The Family Affair Chapter 7

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The Family Affair Chapter 7
As with the rest of the story. All characters are adults in this storyline and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies.

The family affair
Chapter 7

The night of pain and pleasure

** He sat there staring at his daughters and his slaves for a minute or two. Are you 100% positive that you wish to continue? Debbie and Amanda tapped the girl closest to them on the hip. Both girls replied yes Sir. You know I will give pain and I will give pleasure. They both replied yes Sir. Are you giving me 100% power exchange or is there going to be restrictions? They both replied yes Sir 100% power exchange. He looked at Debbie did you explain all this to them? She replied yes Sir we educated them on what was expected of them and some of the terminology. Very good he said.**

** Then I will take you my slaves in training. Debbie whispered. Hold out your collar at shoulder height. For him to take it. The girls complied. To you, to new slaves, I promise to teach and educate you and help you grow as a slave. As my slaves, you will obey my every command. If there something you wish to talk about or experiment with. You will talk to my alpha female. That is your mother. You will wear these callers at all times. As well as the rest of your equipment. Do you understand? Yes, Master, they replied. He first took Danielle’s collar. Again I ask are you willing to abide by my rules? Yes, Sir I so do swear. She replied. With that he removed the ribbon from around her neck güvenilir bahis and placed the caller tightly around her neck.**

**Brianna same question. Yes, Sir I so do swear. With that, he stopped and looked at his slave. Debbie, Why is she wearing a white ribbon? Why is she in black? She should be in all white. If she is a virgin. Apologies Master. It was an error that is all my fault. My apologies Sir. There’s no excuse for this. You will be punished for this error. Yes, sir, she replied. He tightly placed the collar around Brianna’s neck Now all four of you stand for inspection. With that, all four slaves stood. He stood in front of each one inspecting them. **

**All were wearing black shelf bras that left her breasts exposed. Thong black panties garter belt and stockings and high heels. As he walked around back behind them. He ordered them to bend over at the waist and pulled their ass cheeks open. His slaves had red crystals in their butt plugs and the two girls had white. Very good you are dressed properly. Now before we go any further let’s deal with the punishment at hand. Amanda take Debbie and fasten her wrist together. Yes, Sir, she replied. After doing so. She turned and said is my fault to Sir I was with her when it was all purchased. Very well come here. He bound Amanda’s wrists too.**

** Danielle and Brianne were told to watch what was about to happen. They looked up at their mother and Amanda with their wrists tied in front of them. Breanne, you are a virgin? Yes Sir. perabet Very good he said. They watched him retrieve some rope from the closet and tied a loop around their wrist restraints. He then hooked it into some rings hanging from the ceiling. He put a loop in the rope and pulled it tight and tied it off to that loop. Both their mother and Amanda were on their tiptoes. He unhooked their bra and pulled their panties and stockings down to their ankles and removed the garter belts. He then retrieved a flogger and began to beat their mother and Amanda with it.**

** After a bit he laid the flogger aside and picked up a whip. They could see the flogger marks on their bodies and they were whimpering a little. He began to hit each of them with the whip leaving long narrow stripes across their backs and tits. As well as their ass and the tops of their legs. He removed them from the rope and told them to redress. He then sat back in his chair. He could see his daughters nipples getting harder and harder and Danielle’s panties were starting to get wet. He looked at Brianna. So you’re still a virgin? Yes, Sir, she replied. Are you offering me your virginity? Yes, sir, I am. Why?**

** Because I think it’s the right thing to do Sir. I see he said. What do you think about your Daddy’s cock? Debbie and Amanda finished dressing and kneeled beside their Master. Sir. It’s so big and hard. I want to know how it will feel in me. I see he said. Any questions thus far? Brianne raised her hand. perabet giriş Yes, slave? I know I must call you Master. I know I must use Sir after every sentence. May I please Sir call you Daddy as well. Mike thought for a moment. Yes, you may. I think I would like that. What about you Danielle? I think I like Daddy as well. If I may Sir. You may. Now set on the edge of the bed. I wish to examine my two new slaves. They replied yes Sir and went and sat on the edge of the bed.**

**Slaves remove their panties. Debbie and Amanda removed their panties. I straddled their chests and hold their legs back and open as white as they will go. They replied yes Sir. They placed their hands to their sides and then sat on their chests. Hold up your legs he said. Yes daddy they replied. He first looked at Danielle’s pussy. Pulling it open and shining a light inside. Pulling and tugging on her pussy lips and flipping her clit. Then he went to Brianna and gently pulled her outer lips open and shined a light at her pussy. I can see your hymen. It’s clean and unbroken. Beautiful. He flipped her clit a couple of times. He retrieved the flogger and looked at his slaves.**

** They grabbed their ankles harder and placed more their weight on their chest. You will count out loud each strike of the flogger in reply thank you, Daddy, and count each one out loud. Do you understand? Yes, Daddy, they replied. He slapped Danielle’s pussy with the flogger hard 10 times. Each time Danielle said. One Daddy. Thank you, Daddy, and so on. He retrieved some duct tape and pinching Brianna’s pussy closed. Hopefully, this will help not to break your hymen. He then gave her 10 hard hits with the flogger. She to did well in answering thank you, daddy, that was one.**

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