The Hunger Ch. 04

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Please read chapter 1, 2 & 3 before beginning this chapter. While this chapter can be read as a stand alone story it is entirely dependent on the events of the earlier chapters. A writer thrives on your feedback. Please take a moment to vote and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. I hope you enjoy my scribbling.

The drive to Mike and Amy’s trailer was a short one. When we arrived at the double wide trailer I noticed a few other cars and golf carts parked outside. I was happy we weren’t the first guests to arrive. Jim held Sharon’s and my hands as we negotiated the wooden steps of the deck in front of their home in our heels. I was glad he did, as it would have been a little tricky on our own. The shoes may be sexy but are not designed for going cross country.

We entered without knocking and were immediately welcomed by Amy. She greeted Jim and Sharon with a kiss and then did likewise with me. The kiss was slightly more then a peck but it held promise of things to come. Amy was wearing a see thru, gauzy robe that allowed her numerous tattoos and piercings to still be visible.

As our lips parted she whispered in my ear, “I hope you have a good time tonight. I know you are new to this. Just relax and if you have any questions or problems just come find Sharon or me. OK?”

I nodded my understanding. Our eyes met in a smoldering gaze of mutual attraction and desire and she left me to retrieve the queso from Sharon to add to the buffet and then off to resume her other hostess duties.

Sharon slid up beside me, “It looks like you just made a new friend. You could certainly do worse,” she whispered, grinning at me.

Sharon took my hand and with Jim in tow she took me to make the rounds and introduce me to the other guests. The first couple we met was John and Cathy. I was slightly taken aback by them. They looked like a couple from the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine. They were both 30’ish, tall, very attractive, and very muscular. They are obviously dedicated body builders. Cathy was wearing a tight, “little black dress” that clung to her frame. Her smallish, firm breasts and hard nipples were clearly evident under the dress. She has short blonde hair and very expressive blue eyes. I could see a hunger in them that in my current state of arousal I could fully sympathize with. John was neatly dressed in a polo shirt and dockers that displayed his physique. I couldn’t help but check out John’s crotch, wondering if it matched the rest of his massive physique. They both greeted me warmly with a hug and a kiss. I was quickly coming to realize that this was the custom among swingers. As we chit chatted briefly I couldn’t help but day dream a little about what such bodies were capable of in bed. I was certainly open to the idea of finding out for myself.

Next I was introduced to Steve and Terri. Steve is about 5’10” and thin. He has a warm smile and a handsome face. Terri was quite different then her husband. She is rather plump, but not overly so, with large breasts, a generous, well rounded ass, and a bit of a rounded tummy. Terri was wearing a longish silk and lace nightgown and Steve was wearing a matching satin robe and boxer set. During our conversation I learned that she had recently had a baby and was still losing the weight she had gained during her pregnancy. As a matter of fact, this was their first party back after the birth of their son. It was readily apparent that they were excited to be able to play with their lifestyle friends once again. Terri and Steve exuded a certain eager sexuality that I found enticing.

While we were talking, another young man joined us. He was carrying several drinks. Jim quickly grabbed two of the glasses. Sharon leaned in for a kiss after his load had been lightened and gave him a very enthusiastic kiss.

“Amy just whipped up a batch of margaritas and asked me to bring ya’ll some,” he said. “Hello, you must be Kim that I have heard so much about. I’m Mike, Amy’s boyfriend. Welcome to our hacienda.”

“Thanks Mike, I’m glad to be here,” I said as I pressed myself against his tall, lanky frame and delivered the obligatory welcome kiss and hug. Mike was only wearing silk boxers and I couldn’t help checking him out. His body is obviously that of someone that does some physical work but he isn’t bulky like John and Cathy. The tattoos covering his body and the nipple rings clearly showed the mutual interest that he shared with Amy. His shoulder length brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. His deep brown eyes seemed to soak me up as he flagrantly checked me out.

