Visit to Aunt Helena

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Visit to Aunt Helena
Visit to Aunt Helena,

A short story written by Mrs. Wanda Nylon

Chapter 1

It was in the days after my graduation that my mother came to me that she and my dad had come to the idea that it was better for my upbringing that I learned a bit more of the world, and that there was more then the 2 square miles of our farmhouse. My father worked for the local government and we had lived there for as long as I could remember.
Well two days after my twentieth birthday my parents brought me to the train station and put me on the train to London to have me stay with my Aunt for two months.

I hadn’t seen my Aunt Helena for at least 10 years, and wasn’t too pleased with the idea. She was the oldest sister of my mother and she has lived in London for most of her life. For what I knew she has never married, which didn’t seem uncommon for me at that time. I remembered my aunt as a nice person with an extremely warm smile, so I didn’t had too many bad feelings of staying with her, specially because the big city sort of interested me. I had started to look at girls a bit in my town, but could find them very interested. From what I had seen on the television, there where loads of pretty ladies in cities.

It was a four hours drive to London, and I had bring a book to read to kill time during the journey. After little over an hour or so the door of my cabin opened after we stopped at a small station. I looked up from my book and saw a gorgeous looking lady enter the cabin. I was not used to see a lot of females, but this lady was even better looking then in my dreams. She was in her mid fifties probably, and was extremely well coiffed and made up. I had never seen a lady so well looking and fell completely quite, I reckon my mouth really fell open.

I was sedated by the wonderful smell of perfume, and I don’t how long it took for me to wakeup. Her rather deep voice made me come to my senses again as she said “can you help me with these bags, young man?” This made me come to my senses and I rose from my seat. “Let me help you Madame” I said when I lifted her bags. It was only then that I noticed she was wearing a most wonderful pink pearlized long flowing rain cape to protect her from the pouring rain. She opened the buttons of her cape and asked me if I could hang her cape on the hook near the window opposite me, so it could dry without dripping me under. I took the cape from her shoulders and hung it on the hook. The touch of the soft PVC cape made me shiffer, and it was as if I was electrified by the touch of the soft material.

The lovely lady thanked me and sat herself down. It was only now I could have a look at how she was dressed. She wore a soft pink cashmere skirt suit with a tight skirt, just below the knees and a jacket, closed with large fabric covered buttons. Under the jacket came the bow of a lovely slightly darker pink satin blouse and it looked like she wore a dozen pearl necklaces. Her legs where covered in shiny tan nylons and she wore white patent sling back pumps with 4 inch heels. I couldn’t keep my eyes of her and just had to look to her lovely made up eyes and lips. I noticed her lovely shaped long fingernails where exactly the same strawberry colour as her pout lips.

I sort of stared at her and had to look away every time she seem to notice, which when my eyesight was filled with the lovely pink cape again, which filled my stomach with even more unknown feelings. I was really thrilled and sort of shocked when she stood up to took her jacket off. When she turned away from me I could see the seams of her full fashioned stockings go dead straight over her shapely legs. When she bend over to get something out of her purse her bottom rounded towards me which was the most erotic sight I had ever seen till then. Her waist was very narrow and when she got up again I could see under the bow of her blouse that she has a lovely pair of pointy breasts, not too big, but enough to give her an ample look. She offered me a sweet from a small tin, and asked me where I came from when she sat down again. I could hardly speak to her from the excitement, but got myself together and we had a pleasant conversation. She asked all about me also about school and if I had a girlfriend. I felt myself become red and had to admit no. But I am going to visit my Aunt for two months in London for two months I said and I think I can meet a nice girl there.

She was visiting a lady she know since her youth, she said, “she has a hairdressing and beauty salon”. I told her I had to go out at Victoria Station as well, where my Aunt would collect me, as I would be staying with here over the summer. I told her I actually didn’t knew my Aunt too well, as it was 10 years ago since I had last seen her, I think I has something to do with her not liking my father or so.

The trip went very fast, chatting around with this gorgeous lady, and slowly I came to myself again, and played all my charms towards her. When the train entered the London suburbs I somewhat felt pity that I was going to loose this wonderful lady out of sight soon. She got up from her seat to get her jacket again, I rose immediately too, to show her I knew good manners, and helped her getting her jacket back on again. She thanked me and when she turned around her warm smile almost made melted me, I could feel my knees getting all week. It was at that moment the train started to brake and I fell over backward on the seat, with this lady falling on top of me. She let out a little shriek, but I caught her nicely and loved the feeling of her body to mine. My hands had gotten somewhere around her bottom and I could feel her very tight corset and garters through the subtle woollen fabric of her skirt.

I lifted her to her feet again and she started to make excuses to me, and thanked me very much for catching her, I couldn’t say it was all my pleasure but it came immediately in my mind. She then sat down again and got a pair of shiny white satin gloves from her purse and put them on. When the train came to a complete halt, I reached over for her bags and put them on the floor. Can you pass me my cape she said, as it looked like it was going to rain. I was delighted to feel to lovely garment once more, and it might have shown that I took the cape and hold it too my body a bit too long, I even closed my eyes when thinking how it felt too wear such a nice cape. When I heard a soft cough I opened my eyes and saw the lady look over my shoulder what took me so long. I d****d the elegant cape quickly over her shoulders and stroke it one more time, before I got on to the bags again.

“Let me help you get these bags out of the train” I said and started to exit the compartment. When we got of the train she thanked me for helping her out. I shook her gloved hand and hated to leave her, but saw a lady wave at me in the distance. We exchanged goodbyes and parted from each other and I walked towards the waving lady. When the lady came little closer I could make out more of her and saw she was wearing a similar cape as the lady in the train, and I can remember me thinking how I would love this lady to be my Aunt. When she came closer I showed the book we had agreed I should show so she could recognize me. “Hello Alfred” my Aunt Helena shouted when she came closer and I saw her gloved hands come our of the slits of her cape when she started to hug me and I almost fainted when I fellt her kiss me on the mouth. I had never been kissed before, and the feeling was electrifying and the taste of her lipstick was simply heaven. My Aunt looked very pretty, she was about my length in her 4 inch heels. As said before she also wore a rain cape, although slightly different from the one the lady from the train wore. It felt a bit like rubber to me and was a shiny silvery grey. She wore a nicely coloured headscarf to protect her hairdo from the falling raindrops, and had a nicely made up face with nice red lips, highlighted cheeks and wonderful brown eyes. “My goodness” she said “my sister told me you have become a handsome young man, but you really are dear” I felt my cheeks blushing as I regained myself and told My aunt that I didn’t remember her being so pretty looking. She welcomed a bit further as she told me that she expected another guest to arrive. She must have seen the corners of my mouth drop, because she said: “I don’t know if your mother has told you that I have my own hairdressing salon here, but I have. Due to the season few of my staff are on holiday and an old school friend of my helps me out in this time. She is a nice lady and we are very good friends for long time already. I am sure you and her will get along nicely too, and during the day we won’t bother you, as we will have to work and you can do whatever you like.

“Now because I knew I had to look for you, I have said to my friend to wait for me in the restaurant, because I didn’t want to miss either one of you, so please grab your bags and join me to the restaurant”. I followed her and couldn’t help thinking about the lady I met on the train, when seeing my aunts legs, encased in similar seemed nylons and even similar patent sling back pumps, albeit in a different colour. I felt very good, thinking about staying with this beautiful aunt for two months, although I didn’t like the idea too much that there would be someone else around the house.

When we entered the restaurant I immediately saw the lady I met in the train, sitting in the back, with her cape hanging on a hook next to her. I didn’t know what went on in my mind when I followed my aunt over to her and I saw them kiss each other on the mouth. “Let me introduce you to my friend Mrs. Burlington!”. My mouth fell open for the second time that day, until I heard Mrs. Burlington say: “hello Alfred, you may call me Margaret”. “Do you know each other?” my aunt asked surprised. “Yes” Margaret said, “we have met in the train and had a lovely conversation, so yes, you could say we know each other a bit”.

After that we drank tea together and had a good laugh about the situation, and had never felt better with the idea of spending the next two months with these two lovely looking ladies, who also really seem to enjoy my company. I knew that from that day onward my life would change and although I have always liked living in the country, I knew now why I wanted to go to the city.

Chapter 2

The three of us took the subway from Victoria station to my aunts house. When we got out of the subway station I walked behind the two ladies, carrying the bags, and admiring the lovely rustling of the two capes. The capes flowed and d****d very nice when they put one leg in front of the other and the sight of an elegant calf, encased in a glitzy nylon stocking separated by a straight seam, with at the end the thin heel of the pumps made my stomach go funny again. I had never seen a more elegant sight and I was hooked on capes from that day onward.

