The Stepsister Part 6

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The Stepsister Part 6

~~Start of Part 6~~

I dove in the bathroom, figuring with two women here it was going to be a cold day in hell before I was able to get in there again. I finished up and did the old army bath, shaved with a razor that was sitting on the counter and got out of there. I walked back across the hall and pulled out a pair of the PT shorts sis had put in one of the drawers for me and threw on one of the regimental shirts I had. Ok I was ready for coffee.

I went into the kitchen and got out three mugs and made up a fresh pot of coffee for us and went out to the living room and turned on the morning news to see who was dead, who was driving drunk, and who’s house burned down over night. I was just sitting there waiting for coffee…I see them slide across the hallway and into the bathroom and I hear the shower starting up so figure I am safe for a few minutes at least… I went in and got a cup once it was done brewing and the ladies emerge from the bathroom and scurry across to the bedroom to get dressed.

Mandy comes out first and goes in to the kitchen, she stops and sees that I have poured a cup for them, she says out load for sis to hear too, “Wow and he can make coffee too? He is going to make someone a hell of a wife someday!” They both start laughing…Mandy grabs a mug and sits it on the table in the kitchen and comes out to the living room where I am sitting.

She puts one leg on each side of my right leg and then sits down on my knee facing towards me…She is dressed in some shorts and a nice airy blouse that accents her breasts in an amazing way, she smells like Sis’s lotion and has a cute little smile on her face and her eyes are bright and look happy to me. I am trying not to let her know that I can feel the warmth that is coming from a very special place I was allowed to explore the night before…

She looks in my eyes and says, “Thank you for last night, that was a very mature thing you did, and I really appreciated it.” She bends over slightly towards me and of course I can see down her blouse to those incredible breasts of hers. She takes my head in her hands and gives me a very passionate kiss for a few seconds, runs her fingers across my head a few times and then gets up and goes back out to the kitchen.

Sis comes in next and gets her mug, goes to the table and puts it down and then she comes out to the living room where I am sitting and sits down next me. She turns towards me a little and puts her hand on my leg and her other hand goes up around my shoulders. She pulls me over towards her and plants a very passionate kiss on me and then sits me back up and says, “Everything ok this morning?” I notice that she is gently rubbing my shorts where my cock is semi hard from all this attention, I am getting…

I look at her and then glance over at Mandy, who is watching intently, and say, “Yeah I think she let me keep it attached for now…” They both bust up laughing and sis smacks me on the shoulder and gets up and goes into the kitchen.

I take a seat and we all sip at the coffee and then sis looks at me again and says, “Something wrong?” She can tell that I am deep in thought and it jars me back to reality…

I wait a minute and then say, “Can I ask a question without upsetting anyone?” Mandy has a look of concern on her face and sis looks at me and says, “Of course you can, ask away.”

I take a second to try at wording this the right way and then figure that is as good I am going to get and go with it, “Is it possible that I can be in love with both of you at the same time?” I brace for impact… I look over and Mandy is turning a deep shade of red and looks like she is welling up a tear or something…and sis is sitting there looking at me with her you are an amazing guy eyes…and I am still confused as hell…

Sis finally speaks, “A lot of professionals will fight about this, but here is what I know personally…It is possible that you can love me and Mandy with all of your heart. It is just something a little different with each person that you make a deep connection with. Think about it, if this was not true then how do parents suddenly have enough love to share with their c***dren if it is all directed at each other…”

I consider this for moment and notice that Mandy has a little tear sliding down her cheek…I figure oh crap I screwed up bad…but sis is not looking worried so I say, “Amanda, I am not saying I am trying to choose or anything bad, I just have not felt this way before and….well you two know me better than anyone I can think of at this point…”

Mandy leans over and grabs my head as she leans in and gives me a very passionate kiss and then sits back up and says, “You are pretty amazing and mature, I am not crying because you upset me…quite the opposite, I think that may have been one of the most caring, honest, and sincere things I have ever heard a man say, let alone with another woman around to hear it too.” “You do realize you said you love us, both right?”

