The Bad Snow Storm

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It was the middle of winter and the snow was falling hard and fast. he was alone in his cabin, and would be alone except for his dogs, they were the only company he’d have till the snow melted in the spring. Only on this night he felt something out of place, then he heard a light knock on the door. The dogs didn’t heard so he thought he didn’t hear either. Then it came again this time louder. Opening the door he saw the most beautiful young lady standing there. She wasn’t dress for the weather, in a short black mini skirt and see thru blouse. He help her inside, and put her near the fire to help warm her up. “What are you doing out on a night like this?” he asks her. Shaking and mumbling. He had to lean in close just to hear her. “Truck broke down, had to walk, don’t know how far. ” she said barely.

Just then she pass out and almost hit the floor, would have if he hadn’t caught her. She was ice cold, and he knew of only one way to fix that. He carried her into his bathroom, undressing her, and him self he quickly turn on the warm water and got them under it. He rub her arms, legs, tummy, and back getting the blood flowing again. When he saw her skin turning pink, and heathy he stop the water, grab a towel and carried her into his bedroom. “mmmmmmm, so cold, need to get to the light. ” she mumble. Drying her off as quickly as he could, he laid her on the bed. Grabbing a another towel he quickly dry himself off. When he look back down at her he notice just how sexy she was. Her hair was long, and a lite brown, and her tit’s were big and round, like firm melons, her nipples were quite large, and rose in color, she was a little chubby in the tummy, but it didn’t take her beauty away, her long slender legs were a man’s dream. He could feel his cock stirring to life, a life he thought to be long died. He went out to the other room and found her purse, looking thru it, he found out her names was Summer, and she was in her 20’s, bring the purse with him, he went back and check on her. She was sitting up in bed and looking at him.

“Hi, Who are you?” she ask. “Hi your self, Honey. I’m call Frank, but you can call me whatever you want to. ” he told her. “Ok, Where am I?” she ask. “From what you told me before you pass out, your truck broke down and you had to walk here in the snow storm we’re having. Right now your in my cabin in the mountains, we’re snowed in at least for a few days. ” he told her. He toss her purse on the table near the bed, and pendik escort the contents fall out. Seeing the brush, he had the urge to brush out her hair. Grabbing it he went over to the bed. She watch him come closer, and was shock when he came into the brighter light that he wasn’t wearing any thing, and that his cock was monstrous, and very hard. He was at least 7 inches long, and as fat as the fat end of a baseball bat.

She’d never seen any man that big before. But he didn’t frighten her with it. It was like he didn’t know he wasn’t wearing anything. “Would you like me to brush out your hair for you?” he ask. Nodding her head yes, she watch as he climb behind her on the bed. “Uh, I need you to lift up a minute please. ” he ask. Helping her lift her ass off the bed, he moved himself around. “Ok you can sit back down now, Thank you. ” he said. She sat down and found that she was sitting on something soft and warm. Turning to look at him, “Sorry didn’t have any place else to put him, it’s okay you wont hurt him. ” he told her. He pick up the brush and started brushing her long hair.

She had a few cock’s between her ass before, but never this big, and not in over a year. She relax and let him brush her hair. “Your hair is so beautiful, and so long. Mmmmmm, I wonder what it would feel like on me. ” he whispers to himself, he thought. “Go ahead. ” she told him. He lean over and buried his face in her neck. Her soft hair caress his face, and he place small kisses on her neck. Pulling her closer, his hands brush the out sides of her tit’s. “OH!!” she grasp. He felt her ass muscle squeeze him. “OH GOD EASY, IT’S BEEN TO LONG, AND YOU FEEL SO GOOD. ” he said groaning.

Pulling away from him she turn around and lean over and lower her mouth and kiss his lips, then move down leaving kisses along the way. He watch her, she was giving him the greatest pleasure with her mouth. Her kisses was sending him to outer space. He fell back against the head broad when he felt her hands close around his cock. He watch as she stroke, and lick him. Brushing her hair to one side, away from her face. Taking her hair, she wrap it around his cock, and stroke him with it. “OH GOD BABY. ” he cried out, and push his hips forward. She open her mouth, and he slip in. She sticks her tongue out, and swirls it around his cock head. She licks and sucks what she can of his large cock.

