Terrible Terry, Party Night

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It was hard to think about anything other than Terry during college. Her almost white hair and pale figure. The smooth skin on her breasts as she bent over in a v-neck or the crease of her hips as she curled her knees forward. She was tantalizing. And she had owned me. She had humiliated me in front of my teammates and my best friend. She had complicated things, to say the least, between me and my closest thing to a romantic contact. She had manipulated my body exactly how she wanted to on every occasion… and she had yet to let me finish. All I wanted was to hold her down into the mattress and get even. Then it would be over. Things would just go back to normal. Right? Right.

There was only one source of information in regards to Terry available to me. My once only chance at maybe having a romantic interest slash good friend slash fellow tool at Terry’s disposal. Cat had once been my conservative friend who wore a cross necklace to class and taught bible study on Wednesdays, but lately I had seen more of her – well lately I had seen her naked. Very naked. She had an exhibitionist streak in her. You could tell by the way she flowered in the attention around campus. Awards, leadership roles, teacher’s pet, sorority queen, she lived to serve and please and she had done that a lot lately.

I had to play it cool if I was going to catch Cat off guard. I had to wait for the perfect opportunity. If I could wait, I would easily be able to break Cat. Sure, it may cause a little guilt to use her for nothing other than my own selfish gain. Sure. Sure. Well, to be honest, I felt really guilty. But I couldn’t let that stop me.

Sure enough, two weeks later, the opportunity came knocking. October means one thing to girls exploring their bodies, Halloween.


Her text was simple enough.

“What’s up?” I replied after taking a while to let the message breath so to speak.

“My sorority is having a party next week for Halloween. It’s at Bluebird downtown. Do you want to come?”

I knew I had my opening. It was my turn to devise a plan though.

“Sure. What’s the deal?”

“Pregame 830. Event 10-2. Cash only bar. Dress sexy. All black. It’s a masquerade thing.”

Well, shit. I didn’t even have to plan. It just sort of fell in my lap. I was going to get to show off my abs and arms all night. If I could get Cat to start touching me I knew that handsy little pervert wouldn’t take long to break down. I got excited at the prospect of being with Cat again. I could still feel her lips on my skin and picture her small tight frame wiggling around on the dance floor already.


I checked the number on the door twice before knocking. I knew I had the right apartment though because the noise inside was clearly indicative of a pregame. Loud rhythmic bass. The chatter and giggling of sorority girls. It had been a long time since I’d been to an event like this. I think a year or so. I had a bad experience last time so I pushed greek social outings to the back burner. The door swung open and a buxom tan girl with a revealing black crop top with lace from her breasts to her waist and black skinny jeans stood in the frame looking over her shoulder away from me.

“Yeah yeah. They’re fucking worthless. They’re flakes, the whole lot of them,” she said and I could tell by the flush on her face she was either angry or already somewhat drunk. She flipped her head around to me and her visage changed rapidly.

“Oh. Very nice,” she gave me a half smile and stepped aside inviting me in. As I walked by her I could feel her gaze on my body. My outfit was working perfectly. I had on black jeans and boots and instead of wearing a shirt I had opted simply for a black fleece vest. Yeah I know sorry to ruin your leather fetish but it was October I had to stay warm somehow.

As I rounded the corner to the living room I was surprised, there were six ladies and not a single dude. Cat was deep in conversation, at least I guessed, because she was leaning so far forward while speaking to a small asian girl in a silk black kimono. I cleared my throat and she turned with surprise, as they all did, to see the new party member.

“Oh heeeeyyyy!” Cat stood up somewhat and stumbled a bit towards me. The other girls fidgeted a bit on the couch and tried to make some space between them. They must have been slamming the jello shots or something. Cat pushed herself up onto her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around my neck. I lifted her off the ground in a bear hug and spun her around once. She squealed a bit and giggled as I put her back down.

“We’ve been drinking a tad and being a little naughty,” she said as she found her place back down on the couch.

“Yeah we have! Let me make you a drink, loverboy,” the tan girl said to me. I remained standing while she fumbled around the kitchen and a few handles of liquor.