When we entered the lovely Victorian house of my aunt I was stunned by its beauty and hugeness. I have never seen such a fine house before. You can put the bags down Alfred. Would you mind hanging our capes in the wardrobe, whilst we put the kettle on. I took the capes from their shoulders and d****d them over my arm. When the two ladies entered the kitchen I opened the wardrobe door, and unfolded the first cape and took a hanger from the rails. Before putting the nice smelling rubber cape of my aunt on the hanger, I had to hold it to my cheek. I was thrilled by the coolness of the rubber fabric and got it to my nose to smell it. When I inhaled the smell of it, my knees became all shaky again, it was the best smell I ever inhaled. I got Margaret’s cape after that, and noticed it felt considerately lighter. It felt very soft as well, and the smell was also breathtaking.

After this wonderful experience I followed my Aunt and Margaret to the kitchen, where they sat round the kitchen table. I noticed that Margaret had taken of her jacket, and was wearing what I learned later was a lilac, sleeveless nylon overall. Aunt Helena wore a similar garment only in soft pink. The billowing sleeves of their blouses came very nice to justice from under the soft tailored shiny nylon overalls. Aunt Helena stood up when I entered and said to me, well Alfred, as you can see, us ladies always wear a nylon overall when around the house, to protect our clothes during the day, when we have all these household chores to do. Now while your visit, you will off course assist us with these chores and to protect your clothes as well, I will insist you wear a similar overall on your stay.

She then took a lovely shiny overall from a hanger and told to stretch my arms out. Before I could think what was happening, she glided the garment over my arms and turned me around. I was facing Margaret now, who said t me: “my, my don’t you look pretty in that overall”. I felt my aunt closing some buttons on my back, and felt over my belly to feel the glistening, shiny nylon. It felt really good, but the it scared me a bit. It was a nice sky-blue coloured, but there where two pockets on the front with white frills at them. When I looked down I could see a small edge of similar white frills at the collar as well. “Isn’t this a ladies garment?” I asked, But my aunt ushered, off course dear, I simply forgot to get you some gents overalls but I don’t think anyone will notice it. Besides that I think you look very elegant in these, and I guess Margaret agrees. Well that did it for me, and blushing changed into a proud smile.

After tea I was shown to my room, so I could get my clothes away. When we got on to the stairway, I saw my reflection in the large hall mirror, and saw only then how feminine I looked wearing the nylon overall, but what could it matter My aunt and Margeret had convinced me it was normal, and I liked very much what I saw and loved the rustling noise the overall made already. Upstairs she led me down the hallway and showed me through the door at the end of the hall. When I entered the room I came into an ocean of pink organza. It was wonderfully decorated with d****s of long flowing organza and the huge posted bed in the middle was covered with a huge organza spread in a similar colour. The rest of the room had a very soft pink wallpaper which made it look very sophisticated. “Just make yourself at home” Aunt Helena said. And I told her I would be just OK. She then showed me the closet and the bathroom. My premises are on the other side of the stairs she told me, in case something was wrong. You can sleep in tomorrow, because its Sunday and I will not have to go to the salon.

Well I’ll leave you to it then Alfred, you must be tired after such a long journey. You can leave your bags on top of the closet when you empty them, and you will find a bathrobe and towels in the bathroom. That is when she left me in the room and I sat on the bedside to look round the room once more and get it all into my system. I was really overwhelmed with all the new sensations and I felt myself becoming very tired and decided to go to sleep first and then empty my bags in the morning. When I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth I saw a huge bathroom with a large bath, and a huge double sink. I thought by myself, what a luxury all this, and decided then and there that I could very well get used to this, something I had never realised before. After this I quickly hopped between the satin sheets of the bed and fell asleep to dream about all my experiences.

Chapter 3

The next morning it too me a while to get back to myself again. I stayed a long time between waking up and sleeping and my mind was doing its best to get me going again. I was still on a pink cloud when there was a knock on the door, and when I opened my eyes I saw Aunt Helena entering the room flowing in a cloud off soft purple chiffon. She wore a very wide, fluffy negligee with huge billowing sleeves, which followed her like a hurricane when she went over to the window to open the d****s. “Get out of bed you sleepy head, breakfast is ready” I covered myself with the sheets, explaining I wasn’t wearing anything and hadn’t unpacked my bags ye, because I was too tired yesterday. “Ah that doesn’t matter” she said, Get the robe on the back of your bathroom door and come down, “you will find a pair of slippers on the rack as well.”

Then she left the room and I got out of bed. I had slept very deep and tried to remember what I had all dreamed about. There was not much I could remember although the images of my Aunt and Margaret dressed in lovely capes was very clearly visible, the rest of the dream was very unclear in my mind, but something in mind kept reminding me it was wonderful. I went under the shower, brushed my teeth and it was only then that I checked the back of the bathroom door for the robe. I became a little scared my aunt had made a mistake, because the only thing I saw was a negligee in a very light shade of coral. I checked the other closets to see if she had made a mistake and couldn’t find any other robe, except in one closet there where more similar types of garments and on the bottom of the closet I found a row of slippers. Well not the brown camelhair kind of slippers my father used to wear, but some very elegant high heeled slippers in soft pastel colours with fluffy bows and pompoms on them.

I got back to the bathroom and decided to check the robe and see if it fit. When I felt the very light nylon material it felt so very soft, I had to keep it against my cheek again, like I did with Margaret’s cape yesterday. The soft feeling got some memories from my dream back, but I couldn’t translate them to decent images. I slipped the robe on and noticed in the mirror that it had similar billowing sleeves as Aunt Helena had. I had rows of frills on it and a nice rounded Peter Pan collar. It closed with two little bows only on the breast part and rest of it was open. It looked rather strange with my trunks and the front side was completely open. “I can’t go down like this” I thought, and it was only then I saw there was another gown type coral negligee hanging from the hook. I took it of and saw it was sort of a gown. I took the negligee off and got the gown over my head. It was armless, and shaped in a way, that it seemed I had little breasts, which sort of excited me. I got the negligee back on and looked in the mirror. What I saw was such a wonderful sight, I knew it was me, but what I saw was a lovely feminine figure, dressed in the most wonderful night set I had ever seen. It fitted me perfect, and when I looked in the mirror fro a certain angle I could just see my whole body without my face. I loved that because my boyish face seemed sort of out of place for this lovely garment. I decided to get the coral slippers I had seen in the closet and see if they fit. They also fitted perfect, and I didn’t had much trouble walking with the 2” heels. I loved the feeling and the sight however. I went in the bathroom to brush my hair before going down, but when looking in the mirror I could see also that my trunks where shining through. When I looked up I could see another coral garment hanging from the hook on the door, and I turned around to see. There the most gorgeous panties I had ever seen. They where full cut panties with roes of frills down the from and the back. I took my trunks of and slipped the panties on. I became ecstatic when I felt them slide over my genitals, and I knew I had to do something to prevent the panties from tenting. I raised the gown and lowered the panties a bit so my little cock sprang free. Only one or two wanks where enough to spurt a huge load of cum in the sink, and I only just managed to stay on my feet. ‘My goodness, does this feels wonderful’, I thought. I washed me quickly and went down the stairs for breakfast.

When entering the kitchen I could see Aunt Helena at the table, and Margaret was standing at the sink. I could only see her back, but I could see she wore a similar negligee but in black. As there was a window over the sink. Light can from behind her and I could see her wonderful body right through the soft fabric. I was lucky to have relieved myself just before, otherwise I would be in trouble. She turned around and said “Good morning Alfred” whilst grabbing my head and kissing me on my mouth. I didn’t know what was happening so fast and she released me before I could kiss her back. She was already perfect made up again, and also her hair looked immaculate. Give me a kiss too, Aunt Helena said, and I bent over to kiss her on the cheek. Not so she said and grabbed my head as well and kissed me on my mouth. Now I knew what was coming and could return her kiss. When I felt the tip of her tongue between my lips she got me trembling again. “You look very elegant” she said, and her complimenting me give me a very warm feeling.