His breathing got heavy, and his hips were jerking, he was close to losing maltepe escort his load. As she move her mouth down to take him down, he lost it and his hip shot forward, putting him at the entrance of her throat, his cum shot out and she swallow what she could. He was cumming in bucket loads. Pulling her mouth off, she lean back on her ass, watching his cum dibble out, as his hand pump his cock. After what seem like hours, he open his eyes and saw her rubbing his cum on her tit’s, and body. “Stand up and come over to me, please. ” he said. She carefully stood up on the bed, and walk over to him. “See the robe hanging from the rafters? Grab hold of it and sit on my face. Don’t let go for anything baby. ” he told her. She reach up and held onto it, then move onto his face. He lifted her legs and rested them on his shoulders, and he stuck his tongue in her pussy. Licking, fucking, and sucking on her pussy, and clit. All she could do was hold on and let him have his way. She try keeping quiet, but just couldn’t. “OH GOD… YES… YES SUCK ME… EAT MY PUSSY… AAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH… YES… OOH GOOD I’M CUMMMMINGGGGGGGGG!!” she scream.

He lick up the last drop of her pussy juice, and move her legs down on the bed. “Let go baby, I’ll catch you. ” he told her. “I can’t move. ” she said. As he stood up, his cock caress a path from her knee to between her legs, when he help to let go she fall down a little and her pussy was resting on his cock. With his arms still around her, he ease them onto the bed. “I want to make love to you, please let me, I want to feel my hard cock moving inside your pussy. OH GOD PLEASE LET ME LOVE YOU. ” he beg her. Lifting her legs, she wrap them around his back and he ease his cock into her. Slowly taking his time, getting her use to his size. He knew she was going to be very tight, and it was going to take every bit of his control to do it. Reaching down between their bodies he rub her clit, getting her wetter, and pushing in another inch of his fat cock into her. Finely he had his cock buried deeply in her pussy, he stops moving and pulls her face down to met his mouth. Kissing her deeply he turn them over, now he was under her, and she was on top. “TAKE ME HONEY, RIDE ME AS FAST, AS HARD AS YOU WANT. ” he told her. Reaching for his cowboy hat she place it on her head and then she did something he wasn’t ready for. “Take doggy style. ” she said. That was his favorite position to fuck, and she wanted him to kartal escort take her that way. “Turn around on me, easy not to slip me out, yes that’s it, ” he said.

Putting a arm around her middle, he sat up. “Now as I move forward put your hands out toward the bed, yes that’s it baby, now we can fuck. ” he told her as he ease forward. With her on her hands and knees, and him holding her hips in his hands, he ease his cock out, then back it in. He work his cock in and out, till she beg him to fuck her harder, and faster. By then he needed to pound her with his cock. “Oh Baby, I want you to lay down on your tummy, and put your legs together, can you do that for me sweetheart. ooooooooooooo, yes that’s it baby, it makes it even tighter baby, AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!! yes, I’m going to fuck you now baby, and I’m not stopping till I fill your hot, tight, fucking cunt with my HOT cum. ” he grunted.

All she could do was hold on to the side of the bed, as his cock pounded her into the mattress, She had so many orgasm’s she lost count after the fourth one. He was close, she knew because his cock had stiffen and it was swelling. Then she felt him lift her hips and slam his cock in. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” he grunted loudly. Then he fall on top of her, pulling her to their sides, as her body erupted in a huge orgasm. Her body was shaking so bad, he had to wrap his legs around her to keep his cock inside her pussy. When she try to speak he stop her. “Let’s get some sleep, ” he said. Closing her eyes she fell asleep.

The next morning He woke up to find her staddle his hips. “God morning My Angel. ” he said. “Good morning to you, Sorry I couldn’t wait for you to wake up. ” she told him. He felt her pussy slowly moving on his hard cock. He knew that it wasn’t a dream he was having, his cock was buried inside her pussy. His hand reach up and stroke her face, caressing her down to her tummy where he stop, cause he felt a tingling sensation in his hand. He look into her eyes, asking her a question. She nodded her head yes and place her hand on his. “Are you sure?” he question. “As sure as I can be till I see a Doctor, and only you can tell when we can leave here. ” she told him. “Not for at least for a few days to a week. Bit if there is chance your not we have to stop. ” he said. “No way, baby I’m not giving up having you inside me for anything, If I am so be it, I’ll love it no matter what. You can keep me with you or not it’s your choice. ” she told him. “Oh baby your staying, I want you to stay forever. I’ve fallen in love with you. ” he told her. “And I love you. ” she told him.

Pulling her down to him, he kiss her and push his hips up at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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