Part 3 of the true story

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Part 3 of the true story
Part 3 of the true story, following on from what happened the night my then girlfriend (now ex) went out with her friend, and the night a few months later when I inadvertently let her be seen naked by a large group of guys when she was passed out. The events below happened only a couple of weeks after she was seen by the group, and I will reiterate, this will probably make some people hate me. It was 10 years ago, and I admit I am fully aware of how wrong it was. In hindsight, it probably lead to a lot more than I realized or imagined at the time. Whilst there are no “action” scenes in this, I will again add my opinion as to what happened at the end, using the gift of hindsight.

I will refer to her as my ex throughout, however at the time, we were together so she was my girlfriend

As mentioned previously, her parents both had good jobs that required frequent travel abroad, as well as having holidays multiple times a year, and when they were both away, I stayed at her house. There was always plenty of alcohol in the house, and we were told by them that we are welcome to invite people round, and to have as much of it as we wanted. My ex’s problem was not knowing when to say no more, and would get into a state where she would drink so much that as soon as she sat or laid down, almost immediately she would pass out completely, and once she had been asleep for 5 or so minutes, it was pretty much impossible to wake her, no matter what you tried.

After the night where I had inadvertently let a group see her naked, the feeling of guilt had long passed, since it was never my intention to make it happen. I thought she would have got dressed and got into bed, and if anything, I had rationalized it in my head that I was only thinking of her by getting them to check on her, thereby absolving myself of any blame. The worrying thing is that despite the guilt being gone, all I could think about was the thrill of what happened, how much I was turned on at the thought of her being seen naked by strangers, and how much I wanted it to happen again. I know this should never have entered my head, but I think that because she was so body conscious of her small boobs, despite the fact I loved them and thought she looked amazing anyway, letting other guys see her completely naked felt like a d**g to me, and I couldn’t wait for my next fix. I desperately wanted to show her off, almost like it was a “look at what I have, you can see every inch of her, and I know you are jealous that she is with me and not you!” kind of thing, and I must admit, it felt like a huge ego boost to me, knowing that they would most likely be jealous.

It didn’t take long for this to potentially be available, since a couple of weeks later, her parents were away again, and when we were getting ready to go out, all I could think güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri about was that if she did invite anyone back, I would do everything I could to make sure it would happen. (I know, I am a total dick, but it was never to degrade her. In my twisted head, I was showing her off, not doing it to embarrass her). Sure enough, we went out, and almost immediately found a different friend of mine, who was out with a group of his friends (I think they were from his football team or something like that), and shortly thereafter, we were invited to join them. This was a group of probably 10 or so guys again, mostly white guys but a couple of black guys as well, and all of them were in pretty good shape. A couple of hours in and she is a bit tipsy, so she decides to invite them back to her when the club closes, so I decided right there that tonight, I was going to make it happen again – Anyone that came back to the house would have the opportunity to see her naked. All I had to do, was make sure she was drunk enough to pass out, which wouldn’t be hard.

After subtly mentioning shots to the group, it didn’t take long for someone to return carrying a big tray of them, and I made sure to repay the favour shortly thereafter, which resulted in others repeating it, and the shots flowing regularly. I did a few of mine, but was never a massive fan, so someone else (normally my ex) would do them. As is typical with a group of guys, there was always a few of them off trying their luck with girls, and after a good few drinks, some of them even decided to try it on with my ex, who wasn’t having any of it, and continually rebuffed them, sometimes having to do so several times when the guy was reluctant to take no for an answer. Again, this should have set off even more alarm bells in my head to not even think about my plan, but completely oblivious to better judgement in favour of an ego boost, it only served to make me even more determined to follow it through knowing that they wanted her and couldn’t have her, so I was going to show them all they were missing.

