The librarian

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The librarian
She was new to the job and new to the city. Having recently graduated from University, she was in a lot of debt, so she took the first job she could find. Not a bad job, but far from ideal. But she liked the idea of being in a library, surrounded by books and people wanting to read. It was a comforting place for her.

At her desk she typed up her thesis, her dreams had not died and she was determined to get her Phd. The air conditioning had not been working all summer; the city lacked the funds to fix it. She normally dressed very conservatively, but the conditions had been almost unbearable. Her attire reflected the scorching heat, she wore a thin blouse, and short pinstripe skirt. Through her 25 years she had been very shy and almost timid of her body, but she had grown with confidence. The constant flirting from the elderly men reading their newspapers had really helped her build her confidence. She had been very reserved at University, having only really acquainted with the female student. Something which she regretted, she secretly envied the confident girls who would bring back different star athlete every week to their shared door dorm.

The routine of going to the library and walking back to her apartment was second nature. She had mostly kept to herself; finding it difficult to make any meaningful relationships so far. But she couldn’t help but notice that whenever she was at work, a vagrant looking gentleman would be keeping a close eye on her. She wasn’t afraid, Alan the security tipobet guard also kept a close eye on her, they had formed a platonic father daughter relationship and she was very fond of him.
The vagrant man approached her desk, he was tall, with a wiry frame, his black complexion surprisingly vibrant, unlike his tattered clothing. She couldn’t help but notice the bulge swinging backwards and forwards in his sweatpants, he obviously wasn’t wearing underwear. She felt her stomach drop and churn with anxiety as he approached, but she hid it well, not revealing any weakness.
“Anything I can help you with,” she said with the sweetest voice you could ever possibly imagine.
“ Yes, ma’am”, he had a southern accent, “ do you have any books on car mechanics”
“ Well I can definitely take a look for you”, her cheeriness seemed to be rubbing off on the man, as he cracked a smile, revealing perfectly clean white teeth, yet again not matching his appearance.
She looked towards the entrance as she searched her computer, hoping to make eye contact with Alan, but he wasn’t at his desk.
The vagrant was staring intensely at her, she could feel his eyes.
“ Ma’am, you have the prettiest blue eyes I ever seen”
She cracked a smile, but continued searching, her slender finger clicking away on the keyboard without making eye contact with the vagrant.
“Aah, there it is, upstairs on the back shelf, towards the toilets”.
“ Thank you, ma’am”.

She sighed with relief as the man left, headed as she had directed him. She tipobet güvenilir mi scanned the library hoping to see Alan. But to no avail, learning a few minutes later that he had family grievance to attend to and had taken a personal day off.

Before long the vagrant had slipped her mind, and she continued with her work. Typing away furiously. Eventually her mind slipped into daydreaming. The heat was getting to her. The bulge, the vagrants bulge, it popped into her mind. He was packing for sure, she thought. Her only sexual experience had been with a long term boyfriend during university, whom she had grown to resent for having limited her sexual experiences. He had treated her well, but he lacked passion, he was average in every sense, they eventually went their separate ways, and she had been suffering a year long dry spell. Despite her reserved appearance she had vicious sexual appetite, and masturbated every night, to her own personal fantasies which grew more and more sadomasochistic.
Out of boredom and maybe due to the heat, or the fact that she hadn’t had sex in over a year, a sick twisted train of thought had begun to form.

Before she knew it, thoughts had turned into action. She had carefully slipped off her red panties, and put them in the bin in the ladies toilet. She left her desk. Up the stairs she went. She scoured the 2nd floor, looking for her target. The vagrant was exactly where she expected.
She sauntered towards him, with an out of character confidence. tipobet giriş She was beginning to feel a throbbing between her legs with each step, her pussy was instinctively moistening for the large vagrant cock.
“ Thank you, ma’am, think I found it”
“ oh no, it wasn’t that book,” she exclaimed. The vagrant gave a perplexed look for a second and smiled. She took the book out of his hands, stepped in front of him, wiggling her hips, she slowly bent over, she felt an unusual feeling of air between her legs, normally she was covered but today she was on display. The vagrant saw everything.
“I need to get the right cock….i mean book”, she stumbled, as she straightened up.
The vagrant was feeling his cock over his sweatpants.
She pushed him into the toilets which where directly behind. She dropped to her knees. The vagrant dropped his pants, his big black cock equally as beautiful as the image she had in her head. Instinctively she opened her mouth, but even just the head was too big, stretching her mouth to the limits.
He grabbed her breasts through her blouse, his strong hands forcing her tiny frame upwards. Because of his height and the absurdity of his cock, she lent over and began to suck as if she was breathing through that large black snake, saliva dribbled down her cheeks, her blond hair whipping backwards and forwards with the vigour of her head movement. The fact she was sucking his cock standing up had caused a dam to open up between her legs. She had never been so wet, the feeling of the cock in her mouth was causing min convulsions in her vagina, it was almost as if she was being fucked. The vagrant let out moans of pleasure, as he filled her mouth with his seed.

I hope you enjoyed my story, I intend on writing more often, so subscribe to my channel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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