“It looks like I’m the only guy here,” I said pointing out the obvious. göztepe escort

“Yes. Yes. The other boys ditched. It’s all that stupid bitch Amanda’s fault. She has them wrapped around her pinky,” the tan girl said. She sauntered over to me with the drink she had made for me. I could smell it already. I don’t think they were making any attempts to pace themselves. I took a moment to check out her figure now that I was finally in the door. She had wavy black hair and wide hips and shoulders. She was a bit on the thicker side but she still had a flat stomach. Her face was sharp and natural, but she still had a feminine silhouette. Her jeans were tight over her ass and after looking a bit closer I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. The faint outline of her nipples pressed against her top. She must have noticed me staring because as she handed my drink over she muttered, “it was uncomfortable so I took it off.”

I just nodded my head mutely and tried not to blush. Not like I’m going to complain.

“He wasn’t even worth it,” Jasmine said as she sat down in the circle of friends.

“Who wasn’t worth what?” I asked in an eager attempt to change the topic.

“Amanda’s boyfriend. I let him go down on me and he was horrible,” she said. My attempt to change the topic clearly failed. More sex talk. But I thought it could work in my favor.

“Ah,” I said having figured out the now obvious problem, “so he cheated on her with you and she’s using her pull with his friends to keep the crew from getting together.”

“If you want to call it cheating, sure. All I did was let a guy slobber away at me like a hungry puppy. I don’t see how it’s my problem. I never even touched his dick,” she adjusted her top and her breasts bounced heavily in her crop top. I could feel my dick hardening in my pants so I looked for a place to sit down before they noticed. The asian girl next to Cat scooted over towards her and made room for me on the couch.

There were seven of us in total and I didn’t really know anyone other than Cat. I looked at Cat as a desperate plea for help and she went around the group introducing me and vice versa. The asian girl’s name was Rachel and the tan girl’s name was Lacey. I smiled and tried to swallow sips of the drink Lacey had made me. My god it was like hydrogen peroxide. I saw Lacey watching me struggle.

“It’s mostly Everclear,” Lacey said with a sly smile and a twist of her head to try to suggest her innocence.

“Mmm. Is that what that is? I could have sworn it was barbicide,” I said grimacing. She giggled and leaned forward towards me. I could see her round tits push forward into her top. She knew how to use what she had.

“We like to have fun around here,” she said and then quickly snapped her head over to Cat and kissed her on the cheek. All the girls laughed and I had a feeling she was going to be easy to exploit if it came to that.

“Oh that’s not what it sounded like with Amanda’s boyfriend,” I said. I figured if I could steer the conversation to sex I may be able to warm Cat up and make her a little more susceptible to “interrogation” later.

“Ugh, you know how it is. Guys don’t really know how any of it works down there. They think if they just punch their tongues at it enough it’ll work out in the end,” Lacey sighed again and leaned back into the couch. Rachel was blushing and from her body language it seemed like she was uncomfortable. Looking at the ground. Leaning away from me. Not really too out of the ordinary for most people. Even I was a little shook by Lacey’s willingness to create obvious sexual tension.

“Well, I guess it’s to be expected. Most guys don’t have vaginas?” I offered as a soft counter, just trying to get the girls talking about it more. This got a little laugh from most of the girls.

“You say that, but most guys don’t have nice asses either,” Cat reached over and stuck her hand under my ass on the couch. She was making a reference to my unfortunate nickname on the soccer team that Terry had penned for me not too long ago. All the girls got a rise out of this and I could feel the alcohol and tension building together.

“Oh! You’re the ‘ass’?! I’ve heard about you,” Rachel spoke up now. She looked like she had just recognized a celebrity.

“Uhhh. I suppose that’s me. But keep in mind I worked for these buns, I wasn’t born with them.” I could still feel Cat’s hand on my ass and I knew she enjoyed putting me on display like this. The least I could do was play along.

“Well don’t just tease us! Let’s see what you worked so hard for,” Lacey said reaching over and pulling me up to the center of the group. Lacey let her hand linger on my arm as she pulled. As I stood I could see Cat giving Lacey a jealous look. She had just taken away her toy. I smiled and let Lacey fondle my ass and say something or another, I wasn’t listening, this was just going way too perfectly.

“Wooooow it looks like ass isn’t the only thing istanbul escort he’s got going on,” one of the girls said, I couldn’t remember her name, but she reached forward and ran her fingers over my abs quickly. Never underestimate alcohol plus pack mentality when it comes to young women. Or people in general actually. The girls howled an “ooh” together at this and Cat also ran her hand down my abs all the way to my waistline before pulling her hand back.