Finally, the club closes, and she is really blasted by now. I know that when she got home, she would probably do a shot with them like normal, and then be done, so when she repeated the invite and most of them said yes, I knew it was going to happen. As expected, when we got back to hers, the first thing she did was pour everyone a shot (although she had two, and then mine as well) before disappearing. I knew immediately that was her done for the night, so made sure to give her a few minutes as I set everyone up with drinks, opened the door to the garden for if people wanted to have a smoke etc, and generally wasting time so she would be completely out. Sure enough, I went upstairs, and there she was, sitting on the tipobet güvenilir mi side of the bed again, head down as she slept, so now was go time. It didn’t take many seconds for me to unzip her dress and undo the bra again, so once that was done, all I had to do was lay her down so I could get the rest of it off, and that was pretty easy, simply cradling her and carefully laying her down didn’t invoke any response at all, and now she was laying flat on her back, dress from the waist down, tits out, with her legs hanging over the side of the bed like the last time. I remember taking the dress (and making sure I caught her underwear at the same time) off with ease, leaving her laying completely naked as I intended. The cleavage enhancers I left with the bra on the bed above where her head was, so it looked like she had taken it off, and put a pair of shorts in one if her hands, and t-shirt by her, again, so it looked like she was getting changed.

Happy at this, I started to walk towards the door to the bedroom, and just before leaving, my stupidity took hold again, as I thought that it would be a good idea to open her legs, just to make sure anyone that sees her gets a real good look at her pussy. Back I went, and in yet another act of dickishness, moved her closer to the edge of the bed and spread her legs open, not as wide as they could go, but wide enough. (I will say at this point, I know everything I did that night was bad. I should never have even thought about doing any of it, let alone going through with it, and it never even dawned on me at this point that anyone would even contemplate doing anything other than just looking or taking a few pictures, however I have since realized that how I had spread her legs would have been perfectly wide enough for someone to fit between them). Satisfied that everyone would have a good view when they “checked” on her, I left the light on, door slightly open, and headed back down to re-join the guests.

Again, I did ask that if anyone went to the bathroom, could they make sure to check that she isn’t being sick, and left it at that. I made sure then to deliberately stay out of the way, since I wanted everyone there to see her, and spent the majority of the night in the garden, even peeing outside to save going back in. It didn’t take long for the first person to need the toilet, and once he returned, I can only assume he told one of his friends what he had seen, because he almost immediately left to head upstairs. As I said, as far I was concerned, they were all just getting a look, which was exactly what I wanted, so I stayed sitting in the garden, out of the way, and didn’t think anything of it at the time if people were gone for longer times, normally blaming the “queue for the bathroom” for their prolonged delay.

Eventually, the perabet end of the night came, and everyone slowly left, and as soon as I locked the front door, I couldn’t wait to race upstairs to check she was still on her back showing everything. I opened the door, and to my immediate joy, found that she was, except now her legs were open a little bit more than when I left her earlier, which I remember thinking that someone probably wanted an even better view, and took it upon themselves to make it happen. There was another indicator that people had been in the room, as there were multiple beer cans left around the room, which could only have come from the guests, since neither us drank it.

Satisfied in the knowledge she had definitely been seen by the strangers, and incredibly excited and turned on, I took the beer cans into the bathroom, put her into bed, and got in myself, ready for another night of little sleep because of how horny I was, thinking that the majority of the guys that came back would most likely be jerking off in the near future to what they had seen, and possibly taken a picture of.

End of part 3.

What I think happened (Again, I cannot say for sure what actually happened, but in hindsight, I am pretty certain a lot more happened than I ever intended) –
At the time, I was clearly not thinking straight, as no rational person would have done what I did, and I am now almost 100% certain that most of the guys that were invited back did more than just look at her. Out of everyone that came back, there were only 2 or 3 that I knew from before that night, so the majority of them were people I had never met. I think that the amount of alcohol drank, mixed with the young male “fuck whatever is available” mentality most likely lead to them probably egging each other on, probably starting with like “I dare you to slip a finger in”, before working their way up to daring each other to put their cock inside her. I am pretty sure they took turns both on her, and being “on watch” to give warning if I were to have appeared at any point, since the stairs leading to the bathroom pretty congested any time I looked in that direction. Thinking about it logically, the fact her legs were spread wider than I had left them makes it clear that someone did more than look, however at the time, this didn’t even occur to me.
I honestly believe that from roughly 10 or 11 guys that came back with us that night, at least 6 or 7 of them had their cock inside her at some point, although there was no signs of cum on her or leaking from her, so I guess they used a condoms or didn’t finish.
Considering she had always told me that she had never done anything sexual more than kiss a black guy, there was at least one there that night, and I do not recall seeing him most of the night. Again, I’m only speculating, but I guess she would now not be able to say this if the events of the night were ever revealed.
I know, I’m a piece of shit for this, and the last chapter will make most of the people who don’t already hate me change their mind, but feel free to leave comments with what you think happened that night.

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