The Hairem Ch. 4

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My friend from England Jerry and Marcus had come for my wedding. I had sent the hirsute goddess Benazir to give them a first hand knowledge of Eastern sex. She removed her clothes and stood nude before them. Jerry said to Marcus “Sexy yeh but a bit too hairy. Look at the pelt of hair in her armpits.” Marcus turned to Benazir and said “I say lady why don’t you shave your underarms you have more hair than my mate has on his body”. Benazir did not know any English she just smiled and she forcefully removed his belt and unbuckled his pants, pulling them to his knees as to expose his cock to her. She began to lick his balls as she looked at his eyes watching the expression of satisfaction on his face.

He was watching her as she licked the length of his cock taking the end in ever so little as to tease him with her mouth. She was an expert. She unbuckled Jerry and stroked his massive dick while she licked the entire length of Jerry’s throbbing member. She could feel that her pussy was wet from desire and slowly rubbed her hand against her bushy pussy.

Marcus moaned as she began to take his cock inside her mouth deeper making sure to press her tongue against the sensitive spot on his cock, rubbing in circles around the head of his cock. She knew that he was wanting her as badly as she had been wanting him. His head was thrown back and she could see that he was enjoying her sucking him. Her fingers rubbed against her clit and dived deeper onto his cock with her mouth cevizli escort while her other hand massaged Jerry’s monster dick.

Jerry could see that the heavy pelt of hair in her furry armpits was turning him on. “Hey Marcus I quite like her hairiness I never knew a furball could turn me on so much. She has so much fleece in her armpits that she could probably knit a sweater for us each”. Marcus laughed but she was intently sucking his cock. She had no idea of what they were saying. Her duty was to pleasure these young men. That was her profession and she was damn good at it.

“Benazir raise your arms let me se the hairy muff in your armpits dear” Jerry said. Benazir looked at him puzzled and then he grasped her hands and raised it above her head. She nodded and smiled and pointed at the long hair in her armpits and then shouted in Arabic “@@@@@@ &&&&&&&& #######”.

She was excited and so were we He wanted to see her rubbing her clit as she sucked his cock inside her mouth, rubbing her tongue along every inch of his cock. She was enjoying sucking his cock and returned immediately to the task at hand. She liked watching his face as she sucked it inside her mouth knowing that she was satisfying his strong sexual urges that drove them together. She began to lick his balls and run her tongue all around his cock and balls.

She opened her mouth wide and then took Jerry into her mouth and alternately sucked cihangir escort both him and Marcus. She let him slide in all the way to her throat, then pulled it back out slowly. She then turned around to brace herself on the couch while Marcus slid into her from behind. She was so small and tight that she had to reach back with her hand and help guide him in. She smiled up at Jerry who was getting his rhythm…she knew he wouldn’t be able to hold his load very long.

She then proceeded to kiss it gently and draw just the head into her mouth, but extending her tongue to lick along the underside. He tried to push in further but she pushed him back, and his dick popped out of her mouth, dripping in her saliva and his precum.

She was trying to prolong his agony. Marcus continued to fuck her with long steady strokes as we both moved in and out of her orifices. She took his cock head back in her mouth and started to stroke him. When he started to cum, she pulled him out almost all the way so she could let the jism collect inside her mouth. When he was finished, she opened her mouth up and showed him the white liquid covering her tongue and dripping out the corners of her mouth.

I went ti check on my friends and saw them look exhausted. I motioned to Benazir that she could go but I think she wanted a bit of me to. I gave in and as I talked to Jerry and Marcus she got between my legs and sucked at erenköy escort my 12-inch dong and licked at the length of my shaft.

She knew I was turned on by her hairiness and she kept her arms aloft and showed me the tufty hair in her jet-black bushy underarms. Jerry was still surprised at the hairiness displayed by Benazir and said “Abdullah are all Arab women hairy”. I nodded in reply and said “Jerry my women all stay hairy. They are taught how to pleasure men not like your women look at benazir how she loves my cock and loves showing me her underarm hair and mind you she’s a whore”

I then asked him “Do you like them hairy”. Jerry said Marcus does not like them hairy but I am loving her hairiness it’s all new to me. I like Benazir’s hairiness and I am really turned on by it.

I told Benazir in Arabic that they loved her hairiness and she smiled at them. She licked my shaft and balls and started intensely sucking my enormous prick. Jerry was examining the heavy pelt of hair in her armpits when the bedroom door opened. Benazir had her lips wrapped around my engorged cock as Farah my wife entered the room. She had put on her veil and Benazir continued sucking my penis.

I introduced Farah as my wife and both Jerry and Marcus almost jumped up unused to our ways seeing me getting a blowjob right before my wife. Farah looked at them and told them in her clipped English accent that dinner was ready and left the room even while Benazir’s head kept bobbing up and down my crotch. I was ready to shoot my load into her mouth and I came in torrents and flooded her wet mouth.

Jerry asked me “your wife did not mind you being sucked off not only in front of her but before us too”, I smiled and replied that it was our way. He turned and told Marcus “I wish we become Arabs in our next life”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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