I know what I said and am trying to figure out if I said it wrong or something…

Sis looks over and says, “Love is a funny word, with guys it might mean one thing, with most women it means something quite different, but you bearing your soul like you just did with us now, Mandy and I know that was something you are truly feeling and it made her very happy to hear it.”

Sis gets up and comes over and pulls my head over to her chest…followed by Mandy on the other side. Now I am sitting here with my head in between these two amazing women’s chests and trying not to do something stupid. Finally, I say, “hey guys, unless you want to explain how I have two bruises on the side of my head in the shape of nipples you might want to let me breath…” They both take a step back and laugh and then each gives me a peck on the cheek and return to their seats.

Mandy looks over at me and says, “Promise us both, that no matter what you feel…if you are confused talk to us ok?” I nod my head yes…and then say, “So you two don’t think is crazy or odd that I have these feelings for both of you?”

Sis looks at me and says, “I personally don’t think so; I know for a fact that you love me and have for several years. I see how you are with Mandy and the fact that you just canlı bahis siteleri asked the question you did, proves to me that you care deeply for her and are trying to make sure you are not hurting her or me.” Mandy looks at me and nods her head in agreement.

I feel a little more at ease, at least I know they both know I am having very deep feelings for them, so I decide it is time to break the heavy tone and say, “Ok, so who do I call when I am in Korea and need to relive some stress?” They both almost spit their coffee out and they both raise their hands while laughing…

We finish up with the coffee and I ask sis, “ok what are we doing today?”

She thinks for a minute and then says, I am just going to get some of the last boxes unpacked and then relax and see if anything comes to mind that I forgot to do for the move in…I think we are pretty well taken care of though.

Mandy asks, “would you mind if I stole him and went to the mall to get him a few things other than military clothes to wear over the next few weeks while he is here?”

I speak up and say, “I don’t need you to buy clothes for me, I do get paid in the Army you know…” Sis waves off Mandy and says, “you are in trouble now, you should have just let her get them for you…” as she laughs and so does Mandy. Well I got myself into this one…

Sis says, ‘not at all he is yours hon.”

About an hour later Mandy comes over and rounds me up and says, “let’s go, we need to get you something nice to wear out just in case your mom and dad decide to take you two somewhere nice for dinner.” So off we go. I notice that Mandy has changed into a very cute sun dress that is obviously made to make men go insane with desire…

We took Mandy’s car and she is driving, so I decide to give her a little of her own medicine and ask, “So, who is this dirt bag that was giving you a hard time?” Mandy bites her bottom lip again and says, “do we have to talk about that?”

I told her no and added, “but if you would like some help with the issue, (I grab my crotch) ‘have gun, will travel madame!’” She turns a pretty shade of red while trying to concentrate on the road and sneaking a peek at my shorts. She relents and tells me the story of her and sis going to a basketball game about a week before I get home and dirt bag #1 (sis now ex-whatever) and dirt bag #2 Mandy’s ‘date’ for the game tried to force themselves on them both.

Mandy looks over and can tell my blood is starting to boil and says, “really it was not a big deal, we took care of them and have not even seen them since. You don’t need to do anything, really!” I calm down a little but am still pissed off that sis did not tell me about this, she should have.

We get to the mall and I allow Mandy to run me though all the stores getting this and that and making sure it meets her approval. $400 lighter in my wallet we go to leave the mall and head for the car. Mandy suddenly digs her fingernails into my arm and stops cold. I get jerked to a halt and turn and look at her and say what is wrong Mandy?

She is staring straight ahead and looks worried and scared. I turn and look in the same direction and who do I see but dirt bag #1 (sis ex) walking our way with some scrawny dirt bag I am guessing is dirt bag #2. Well this should be fun I think to myself.

Dirt bag 1 and 2 recognize Mandy and walk over to us. Mandy now has a death grip on my arm. I look at her and hand her the bags and tell her no matter what happens, if things get hairy just run into the store over there and tell them to call 911. She nods in agreement and takes the bags.

The dirt bags stop and start talking to Mandy and I step between them and say, “hello shit bird, you remember me?” He thinks for a minute and then says yeah you moved your sister out the other day. I look him in the eye and say, “yep that’s me.” He tries to push me out of the way, in vain as he is only about 5’8” and 150lbs on a good day. His buddy is even less imposing at about 5’5” 120lbs. He looks at me and says, “get out of my way man, this little bitch is spreading rumors about me and I am going to put a stop to it.”