When I said down I was still a bit quite shaken by this warm welcome, but felt very good with the ladies. “Mmmmm breakfast” I said. I had became pretty hungry. When Margaret put a plate in front of me, with only fruit on it I looked up. “Is canlı bahis siteleri this all you eat for breakfast?” I was used to have a decent cooked breakfast with eggs and sausages. “We ladies can’t eat cooked breakfast without losing our figure” Aunt Helena explained. And when you are staying here you will have to adept to our habits dear. Oh yes and something else. Margaret has made you breakfast today, but from tomorrow onward we will have to go and work in the salon. To have tasks equally shared, we would like you too make our breakfast and do some other chores. We will show you the shops later when we make a walk, so you know where to get groceries. I must have looked a bit sad, because I felt Margaret coming stand behind me and put a comforting arm around me. “It can’t be that bad”, she said. Oh no it is no problem I said, feeling her body warmth on me when she stood against me.

I seemed quite normal to me that I’d help out the ladies in household chores, I didn’t mind. And after we had a nice breakfast together, I started to clear the plates away to show I was willing to help out. Then I filled the sink with hot water and soap to do the washing of. Aunt Helena said: “let me help you dear” as Margaret went upstairs to shower. Aunt Helena took a clear plastic frilled pinafore out of the closet and got it one to me. We don’t want to spoil your lovely outfit, do we? She put a similar apron on herself, only hers was soft pink where mine was, pearlized white. “What would you like to do today?” she asked me. I answered I hadn’t thought about it yet because it was such a new situation for me. Well we will go for a stroll around the neighbourhood then, she said, so I can show you where everything is, and after that we will go for a lunch into town. On the way back I can show you my salon if you are interested. I was glad to go out with these two beautiful ladies and was looking forward to seeing the salon I said. We then both went up to dress for the day.

I choose one of my best shirts to wear with my best navy blue pants, as it wasn’t too cold I choose a woollen jacket to wear, it didn’t look like it was going to rain. I finished my hair and even tried to shave, and used some of the after shave lotion my mother had bought me. I went downstairs and didn’t saw the ladies yet. I went into the living room, sat down on the couch and picked up a magazine that was laying around. It must have been some sort of specialist magazine for hairdressing salons as it was filled with ladies bouffant hairdo’s, salon chairs, capes, gowns, aprons etc. I was like in trance reading the magazine, specially the capes and gowns had my special interest, I didn’t hear the ladies enter the room. “Are you familiar with the beauty business, Alfred?” I heard and saw the two ladies in the doorway. “eh no, er I haven’t seen it before” I stumbled red-faced. Come on then silly lets go.
Chapter 4

Helena was wearing a white skirt suit, with a blue with white polka dotted blouse with a nice bow coming out of the collar of the jacket. The skirt was figure hugging and came just below her knees. She wore light grey nylons and white with navy spectator pumps as well as a white with navy handbag and white satin gloves. Her hairdo was immaculate again, and it seemed like she had some extra make up on, but it made her look better then ever. Margaret was wearing a wide flowing soft pink pleated skirt, mid-calf length, and a nice flowered blouse with several shades of pink en red in it. The blouse had enormous wide sleeves coming together in a long three button cuff. She wore a pair of red patent sling back pumps with it, with a red handbag and gloves. They both had a rain cape d****d over one arm when we got out of the door. “Are you sure that jacket is enough Alfred?” Margaret asked, and I mumbled something as “I won’t melt”.

We went around the block and came down a small shopping lane. “Here you will find everything we will need for daily shopping groceries, butcher etc. We walked past the shops, and I thought, well that can’t be too bad, as these shops are so near. We then followed the road for another half mile or so and came at a park where Aunt Helena told me I could go. Then she told me where the library was, if I would want to read a book or so and she told me all there was to know about the subway, where the stations where and how I could go to all the tourist places. She also gave me advice to do a bus tour to have a few of the city.

We then got on the bus and got to a real old fashioned tea room. It was decorated in nice pastel colours and on all tables where elegantly dressed ladies sitting and chatting, some together and some with their husbands. My Aunt was greeted dearly by the waiters and said hello to a lot of ladies around. She obviously was a well seen guest here. We sat down at a table in the corner, and I had a great view over a park with a huge pond in it. Some of the ladies around got over to our table to say hello to Margaret, they seem to know her from earlier visits, or they might be customers from the salon. I was introduced as the helpful nephew, and they all complimented me on my looks, which made me blush again. After we had a light lunch we decided to visit the London Art Museum.

We strolled there for the rest of the afternoon, and was to learn a lot about art. My Aunt obviously knew a lot about it and she could tell variously about which made it very interesting to listen to. When we got out of the museum, rain was pouring down. Now you got it Alfred, the next bus stop is quite e few blocks away. Aunt Helena asked me if I could help her with her cape and I d****d it over her shoulders. After that I did the same for Margaret, when I heard my aunt say: “You are lucky, young men, I always have this lightweight cape in my purse”. Whilst she unfolded a lightweight milky transparent rain cape. She d****d it over my shoulders and turned me around. I tried to close the buttons, but got somewhat confused, the buttons closed the wrong way around. “What’s with these buttons?” I asked. Nothing they just close the other way round as male buttons, but don’t worry, no one will notice in this weather. I loved the feeling of the cape round my shoulders, so didn’t care about it at all, it was only that people watched us a but funny, as I was being buttoned in a rain cape by two beautiful caped ladies, not a usual sight. Before we went the ladies took some sort of plastic headscarf from their purse and tied them over their hairdo’s. My cape had a hood I could wear.

When we walked along the streets I felt like in heaven, being caped and in the lovely company of the two most beautiful caped ladies in the world. It was way too fast for me that we reached the bus stop. But when we stood there only a minute later the bus arrived. We entered the almost filled bus, and there where immediately a few men that got of their seats to offer them to the ladies, they smiled and thanked before sitting down, where I had to keep standing. I saw another lady, with a girl my age give each other a signal and looking at me, obviously people do notice when one wears a ladies cape, but to be honest, I couldn’t care less, as I felt great wearing the cape. In the beginning it was a bit stiff and wrinkled because my aunt had it wrapped in her purse, but after wearing it for a while I felt it become soft and loved it flowing around my body.

When we arrived home Aunt Helena asked me to hang all three capes drying out, and come to the kitchen afterwards to help preparing dinner. When I entered the kitchen I saw that ladies already slipped on their nylon overall again, Aunt Helena a lovely soft peach coloured one with white ruffles on the pocket edges and at the rounded neck. Margaret wore a white back buttoned one, which was decorated with a black and white checked collar and pocket edges. I saw a pink overall hanging over one chair. I asked if I could use the pink overall, and I saw the ladies having a look at each other, it showed they where quite pleased with me asking to wear an overall, and I was glad I did so. “Yes dear”, Margaret said and helped me get it on. It was again back buttoned and had a lovely ruffled neck, as well as a nice belt which made the skirt stand out very wide and made me look very elegant.

We prepared a light dinner of salads with small pieces of toast in it, tomatoes and tuna. It was delicious, and although I was scared I would still be hungry afterwards, I had enough to eat. May be this also because of the two glasses of white whine we had with it. After dinner I washed the dishes with Margaret, where we both put on a plastic apron to protect us for the water. Margaret again a pretty pink flowered one, which had no ties, there where some sort of stays in it which hold up the bib part and s sort of wire to keep it around the waist. Because the stays where well formed over her lovely bust line, it looked very elegant. I had an only slightly transparent milky white rather stiff pinafore type apron, with a nice flowing skirt and huge ruffles on the shoulders. Aunt Helena said: “my. Do you two look elegant there in the kitchen” which made my cheeks redden again, but made me feel very happy.

Chapter 5

The next day I woke up long before the alarm clock went off, I showered quickly and shaved my face again. Not that it was necessary with the little harrow I had in my face, buy I liked it to be very soft and smooth. I became curious on all the jars that where on the shelf before the mirror and examined them. I found one containing body powder, and opened it to find a huge fluff in it. It smelled delicious and I pampered my whole body with it, which made my skin very soft and smell nice. On the back of the door hung a dark bluish green negligee, similar as I had worn before. There where again a pair of ruffled panties with it and I slipped them on first. Then I put the gown over my head and the negligee. This negligee was made of two layers of fabric, which gave it an even fuller look, specially the nice sleeves, which came to just below the elbow very wide and fluffy, where they joined some sort of very long cuff, with a long row of tiny buttons. Again I found a pair of matching slippers, only to find out that these had a slightly higher heel, little over 3 inch, but I managed to walk in them.

I went to the kitchen very quietly, not to awake the ladies and took the PVC pinafore I had worn the previous evening. It look like it was made for this negligee, as the ruffles on the shoulders matched perfect with the huge sleeves, and the outstanding skirt and ties, with the double layered negligee made it as if I wore a petticoat underneath. I was in heaven and sort of danced through the kitchen to prepare the fruit salads and tea. I found a fresh pineapple and took great care in peeling the skin of. I also found some g****s, which gave me some work getting all the seeds out.

