The Little Game

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They came to this particular bar often. It was very nice, dark and quiet. The hotel clientele was upper class and the atmosphere elegant. They soon noticed that every Thursday, the same two gentlemen came in.

Both were tall and well-dressed in three-piece suits. One had a very sexy moustache, the other was clean-shaven. Both wore wedding rings. They would sit together on stools and watch the single women. Every night, they picked one, always an attractive one, to pursue. Sometimes they were very successful and left the bar with her, sometimes they just spent some time with her and left alone.

Jeff and Kara watched them each Thursday. It became their regular evening entertainment. They would sit quietly in their booth and make comments to each other and sexy little bets about the evening’s outcome. One night, Jeff said he wished he could watch them with Kara. He found the whole idea incredibly sexy. They both felt the men had never noticed Kara, after all, she was always with Jeff, and they focused on available women. Jeff mentioned it occasionally, sometimes during lovemaking, and it seemed to really excite him. Finally, Kara agreed.

The next Thursday, Kara dressed so carefully. She had a new red sundress to wear. It had tiny straps over her tanned shoulders, the back open to the waist, held together by criss-cross ties. The skirt was full and short, stopping above her knees. Kara wore strappy red sandals on her bare legs. She entered the bar alone and sat down. Jeff came in a few minutes later, and took a seat at the other end. Right on schedule, the two men entered. They stood at the door, checking their options, then zeroed in on Kara. She was by far the most attractive woman there.

They sat on either anadolu yakası escort side of her and offered to buy her a drink. She quickly agreed and smiled happily at them. They knew exactly the timing for everything. They talked a certain amount of time, they listened thoughtfully for a few minutes and then they made their move. Ben slipped his fingers onto her neck and played with her curls. Jack ran his fingers up and down her arm. This was the first step, to see if she would object, and she didn’t. Then Ben handed something to Jack and his fingers brushed her nipples accidentally. Still no objection. Both men reached for her hands and started embracing them. Each man kissed her palm, sucked her fingers. Kara smiled at them.

They let their other hand rest on her thigh and slowly moved it up. As if choreographed, the men moved in unison. They allowed their hands to stop at her soft inner thighs and just circle slowly there. Kara let her legs fall open, to allow them easy access. Both men moved their hands up until they touched her smooth mound. Two fingers reached out and rubbed against her slit. Two fingers traveled up and down her slit, delving deeper each time, until two fingers rested on her clit. Kara turned to Ben and kissed him deeply, tasting his tongue and lips and sighing.

Then she turned to Jack and repeated the kiss. This was the signal, and Jeff got up and walked over to them. As he stood behind Kara, she said hello to his reflection. Then she introduced her new friends, who were still busily fingering her clit. She told Jeff she had been invited to go upstairs and asked if he cared to join them. When he looked questioningly at the men, they also invited him to ataşehir escort join them. Jeff happily agreed.

They all rode upstairs in the lovely glass elevator, Kara smiling happily and the men not believing their luck. Once in the room, Jeff said he would be happy to just watch and offered to help Kara out of her dress. As the men undressed, Jeff lifted her dress and kissed her shapely ass and then untied the strings that would release her clothing. As her dress fell from her, the men were thrilled at her beautiful, shapely little body. She sat on the bed as the men knelt down to remove her shoes.

They began at her feet, kissing and licking her legs, feeling the soft smoothness of her limbs. Jeff helped her move to the center of the bed and started to sit in a chair beside her, but she stopped him and asked him to undress also. As he did, Ben and Jack continued there travels up her lovely legs. They gently moved her legs apart and both mouths converged on her baby smooth mound at the same time.

They were licking and sucking in unison, using their fingers to massage her thighs and hold her open. She reached for their hard cocks, wrapping her fingers around both of them. Both were very impressive. She was happily massaging them when she felt a cock at her mouth. She opened her eyes in time to see Jeff over her, his magnificent erection so close. She opened her mouth and started to suck on her lover, something she had done so often before. God, she had 3 hard cocks to play with, all these hands and fingers and mouths and cocks…they were all hers, all wanted her and anxious to please her. She started moaning and begging to be fucked.

Ben was lying on his back and she straddled bağdat caddesi escort him, lowering herself onto his thick cock, feeling the warm flesh filling her. At first she rode him sitting very straight and then she saw Jack’s hungry cock and leaned forward to take it into her mouth. She felt Jeff, her darling Jeff, licking her ass and circling his hot tongue on the wrinkled skin. She stopped sucking Jack long enough to ask Jeff to fuck her ass…her virgin ass. This was something Jeff had always wanted, but had frightened her. Now she was not afraid, now she needed him there. She felt his fingers in her wet pussy, gathering lubrication and then felt his hot cock pressing against her rosebud.

All she could think of was cock. All she wanted was to be fucked in every way possible and by all her hot men. She felt Jeff pressing into her and filling her ass. His cock moved in time with Ben, both fucking her at the same time. She felt she would explode from the sensation of fullness. At the same time, Jack was pressing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She could feel the distended veins as they passed her lips repeatedly. Someone had their hand on her nipples, someone played with her clit, she didn’t know who was doing what, just that she was in heaven and didn’t want it to stop. She could feel her orgasm building, the sensations coming from so many areas. As she neared her climax, Jack began coming in her mouth. She felt the hot come spurting down her throat and she swallowed happily.

As she was taking the last drops, she felt her cunt begin to spasm. She clamped down on Ben’s cock and took him with her as she came so very hard and fast. As her contractions slowed, she felt Ben swell and explode deep inside her pussy and then Jeff started to make those familiar noises meaning he was coming also. Soon all the hard cocks had softened and slipped from Kara. She slowly moved from Ben and stood up. Jeff helped her dress and then dressed himself. They told their new friends what a lovely evening they had and left the room, smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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