“Yeah looks like he’s get a thick one too,” Lacey said and grabbed the outline of my dick in my pants and gave it a quick squeeze. I could feel a little precum rub on my leg from the force. I was growing into the role of center of attention and I could see why girls like Cat liked it so much. It felt good to have all the eyes on you. Knowing that any one of these girls would jump at me if the lights went out and I could feel their hunger on my body.

“Woah, woah, woah let’s not eat dessert before the main course here,” I laughed and let my dick throb in my pants.

“It’s quite a mouthful. A very filling dessert,” Cat winked at me and Lacey gasped at the comment.

“No way! You little slut. You took a bite of this right here?” Lacey reached out and grabbed my dick again this time she didn’t take her hand off it and I didn’t make her. I could see her nipples poking hard into her shirt and I could feel her skin was getting hot. I knew she was probably getting wet too. I could imagine how it’d feel to stick my hand inside the waist of her pants and run my fingers down over the wetness building in her panties. She looked up at me and without losing her face she adjusted her crop top and in the process flashed me the dark skin of her nipples. I throbbed again in her hand and felt more precum leak out. If I wasn’t careful I’d have a visible wet spot soon. The girls all teased Cat and Cat could barely keep the smile off her face. She really loved the attention.

“Woooow. It’s getting frisky in here. I say we hit a round of shots and then get this show on the road,” Cat interrupted and with Lacey’s help retrieved a bottle of liquor and some shot glasses from the kitchen. I could feel the rivalry building between them now. Cat wanted me as her toy, her trophy, and Lacey wanted me for a sexual exploit, a quick orgasm. Either way I knew I was going to get to cum at least once by the end of the night. We poured the shots back and began to file into the Uber.

I found myself in the back row of a Suburban or Yukon or something with Rachel and Lacey. I had hoped it would be Lacey and Cat, but seeing as Cat was the ringleader she sat up front. Rachel was in the middle between us so I checked her out from the corner of my eye. She was pretty and small. She had the body of an athlete, maybe track or something, so I decided to try talk to her about that.

“Do you play a sport?” I asked. Wow I’m actually a genius at starting conversation.

“Yeah, I actually fence here at school,” she smiled and put her hands together in her lap. She was stereotypically shy.

“Fencing. That’s cool. To be honest I didn’t know that was a collegiate thing,”

“Yeah, it was an easy scholarship so I went for it.”

“Don’t let her fool you. She fences because she loves to get poked if you know what I mean,” Lacey leaned over and winked at me. Rachel rolled her eyes and blushed a little, or maybe it was because as Lacey leaned over she had put her hand high on Rachel’s thigh. Lacey whispered something in Rachel’s ear and they both giggled.

Rachel reached into her purse and took out a few mini bottles and handed them to us discreetly. We poured back the shots of whatever and I let Lacey direct the conversation. As we chatted back and forth about nothing in particular, Lacey’s hand slowly rose higher and higher on Rachel’s thigh pulling the kimono up shorter and shorter. I was mid sentence when I looked down and noticed the tattoo on Rachel’s thigh.

“Nice tattoo. Nice legs,” I looked up at her face to show her I approved. Her face had changed completely. She looked like she was melting. Her face was warm and her shoulders had dropped into an almost come hither stance. She looked like she was about to drool. I looked over at Lacey and Lacey bit her lip before motioning for me to come closer.

“Rachel has a thing. She’s actually covered in tattoos,” she whispered to me. I was confused. Lacey pulled the top of Rachel’s kimono down to reveal her tattooed skin. Sure enough just above her breasts the tattoos began and sprawled as far down as I could see in the back of the dark car. I looked back down at the one on her leg. It was a depiction of a knot of some kind.

“Did you see the one of the rose? That one’s my favorite,” Lacey said pulling the kimono back even further and fully flashing me Rachel’s small but perky little breasts. In between them there was a dark red rose sprawling across her breast bone. It was beautiful, but more noticeably I finally realized that kadıköy escort her nipples were pierced with bars.

“Rachel is sort of our closet freak. She loves all that bondage kink stuff,” Lacey said slowly putting Rachel’s kimono back.