I was just about ready at seven when I heard the first clicks of heels coming off the stairs. When Aunt Helena entered the kitchen I was standing with my back to the door. “Please turn around dear, and show me how wonderful you look” she said. I felt my cheeks becoming red again, but it felt so great to hear. When I turned around she said, “Oh my, this colour suits you so perfect” and grabbed my head again to kiss me. This time I sort of knew what was coming and I opened my mouth to let her tongue enter my mouth, and just enjoyed it. I don’t know how long it lasted, but my knees started to became very unsteady, which had nothing to do with the heels. Helena wore a Chanel type skirt suit, which was made of checked woollen material of very open structure for the jacket, reddish with beige, with pearl buttons and gold chains hanging on the pockets. She wore few pearl necklaces as well. Underneath she wore an off white bow blouse. Off white patent pumps with elegant straps and light grey full fashioned nylons completed her wonderful image. “My you look lovely as well, Aunt Helena” I said.

Then Margaret entered the kitchen. She wore a strawberry red walking suit, consisting of a tight mid-calf length skirt and a long flowing jacket, about 30 cm. Shorter then the skirt. White blouse with dark pink polka dots underneath, also with a nice bow. Almost white nylons and white pumps with a little bow on them, complete the elegant outfit. I had dressed the table nicely with napkins and a small vase with flowers, which looked nice when the ladies sat down. Aunt Helena gave me a small list of chores to do, which consisted of getting groceries, doing the laundries, ironing, making the beds etc. I didn’t mind doing these things, as I was used to helping my mum as well.

After breakfast the ladies got upstairs to get their things together to go to the salon for work. I went into the huge wardrobe closet and collected a few capes for them. I didn’t which cape was whose off course, but considering they probably wear the same size, I decided to pick one for them. I loved to browse through the huge rack, filled with all colours of PVC and rubber garments. I took a milky, only slightly transparent rubber cape for Aunt Helena, which I thought suited well with the Chanel suit and I picked a pearlized silver grey rubber cape for Margaret. They where both quite heavy capes, which I d****d over my arm to wait for the ladies to come down. “Is that the cape you picked for me Alfred?” Margaret asked when she came down. I don’t think your aunt will mind when I wear hers today. I d****d the cape over her shoulders, and it looked beautiful on her. She closed the buttons and got a black transparent plastic lined chiffon headscarf to protect her hairdo for the rainfall. The I helped my aunt into the other cape, when she complimented me on the choice I made for them. She picked a soft pink similar headscarf and off they went. I wished them a nice day, and they wished me good luck in town and with my list of chores.

I went back into the kitchen first to begin with the dishes. I didn’t want to get dressed yet, as I loved flowing through the house in the negligee and plastic apron. After that as said down at the kitchen table to study the list to make plans for the rest of the day. The list of chores was meant for the whole week, so I had time enough to do the things I would like to do to explore the big city. I decided to start with chores for the day and see how long it took me so I could have more time the later days. I would start with the beds and clean the bathrooms, then get dressed myself and go for some groceries in the nearby stores. Then do some laundry after lunch and if there was time go to the library.

I went upstairs and got to the side of the hall where the ladies rooms where supposed to be, to look for Margaret’s room to begin with. I knew where my Aunts room was, although I hadn’t been in there yet. I checked the other two rooms, they both looked like guestrooms, but where both unused. I found it a bit strange, but didn’t think much off it. I entered my Aunts room, and was overwhelmed by its beauty and how large it seemed. There was a huge four-poster bed in the middle of the room, d****d with peach chiffon voiles, which made look straight form a fairytale. I saw both the ladies negligee’s laying each on a side of the bed, which probably meant they both had slept there, which is why I couldn’t find a guestroom in use.

I started with the bathroom, cleaned up the bath, toilet etc. not that there was anything improper looking, but I made it all shiny again. Then I made the bed, and cleaned the vanity surface. At that time it didn’t even come in my mind to enter the walk-in closet. Therefore I started doing my own room, but before I could do the bathroom, I decided to shower and dress myself. After that I went down and looked out the window to see how the weather looked. Because there was still a slight drizzle I decided I needed protection to go to the shops. I went to the closet to see if there was any kind of suitable cape available for me to wear. I opened the door, and was overwhelmed again by the look and smell of so much beauty. I took my time now to check out all the capes hanging there, and loved the feel and touch of them. I noticed small differences, not only in colour, but also in material and cut. Most of them where of soft smooth fabric, and very generously cut. Some had ruffles at the neck, and some had a gathered seam at the shoulders. Some even had a detachable hood.

I tried almost every cape there and loved them all. Although I had experience wearing a ladies cape yesterday I didn’t have the courage to pick my favourite, the soft pink rubber one, so decided on a dark grey transparent cape. I closed the buttons and got a grocery bag. I had made a list of things I needed and Aunt Helena had left me plenty of money. It didn’t took me long to get it all, but I decided to walk a bit further to the library, because I loved the feeling of walking in the flowing cape. I guess some people stared a bit strange to me, but I didn’t notice much, because I was walking in seventh heaven.

Chapter 6

When I returned to the house I got the cape back in the closet and got the groceries in the kitchen. Because I saw the plastic apron I wore this morning laying on a chair, I remembered to put on an overall, and clear the apron away. I choose a white nylon overall, with blue collar. It buttoned at the front, which was easier to get on being alone.

I went to the basement to start with the laundry, there was a basket filled with dirty laundry next to the washing machine, which I threw in and switched on, lucky for me I did that at home too, so I knew how to do it. I only had to read the manual laying on top of it, to know how to switch it on, but it was not too hard. I then started to empty the laundry line in the basket, and made it ready for ironing. I was thrilled by the feeling of all the soft and frilly fabrics of my aunts clothes. There were a few blouses, two satin sheets and the rest was lingerie, which excited me very much. I had never seen such lingerie items in real, as my mother only wore cotton panties and bra’s.

I found few new items known as girdles, mostly with six garters on them, one had even eight. They where white, black or pink. Also few long line bras in similar colours and even an all-in-one girdle in lovely shiny black satin, with laces down the back. When I took it of the line it felt very stiff to me, which was caused by all the stays in it. I had seen similar items in catalogues etc. but never felt one in real life. The rest where mostly full slips, in different colours, nylon ones as well as taffeta, full slips and half slips, made of tulle. Oh yes then there was a whole array of panties in all colours. I started to get it all out at the ironing board but had no idea how to fold these garments. The feeling of the soft and shiny fabric brought me to ecstasy and I knew then and there I had to wear them.

I couldn’t finish the ironing, and slipped my nylon overall off, stripped naked and decided to try a black set. A picked up a black satin long line bullet bra with circle stitched cups. I saw it was front closed which made it easier to get it on. I slipped it over my shoulders and closed the hooks and eyes. Due to the circle stitched cups, it was immediately as if I had pointy breasts sticking out, but I filled them up with a few panties. Then I opened the side zipper of a shiny black, high waisted girdle and stepped into it. I wiggled it over my hips and closed the hooks and eyes under the zipper. I had to hold my breath to be able to close all the hooks, and when I had did the zipper up, I knew I had a wonderful hourglass figure.

I paraded a bit through the basement, but wanted more and got one of the blouses, a soft purple satin blouse, with very wide sleeves, three button cuffs and a nice bow. I slipped it on, and loved the cold feeling of the satin fabric. I buttoned it shut, but somehow it seemed not as I liked it. The blouse was wrinkled from laundering, and I took it off again. I wanted to go all the way now I had gotten this far and got up the stairs to my Aunts room.

I opened the walk in closet and became sort of shocked by its size. I was huge and had rows of clothe racks, shelves and drawers. I didn’t know where to start, till I felt the eight dangling garters from my side. Stockings, I thought, where do I found stockings? Well quickly I inspected all drawers and was lucky at the fifth drawer. It was filled with stockings, laying neatly sorted colour by colour. I picked a nice pair of black ones and sat down on the stool to slide them over my, still almost hairless legs. I realized I had to take care not to ruin them and made sure the seams where straight. I found out it wasn’t easy to connect them to the eight garters, but somehow I seem to manage. It was a lovely sensation to rub my legs together, and I loved with the stockings did to the shape of my legs. In the closet mirror I could now see myself and admired myself before going on to the panties. Few drawers back I had seen them so I knew which drawer to open. I picked a canlı casino pair of very frilly black nylon panties with rows of frills, at the front and the back. I slid them with a luscious feeling over my stockinged legs and got it over my hips. I felt my cock aching, but it couldn’t go anywhere because it was encased in the girdle, although it was an open bottom girdle, the underside of it came way over my cock, being pulled down by the four garters on each stocking. Then I had to find a slip, and it took me some more drawers to find the black slips. I choose a black taffeta full slip with side zipper. It rustled very nice when I got it over my head, over the cups and it slid wonderfully on its place. I could close the zipper without too much distress, and it fitted me perfect.