I look towards Mandy and am about to tell her to go call the police when out of the corner of my eye I see someone else approaching us. I grab on to the bigger guy and spin to see who is coming in…What do you know…it is Mike. We played football together in high school and for those who thought I was intimidating at 6’5” and 215lbs, mike was a friggin mountain…He is 6’8” and has bulked up to about 320lbs now playing division I college ball.

Mike walks up and says “hey bro, have not seen you in a while…heard you were back in town after your Army training. Everything ok here?”

I look in relief, to see Mike here and know he has my back no matter what is going down…. I say, “yeah, just trying to take out the trash…” That was a code we all used on the team when we had a guy that was harassing one of the girls at the school or worse one of our family or girlfriends. Mike got a very serious look on his face and dirt bag 2 pissed his pants I think as Mike asked me “who?” I told him, my sis and my girlfriend Mandy and looked over at her.

Mike grabs up #2 and takes #1 dirt bag out of my hands. He says, “don’t worry about this bro, tell sis we said hi.” He looks over at Mandy and says, “Don’t worry about these guys, if you ever see them again get my number from your boyfriend and I will come and take care of it…ok?” Mandy nods her head in amazement at the mass of humanity in front of her and we walk off to the car. I look back towards where we just were as I see Mike and a group of guys that were obviously from his college ball team walk these two gentlemen away and they had a look of complete terror on their faces…

We get back to Mandy’s car and she is still a little stressed out about the whole encounter, so I walk her over to the passenger side and get the keys from her and put her in the car and the bags in the trunk. I am still coming down off the adrenaline dump that I had when I thought I was going to have to beat these two down to protect Mandy. We sat there in the car for few minutes and Mandy looks at me and says, “how in the hell did you stay that calm and together with two guys getting perabet in your face?”

I looked at her and said, “those weren’t guys, they were just boys in a man’s body.” I smiled at her. She looks at me and then grabs my head and gives me a very deep and passionate kiss. I am sitting there in bliss at this welcome reward and notice someone knocking on the window…It was Mike who saw where we walked to and came over to see if everything was cool.

Mandy jumped a little when she noticed there was a mountain near us again and I told her it was ok it is Mike. I got out of the car and Mike gave me a big bro hug that nearly makes me pass out from getting crushed…He says, “you won’t have to worry about those guys bro, I give ‘em a few hours and they will be over the border into Arizona.” He laughs.
Mandy gets out and comes over and gives Mike a big huge hug and a little peck on the cheek and says, “Thank you Mike, I know he can handle himself…but I did not want him to get into trouble on his first leave home after being in the Army.”

I can tell Mike is blushing a little, he said, “no problem Mandy, what else are brother’s for…” She winked at me and I started to blush. She moves over by me and says, “and for you sir, defender of honor…” She plants another very deep and passionate kiss on me. I did not notice that Mike’s friends had also just shown up and they start doing the ooohhhh…. ahhhhh…. damn you the man…. Stuff.

Mandy hears that and knows she now has a crowd and turns around and does a curtsy to a round of applause from the guys. I roll my eyes…she is a ham and loves the attention.

Mike and I finish up talking and Mandy moves over to the passenger side to get back in and wanted to leave her protectors with a little something so she bends over just enough that her skirt raises up to the bottom of her butt and she sits down in the car. To a boisterous round of applause again. I start up the car and back out of the spot and we start heading back to Sis’s place.

As I pull out of the mall lot, Mandy puts her hand on my thigh just above where the shorts stopped and looks over at me and says, “Thank you, that was amazing.” We started driving down the road and I am feeling pretty good about how everything turned out and Mandy is impressed too, that has to be a good thing, and I did not even have to bruise a knuckle or anything…

We were not far from sis’s when I hit a bump or pothole…something, just enough that the car bounced a little. Well that was enough, I was still just in my PT shorts that have a little netting inside to keep everything generally in place…yep we had a visitor. The head of my cock pops out from beneath my shorts and hits the back of Mandy’s hand and starts to trail down her fingers.