After chatting with Mike for a while, Sharon led me to meet the final couple attending the party. They had arrived while we were making the rounds. They were an older couple, at least older then the majority of the other attendees. I guessed that they were in the early 40’s. Lynn is a voluptuous woman, with large breasts and a full ass. She was wearing a black leather corset that merter escort displayed all of her assets to their full benefit. Her tightly cinched, small waist made her hips and breasts look even more tantalizing. Her slightly extreme makeup and long, dark hair gave her an almost dangerous look. It was clear that this was a woman that knows what she wants and is not afraid to go for it. I felt a tangible thrill run through my body as we embraced and kissed when we were introduced.

There was something about her that struck a cord in me. In some ways she scared me, but in other ways she produced a new level of excitement in my already turned on body. The way she looked at me made me feel like an antelope being watched by a lioness. This was something I was unaccustomed to, this sort of open, honest, unveiled desire. In some ways it was a turn on, being so desired, especially by another woman. In another way it was somewhat disconcerting. I soon came to understand that it was just part of this new lifestyle. The people did not feel the same social inhibitions that were part of my upbringing. They accepted the desire they felt and fed upon it.

Her husband Ken was tall, fit, blond haired, bearded, and blue eyed. Almost like the prototypical Norse god. He was dressed in black leather pants and a matching silk shirt. His demeanor seemed to match that of his wife, strong, confident, and sure of himself. I was definitely turned on by his attitude. I suppose that such a personality in a man, or woman for that matter, has always been something I find attractive.

After all the introductions were made I wandered about, mingling with the other guests. I stuck fairly close to Sharon and Jim. They filled me in on intimate bits and pieces of information about the other guests. We partook of the snacks laid out on the dining room table and had a few more drinks. Somewhere along the way Sharon and I shed our robes. Several of the other guests also did likewise, exposing more flesh as the night progressed. The one thing that surprised me the most was the casual atmosphere of the party. Except for how we were dressed, and the underlying sexuality that accompanied it, the night was not very different from any number of cocktail parties I had attended in the past. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of sexual innuendo and flirting. That was not different from many straight parties I had been to, but the difference was there was a certain degree of honesty and openness that accompanied it. It was if everyone there was able to accept and relish in their sexuality and desire in a way that was taboo or inhibited in “straight” society. What we all felt was no different then what others may feel. The difference was in how they dealt with it by accepting the desire, instead of being ashamed of it.

While we were mingling and socializing Sharon was whispering details about the other guests to me. This had the effect of increasing my already heightened level of arousal. My nipples seemed like they were about to burst through the top of my teddy and my pussy was swollen and damp.

These details included the fact that our hostess, Amy, was probably the wildest of the group and was into just about anything and everything that came her way. Sharon described her as a “try-sexual,” meaning she will try just about anything once. Terri, it seems, is a devotee of anal pleasure and particularly loves having a hard cock buried in her ass. She was also described as being a true artist when it comes to giving oral sex to a man. Cathy is very much into women, and as her body would suggest, a true sexual athlete. She has been known to take on everyone at one of these parties and is quite insatiable. Lynn, as well as her husband, is also into BDSM and both are dominants. This did not surprise me in the least. Sharon did go onto to explain that they toned down their BDSM activities when involved with swingers and kept the two lifestyles separate, but were always on the lookout for a latent submissive among their swinging friends and acquaintances. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was one of those people they were searching for. Sharon also mentioned that all of the women in attendance are bi to some degree or another but that none of the men were. I would come to find that was common within the swinging lifestyle.

As for the men, Sharon said that Mike had a very talented tongue and a long thin cock that she described as “perfect” for anal sex. John has wonderful endurance and a thick cock that Sharon described as a “pussy stretcher.” Steve is a bit of voyeur and really enjoys watching his wife play with other another couple or individual. He eventually joins in, but likes to sit on the sidelines until another man is needed in the party. Ken, as I mentioned earlier, is a take charge type of lover and has a talent for bringing out the untamed sexuality of a woman.

After we had been there about an nişantaşı escort hour, the sexual tension in the house seemed to be reaching a peak. The electricity in the air was tangible. It was if the flirting and teasing that had gone on only served to whet the appetites of the guests and hosts. It became clear to me that the social part of the evening was intended as that, a teaser of things to come later in the evening. There was a fair amount of drinking, but nothing that I would describe as excessive. The alcohol served as a social lubricant.

