Shopping Trip

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Shopping Trip
I wrote this story some time ago, on request. Just found it in my e-mails and thought I’d post it here:

It’s a busy day in the shopping centre. I sit watching the ladies as they go by, their light summer clothes wafting in the cool breezes, or the tight denim crowding their bottom cheeks into pert globes, swaying as they walk by,

My cock begins to harden in my trousers, and I gently touch it through the pocket; I love the feel of a gloved hand on my dick.

Then I see her. Big busted, black haired and gorgeous. The tightness of her jeans brings a twitch to my semi-hard cock. It twitches again at the red bra peeping over the top of her pale, loose vest. I see a slight smile cross her face as she looks in my direction; has she seen me looking? Touching myself?

She moves in my direction, talking casually to the man with her, At about ten feet, she places a shopping bag down and bends from the waist to search inside. I can see straight down her top, to the beautiful, deep cleavage and that red bra. She glances up quickly, catches my eye, and winks.

I hear here talking about going into another clothes shop; try on some more things,

I decide güvenilir bahis siteleri to follow.

We enter the store, moving through the crowds; the woman picks a few things from the racks, all the time making sure I’m still about. We move closer to the changing rooms; she hands her bags to the man with her and slips inside. She looks me right in the eye as she closes the curtain, puckers her mouth into a kiss and beckons with a finger.

I move casually past the changing area. Look right and left, then dart in swishing the curtain around me quickly and am finally standing toe-to-toe with the woman. I begin to speak, but she puts a finger to my quivering lips, silencing me. She turns her back, and pushed her jean-clad bottom into my stiffening erection.

A grasp her hips, running my hands under her vest, pushing round to the front as I run up to the beautiful globes of her breasts, covered in the slippery feel of the satin bra, I massage her large boobs, feeling the nipples harden against my hands, as she grinds her back-side against my groin. My hands slide under the material of the bra, and feel as though they are glued to the breasts perabet güvenilir mi beneath. Somehow, I’m not sure how, I manage to undo the clasp at the back, and the beautiful orbs fall free; given easier access to that hot flesh and ripe nipples,

My hands slide down to the jean top, as her hands come round behind massaging the from of my trousers. I flip the button at the top, and the zip parts as I push my hands inside to run across the lacy front of some very small briefs. Not matching the bra, but dark and lacy. In turn, she pulls the fly of my trousers open, my now hard dick popping easily out through the gap. Her hands grasp the shaft; hot and firm.

In her jean, my hand slides under the tight fabric of her panties, feeling the heat and moisture of her inflamed pussy. She gasps a little as I stoke my fingers across her budding clit, and delve deeper to the wet opening below.

Impatient now, I push her upper body forward, so that she has to brace herself against the cubicle wall, and pull the jeans down to her thighs. I pull the thong aside at the back and plunge my cock into her hot wet pussy. She gasps again, a tipobet little louder this time. The jeans around her thighs keep her buttocks closer together than usual; making the pressure on my cock intense and pleasurable.

I slide back and forth inside her, slowly at first; reaching as far round as I can to tweak those hard nipples. Driving harder and harder, I push onward to my own pleasure; but she straightens, my cock plopping out of her pussy with a slurping sound.

She turns to face me, pushes her hard nipples into my still clothed chest, the drops to her knees. Her red lips engulf my enflamed cock, pushing the foreskin right back, making the pulsing in the base of my cock feel like hammering. Her tongue swirls around the head of my rampant dick and I feel the eruption coming.

She gags slightly at the first spurt, pulling back so that the second sprays into her face. The third, weaker jet plops cum onto the generous cleavage, and she smiles, cum dripping from the side of her mouth.

Her hands grasps my slightly softening penis, squeezing so that the last drops of cum pearl up on the head. She wipes it clean on the soft, cotton fabric of her vest; using it to wipe her mouth too. Standing, she wiggles her jeans back up, fastening them deftly. The bra she leaves on the changing room floor, as she smiles and swishes away through the curtains.

I tuck myself away, fold the bra into my coat pocket and likewise exit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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