The Adventures of Katie and Sarah Ch. 04

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The story continues from Katie’s perspective:

I was so wiped out from what had occurred Sunday that when Jackie and Tina left, I managed to push some of the hay she left for us into a small pile. I then crumpled on top of it, and felt into a deep sleep. For some reason I had dreams where I was a Pony, and Tina was brushing me down, taking extra special care with my long brunette hair. I was tied down to a post, and was chewing on a big carrot which Tina had given me as a treat for being a good Pony.

I awoke abruptly, feeling someone kicking me in my side. When I opened my eyes I saw Tina wearing a black thigh-high boot. Jackie already had awoken Sarah and was getting her ready. Tina stuck a Pony tail in my ass, and told me to stay while she grabbed my bit.

When Sarah and I were prepared, Tina led us up the stairs, out into the garage and into the mini-van, where she tied us down to the floor as she had done the previous day. Tina then left the van for what seemed like 15 minutes, before she returned with Jackie. Tina carried two suitcases, which led me to believe we were all going on a trip somewhere overnight. I was not happy about this, but as Tina’s Pony I had no rights of my own.

We all drove in the mini-van for what seemed like a couple of hours. Unable to see anything, I was left to my thoughts, trying to decide how I had become Tina’s Pony, her possession which she could do anything with. The van finally stopped, and Jackie got out first, then Tina. Tina came back a few minutes later, untied us, and grabbed our reigns, leading us outside the van, which was backed up to a motel room door.

Tina led us into the room and into a large over sized closet. She tied our reigns to the clothes pole overhead, and then shut the door, leaving us inside. Unable to speak with Sarah, I tried rubbing up against her like real Ponies do. I wanted to feel her warmth on my body, I wanted to feel her touch on my body, and she wanted the same from me. We stroked each other and I started feeling all tingly inside. My pussy was getting wet, and my Pony tail started getting loose in my butt. I spoke as best I could ask Sarah to stop, but all that came out was “Mehrrher.”

When we heard the motel room door open with separated, and Tina opened the closet door. She untied our reigns and led us outside the room and into the van. She tied us down in the van, and got into the passenger seat. Jackie was in the driver’s seat already, and started driving the van. We stopped about 20 minutes later. Tina led us outside to what looked like a big mansion. She brought us into what looked like a barn. Inside were 20 other girls all dressed as Pony’s as we were, and all tied down to posts on the floor. Apparently Jackie and Tina brought us to a Pony show. I hoped we would be the best Pony’s there.

From what I could tell Sarah and I were the cutest looking Pony’s, each of us having tight and tanned hides, our boobs slightly hanging down, our shapely hips swaying back and four as we walked, causing our tails to sway left to right and back again.

Tina soon arrived and told us there were rules for the competition. Of course we were to follow her every command. Tina pulled Sarah out in front of me to demonstrate what she was talking about.

“When I want you to turn right, I will swat your right ass check with my riding crop,” Tina said, taking an extra hard slap on Sarah’s right cheek.

“When I want you to turn left, I will swat your left ass check with my riding crop,” she said, putting a large red mark on Sarah’s left ass cheek.

“When I want you to stay, I will take the riding crop just above your ass,” Tina said, once again demonstrating on poor Sarah, who was talking all the punishment with tears running from her eyes.

“When I want you to walk on your hind legs, I will put the riding crop under your chin. If you do not move quickly enough, I will hit you hard in the face. Don’t make me hurt your pretty Pony faces,” Tina said.

Tina led Sarah back into the holding area with me, and allowed us to nuzzle up with each other for a little bit. I could feel Sarah trembling. I wondered if she had ever been at one of these shows before.

Unable to see the show ring, Sarah and I were kept in the dark, only able to hear applause and swatting of Ponies. Tina opened the door to our stall, grabbed Sarah’s reigns and yanked her forward. I could hear Jackie’s voice next, so I think Jackie took Sarah into the show ring for her performance.

Some time passed before the stall door opened again. This time Sarah was pushed into the stall with a kick on her ass by Tina. Sarah’s head was down, as if she had not done a good job.

“You’re next,” Tina said to me, grabbing my reigns and pulling me forward. I walked down a long hallway before stopping at an open door. Over a loudspeaker I heard them introduce Tina, and she pulled me forward into the ring. Using the riding crop as she demonstrated, I moved right, then left, then right again. I stayed when Tina wanted me to, and walked slow or fast according to her manual instructions.