I went on to the rows of blouses, and thought I had never seen so many blouses together, I guess it where over 50 different blouses in all colours and fabrics. I choose a coral blouse in a very soft polyester fabric. It had nice wide sleeves gathering from the shoulders and 4 button cuffs. I slipped the blouse on and closed the front buttons. It looked great to see it span over my breasts, but mad it hard to close the lower buttons, because I couldn’t see them. I had to look in the mirror. When I had finished the four buttons at the cuffs, which isn’t an easy job either, I checked myself in the mirror. Mm lovely , I thought and went on the skirt rack. I choose a dark beige tight fitting skirt, which buttoned through at the back with large plastic buttons. I was smart buttoning it in front and then turning the skirt, I had seen my mother do so. The skirt fitted perfectly in the waist, due to the girdle off course, but it was a bit loose on the hips.

In the back of the closet was a row with polystyrene heads with wigs on them. I had to wear that too, because I hated my masculine head on top of this wonderful outfit. I choose a nice bouffant in a dark red tint, and tried it over my head for fit. Surprisingly it fitted like a glove, and the image it gave me was wonderful. I paraded in front of the mirror and tried to look for shoes. There was another door, which was a closet filled with over 20 pairs of shoes. I was kind of scared to fit them as I was almost certain, although I didn’t have large feet, that my aunts shoes wouldn’t fit me. Oh wonder did it feel nice to me when I felt me stockinged feet slide just into the back patent pump. I had chosen a plain black patent pump with a four inch heel. When I had the second one on, I was amazed how easy and natural it felt to walk in them. After few uncertain steps, it felt as if I had never walked without them.

When I walked up and down the closet I was in heaven, but somehow felt something was missing. My outfit was perfect, as was my hairdo, but my face was still masculine. I went into the bedroom and sat myself down at the vanity. There was a small plastic cape hanging by the side of the mirror, which I immediately understood would be to prevent your clothes for the makeup, I put the cape over my shoulders and tied it round my neck. Then I looked over the vanity table to see what was all on there. I found some liquid foundation which looked to me like a base. I had seen some make up work earlier, not from my mother but from my grandmother who died two years ago. I remember that after that she used the setting powder. There was a huge box on here, which I used generously. The effect was stunning, my skin looked instantly feminine, although it was all one colour was made it rather blend. I started to bring some colour on my eyes with eye shadow. The a bit of rouge on the top of the eyelids and cheeks, like I had seen granny do, then play around with the mascara to make my eyelashes really thick and full. I started to look more and more fem and found a red pencil what I hadn’t see before. I could imagine it was to outline the lips and used to give my lips a nice feminine shape. I followed them up with a nice strawberry shade, which was used the most from all tubes, so I imagined it must be good. Looking in the mirror I just couldn’t believe what I saw. I had never thought I could look so pretty and became sort of in love with my image. I turned around to see myself from all angles and went back to the closet to pose for the mirror again. I was very pleased with my image, and decided to go down to see if anymore chores had to be done. I couldn’t resist keeping the clothes on for some time, and undress afterwards because I was thinking I was still having time enough.

I went to the kitchen and started to unpack the groceries, but before that grabbed my nylon overall again and put it on. It felt even better to wear it over such lovely clothes. I got all the fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator and cleared all the other stuff away. I was making a light pasta for dinner tonight with a salmon sauce, and took the pasta out and noticed I forgot the sauce in the shop. I looked at the clock, and thought I won’t have time to undress, go to the shop and dress again, so I made the choice then and there to go out whilst dressed for the first time and go to the shops. I went to the hall opened the wardrobe closet and got that beautiful pink rubber cape I so admired out. Now that I was dressed and felt so feminine I could wear feminine colours. I got a shopping bag out, took a pair of gloves out and took the key, so I could enter the house again, and walked out to the shop.
Chapter 7

It felt like heaven to walk down the street in these lovely clicking heels, they sounded like music in my ears. Although I had the feeling everybody was staring at me, I couldn’t care less, I had never felt better in my entire life. I also loved the way other ladies looked at me, it looked like I could see some sort of envy in their eyes. I came at the shop way too fast for my liking. One side of my brain, told me not to worry and enjoy myself, but the other side was sort of scared to enter the shop and move amongst other people.

Well there was no way back now I thought, and when I passed the door for the third time I decided to go in. A nice gentleman opened the door for me, which was another new experience to me, he lifted his hat when I passed him, and greeted him with a smile. I felt still a bit shaky, but the gentleman has given me some confidence. I found the sauce fairly quick and got in the queue at the cash register. I stood there, looking down a bit, I didn’t dare to look people in the face, as the lady that gotten behind me in the queue said: “Hello dear, can I ask you where you have bought this wonderful cape? I am looking for such a cape for ages now, but didn’t found one yet” She kept on rattling, and it was hard for me to get a word in between. It belongs to my aunt I said with a hush voice. She kept on complimenting me on how I looked and said most young girls look so awful these days, but I am the example that there are still elegant ladies etcetera etcetera. Lucky for me it was my turn to pay, so I could thank the lady for the compliments and leave quickly. I wasn’t quite ready yet for long conversations but was thrilled by the compliments as well, so I walked home with my head in heaven.

When I entered the key in the lock to enter the house, I became sort of scared, as if something was wrong. I hesitated for a moment to go in, but thought oh well, what could be wrong, I feel so wonderful. I got in, took the cape off, hung it in the wardrobe and entered the kitchen. This is where my hart stopped, I saw Margaret standing there, wearing a lovely soft pink overall. Because she was standing with her back to me, as she seemed to be washing her hands at the sink. I could only see the row of big white buttons on her back turn away from me, and her face turn towards me. One moment I was thinking of trying to escape, but saw it was useless, hello Alfred she said, it seems you have adapted to us rather well. I knew you liked wearing capes and overalls, but couldn’t think you would be in our clothes so fast, well, well. She didn’t seemed to be shocked or anything, which made me even more uncertain about things. Er, I stumbled, “I don’t know what came over me, I was doing the laundry and just had to put these clothes on, then I had forgotten the sauce and went to the shops, it feels soo good Margaret, I can’t help it”, I cried out. Hush, hush dear Margaret said, it isn’t so bad.

Margaret did everything to comfort me, she had come home earlier because one of the shampoo girls had become very ill, and she had brought her home. Due to the fact that Monday was a quite day in the salon Aunt Helena resisted she went home afterwards. I pleated Margaret not to tell anything to my aunt and promised to undress quickly and clear it all away, never to dress in my aunts clothes again. That’s where I had made a small mistake, “there will be nothing of that kind done here” she told me stern. You will stay put till your aunt comes back, I’ll let her decide what to do with you. Now you better go on with your chores, put an overall on a go on dear. I went to the basement to do the rest of the ironing, and became a bit scared how my Aunt Helena would react, I only hoped she wouldn’t call my parents or send me home.

I could hear Margaret talk on the telephone to, probably, Aunt Helena, but I couldn’t make out clearly what was said. I started to become rather nervous, and went on doing the ironing. When I visited the lot to iron I did put it all in the basket and brought it up the stairs. When I was busy putting all the lovely clothes in the closets, I had mixed feelings again, although still a bit nervous I started to become excited again, by the look of all these beautiful clothes, until I thought I heard the front door. I waited a moment and heard voices, so I reckoned my aunt was home again. Only few moments later I was called down.

I slowly descended the stairs, to see the two ladies posted in the hall, watching every step I made. What frightened me most is that none of them said anything, and it looked to take ages for me to come down, where I stopped in front of them. My aunt looked very stern, and when they looked at each other I thought I saw something that looked like an approving look. “Turn around” my aunt said, which I slowly did. I felt tears come to the corners of my eyes, as I was pretty sure at that time they would send me home. “Not bad at all” I heard my aunt say. You where Right Margaret, with little work we could make him replace the shampoo girl in the salon. I couldn’t believe my ears, and thought I was dreaming.

