Sister Smokes (chapter 1)

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Sister Smokes (chapter 1)
My sister Ashley just finished her freshman year of college, she just turned 20, has auburn hair just off the shoulder, about 5’4,” 105, nice athletic body since she played softball and field hockey. A female jock some called her. She was always when she was younger. She excelled in soccer, basketball, field hockey, but in high school she concentrated on two to get colleges noticing. She received many scholarship offers but decided on the Arizona State University. Sports did her body well. Filling it out with tone abs, shoulders and legs. She was only 5’3″ but her legs looked longer. She came home from college, tan and buff. Typical for an ASU student.

I was just finishing my senior year in high school, I’m 18, have brown hair, brown eyes, 6′ 1,” 175, decent body up and down. Never had trouble meeting girls. Some say I looked older than my age indicated. Which is always a good thing when you’re a teenager.

The summer was in full swing and our parents decided they were going to go to Florida for a week. This would be the first time they’ll be going away without us and we were no doubt happy about that. My mind was racing, thinking about her friends coming over and hanging by the pool in their bikinis. Of course my friends were going to use our house and yard as their personal ‘beach house’. Ashley and I gave each other a sly smile when our parents told us the news about their vacation plans. Instantly the party plans were in our mind. The day before they were leaving, the phone calls were made. If they ever checked the phone bill they’d question why 50 calls were made on the same day! That night Ashley and I talked about the plans, who was going to come and what we needed? The list consisted of the usual party gear, beer, wine coolers, burgers, dog’s etc.

The morning of the party was a sunny day, warm and dry not typical Long Island weather in June. The pool was heated, the backyard cleaned and the music was kickin. Her friends started arriving around 11am. It was amazing to see all these girls in bikinis. I’d see them in school with regular clothes and they looked good then, but to see them lying by my pool with teeny tiny bathing suits, instant hard-on for sure. When my sister came out, all my friends’ eyes turned to her. She by far had the best body of the whole group. Maybe it was hormones or the alcohol, but I was staring at her like my friends would stare at her. Her body was just as perfect as girls could be, tight ass, decent size boobs, almost implant like because of her muscle tone.

While she was drinking with her friends she did something that totally shocked me she lit a cigarette. I was shocked. I never knew she smoked. She never smoked around the house even though our parents are very liberal nor did I ever see her smoking outside the school like her friends did.. I always had this thing for girls smoking. The way they held it inhaled and exhaled. It’s just such a turn-on. A couple of her friends smoked behind the school when they were in high school and I’d always look at them in between classes. They were innocent looking girls until they lit up a cigarette. Instantly they’d become the hot “bad” girls. Especially Ashley’s friends Lisa and Amy. They’d just look so sexy, taking the long drags, exhaling either high up in the air or they’d exhale real slowly. Making it so sensual and erotic without even knowing it. I’d often jerk off with those images in my mind, but to see my sister, my athletic sister, smoking with her friends was way beyond any of my masturbation fantasies. She smoked like she knew people were watching. Very sexy, very deliberate.

The next day after everyone, who stayed over left, we decided to clean up. Ash and I talked about what a great night it was. Who passed out early, which friends hooked up with who. She actually walked in on her friend Lisa and her boyfriend in the bathroom. I asked her what were they doing. She told me Lisa was giving him a blowjob and they let her bursa escort watch. I laughed and asked why she didn’t join. She told it was very interesting watching because she never watched two people do that. I asked if she ever gave a guy a bj. She slapped me in the shoulder playfully, I took that as a yes. We finally finished cleaning, she went to her room to lie down, and I went to mine to do the same.

The images of Ashley, Lisa and her friends smoking were still planted in my head. I got up, closed the door and lay in bed. My hand went down my shorts. Rubbing my cock slowly I pictured Ashley smoking with her friends in their bikinis. I took off my shorts got some lotion from my desk and began stroking my 7″ cock till it was fully hard. My mind was racing. Now I pictured Ashley lying by the pool in the nude. Smoking her cigarette while sunning herself. Her friend Lisa, also nude lies next to her. I rubbed a little faster as some pre-cum began to ooze out of the tip of my cock. I put some on my finger and tasted it. “Mmm…not bad” I said to myself with a little laugh.

Just then there was a knock at my door. “Steve, are you in there? Ashley asked.

“Yea!, just wait a second, don’t come in yet!” I looked all over for my shorts. Damn! Where did I put my underwear? I put my shorts on, turned on the TV and told her she could come in now. I jumped back on top of the bed and she walked in. “Can you help me take down the garbage”?

“That’s what was so urgent for you to come in”? I said. She started to laugh. “What are you laughing at”? I didn’t realize that my hard-on didn’t go down all the way and without my underwear giving me support my shorts were pitched up. I grabbed the pillow to cover it. She could see I was embarrassed.

