Thanks to the rain….

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Thanks to the rain….
The day started with what looked like some very nice weather, quite warm and sunny with a few clouds, so I decided to have a wander around a nearby village, and the surrounding fields and meadows.
I’d been out a couple of hours, when the skies darkened menacingly, and only moments after that, the heavens opened, torrential rain, accompanied by lots of thunder.

I scanned the horizon, and could see the church spire only about half a mile away, so headed that way, building up to a slow jog, getting wetter by the second. I just hoped that there was shelter of some sort there.

I entered the church yard and looked around, but saw nothing but grave stones, so headed to the large heavy doors. I sighed in relief that they were indeed unlocked, and went into the church, taking my now sodden coat off as I did.

From nowhere, I heard a voice.
‘Can I help you?’

I looked up to see the Vicar slowly walk down the aisle towards me.

‘I’m so sorry’, I said ‘It’s tipping it down outside, so thought I could just shelter here for a while’.

‘You really are soaked’ said the Vicar. ‘Come with me and we’ll get you dried off’.

I followed the Vicar. He was probably in his mid-fifties, average build and slightly balding, but with soft caring features, and he was still wearing his black full length vestments, probably from an earlier service.

We entered the warm vestibule, and the vicar handed me a very small towel.

As he looked at me he said ‘you are drenched! Let me get you a bigger towel, strip off, I will give you my dressing gown to put on until we can dry off your clothes’.

‘No need güvenilir bahis to go to all that trouble’, I said, but he was away to get the towel and gown.

When he returned, I was just standing in my soaked jeans. He handed me a larger towel and a dressing gown, and told me to go behind the changing curtain to strip.

‘My name is Geoff’ he called out.

‘I’m John’, I replied, as I re-entered the main room.

I passed Geoff the remainder of my wet clothes, and he put them on the radiator.
As he did so, I could see something poking at his vestments, but thought I was mistaken, and that it was just layers of material moving as he did.

He turned to me and told me to take a seat, and it was then I knew I wasn’t mistaken. I coughed sarcastically, and dropped my eyes to his crotch.

‘Oh my, I am so sorry John. I had no idea that was happening’. Geoff turned red as he moved his hands to try to cover the rather large tent in front of him.

‘Not at all Geoff, I’m pleased I could do that for you’.

‘I’m afraid that when I wear my vestments it gets a little warm, so I don’t wear shorts underneath. I like the feel of the air moving around me’.

Despite his obvious embarrassment, the tent was not diminishing at all, so took a cheeky chance.

‘Why don’t you show me Geoff?’ I said.

‘You mean, you want me to………….’

‘If you like’. I said.

With this, Geoff started to raise his vestments, inch by inch, until they were gathered around his waist. There in all it’s glory was probably one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen, it was magnificent.

It was over 8 inches long, as thick as an alter tipobet candle, shaved smooth, with a big mushroom head shining in the light. Geoff’s balls were big and hung low with the weight of them, the skin smooth and soft. 

‘Wow’ was all I could say at the sight, as I could feel my own cock start to harden rapidly, and my mouth start to water.

‘May I have a play Geoff?’ I asked.

‘If you really want to’. Geoff replied quietly.

I stood up from the chair, and my own cock poked out of the opening of the dressing gown. Geoff’s eyes opened wider when he saw this, but I didn’t give him time to react further, as I grabbed a cushion to kneel on, and lowered myself in front of him.

Geoff let out a deep moan as I started to lick his shaft, from the head to his soft balls and back again. It protruded at exactly 90 degrees from his body, at mouth height.

I placed his fat purple mushroom head onto my tongue, and slowly edged its thickness into my wet mouth. The corners of my mouth had to stretch to accommodate the girth, but once I had a good mouthful, I began to rock back and forth on it. I could only just about get half of its impressive length into my mouth, it was just so big.

Geoff had to steady himself, and as he did so, he dropped his vestments over my head, placing me in darkness under the material, with my mouth bobbing on his hard cock.

I gently squeezed his balls, and gripped his shaft, stroking faster as my mouth covered his cock in saliva, back and forth, back and forth .

Geoff’s breathing got faster, heavier, louder, his thighs began to tremble, and with a deep fuck thrust tipobet giriş into my mouth, he began to pump cum into and onto me. Each shot was huge, and after taking the first 3 into my mouth, I couldn’t keep up. I pulled Geoff’s dick from my mouth and he continued to plaster my face with hot sticky spunk.

Once he had stopped glazing me, I licked his cock clean, nothing was left.

Geoff lifted his clothing to find me underneath, using my finger to push his sweet tasting spunk from my cheek, neck and forehead, into my mouth.

My own cock was straining to cum now, and as I stood up, Geoff could see it too, with just my hard cock poking out of the dressing gown, and pre-cum glistening on the head.

Without a word, he gestured for me to sit back down in the comfortable chair, and as soon as I did, he literally engulfed and swallowed my whole cock in one go.

My eyes rolled, and my heart began to pound, just that in itself was amazing, I could feel the back of his throat as Geoff bobbed up and down on my shaft, wanking me in time to his mouth strokes.

He knew what he was doing alright.

Within moments, I was ready to shoot my load, I told Geoff, who then sucked me harder, faster and deeper than before, and began to moan again at the though of eating my cum.

My head tilted back as I let out a deep roar, my cock pumping cum into Geoff’s mouth, which never left my shaft, he was drinking every drop, gently squeezing the last from me.

I looked down as Geoff removed my cock from his mouth, licking his lips as he did so.

As I collected my now dry clothing we both agreed that it was a very horny event, and one that should be repeated in the very, very, near future.

I’m wondering now though, would I be able to fit that hard cock of Geoff’s inside me? It might be very nice to try. It would be rude not to.
Don’t you think?  

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