We already knew that you where interested in our clothes, dear, but didn’t realize you would raid them so fast. I reckon you have heard from Margaret, that we have lost our shampoo girl today, due to appendicitis. Margaret and myself, as well as the rest of the staff are way too busy to do all the shampoo work, so we are very much in need of shampoo girl. Well, after Margaret found you dressed like this, she thought of a solution. The way you are looking now, we think we can make you look convincing enough to our clientele and use you for our shampoo girl tasks. It will not be too hard work for you and we will probably only need you till three most days, after that you can do the shopping for groceries and do some chores. We will give you Sundays off then to see more of the city. Our clientele however consists of mainly upper-class older ladies, who spend a lot of money with us, but are very conservative. A man in the salon will cost us lots of customers, so you are not to expose yourself as a man. What do you have to say on this.

I again couldn’t believe my ears, and felt suddenly very warm inside. The thought of helping out in the salon excited me very much.” Well I don’t know Aunt Helena, I don’t know if I could look convincing enough, but I will promise you not to be of any nuisance for you again” . Well if you let Margaret and me take care of you appearance, that side will do. The only thing is we will demand total obedience from you at all times. This time you where a lucky girl, but I don’t like any more surprises like this, I can assure you if you, if you play another trick like this I will send you home immediately and tell you parents all about this. I thanked both ladies gratefully, and got my tears flowing dearly, now from happiness. We hugged together, before the ladies asked me about dinner.

I had totally forgotten about it and excused me. I ran off to the kitchen, got into my pvc apron, and went along preparing dinner. Lucky it was not a lot of work, and fifteen minutes later, the three of us sat at the table. We talked about what was expected of me in the salon, and Margaret suggested that we would prepare me a little after dinner. We also thought of a name for me, because Alfred wasn’t suitable anymore. I suggested Annabel, but both ladies agreed that was too sophisticated for a shampoo girl. Aunt Helena said, “because of the fact that all the girls in the salon wore uniforms with their names on, she had not much choice, because she couldn’t order new uniforms on such short notice. So it was decided that I was to be called Lucy, like one of the previous girls, that my aunt estimated wore a similar size as me.
Chapter 8

I had to get used to Lucy, but found it a nice name, and thought I’d get used to it. Well being a shampoo girls would not be an easy job for me, but I liked it very much, the idea of being dressed for two months appealed to me very much, and being amongst the lovely ladies all day in the most feminine surrounding of a salon, made it even better.

After dinner the three of us did the dishes, and after that we went up to do my makeover as they said. “Do you still have these colouring gowns, Helene”? “Oh yes, that is a good idea”. Now you strip down naked Lucy, and get my clothes in the hamper. I went into my room and started to take the clothes I so liked off. On the one side I felt pity to have to take them off, but on the other hand I was quite curious what they where going to do to me. When I took the last bit off, I saw the ladies enter my bathroom, they where dressed in long milky white pvc gowns, which covered their bodies complete. The gowns where shut with a ribbon on the back, and it was later that I learned these where the colouring gowns they meant.

I covered my genitals, but Helena smiled at me, don’t be shy now dear, I have seen worse then that. The started to rub my complete body with some bad smelling stuff, all parts got their part, even my genitals and between the cracks of my bum. It started to tingle a bit first, but after few minutes it really stung. I asked if that was normal, and they just laughed. It isn’t easy, to look pretty, they said. My face was covered with another cream, and Margaret plucked my eyebrows with a pair of tweezers. Aunt Helena felt my through my hair, which had grown quite long actually. “mm looks like you have nice thick hair dear, we won’t have to do much about it”. I wash ushered under the shower then to rinse off all the cream. I stepped under the steaming hot shower and saw what little body hair I had disappear down the drain.

When I came out of the shower, I was dried off by the two ladies with two huge fluffy towels and my whole body was fluffed with nice smelling powder, that made my skin smooth and soft. My face and shoulders where creamed with anther cream. After that I had to step into some sort of skin coloured rubber thong or girdle. It was a quite tight girdle with a sleeve where my penis had to go in. Off course due to all the action my not too large penis was standing too attention. “ We will have to take care of this to get it work” Margaret said. I sort of hoped she was to give me release as I really needed it, but not at all. She kept a towel under the cold tap and wrapped it around my genitals. The cold water made me shiver, and my penis was small enough to slide into the sleeve of the garment. On the sleeve there where some small band which went through my legs to the left and right sight and where connected. My penis was being pulled between my legs now which gave a smooth look at the front. The tip of my foreskin came through an opening in the sleeve, which made it possible for me to pee, though only when seated. Margaret showed me, that due to an opening in the back I could do the rest as well, so didn’t need to take the garment off. The two bands where glued onto the sight so the garment was very smooth and hardly visible. I didn’t know then that it would prevent me from getting an erection as well.

Now I got really scared, Aunt Helena came round the door with a huge syringe, when she saw me squirm, she said: “don’t worry dear, nothing is happening, this a fast setting foam which I put into pockets of your girdle, to give you the proper hips and butt”. Ok I said, I thought you where injecting me. It is a new feature which we sell a lot to ladies who have too little hips as well, the one with the sleeve is a special feature, we sell that a lot over the internet to transgender ladies. I felt my bottom and hips beginning to expand, it became a bit warm. No stand still dear, let is set for a moment. I could see in the mirror that it really worked and did wonders for my figure. Aunt Helena filled the bathtub now with cold water and I had to step in. It felt breathtaking cold, but I needed to go in to cool down the foam and stop the process, other wise I would get a huge bum. I plunged down and managed to stay in the five minutes. When I got out I was dried again by the two ladies and led to their room.

There Margaret took a large box and a marker pen. She measured a bit on my breast and put a few lines on them. She then took a bottle with a small brush and coated some of the liquid on my breast. Then she took out one of the very realistic looking breast forms and put it on its place, she placed my hand on it and said: “hold that for me dear”. She then got the other one out and did the same. There I stood holding my almost realistic boobs. Within few minutes aunt Helena came with white satin bra, and put it around me an lifted the breasts in. then I felt the weight pull on my shoulders, which felt rather heavy, but not uncomfortable. She then let me step in a white pull on brief girdle, and gave me a white nightgown to wear. Now you better go to bed, dear, we will do the rest tomorrow. You better have breakfast ready at six thirty, we will do your make up then after breakfast and go the salon early to give you a perm and set, we will have to do with your own hair colour for now then. As soon as I went into bed I fell asleep, I had never realized the being feminine could be so tiring.

Chapter 9

The next morning I woke up early, it took me a while to realize what had all happened yesterday. But then I knew I had to hurry as there where lots of things to do and I knew I couldn’t afford to disappoint my aunt again. I went into the bathroom sat down to pee, which was a very nice experience, and showered. When I had dried off I saw Aunt Helena coming in. We can do your make up before breakfast, Hon, Margaret is preparing breakfast for us. I want you to pay exact attention to what I am doing dear, so you can do you own make up. I sat down at the vanity and let my aunt do my make up. I watched carefully which jars she used and followed her movements doing it with utmost precision. She then put the wig on my head and said, “we could let you work with a wig, but we can’t risk having one of our customers notice you are wearing a wig, therefore we will perm your own hair, besides that will be much more comfortable for work”. Ok I said, I had decided to let it all happen.

I couldn’t believe the image I saw in the mirror, I looked just like a younger specimen of my aunt, which gave me a very special feeling, and I turned around and kissed my aunt to thank her. The kiss took a bit longer then expected, it stopped when Margaret came in and said: “come on you two, get dressed breakfast is served”. She went into the closet and came out with a pink very stiff looking corset, which was back laced. We will have to pull your waist in a bit she sad and slid the corset over my shoulders. The corset was to be closet at the front with a steel busk, and me breast fitted in perfectly. Actually it felt quite comfortable, that is until I felt her starting to pull the laces. I couldn’t breathe anymore and thought I’d faint. Take short strokes of breathe she said and indeed that helped. She slides a pair of tan nylons over my now smooth legs, which felt even better then yesterday, it felt much more electrifying now.

Then pink slip slides over my head, and a white tie bow blouse, with a blue pleated skirt. A pair of white sling back pumps to complete, and I was ready to go down. My aunt had finished her dressing as well and came out of the closet with a white purse for me. Here Hon take this one for today. I loved the way I looked and couldn’t believe what these corsets and fillings did to my figure. A spray of perfume was added as finishing touch and we where ready for a quick breakfast.

After breakfast kaçak casino we left for the salon without clearing everything away, I would turn home early and have time to do it then. We rushed to the hallway closet to get some capes out because we had to catch the bus. It felt so wonderful to be able to walk in between the ladies, click my heels a similar way and have my silver grey rubber cape swirl around me. We must have made quite sight, cause I noticed lots of people looking at us. When we stepped in the bus, aunt Helena and Margaret found an empty bench, but I had to stand, that is until a nice gentleman offered me his seat, which I took blushing.