“Don’t sweat it bro, I know all you guys do it like everyday” she said. “I figured you did as well” “All the girls know guys jerk off.”

“They do?” I said.

“Sure, when we played truth or dare and the guy says truth, that was the first question I’d ask” as she said laughing. “During the game, I ask my guys friends what do they think about while they jerk-off.” “So, let me ask you, what do you think about”? She asked with a smirk. I was not expecting her to ask anything.

I stammered “I can’t tell you that, you’re my sister. I was thinking about a lot of things”

“Come on” she said, “Where you thinking about any of my friends?” “They’re all pretty hot, huh.”

I said “Yea, they’re hot, but I’m still not telling you.”

“You’re no fun” Ashley stated and she walked out.

I wanted to tell her but I couldn’t get words out. I wasn’t sure how she would handle the fact that her brother masturbated with thoughts of his sister smoking naked by the pool. I closed the door, locked it, and grabbed the most recent Penthouse. I jerked off fast and furious, cumming within minutes. There was so much build up, my cum shot over my shoulder and onto my pillow. “Damn” I thought to myself.

Later that day, after I got back from playing basketball at a friend’s house, I decided to jump in the pool to cool off. Ashley left a note saying she went shopping with Lisa and wouldn’t be home for a while, so I said what the hell and stripped down to nothing. What a relief it was. The water was a nice temperature and it felt pretty good to be naked with the breeze cooling off my entire body. I jumped on the raft with a cold beer in hand and soaked up all the sun had to offer. I closed my eyes for what felt like a minute or two, but when I opened them, there was Ashley and Lisa standing at the edge of the pool, shopping bags on the ground next to them.

I tried to play it cool by saying, “How was the shopping? Get me anything nice”?

Lisa smiled and said, “No, but it looks like you’re give us something nice.” I had nothing to cover up my erection. Even my sister chimed in “Not bad little bro, no bad.”

With nothing for me to say, I just said “Thanks.” They left to put the bags in the house, I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I get out and put görükle escort bayan a suit on or say what the fuck and drink my beer in the buff? Well my thoughts were answered when the sliding glass door opened. There was Ashley and Lisa, drink in one hand, cigarette in the other, au’ natural!

“Ashley, you didn’t get me a drink, I’m going to tell mom you smoke” I said jokingly.

She laughed and said “Go ahead, she knows, I’m going to tell her you were laying out naked playing with yourself” Touché I thought.

This was a dream come true. Ashley and her hot friend, naked, at the pool, drinking beers, smoking. This was a once in a lifetime visual. I got out of the pool and joined the girls on the lounge chairs. There we were, three of us, naked, drinking beers. It felt like a nudist colony but with hot looking girls. At this point I didn’t care my cock was point straight up, what else was it supposed to do. Ashley looked amazing, as did Lisa. Lisa is about 5’5,” maybe 110, 34C, tight stomach, with her belly pierced. And I wasn’t sure if I saw what I saw from the pool, but I can see it now, her clit was pierced too!

I ask Lisa after noticing “Didn’t that hurt?”

She took a drag of her Marlboro Light, and said, “Hell yea, but only for a second. I used a lot of ice to numb it prior. Do you like it?”

“Yea! Never saw one before,” I said.

“I’m trying to talk Ashley into getting one.”

Ashley took a long drag of her Marlboro Light and exhaled slow. “I’m still thinking about it” “My belly was hard enough to do. And I had to wipe away your tear Lisa from the clit piercing” she stated. I laughed.

“It’s amazing how girls can be nude around each other with no problem” I said.

Lisa responded “What, you guys don’t compare cock sizes with each other?”

“Not really, I mean I’ve seen some in the locker room but I’m not staring like I’m gay or something” I said.

“Well, Steve, you don’t have to worry about size, it’s impressive” Lisa told me as she took another drag, this one a little longer and with a sexual look in her face.

“Anyone want another beer?” Lisa asked as she put out her cigarette.

Ash and I at the same time said, “Yes.” She got up and walked down the patio to the door. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass. Thank god for Stairmasters!

I turned to Ashley, she was smiling at me sheepishly.

“So, little bro, are you in heaven or what? Am I the best sister a guy could ask for?

“Well, I had some doubts for a long time, but this tops it all. And the funny thing is I thought I’d be freaked out seeing you naked or you seeing me but I’m not, is that weird?” I asked. She was just about to answer when Lisa came back with a bucket of beers. Her tits were like Ashley’s, firm and big, almost looking like implants.

“Drink up” she said.

We must have finished a twelve pack between the three of us. I was feeling a slight buzz, the girls were feeling very buzzed. Feeling a level of comfort I got bold and asked Ashley and Lisa if they were bisexual. They both laughed.

“Well Steve,” Lisa said, “What do you think?”

“I’m going to have to say yes, but I need proof,” I said with a smile.