I maslak escort was concentrating to follow and obey Tina’s orders, which seemed to work, as after we were finished, everyone clapped and Tina patted me on my face, saying “Good pony” over and over again.

Instead of going back to the stall I shared with Sarah, I was led to a large room, with other girls who had become their owner’s Ponies. Each girl was different, which led me to believe we were all winners somehow. There was a blonde, a redhead, an Asian girl, a beautiful black girl, and even an older woman with white hair who looked as if she was in her 40s.

It came time for all of us to go back into the main show ring. Tina led me around and gave me orders which I obeyed. I saw the other Pony’s do the same tricks. A large woman watched everything and walked up and down our line, stopping at me. She looked at my owner, handed her a ribbon, and moved on to the next Pony.

Tina gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, “We did it. We won Best of Show. I am so proud of you.”

I felt a real sense of accomplishment, having won Best of Show in my first ever Pony competition. After a brief awards ceremony and photos, Tina led Sarah and me back to the mini-van. She tied us down and off we went back to Jackie’s home. On the way I looked over at Sarah and saw how dejected she looked. Also her beautiful body was covered with riding crop marks and bruises. Apparently she had trouble following Jackie’s instructions.

The mini-van stopped all of a sudden. I knew we were not home yet as the ride was not long enough. I over heard Tina complaining that she had to pee, so Jackie said she would pull over at the nearest gas station. Tina hopped out, leaving Jackie alone with me and Sarah.

Jackie turned around and said, “You were a very bad Pony, Sarah. You did not do as you were told, and for that you will be punished hard. Your friend Katie did much better. She followed Tina’s instructions and won Best of Show. You will pay in punishment in order to do as she did.”

Jackie came back to where we were, and pulled on Sarah’s reins, forcing her head to rise higher then normal. Jackie then pulled out a long strand with metal clips on either side. Out of the corner of my eye I saw as Jackie clipped the ends of the strand onto Sarah’s nipples. Sarah was biting down hard on her bit to control herself. Then Jackie pulled out some small weights. I think she said they each weighed a quarter pound.

Jackie yanked on the strand once to make sure it was solid, and I saw Sarah’s eyes widen really big. She then forcibly yanked out Sarah’s Pony tail and inserted a much larger one which worked on a remote. At Jackie’s whim Sarah’s butt would start throbbing from the violently moving orb in her butt, causing Sarah to wince in pain.

Jackie went back to the driver’s seat, and after Tina arrived we took off. Every movement of the car and every bump in the rode made the weights hanging from Sarah’s nipples go back and forth, making her nipples really swollen.

By the time we got back home, I though Sarah had passed out a couple times from the pain. Jackie left the van, and Tina untied us. She first untied Sarah, but left the weights hanging from the strand clipped on her nipples, and the large butt plug in Sarah’s ass. Tina slapped her ass hard with her hand, and said, “Bad Pony has to get going and get more punishment. Go get in the house Bad Pony and prepare for the worst.

Sarah trotted out into the house and down the basement, with the weights dragging against the ground, forcing Sarah’s tits to sag. Tina closed the door to the mini-van, untied me and started stroking my boobs. She took the bit out of my mouth, allowing me to breathe fully for the first time in a while.

“I love you Pony-Katie,” Tina said to me. “You were the best Pony today, and I want to make you mine forever. I will always care for you Pony.” With that, Tina put her mouth over mine and started using her tongue to explore my mouth. Unsure what I should do, I just laid there in Tina’s arms, feeling all warm and loved inside.

Tina started kissing me on my neck, which sent shivers up my spine. I loved the way Tina was treating me, and I wanted more. When Tina put her mouth to my ear and whispered, “Tell me what you want darling.” I said, “I want to be your Pony.”

Tina did not hesitate and kept kissing me, and then started using her hands on my boobs and nipples. This all got me very wet, and when Tina put her hand between my legs, I convulsed and had a massive orgasm. Tina started massaging my boobs, causing my clit to poke out. Tina saw this and went between my legs, slipping my clit between her lips and nibbling on it with her teeth. I came again, this time with my whole body shivering. I grabbed onto Tina’s body for support, and felt how warm she was.

Tina said she would take me home, allowing me to get some rest. When I asked about Sarah, Tina said Jackie was punishing her for misbehaving in front of her friends. mecidiyeköy escort bayan I asked Tina if she could be gentle with Sarah, and if she needed care, to drop Sarah off on my front yard and I would care for her.