When we got into the salon I was very pleased with how it looked. It was just as I had imagined, or had hoped it would look. I was like a real old fashioned salon with lots of pastel colours, separate cubicles, and rows of dryer hoods on the walls. I had to follow the ladies to the back where I saw a dressing room for personnel, where there where two ladies walking around in slips. I was introduced as niece Lucy who had volunteered to help out in the salon, during the absence of a shampoo girl. I was given my uniform and helped into it by Margaret, whilst my aunt was putting hers on. My aunt undid her skirt, but left her blouse on. Take your skirt and blouse off, she said to me and hang them in that closet. You fill find a pink smock there. She put on a soft pink, sleeveless smock too, a v-necked heavy nylon dress which buttons at the side with lots of large cream coloured buttons and a wide pink belt and very tight skirt, only because the lowest button was left open one could walk a bit. Due to the v shaped neck, the bow of her blouse comes out wonderful, as well as the sleeves. I am to wear a similar smock, but long-sleeved and with a peter pan collar. Its buttons are similar and on my right breast the name Lucy is embroidered. I see the other ladies wearing similar outfits, and one of them, called Diane is taking me into the salon. Follow me she said and I am put into one of the chairs into a private cubicle in the back of the salon. Aunt Helena comes in and says: “Thank you Diana, I can handle from here”. Diane goes out and closes the curtain. Aunt Helena takes a cape from a hook and throws it over me. It’s a lovely lilac nylon cape which has a Velcro closing at the neck. This is the standard hairdressing cape, which you will put onto all customers when they are sat down. After that you have a choice, when they are to get a perm, you take this long heavy pvc bluish cape, and if not you can take one of the pink or white plastic shampoo capes. I will tell you upfront who is to get a perm and who isn’t. I will give you a tray with the fluids to use for shampoo and setting lotion. You just use them from left to right, ok? I understood. Oh yes, the aprons. We have three different aprons for you to use when standing at the shampoo bowl. For a normal shampoo or setting lotion, the milky white transparent bib apron will do, for a perm, you will have to use the pink chasuble and for rinsing a colouring you will need the gown that closes at the back, clear?

It dazzled me a bit, but I understood. She then removed my wig and put it in the cupboard. She shampooed my hair and talked me through the way to do it. I listened carefully and found the massaging of my head quite relaxing. I gave extra notice to the movements she made and did my best to imagine what she was doing to make me feel this good. I wanted to do as good a job as she did. After the rinsing she massaged the setting lotion in, which needed special attention. You can practice on this later, Margaret dear, before we give you your first customer. After the setting lotion was rinsed out, she started to get a bunch of small perm rods in my hair and when that was done, put some awful smelling liquid over it with a brush. Then the dryer was lowered over my head and I had to sit and wait for half a hour. My aunt left and left the curtains open, so I could have a look around the salon to see how lovely the staff looked in their tight fitting uniforms, which made me feel good to know I’d look similar. There where few clients in already, all elegant looking ladies like my aunt and Margaret.

When the half hour was over, another girl, Linda came in, stopped the dryer and got the perm rods out. She welcomed me and started to rinse the perm fluid out, I could see she was wearing the proper apron to do so. When she was done she put some setting lotion in again and massaged it in. Then Aunt Helena came in again to put my head in larger rollers again. After that I got a chiffon headscarf around it and got under the dryer again, this time for twenty minutes. After that Aunt Helena came to undo the rollers again and set my hairdo. When she had all the rollers out she brushed it carefully. Then she teased all the curls so it looked like my head was exploded. Then with a can of hairspray and a styling comb, she made me into a perfect bouffant bubblehead. I was shown the back with an extra mirror and I loved it to bits, I looked so perfect. Now the cape was removed and it was onto work for me.

My first job was to get all the ladies in the cubicles a nice cup of tea, which was quite pleasant, as most of them had noticed I had just been given a perm and set, and the complimented me on my looks. They all wanted to know who I was and said I looked very much like my aunt, and was a very elegant looking girl. I then had to sweep the floor before my aunt called me to do a shampoo on Margaret. It was not too busy in the salon, so I could nicely practise on her. Margaret sat down in the cubicle, for a shampoo and set. First I d****d the nylon cape around here and closed it at her neck. Then I d****d the shampoo cape around her and placed the bowl behind her neck. Then opened the tap and mixed the water to a comfortable temperature, and started to rinse her head. When all her hair was wet I closed the tap and applied the shampoo. Then I started slowly to massage it all over her head, just like my aunt had done to me. I saw that Margaret closed her eyes, which I reckoned she liked it. I didn’t get any comment on it, so went on a bit. I then rinsed the shampoo out again and did it one more time. Then I got the setting lotion on and massaged it into her hair for some time, I took special care to do it with passion and care. My did I love doing this. When I thought it was done I rinsed it out once more and d****d a towel round her head. My aunt joined us in the cubicle, and asked Margaret how I had done. She is a natural she said, she massages my head just as you do, I felt just as relaxing. My aunt blinked an eye to me, and I knew I had passed the test. The rest of the day passed very well, I stayed busy with giving out tea to the ladies and had two more customers, one with a perm and one wit a colouring, I did well with the capes and aprons and even one of the ladies left me a tip. I had the best day of my life and loved working in the salon more than anything I had ever done before in my life.

Chapter 10

It was little over three o clock when Aunt Helena told me I could leave and pick the groceries up on the way home. She said not to mind the other chores , just to focus on preparing dinner. Ok I said, and went into the back to change my lovely uniform for my “normal” clothes. I looked in the mirror to check my make up, and was so thrilled to see the lovely hairdo. I put fresh lipstick on and dressed again. Put the cape over my shoulders, closed the large buttons, got my purse and went put. I wished everybody a pleasant evening, and my aunt stopped me at the door. She had a lovely strawberry red plastic lined chiffon headscarf for me, because it was slightly drizzling outside. You have to keep your permed hair dry now, my dear, otherwise it will become a mess. OK aunt Helena, I will take care of it, thank you very much for all, and I kissed her on the mouth. Now go girl she said.

I went straight to the grocery store and bought what I needed to make dinner. I still had to get used to people looking at me the way they did, but loved the approving looks, not only from gentlemen but also from some ladies. I picked out a light meal and went to the cash register. It didn’t take me all that long and when I came out I could just hop on the bus. When I came home I got a soft purple nylon overall from the kitchen closet. It had a double button row, and fitted perfectly over my new breasts. I also grabbed the first available plastic apron, which was loaded with lovely frills. I cleared the breakfast plates away, and looked at the clock, I saw I had some time left before I had to start dinner so went up to do the beds. First my own bed, and then went to the ladies room. Made up their lovely satin sheeted bed and didn’t even thought a minute about them sleeping together. The way things had turned out it all seemed natural to me.

There was no time for the laundry left, but I though I could do so after dinner. I went down and began cooking. I made the table look nicely with some flowers I had bought and two chandlers. Just as I was done I heard the ladies enter the door. I went to the hall to help them with their capes. Hello Lucy they said smiling and went into the kitchen. My what a nice table you have set us again, Margaret said and got some overalls from the closet. Let me give you a kiss for that. Yes me too Hon, Aunt Helena said, and both ladies kissed me on the mouth and both their tongues entered my mouth. My hidden “clitty” was trying to stir itself, but didn’t stand a chance in the girdle. I had noticed before that actually it was in some sort of constant arousal, without getting erected, more like a constant buzz. The walking the streets, working in the salon, doing the household chores, all dressed as I was, really seem to excite me constantly. I told about this to the ladies, not that I didn’t like the feeling, but I had noticed a constantly growing wet patch in my panties, which sort of disturbed me. Oh, but that doesn’t matter love, we will put a sanitary napkin in tomorrow.

We said down for dinner, and both the ladies kept on giving me compliments on how I did being a girl. I had done extremely well in the salon, even the other girls in the salon didn’t have a clue that I was actually a boy. Also the customers where pleased with the new shampoo girl and I had a job for the summer if I wanted, and the three of us would do the household chores together. I didn’t know quite what to say, but thanked them both gratefully for giving me this opportunity, and that I would love to do the job as best as I could, because I liked to do it very much.