Finally the hostess decided to break the ice. She approached me and said, “We have a bit of a tradition at our parties. The hosts get the honor of playing with the new guests for the first time if they are agreeable. Would you like to go back to one of the bedrooms and play with Mike and me?”

My eyes met Sharon’s and she nodded. For some reason, that I didn’t understand, it was if I needed her approval. I replied, “I think that I would like that very much,”

Sharon took my hand and placed it in Amy’s and said, “You kids run along and have fun. Play nice.” I caught the smirk on Sharon’s face out of the corner of my eye.

Amy leaned into me and gave me a short but passionate kiss. She took my hand and led me towards the back of the house with Mike trailing behind. We arrived in a surprisingly large bedroom and Amy spun me around into her arms. Her lips met my own and we were soon lost in a lingering, even more passionate kiss. Her hands wandered over me and with some sort of sixth sense I could feel her growing lust that hung over us like a mist.

Amy’s hands wandered over my body and I could sense Mike’s presence nearby, waiting and watching. Amy’s wandering hands soon found a purpose as they began to work towards freeing me of what few garments I wore. I was jolted from my erotic reverie and I responded by helping her shed her attire. I sensed Mike doing so as well as he intently watched the action between his wife and me. Our mouths continued to be fastened to each other as our hands roamed over an increasingly exposed landscape of flesh.

Finally nude, Amy spun me around and positioned me on their bed. I was not there alone for long as she quickly joined me and I felt her mouth on my sensitive neck and ears. Her lips and tongue only served to stoke my inner fires further but they did not linger for long. I soon felt her tongue licking the perimeter of my breasts. This only served to tease my already heightened senses. I was ready for more direct stimulation. I felt the growing need to be pleased and to please her.

When Amy’s mouth finally found my erect nipple I responded with a loud groan. Yes! This is what I needed, what I desired. My hands were in her hair, pulling her into my breasts, and encouraging her to take me, to make love to my breasts. She followed my cues and I felt her licking evolve into strong sucking and eventually I felt the pressure of her teeth as she nibbled on my nipple. I encouraged her to be even more enthusiastic and I soon felt the delicious sensation of her teeth as they clamped down even tighter, while her tongue flicked over the exposed tip inside her mouth.

“OHhhhh godddd yessss,” I cried out as I felt the mixed pleasure/pain sensations rumble through my body and settle in my dripping cunt. I felt Amy chuckle to herself as she moved to my neglected breast and repeated the process until I was once again urging her to be more aggressive. I rolled my head to the side and saw Mike in a nearby chair, smiling, while watching us intently and stroking a fully aroused cock.

I felt my nipple leave Amy’s mouth with an audible pop and she raised her face and looked me in the eyes. I could see the hunger in her eyes. “I have to get a taste of this pussy,” she said blatantly.

“Please allow me to return the favor,” I said in response. Her eyes lit up and she nodded.

She spun around and straddled me, her pussy quickly appearing over my face. I took a moment to look it over as I was still new to exploring the bisexual side of my sexuality. I wanted to absorb every nuisance of it. She was so different from Sharon. Not only was her totally shaved mound decorated with a climbing rose tattoo, but her clit hood was pierced with a curved bar as well as both of her outer labia with matching rings. Her inner labia were long almost delicate looking lips that hung down almost like velvety smooth curtains, glistening with moisture. Her thin, small body did not have the more womanly abundant flesh that Sharon had on her hips and thighs. I could also feel the cool metal of her pierced nipples and belly button on my skin as she lay on top of me.

I was forced back into the here and now of the situation by the sensation of Amy’s lips on my pussy. I responded by grabbing Amy’s almost boyish ass in my hands and pulling her pussy down to my face. I began by covering her thighs ortaköy escort and mound with a series of soft kisses. I could feel her moan into my own pussy in response. I began to move closer and closer to her pussy with my mouth and her moaning and enthusiastic efforts in my own pussy responded in kind. When I finally took her dangling labia between my lips and sucked them I felt a more urgent groan from her. My own moans into her pussy seemed to set up a sort of feedback loop as we ate each other’s cunts. I allowed her to take the lead, but as she did something to me, I followed as I fucked her with my mouth. I recall thinking that it was almost like dancing, with her taking the lead.