“You’re not going to be freaked seeing your sister doing things”?, Lisa asked.

“No, I’ve jerked off with thoughts of her in my head, you were there too.”

Ashley lit a cigarette and was slightly surprised. “I didn’t know that. Is that what you were thinking when I walked in the other day?”

Lisa exclaimed “You walked in on him!!?”

“Well, not in the act but he was doing it before I opened the door” I blushed but all this talk got me way too excited and not realized it, but some precum oozed out of the tip of my cock.

Ashley noticed, took a drag of her Marlboro Light and said “Uh, Steve, you need to take care of something it seems.” Lisa lit another cigarette as well and boldly stated “Yea Steve, you must take care of it, but here and now, not in some bathroom with a Penthouse or something.”

Without saying a word I took my hand and stroked my hard cock. I was bursa escort bayan thinking I was in dreamland and not in real life with my sister and her friend sitting in front of me. What was I doing I thought. I told Lisa she looked hot smoking that cigarette.

Ashley laughed.

“Is this what turns you on Steve?” Lisa said as she took a long drag and slowly exhaled like a porn star in a movie. I said “Yea” as I grabbed some lotion to put on my cock for lubrication.

Ashley said, “Is it hot when I do it too?,” as she followed Lisa’s lead with a long drag.

Was this really happening I thought to myself? Lisa then got up, walked over to Ashley and sat behind her with her hands around Ashley’s waist. She started rubbing her firm stomach, flicking Ash’s belly ring and then moved her hands up to Ashley’s tits, cupping them with her nipples sticking through her fingers.

Lisa took Ashley’s cigarette out her hand and brought it to Ash’s lips. She took a long drag, exhaled and turned her head to Lisa. Lisa grabbed Ash’s face and gave her a long kiss.

“Oh my god!” I said out loud.

I had to stop rubbing my cock or I’d cum right then and there.

“What’s the matter Steve, why’d you stop?” Lisa asked.

“I’d enjoy watching you two for a little while” I said.

“Watch us do what Steve?,” Ashley asked.

As she got the word out Lisa kissed her again, right in front of me, my sister and her friend were kissing. Lisa’s hand slowly went down Ash’s chest, to her navel, to her V-shaped pubic hair. Lisa began rubbing Ash’s already swollen pussy. Her pussy lips were so big. Lisa’s finger went in and out all the while kissing Ash on the lips and neck. My sister was way into it. I was as well as my cock was just oozing precum.

Lisa stopped fingering Ash and boldly dared “Ash, grab Steve’s cock and continue what he stopped.”

She was hesitant for a minute and reached out to touch it. I wasn’t sure how to react but I didn’t say or do anything.

Ash said, “If I do that you have to do something too.”

“Ok” Lisa responded.

“You have to suck it like you were sucking that guy in the bathroom”

“Deal” Lisa said.

I guess I had no say, nor did I care. Ash sat next to me, my cock bouncing up and down from the throbbing. She took it in her hand and stroked it long and slow. Lisa watched, still smoking her cigarette. I concentrated on not cumming and her hand and Lisa sitting in front of me. My mind was spinning.

My sister was jerking me off! How crazy this day became.

I told her “Please stop, I may cum soon”

I then told her and Lisa they need to enjoy themselves. I took my hand and began playing with Lisa’s pussy. Flicking her clit ring. She was totally wet as I could see her juices dripping out of her cunt. As I fingered Lisa, I took my other hand and began to rub Ashley’s pussy lips as well. She was just as wet as Lisa was. I was hoping nobody would pinch me to wake me up! I slid two fingers inside each one of them, then three. Ashley’s pussy was tighter than Lisa’s was. As I fingered them, they continued to kiss each other all over. Lisa, then push me back into the lounge chair. She grabbed my hard cock and began sucking it. Licking the head and shaft, getting it totally moist. Up and down the shaft her tongue went.

“I love guys who are shaved,” she said.

I shave my pubic hair and balls, looks and feels better. She licked my balls and rode her tongue up the shaft to the head. Lisa then took my cock in her mouth. Damn that felt good! She was almost able to take my whole cock in her mouth.

Ashley lit up another cigarette and watched Lisa give me an incredible blowjob. I closed my eyes. I then felt one mouth on cock and a tongue on my balls. Ashley was sucking my cock! When I realized what was going, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“I’m going to cum!” I announced to Ash and Lisa.

Ashley took my cock out of her mouth and stroked it. Lisa was next to her and I came like I never came before. I shot my load all over Lisa and Ashley’s face and hair.

“Ohhhh gooddd, hold shit!” I yelled.

Ashley took my cock again and licked the remaining cum that was coming out. Lisa gave my cock head a kiss and kissed Ashley on the lips.

“Still going to tell mom I smoke Steve?” Ashley said with a laugh.

(End of Part I)

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