Tantalizing Squirt After Shower

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“Aww is your little pussy horny?”

“Yeaaah,” I whined in response as I laid with my legs splayed, aching desire exposed.

I had just gotten out of the shower, and as always, crawled into the bed naked to relax. My sweet love got in bed next to me and saw my cleanly shaven pussy. I don’t know if it’s because of the extra handling in the shower that occurs when I shave, or the heightened sensation of the water as it hits my bare skin once the hair is removed, or simply just the association of a bare pussy and sex, but I always exit the shower turned on when I shave, and this instance was no different.

Laying on her side, against my bare body, she wrapped a leg around mine and pulled tight. My knee bent and thighs parted, exposing my already swelling clit. She tucked her head against my neck and began rubbing my chest, dancing her fingers across my nipples. Each time she graced a delicate nub, they stiffened, and I felt a little tingle between my legs. My breathing grew heavier with each nipple pinch, and the gentle air from the fan, taunting my begging clit.

As my heavy breaths turned to gentle moans, she massaged my breasts, paying close attention to each nipple, rolling it between her fingers, lightly at first, then a firm pinch, causing me to elicit a little wimper as the pang of sensation coursed through my body. Back and forth, back and forth, she moved from one breast to the other, for what felt like an eternity, neglecting my aching pussy.

Sensing my urgency, she teased further, now rubbing my sides and slowly tracing her fingers down my stomach, pausing just before my newly bare bikini line, then kurtköy escort sliding her fingers back up my body. Every inch of my naked body was acutely aware of her touch, the sensation so heightened, it was intoxicating.

Lifting herself up slightly, she leaned further over me and kissed my lips, a warm and welcome tongue parted my lips and slipped inside. Her kisses were like no other. She commanded my mouth and surrendered my body with each twist of her tongue. As she pulled away, my lips remained parted, a look of desperation across my face, and a smile across hers.

Sitting up further, she released my pinned leg and sat up on her knees. She moved between my legs and pushed my thighs as far apart as they could go. I felt my swollen lips spread, revealing the wetness dripping like sap down the cheeks of my bum. “What a cute little pussy, so horny for me,” she said slyly. Her hands finally reaching toward my aches, only to land softly on my thighs.

Once again her fingers began to trace my skin, each movement taunting my clit, begging to be touched. Slowly she made her way inward and finally she traced her fingers along the freshly shaven lines where my thighs meet my delicate skin. She was so close, and yet so far.

Her movements were so slow and calculated, while every breath I took released an uncontrollable wimpering moan. With the lightest touch, she graced my freshly shaven, bare, sensitive lips. Up and down, she slid her fingers, so close to my clit between. Swollen and pulsating, I needed her touch on my clit. She opened my lips and slid her fingers along the inner levent escort sides, offering a fantastical rush of both pleasure and the tantalizing closeness to my clit without yet touching it.

Again she moved painstakingly slow, up and down, sliding her fingers, each time she was near my clit, time seemed to freeze, the slightest pressure exerted on each side of it, just enough to make me think each pass would finally be the moment my begging little nub would get it’s touch, only to be teased as the pressure released and she slid her fingers back down toward my dripping hole.

My whole body writhed with desire, moans for her touch escaped my lips, “please, baby, I need you!” I begged. She slid her fingers up once again, pausing on either side of my clit, and gently massaged. The bulging nub tormented by the movement of the smallest bit of hood it had not yet swelled past. Just barely moving as the soft rubbing on either side did nothing but tease. Her rhythmic massaging slowed and she pulled her hands away entirely. “Nooo!” I squealed.

Another smile appeared on her face. Her fingers plunged deep into my wetness. She rubbed around my soaking canal, making herself comfortable. My clit still ached from neglect, but the sensation of her fingers deep in my pussy consumed me. Slowly she slid her fingers back and forth, in and out, establishing a rhythm that my moans began to mimic.

Moving a little quicker each time, she was soon pumping her fingers deep into my drenched pussy, then pulling them back out. My hips instinctively matched her rhythm and humped against her. She added a mahmutbey escort third finger, knowing she had teased my pussy into needing more. Now stretching for her third finger, my pussy felt full and each stroke filled me with carnal pleasure.

I felt myself beginning to climb higher in pleasure, when suddenly her rhythm changed. She honed in on my g-spot, slowing her fingers and pressing distinctively harder on it as she passed over it each time she pulled out. A new wave of pleasure coursed through my body. I was enamored with the sensation, my whole body captivated by the new rhythm.

Just as I was being lulled into the euphoric strokes against my g-spot, lightning shot through my body. Rolling my clit in circles under her other hand, my moans amplified to screams of pleasure. My back arched as my hips thrust up to meet each stroke and my clit pulsed under her fingers. Her fingers deep in my pussy focused solely on pounding on that ribbed spot, as she exploited my ultra sensitive clit for the pleasure trigger it was.

With each stroke, I climbed closer to the edge. I felt my body begin to lose all control, first just in waves, then in a pulsating cadance. My screams reduced to short squeals, oscillating in time with her movements, my muscles tightened, first my legs, my hips, my back, and my core. My body froze as I reached the top. Time seemed to stop, all movement suspended except for her thrusting tempo. In a euphoric rush, I was sent over the edge, my body convulsing in bliss, gluttonous screams evoked from my lungs, and a sweet liquid squirted from my depths.

Releasing me from the grips of my orgasm she pulled away, leaving me dazed and panting. Periodically my body shuttered as waves of the orgasm lingered. Curling up against my limp body, she placed a kiss on my cheek, and nestled herself under my arm.

~Feedback welcome and appreciated as I work on my first story rather than just short scenes~

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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