Paul, Barry and Steve

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Paul, Barry and Steve
Paul was at a friend’s party when he bumped into his neighbours Barry and Steve and they got chatting. During the conversation Barry mentioned a friend of theirs, Ross, who Paul had also met.

Since they all knew what Ross did there was an immediate unspoken understanding about some of the sexual interests they shared.

Barry and Steve were openly gay and a very nice older married couple. Paul was probably 15 years their junior and the common friend indicated he was either gay as well, or at least bi-sexual. It was the latter, Paul enjoyed his men just as much as his women, it was just different and he enjoyed being open to new sexual ideas and experiences. Which is why he didn’t shy away when they mentioned Ross.

Instead Paul accepted their invitation to drinks two nights hence.

On the night in question Paul was welcomed and they all went into the living room where Barry poured everyone a drink. They sat and chatted for a while before the subject changed to the reason for their getting together, Ross.

Steve told Paul that like Ross they had a massage couch and that they, Barry and Steve, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri used together as foreplay to other things, or indeed as the centre of the whole event. He also said that they would enjoy Paul on the couch.

Paul agreed and they took him to the bedroom where the couch was, showed him in and suggested he strip and lie face down on the couch, they would be back in in a moment. Paul undressed and got on the table, Barry and Steve returned, naked. They got some fragrant oil and started massaging Paul’s back and legs.

It didn’t take long for their hands to find their way to his bottom, between his legs and to his cock and balls. Paul lay there getting turned on by their fingers on his body. He moved his hands and soon had a cock in each. Mutual encouragement followed.

Also in the room was a padded stool. Black Leather. Eye catching. The lower level was a pair of kneeling pads that were long enough to support the knee and the whole of the lower leg. They were far enough apart to spread the legs and facilitate access to everything hanging down and from behind. perabet giriş There were also several pairs of ring-eyes, suitably placed to be used for bondage. The upper level was a rectangular pad large enough support the upper body of a person leaving the neck and head extended beyond the padding. It too had ring-eyes for bondage. There was padding down the front legs, again with ring-eyes so arms could be secured. There was also a seat under the main platform.

Barry suggested Paul move to the stool which he did. When settled, they gently moved his legs, widening the gap between his knees, making his hanging cock and balls more accessible, along with his bum hole. They did not tie him down.

They played with his cock and balls and his bum before Steve went and sat in the chair underneath. This put his mouth in the perfect place to start sucking Paul’s cock, which he did. At the same time Barry put a condom on his hard cock, mostly for the lubricant, and slowly and gentle push his cock up Paul’s ass. He stopped halfway to gauge the reaction before continuing until he was all the way perabet güvenilir mi in. Again he checked before starting a slow in and out rhythm.

Paul was being sucked off and fuck at the same time, something he had never experienced before. Both individual activities made him cum, so it was not long before he exploded in Steve’s mouth, all of which was swallowed.

Barry removed himself, undressing his cock and Steve got out of the chair, they moved Paul back to the couch, laying him on his back this time but with his lower legs hanging over the bottom edge, creating more space at the top of the couch around Paul’s head.

One at a time, Steve first, they knelt at the top of the couch, then bending forward they positioned their cocks over Paul’s head and mouth and slowing lowered their cocks into Paul’s mouth by spreading their knees. Paul took their cocks in all the way and started a rhythmic sucking motion, not dissimilar to a baby breastfeeding, as they entered. This is what Ross told them Paul had done to him and the truly amazing BJ that ensued. They enjoyed it, cumming fully as they peaked. Paul swallowed it all, each spurt as it came.

Afterwards, all wrapped in light gowns, they returned to the lounge for some more refreshments.

This began a long and mutually fulfilling relationship, Barry and Steve enjoying their extra-marital affair together and Paul having all the bi activity he wanted.

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