I was home for a few hours, having taking a long bubble bath and had a cup of tea, when I heard a van pull up and stop, dump something out and pull away again. Looking out my window, I saw a small clump on my front yard. Grabbing my robe, I ran downstairs and opened the door to see my friend Sarah lying naked where she was left.

I walked over to Sarah, saw the terrible mess she was in, and carried her inside my home, and up to my bathroom. I carefully removed the clips from Sarah’s nipples, massing them with lotion, and then I carefully removed the extra large Pony Tail from Sarah’s butt. Her asshole was red and raw, and I carefully massaged some lotion there, too.

I picked Sarah up and placed her in the bathtub, where I soon joined her. I cleaned Sarah up and got her to relax to the point where we were going at it. I had never made love with my best friend, but knew this was my chance.

Putting my hands under the water, I started playing with Sarah’s pussy, circling her labia with my fingers until she was begging me to stick them inside. I stroked her off to a strong orgasm, and she fell into my open arms and lightly bit my shoulder.

We both slept in my bed that night, and into the next morning. When I woke up, I found Sarah suckling at one of my boobs and twirling her fingers around the other one. I knew it was going to be a good day.

A couple weeks had passed before Tina called asking where the hell Sarah was. Apparently she had tried to contact Sarah with no luck. I told Tina I also had not received any calls from Sarah in a while, and wondered where she was. We hung up, and Sarah and I giggled. Sarah had stayed with me ever since she was dumped on my front lawn, all battered and bruised.

Sarah had been tormented for doing so poorly at the Pony show. She told me Jackie tied her head down to the floor, and then started whipping her with a riding crop. She had removed the usual Pony tail from Sarah’s butt, and got an extra large one as a replacement. Sarah said it hurt so much when Jackie inserted it into her butt. Before Jackie left Sarah alone, she flipped a switch on the tail, which made if vibrate hard. By the time Jackie came back, Sarah said she was covered in sweat and cum from her dripping pussy. Jackie took her time beating Sarah some more, and then ordered Tina to dump her off in an alley.

Not wanting to attract attention, Tina took her to my house, knowing I would care for my friend. Sarah has since acted like my little sister, aiming to please me while we both have fun. We have gone shopping and later went to the beach; both wearing are most attractive bikinis. Surprisingly we were the hit of the beach, as both women and men crawled around us like dogs in heat.

However, the fun ceased when we saw Jackie and Tina on the beach one day. Unable to hide, they saw us and came right toward us like heat-seeking missiles.

“Where the hell have my Ponies gone,” Jackie yelled at us. “My Ponies have gotten lost and need to be rounded up. Tina, gather the Ponies and bring them to the van.”

Tina started reaching for the reins she had with her, but I pleaded with her to let Sarah and I walk off the beach with her, so as to not further embarrass Sarah. Tina agreed, but only if we got on our hands and knees a few feet from the street, so Jackie would think we were crawling the whole way.

When we got to the van, Tina ordered us to crawl up inside. We did and saw there had been some redecorating going on. Inside the van were two mini-stalls and cages. Tina led Sarah in first, telling her to go into face first, so her ass would stick out toward the front of the van. Sarah did so, and once the gage door closed, she found her wrists and ankles were automatically cuffed to the floor. Tina came around and put a bit into Sarah’s mouth, let it expand, and then tied it to the side of the cage, making Sarah unable to move. She then did something I had never seen before. Tina took the double clip strand; put one of the clips on the bottom of the cage, and the other attached to Sarah’s clit. She then rubbed some lube on Sarah’s ass and stuck in a very large Pony tail.

Tina did the same to me, with a few exceptions. I was not held down to the cage by my mouth or my clit, and I had a normal size Pony tail inserted in my butt. Tina did take a little extra time with me, rubbing her hand against my boobs and rock hard nipples. I started squirming and she knew I was going to cum. Tina came down to my ear and whispered, “When we get to Jackie’s house, we are going to have some private time and I want to make you never forget about me.”

I was enraptured with Tina’s words and thought about them all through the ride. Once we arrived, Tina undid me first, led me inside the house and down the stairs, and into a merter escort private room, where she put a collar around my neck, tied a chain from the collar to the wall, and leaned me back against another wall, right into a vibrator attached to the wall. She flipped it on and left me gasping for air.

