hair and face. She wore several gold bands and a large diamond on her ring finger, a heavy looking gold necklace around her neck, and two, thin gold, ankle bracelets on her left ankle. Her bathing suit was one piece and relatively modest. There was a single halter strap that she had loosened, probably to avoid tan lines, and left to dangle down between her breasts. The top half of the suit was connected to the bottom half by a narrow strap that was held to each half by three-rings. Her breasts weren’t overly large but they bulged out gently over the top of her suit and her belly was a little pouty but pleasantly so. Her right knee was bent and her foot was resting on the chair next to her left knee. He couldn’t get a good look at her crotch because her thighs were touching.

In the fifteen seconds it took him to absorb all of this information he felt his cock start to respond. The more he looked at her the more he liked what he saw.

Murphy felt some sand hit her and she looked up over her sunglasses to see the guy drying his hair. She thought that he was taking a long time to dry his short hair until it occurred to her that he was checking her out. Lowering her eyes she smiled to herself at the flattery. Her body unconsciously responded avcılar escort bayan and she tightened her tummy muscles to minimize the little belly bulge that she could not get rid of no matter how many crunches she did.

She felt more sand hit her from his towel and she again glanced up thinking that it was a good way to start a conversation. Her eyes stopped at the front of his white trunks where she could see the outline of his penis pushing down towards his left leg. A sudden surge of warmth, hotter than the sun shining on her, started with her toes and moved up her legs, through her crotch and up until her ears burned. Murphy felt the rush and stifled a little sound of pleasure that was ready to come from her throat.

“He’s getting turned on by me!” she marveled and without even thinking she moved her bent leg out to the right to expose herself to his gaze.

Bill saw the slow movement of her leg but it didn’t occur to him that she did it on purpose. He stopped his pretense of drying his hair and stared at her crotch until he imagined he could see the faint outline of her lips and a little tuft of hair just above them. Quickly averting his eyes, he turned back towards the ocean and lowered the towel in front of him to hide his partial erection as another rush of blood filled it out even more.

Murphy closed her thighs and rubbed them together as she squirmed in her chair after catching a glimpse of the guy’s erection before he covered it with his towel.

“This is getting interesting,” she thought with delight. “I didn’t know I could still turn the young one’s on. Stop it you fool,” she admonished herself but she admitted that it did feel good.

Bill settled himself in his chair and watched the world go by. The brim of his baseball cap hid his eyes while he watched the women as they paraded up and down the beach in their skimpy suits. The mothers were particularly attractive to him and he stared with delight whenever they forgot about their modesty while tending to their children. He focused on one twenty-something in particular as she sat and helped her two toddlers dig a hole in the damp sand about 20-feet in front of him. Her relatively modest two-piece bathing suit was still skimpy enough to show him bits and pieces of her that she probably didn’t want to show. Every time she leaned forward he got a quick glimpse of her untanned skin below the fabric of her bra and several times a nipple and an aureole were presented for his viewing pleasure.

He was about ready to give up watching and try and get a little nap when she decided to sit, facing him with her legs spread, on the edge of the hole that she and her children had dug. The tendons in her thighs stretched and the crotch of her suit bottoms was pulled almost into her pussy each time she reached down for another plastic shovel full of sand. She obviously had not shaved her hair back far enough for the maneuvers that she was going through and tendrils of wet hair showed from both sides of the material.

“Goddamn Sandy!” he screamed inside of his head while sliding his butt farther down into the seat to settle himself back into the chair. “Goddamn Sandy! It’s her fault I’m horny all the time!” was his last thought before he dozed off in the hot sun.

Murphy watched as the guy checked out all of the girls around the beach. She knew he was staring at the young mother and she too was getting glimpses of her breasts and pussy.

“I used to look like that,” she thought. “Before my boobs slid under my arms. Thank god he’s not a fag. That would be a waste,” she told herself and picked up her book to continue reading.

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