She looks over and smiles and before I can say anything, she has him captured in her soft warm hand. I look at her and say, “no funny business, I am driving, I don’t want to wreck your car!” She smiles at me and starts rubbing him a little. Oh hell, what I am going to do, she is an amazingly beautiful woman…yep he responds to her urging and starts growing in her hand. She slides her arm though the seat belt and before I knew it, she had me in her mouth and was starting to do her thing again…

I just said, “shit, I hope I don’t kill us…” I am trying my hardest to concentrate on the driving while I have an unbelievable beauty trying to make me cum…I literally cross both of my fingers on the wheel and pray that the last two lights are green so I can at least make it to the parking lot. Everything in the universe seemed to line up just right and I was able to make it though both lights and made the right down sis’s street. I pulled in the lot and the spot next to my truck was still open, so I pulled in there and threw the car in park.

Mandy was still going to town on me and now that the car was not moving, she up’s the tempo and I lay my head back and just enjoy the thank you I am getting from her. She must have decided it was time and she took me all the way into mouth and then stopped. I could feel the back of her warm throat with the head of my cock and she hummed or something. I saw stars as I exploded in her mouth, I had only ever had that happen once before…she kept kneading me as she would move up and down…Satisfied that she had everything I had to offer at that point she sat up in the seat.

I was still trying to come back down to earth as I heard a noise and look out the right front of the windshield and who do I see…yep, little bro is standing there with his mouth wide open and saying “damn, I knew it…you lucky bastard!” I just rolled my eyes and Mandy now realizes that she was putting on a show little bro got to see and gets bright red and puts her hand over mouth and says, “Sorry!”

I get out and get the bags, and little bro is standing there with his jaw hanging still and I say, “get the door for her you idiot!” he does, and we all head up to the apartment.

We get up there and bro throws the door open and scares the crap of sis who was in the kitchen, she jumps, and he comes in and gives her a hug, followed by Mandy and then I am bringing up the rear. We get in and take the bags in to the bedroom, so they are out of the way, and we all go and sit down at the table in the kitchen. Mandy looks like she is about to burst at the seams, so Sis says, “ok something is up, spill it Mandy…”

Mandy looks at me and then starts up the story of going to the mall, getting the clothes and then with dramatic pause says, “and guess who was there?” Sis looks over at me and says “who…”

I tell her that dirt bag # 1 and 2 where there and decided it would be a good idea to try and intimidate Mandy. Sis looks at me and says, “put your hands on the table…” I roll my eyes and did what she asked…she looks puzzled and says, “you saw my ex and her ex, and she told you what had happened and you did not beat the living crap out of them?”

Mandy continues with her story, “So this big black guy comes walking up and says hey to your bro…” Sis stops her, “Mike?” Mandy nods yes and I am nodding too, both sis and little bro are nearly crying they are laughing so hard at this point. They both know Mike well and also know if they were in it bad perabet giriş to call him and he will help them. “So, Mike was there when this all went down?” I nod yes and Mandy continues the story to include Mike coming over after they took care of everything.

Little bro looks over at me and says, “taking out the trash?” He knew what that meant too and I shook my head yes, sis looks at me and says, “taking out the trash?” Little bro was happy he knew something she did not, so he let her in on the code phrase the football team uses still today to take care of undesirables messing with the girls, family, or girlfriend of one of the team. Sis looks at me and says, “so are they going to turn up floating in the ocean or something?” I laugh, and tell her no, Mike and several of his friends from the division one school let them know it might be a good idea to leave the state. Mike figures they will be in Arizona by about 5pm sharp…lol

Little bro is sitting there intently taking everything in and then of course has to put his own foot in his mouth…he says, “can I ask a question?” Sis says go ahead, I look at him and he is just staring at Mandy and I know it is coming… “how in the hell did you get bro’s dick all the way in your mouth, that looked pretty impossible from where I was standing…” Sis nearly chokes on her drink that she had just taken a sip of and Mandy turns bright red and bites her lower lip and looks sheepishly at Sis. I just put my head in my hands on the table and sit there shaking my head…