I felt her fingers open me and then her tongue began to explore the inner recesses of my pussy. I again followed and lost myself in the sensations of her pussy, including her sweet taste and heady aroma that seemed to saturate my sinuses. We both delved deep for some time and as if she sensed my rapidly growing level of need, moved her attention to my clit. Delicate little butterfly licks soon evolved into sucking, firmer strokes of her tongue, and occasional nibbles. I felt the inevitable crescendo begin to build within my body. For my part, I matched her stroke for stroke, aided by the presence of the piercing that allowed me to further pleasure her. I soon found that she liked it played with, especially if I look it between my lips and gave it a little tug or pushed it around with my tongue. I keyed into her moans and groans and tailored my efforts to maximize them as I felt them vibrating from her mouth and through my pussy. The feed back loop was in full effect and it only seemed to intensify what we each felt.

I felt her ass tighten in my hands and the formerly gentle movements of her pussy across my mouth became much more urgent. I realized that she was getting close and I redoubled my activity on her clit. I felt a finger dive into my pussy, burying itself in my liquid depths. Again, I imitated her and I felt her pussy grasping at my finger. Her finger quickly retreated and I felt it rubbing against the rosette of my ass. The finger made two more trips to my pussy to retrieve more liquid and I copied her each time. I gasped between her thighs as I felt her finally slowly slide it into my ass. Amy responded with a very enthusiastic groan of her own. The vibrations of the groan seemed to echo through my body.

The finger was the last straw and I felt myself begin the slide into orgasmic bliss. Amy, for her part, was very sensitive to my needs and realized that I enjoy my clit treated rougher then most women. She was enthusiastically sucking and biting it as I rushed towards release. I felt her own upcoming climax in the tension in her body and the volume and frequency of her moans. It was like a race as we sprinted towards the finish line. I struggled to continue to pleasure Amy as my own pleasure distracted me from my efforts towards driving her to her own release.

She got their first, but only by a few seconds. I tumbled over the edge into orgasmic oblivion right behind her. My body contracted and quivered as I shuddered through my release. Bolts of pleasure flowed through my body like lightning on a summer night. My orgasm was intense and drawn out and it felt as if my entire universe was centered on my cunt. I vaguely recall feeling Amy’s body shuddering through her own orgasm through the veil of pleasure that enshrouded my consciousness. I can distinctly recall the contractions of her ass on my finger that was still slowly stoking in and out.

When her orgasm was over, she jerked off of me. I realized that I was still sucking on her clit and she was probably too sensitive to handle that level of direct stimulation. When she pulled away, our fingers also were suddenly dislodged from each other’s asses.

“Mmmmm, I’m sorry,” I managed to say from my own personal fog.

“It’s OK, just too sensitive,” she managed to mumble.

“I know,” I replied.

When I managed to look down at her, she was curled up in a fetal position, her body still trembling in her post-orgasmic shudders. Her face was covered in my juices, soaking her hair as well.

“I guess I should have warned you that I am a squirter. I hope I didn’t drown you,” I said.

“Mmmmm, I don’t mind at all. I really liked it. It was a pleasant surprise,” Amy managed to say.

She rolled over and snuggled in next to me, our faces next to each other. I could feel my wetness on her face against my shoulder. Our eyes met and I could see the pleasure in hers. We were soon kissing once more, tasting each other on our mouths and tongues. The kiss eventually developed into a snuggle fest as we mutually enjoyed the post orgasm bliss.

Finally Amy spoke, “Kim, I think its time that we rewarded Mike for being so patient, don’t you?” I had been lost in my reverie and totally forgotten about Mike.

“Oh yes, he has been a very good boy. Bring him on,” I replied.

Amy wiggled her finger in his direction and Mike anxiously joined us on the bed. He leaned over to kiss us both and said, “The two of you were beautiful together, I didn’t mind waiting at all.”

“Mike always likes watching me with another woman. It’s one of his biggest turn-ons,” Amy commented.

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