Tina helped Jackie remove Sarah from her cage. They took Sarah into another room, where she was forced to suck on a fake dick attached to the wall as punishment. Jackie planned to get both of us very horny so as to not object to what was coming next.

Tina led us out of our rooms and told us to put our asses facing a couch and our heads down. I heard a door open and close, and heard someone walk in and talk with Jackie. This person then sat down, opened a bag and pulled out some items. It sounded like something was buzzing, and then I heard Sarah yelp. Tina took a riding crop to Sarah’s lower back and told her to quiet down. The buzzing kept on going, and then it stopped. Then I felt the buzzing on my butt, it hurt and felt like a needle. I soon realized Jackie was having us tattooed. I instantly felt embarrassed and humiliated. I was being forced to get a tattoo against my will and without knowing what the tattoo was.

After the buzzing stopped, the third person put their materials into their bag, got up and left the room. When Jackie was gone, Tina led us to another room with a large mirror on either sides of the room. Positioning us so we could see our asses, I saw that Jackie had placed identical tattoos on our butts. Both were on the lower right cheek, a good place to show when we wear our thongs. The tattoos said Jackie and Tina’s Pony. I liked it, liked knowing how much Jackie and Tina thought of me, and looked forward to our next adventure.

After Sarah and I got tattoos, Tina stayed behind while Jackie left for awhile. Tina told us to put on the bikini’s she had brought with her. Both were extremely small, and barely covered us up. Tina said Jackie had a special adventure for us, one she knew we would enjoy. I asked Tina what she meant, and she slapped me hard across the face. She stuck her boot in my mouth and said, “Pony’s don’t talk back. Pony’s that talk get beat.”

Tina ordered me to suck on her boot as punishment, and I did as she said. I stroked her boot with my tongue in such a way that she was starting to get aroused. Just as Tina was beginning to move her hands under her skirt Jackie came back and told Tina to round up the Pony’s and place them in the van.

I looked up at Tina and saw a tear falling down her cheek. I had never seen her this way, and wondered what was going to happen to us. Before I could ask what was wrong, Tina put collars around our necks and tied ropes to the collars. She yanked on them, forcing us to move forward. I did not know what was happening. Tina had been more gentle with me before, and now she was treated me worse than Jackie treated Sarah.

After we got into the van, Tina placed blindfolds over our eyes. She then inserted bits into our mouths and ordered us to bite down, which caused them to expand inside our mouths and making it impossible for us to speak.

Tina then put butt plugs in our asses that had rolling orbs. Every time the van shifted the orbs would move back and forth. Tina then did something which I had never had happen before. She put ear plugs in my ears, putting me in a complete dark situation. The only way I knew we were moving was by the motion of the orbs in my ass, which were causing my pussy to get drippy wet.

After a short drive, the van stopped and I was led out of the van. Whoever was leading me by my collar was doing so forcibly, as I was often falling flat on my boobs as I tried to keep up. I must have walked this way for a few minutes before I stopped. The bit was removed from my mouth and I felt a foreign hand inspecting me. The hand felt inside my mouth, felt my boobs, reached inside my pussy, even taking the butt plug out for an inspection there, too.

Without any notice, I was forced to move again. I was picked up and placed onto a higher level, which I later learned was a van. A door closed and we started moving. At one point I heard someone walking toward me. I shrunk as much as I could in fear. My ear plugs were removed, and it took me a little time to get acclimated to sound again. When I could hear again I was startled.

A strange voice told me I was her Pony. (“Where is Tina,” I thought to myself. “What happened to Sarah.”) She said she had purchased me for her girlfriend who wanted a little girl to play with. I was told I was to obey her every word or else feel worse pain than Jackie and Tina ever forced on me. I started to speak in a quivering voice when the woman grabbed my chin and said, “Girls who talk to me never talk again. Do you think you are the first friend Sarah ever asked to help her with a car wash?”

Not knowing what my fate was going to be, I fell to the ground and started to cry. I was now no longer Tina’s special Pony, and was no longer with my friend Sarah. I was now truly property that could be bought and sold, and I was to become the slave of this woman and her friend. I could only hope they would treat me no worse than I had by my previous owners. And that thought sent shivers up my spine. How did I get to this place in my life? How had I let myself succumb to be property instead of a person? I had no choice, and had to wait for my next command.

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