The 1st time

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The 1st time
Ok, I’ve been asked this on a few occasions so thought I’d share it in a post.

I was 25 when it first happened.

I split from my girlfriend of 4 years an threw all her shit out (as you do)

My mum being my mum thought I was being hot headed (as usual) an brought her stuff back in when I was out getting drunk.

When bringing her stuff back inside, she ended up finding one of my ex’s ‘Toys’ I bought her.

Anyway, she ended up having a few drinks that night, obviously aroused by finding what she did, bucked up enough courage and went ahead an used it

She must have been at it at least 15 minutes by the time I walked in, DRUNK.

That was the moment that changed my life forever!

She was naked, bent over on all fours on the floor, moaning with her round soft ass in the air with my ex’s vibrator deep inside her wet trembling pussy going in an out, in an out as hard as she could.

This was all happening all on the kitchen floor when I walked in!

As soon as I saw her, my cock instantly swelled as hard as it could!! I just thought WOW!!!

I close the door behind me so she knew canlı kaçak bahis I was there an she instantly covered herself up, turning red faced but still showing one of her perfect breasts an the sight of her pussy juice still on the inside of her thigh.

She apologised to me over and over, not knowing where to look with embarrassment an went to get up in shame.
She led with her hand raised trying to get up off the floor which I grabbed an I told her not to feel ashamed because I thought she looked amazing.

We stared at each other in silence for 10 seconds, I took her hand an placed in on my jeans where my cock was an told her to carry on.
I ripped the blanket off her, she was lying there showing me how hard her nipples were an that gorgeous well trimmed pussy she had been pleasuring.

The vibrator was dripping wet.
I unbuttoned my jeans, grabbed my cock an started stroking it to make her know I meant it.

I told her again to carry on, I could see she how turned on she was.
She slowly grabbed the vibrator off the floor, pressed and rubbed it against her juicy clit casino firmalari and got up onto her knees right in front of me still looking deep into my eyes.

I grabbed her by the hair, arching her neck back. She took her tongue, licking my swollen cock up and down it’s shaft.
She was teasing me, while her other hand slowly scratched the outside of my thigh.

I was on the verge of exploding there an then before she took my whole cock deep into her mouth!

My eyes rolled with absolute pleasure hearing her moan with the sound of the vibrator buzzing.
She grabbed my cock from it’s base, pulling and sucking it faster and faster, harder and harder before we both climaxed at exactly the same time. It was heaven!

I pulled out an came all over her amazing breasts to the sound of her moaning as she squirted all over the floor.
I honestly loved the fact my own mom was a squirter and she completely drenched the floor!
It was like I instantly reloaded an got hard again at the sight of it!

After her drenching the floor, I couldn’t stop watching her pussy lips tremble knowing casino şirketleri I made that happen.
I told her to lie down, spread her legs which she did.
I slowly licked, kissed and sucked her hot wet lips, teasing her swollen clit with my tongue as she did with me, hearing her moan again.
Before I knew it, she was grabbing my hair telling me to stop but I kept going knowing she was so close.
As she got louder and louder, I slipped my middle finger deep inside her lovely pussy as deep as I could, she arched her back an released a massive explosive squirt into my face and mouth!
It was AMAZING!!!!!
I knew she’d never came like that for years, if ever in her entire life! Cumming this hard because she knew it was Taboo!

I went to wipe my face, licking my lips at the same time, when she looked down at me, telling me she wanted me.

I didn’t need a second invitation, I slipped my jeans off, leading up her body kissing her neck. Grabbing her hair again with one hand and rubbing my cock on her clit with the other before sliding it into her warm pussy and taking her deep and hard in every position imaginable.

We fucked there on that kitchen floor, on the table, on all the units for a solid 2 hours!

She said it was by far the best sex of her life!
She could tell from my face, it was mine.

We’ve been there for each other ever since

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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