We all regain our composure again and sis looks at little bro, “there are some things you do not ask a lady bro. top of the list for those things is anything dealing with sex, especially if you are not in an intimate relationship with her, and never in front of others…” He looks over at Mandy and tells her he is sorry, but he was really curious. Mandy lets him off the hook and looks at sis and says, “I just wanted to thank him for saving me from those assholes.” Sis just smiles at her and then at me and says, “well he did say you were his girlfriend, didn’t he?” This perks up little bro again…I guess he had not been listening as closely as he thought… “He looks at me and says, “dude Amanda is your girlfriend now?” I look at sis and Mandy and sis gives me the wink and nod. I say, “well I have not formally asked her yet, but I think she might give me a chance. Amanda, are you my girlfriend?” She jumps out of the seat and comes over and plants a big huge kiss on me and hugs me at the same time and says, “of course I am!” she keeps hugging me for a while and I can see bro is getting worked up because my head is pushing Mandy’s tits up almost out of the top her blouse and say… “bro you need to go take a cold shower?”

Mandy looks down and notices her girls are almost out of her shirt and quickly let’s go of me and backs up pulling her shirt back down and adjusting herself. She apologies to little bro for not realizing what was happening and sis chimes in, “no need for you to apologize Mandy, little bro should have kept his eyes somewhere else when he saw what was happening…and oh Congratulations you too. I think you make a very cute couple!” Sis gets up and comes over and I stand up, so we do not have a repeat of the same incident again with his sisters’ boobs and give her a hug and Mandy hugs both of us. Just enough cover that sis pinches my nipple and winks at me. She whispers in my ear, “you two are going to be good for each other…”

I sit back down and so does sis and Mandy, I look over at little bro and say, “ok here is the deal bro, you remember back when you were about 10 and you missed shooting my leg and nearly turned my balls into dust?” He looks over at me with that oh shit I am going to get my ass kicked look on his face… “well you just keep your mouth shut around mom and dad about anything you may or may not have seen Mandy doing with me or I will make sure you wish you were 10 again…”

Sis lets out a laugh and says, “oh hell, I remember that incident…you would probably be a foot taller if he did not wrap you up in that small package what ever move and nearly made you pass out…”
Mandy looks over at little bro and says, “He is trying to be a man, I am sure he will be smarter than a high school k** and not be vulgar in front of your parents…” Little bro looks at Mandy with a look of relief on his face and says, “absolutely, I will never say a thing…”

Sis is satisfied and nods to me and Mandy and we all get up and move out into the living room. Not having to be secretive with Mandy anymore, she runs over and jumps on the couch next to me and curls up into my arm and leg. Sis takes the chair and bro is over on the other end of the couch trying to make sure me and Sis do not catch him trying to catch a peek up Mandy’s skirt to see her cute ass that is pointing at him the entire time.

Mandy shifts around a little and she bends one of her legs and sets it up on the seat of the couch…sis looks over and sees little bro’s wide eyes and says, “uhm, Mand, you might want to put your leg back down before my little brother explodes in his pants…” She did not realize that when she did that her skirt slid down just enough on her leg that it let little bro get quite a shot of her blue see though panties. Mandy was turning red and put her head down on to my shoulder and hugged me…

I just brought my hand up and rubbed her back and whispered to her, “he has amazing taste!”
That made her blush even more…Some how we made it though the movie we were watching without any cold showers being required and little bro got up and stretched out. Mandy was out cold on my chest, so sis got up and told him to be quiet and went over and gave him a hug and told him to be safe down in Mexico on the trip with the guys and I waved bye, trying not to disturb Mandy in the process.

Sis closed and locked the door and came over and sat next to Mandy on the couch. She lifted up her legs and put them on hers and scooted over right next to her butt. Mandy had one hand under my shirt and had it spread wide open on the center of my chest right about where my heart is and was blissfully sleeping. Sis leaned over against Mandy and used her as a pillow and then looked over at me and in a low voice said, “That was pretty amazing what you did for Mandy today, not only with the douches…but asking her to be your girlfriend. I was hoping you would be smart enough to see what an amazing woman she is.”

~~End of Part 6~~

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