“I like the pain. I guess I got it from fencing. But I like the needles and burn of the ropes,” Rachel finally spoke up.

“Wait ropes?” I asked. Then it hit me. She was, like, really into it.

“Maybe she will show you later,” Lacey said and shrugged.

“Why are you showing me this?” I had to ask. I couldn’t just leave well enough alone.

“She’s too shy to ever bring it up herself…and someone has to arrange things for her and I charge the guys a small fee.”

“So… you’re her pimp…” I looked between the two of them and Lacey giggled a bit at the suggestion.

“Something like that I guess. I’m just looking out for her as a friend and looking out for myself as an entrepreneur if you will,” Lacey said as she leaned over Rachel to whisper to me, “Go ahead and touch her. First one’s for free.”

Lacey pulled Rachel’s kimono even higher and I could feel myself bulging hard against my pants.

“Th-that’s ok. I’ll save my freebie for later,” I could barely manage to sputter out the words. I desperately wanted to feel. Just out of curiosity I told myself. But Rachel’s quiet demeanor made me feel too pushy and as someone that keeps getting sexually curved by a similarly demanding deviant like Lacey I didn’t want to put her in the same place…but her skin did look extra soft and smooth and her arms were pressing against mine and I could feel the heat of her skin. I wanted to kiss her, just because of the look on her face. She looked so…so hungry.

“Mmm. That’s too bad. More for me I guess,” Lacey said and then pushed her hand up between Rachel’s legs. I watched in amazement. Why am I always hanging out with nymphos? I could tell by the movement on her forearm that she was stroking Rachel’s pussy. It didn’t take long before Rachel’s knees were quivering ever so slightly, but she kept her gaze straight ahead. Lacey bit her lip as she took her cellphone out of her purse and held it out for a selfie of all of us.

“Sorry, just need to send a pic to my sister real quick. She won’t stop bugging me about my outfit,” Lacey said and snapped the picture. She looked at the photo for a second then held it out to me. “What do you think?”

In the picture you could see three people. One flushed asian with a disheveled black silk kimono and a hand between her legs. One tan girl with thick dark hair and heavy breasts with nipples poking hard into her black crop top. And, of course, one me with my dick bulging hard against my pants clear as day.

“I don’t think you can see a lot of your outfit in that photo,” I said trying to readjust my dick. She shrugged and slipped her hand out of Rachel’s pants. We were pulling up on the party at Bluebird. I guess I should tell you a little about it. Bluebird was the name of a house that the Greek life on campus owned. It was basically a giant party house right at the end of a semi isolated road where the parties got loud and nutty. Greek organizations took turns once a semester planning huge parties there, but you could pretty much always show up and expect someone to be there drinking, snorting, smoking, or boning. Whatever college kids are up to, you know?

There was already a crowd gathered outside as people slowly entered the building. I felt like a king though when all the girls stepped out of the car and I stepped out as the only dude. We joined the small line and I ran my eyes over all the girls again. Their outfits seemed fairly tame compared to what I could glimpse inside. A lot of skin. A lot of heels. A lot of jiggling. Sidenote, to all the guys out there, let’s get better at matching the sexy halloween costumes please? Over half the dudes there were just wearing a black or navy t shirt and the whole premise is a black out masquerade…

Anyway, at the doorway a folding table had been set up and stacked with masks. A posterboard had been set up and stated that to enter tonight you had to wear your mask at all times or you would be kicked out. They were really committed to the theme this year apparently. You could choose between white, black, or gold, but they were all just a cheap flimsy plastic. I took the gold and the girls all took black.

I had built up a pretty good buzz and didn’t want to lose it so I headed straight to the bar and grabbed a round of drinks for us. It was just some sort of hunch punch. I took a sip to see how it tasted. It tasted, as you’d expect, gross. Like shitty vodka and sugar.

I took a moment to take it all in. The music was loud as fuck so it would be hard to do any real talking. It was crowded, but not too crowded. I could move pretty easily, even with all the drinks in my hands, through the building. The girls had moved to the restroom while they waited on me to get the drinks. When I caught sight of them I almost had to scoop my jaw off the floor. Cat and Lacey had removed their jeans. Cat was now in a pair of short leather shorts with dark stockings running to her heels and Lacey had on fishnet stockings and what was essentially a bikini bottom to go with her crop top.

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