After dinner Margaret and I did the dishes, together. Aunt Helena went out to the living room, and Margaret told me softly that I had gotten her very excited whilst giving her a head massage. Whilst doing that she kissed me softly in my neck, which me feel oh so good again. I would smell her lovely perfume, and when I turned my head she kissed me deeply again, and I felt my knees starting to get shaky. I broke the kiss and went on with the dishes, as I didn’t want to interfere with what seemed to be my aunts lover, how much I’d like to. Now that you are a girl, you better sleep with us dear, she said. I will arrange things with your aunt.

After that we went to the living room to join my aunt who had found some study books for me. She showed me how to style several hairdo’s and what was important when putting the rollers in. We sat down for some time until my head started to spin from all the impressions I had today. Margaret saw it and said: “lets go to bed, I think we are all tired”. I for sure knew I was exhausted. Yes lets go, aunt Helena said, and the three of us went up.

I got my clothes of, put a fresh nightgown on, one in soft blue this time and went into bathroom to get my makeup of and brush my teeth. My aunt came in with a pink nylon scarf and tied it round my head to protect my hairdo. I’ll help you tomorrow with your make up, doll. You have made me very happy today love she said, I am glad we get along so well. She kissed me again, and this I kissed her back. Her hands where all over my body, and started to rub my back and bum. I started to feel her wonderful body too, she had such wonderful rounded hips. I really felt myself becoming very aroused. The play we had, tongue to tongue was so highly sensual and erotic, that although I still couldn’t get a full erection, I could feel a sensation building up. Aunt Helena broke the kiss, and said: “sleep well dear” and left quickly, with me leaving trembling. I went into bed but couldn’t sleep immediately. I was to much excited by everything I had lived through till now and on top the long kiss, I tried to undo the bands that hold my genitals but couldn’t get it undone. I raised one leg and tingled the tip of my penis with my index finger, as if I was fingering a clitoris. It felt wonderful and slowly I felt a very intense climax coming up. The tension in my body had been building up during all day already and it looked like the whole day had been one long foreplay, and when the I felt the explosion it looked like it went on and on for ever. May be it was because of my penis couldn’t reach its full erection, but it felt like my complete body was on fire. I had never experienced anything like it before, and tears started to roll over my cheeks. I knew then and there that life was never to be the same again and fell asleep shortly after

Chapter 11

The next morning, aunt Helena came in to open the curtain and wake me up, She was dressed in her beautiful soft pink longline bra and a high waisted, open bottom girdle in a the same colour. Tan full fashioned nylons where carefully fixed to the six garters, to make sure the seams where straight. The very transparent sheer, soft pink negligee wasn’t giving much cover to prevent me from looking at her perfectly formed body. She was already made up immaculate as ever, and her hairdo, looked perfect as well. “Have a quick shower” honey, and I will find you some clothes. I kissed her good morning and went in the bathroom for a quick shower, I didn’t forget to put on a shower cap to prevent your hairdo from getting wet.

When I came back in the room, my aunt had laid out some clothes on the bed for me. First I had to step into a black all-in-one girdle, which fitted me like a glove. It felt very comfortable, until I felt my aunt pull the laces on the back. “Take shorts strokes of breath dear” she said, and when I did so after few minutes it felt ok. There where eight garter tabs dangling from the firm garment and a pair of very sheer, shiny black, seamed nylons where attached to them and a nice black ruffled slip with double gusset, filled with a sanitary pad. After that I got the most delicious, mocha coloured fine slip, with black lace edges. I slid it over my head, and it encased my curves like a second skin, with the ruffled hem standing out nicely.

I was sat down at the vanity then, where my aunt showed me how to style my hair after a night sleep. She learned me how to tease the curls into a lovely bouffant. A normal set lasts two to three days, after that you need a wash and set, which we can do at the salon, other wise you could sleep with curlers in and style it in the morning. After that I was to do my own make up, with little help from my aunt. I found it not too hard, only the eyes where some trouble. When I was done, my aunt left me to dress further, where as she could do the same. I put on the blouse and skirt she picked for me, a nice cream coloured blouse, with a dark grey pleated skirt, a lovely three inch black patent belt and a pair of 4½ inch high strappy patent heels, a bit higher then I had walked on before, but due to the ankle strap I felt quite steady in them, and loved what they did to my legs.

I went carefully down the stairs, and entered the kitchen where Margaret wished me good morning with a nice long kiss. We stood kissing for quite some time, and I felt her hands explore my bottom and her tongue entangling with mine, where I took the liberty of doing the same. When broke off the kiss, I felt my pad get wet already again, and my knees shaky. My goodness, how my life had changed over the last few days, I had never felt happier in my life.

The three of us had breakfast together and got to the salon again. My work there went better and better, I loved being amongst the other girls and the wonderful elegant looking lady clients. The clients where satisfied with my shampoo skills as well and I got more and more compliments. I noticed after few weeks that most clients came at least once a week, so I learned to know them all by name, and greeted them, when caping and shampooing.

I lived a very happy life with the ladies, and loved to make them happy. That’s where I decided one Sunday to surprise them with breakfast in their room. I had made a nice tray filled with a nice breakfast, juices and a small vase with a rose. I knocked their bedroom door and entered the door without hesitation, as I had done so often before. I saw the two ladies entangled in each others arms, kissing and patting each other. I didn’t know what to do, and said sorry and wanted to leave the room again. Then I heard: “no, no you silly girl, set the tray on the vanity and come into the bed”. I was sort of shocked, but didn’t hesitate to obey the order. Not that I didn’t obey my aunt all times, but I wanted nothing more in the world, then to join their lovemaking. I put my negligee off and went into the bed. As soon as I was in I felt hands all over my body, tongues licking me all over, and my started to explore the two most gorgeous bodies in the world. I kissed my aunts breasts and felt Margaret exploring my lower body. She kissed my thighs and I felt her tongue nearing what was known as my clitty now. Her tongue started to stroke my sensual tip and it didn’t took me long to explode. Buy now aunt Helena had moved her lower body towards my face, and as soon as I had her pussy in sight I knew I wanted to suck her dearly. I eat her all out, where my hands where stroking Margaret’s lovely nipples. I didn’t know exactly when I realised what it was, but when my hands started to search for Margaret’s pussy, they felt something hard there instead. It took me quite a few moments to realize she actually had a penis and as such was a man as well!

“Please go on” I heard Margaret whisper in my ear. Because my aunt was cumming with long flushes now, I knew I couldn’t stop licking und sucking her, so went on there. My mind was far away, and my other hand started to stroke Margaret, as I used to do myself. Then I felt Margaret’s tongue entering my rosebud. Her tongue started to work itself into my pussy, which drove me crazy. It felt so good, my whole lower body was on fire again. As I kept licking my aunt she had a second climax, but warned me not to stop. Then Margaret pulled her tongue from my pussy, and I felt something hard against it now. I became scared what it was, but when she started to drive it slowly into my love canal I relaxed again. I knew I wanted it more then anything and loved the filled feeling. It only hurt a little bit till she was completely in, she stopped a while to let me get used to it. The pain went fast away, and when she slowly started to move in and out I felt in heaven again.

I felt so good to be fucked by this gorgeous woman, that I licked and sucked even harder on my aunts clitty. It took us only few minutes to cum together in a huge climax. Aunt Helena started to moan louder and louder, where as Margaret was sort of high pitch howling. My mouth was flooded, I felt my inside being filled with hot juices, and my artificial pussy got away of a tremendous amount of fluid itself which I felt streaming down the inside of my legs. It took us over five minutes I guess to catch out breath again, where I felt Margaret pull out of me again. She thanked me, and kissed me in my neck. I had collapsed and when I turn around I saw her wet and shiny, smooth shaven clitty in front of me, still dripping. I didn’t even think about it, but felt my lips sliding over it and my tongue started to lick it clean. It was a lovely salty taste, which I liked very much. At the same time I felt another tongue enter my pussy again, and lick out the cum of it.

The three of us stayed in bed till after lunchtime and I think we all came at least three more times. In between lovemaking the ladies explained to me that Margaret was once a boy as well. I hade several questions about her lovely curves and breasts. Well with the help of hormones and silicones, dear, lots of things are possible these days. It was immediately clear to me I wanted to be the same and begged my aunt to let me become a woman just like her. Well dear as matter of fact I have spoken to your parents about it yesterday and they agreed if I where to let you stay with me. I fully agreed with them and we have decided, that if you’d like to, you could live with me and run the salon with me. Margaret will be gone in four weeks again, so I could do with some extra help. Please think about it dear. Well I had made up my mind already and said I wanted nothing more in the world and would telephone my parents later to bring them the good news. My road to femininity was surfaced.

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