Wild Weekend at the Lake.

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Wild Weekend at the Lake.
Many years ago in my younger days I went to a summer party with a few good friends.
One of my buddies had gotten permission from his parents to hold a bash at their summer cottage for a week.
We stocked up on every d**g and alcoholic beverage known to man.

Friday Night****

We set up our stuff, and got right down to business, we were slamming beer and smoking weed all night, around 10pm we broke out the cocaine. We all dove in, beer, beer, do a line, beer, do another line.
By 3am we were gloriously fucked up, two of my pals had already passed out and it was just 3-4 of us left around the fire.
I slammed two more pints and headed inside, I was hammered but it still took my about an hour to fall asleep due to the coke in my system.


We all rose out of bed around noon, dehydrated and hung over badly.
We started breakfast and shortly after we were back into the liquor.
We swam, drank, did a few rails, and smoked joint after joint, before long we were loaded and rowdy.

I guess we were a little too loud and one of the neighbors came over to complain about the party.
We were loaded, and the confrontation turned sour fast, there were empty beer cans, cocaine, and weed all over the table in plain view.
The neighbor finally had enough arguing with us and stated if we did not quite down he would call the cops.
This put me on edge, I had a criminal record from when I was eighteen and didnt need any more trouble.
I tried to take control of the situation, I asked him to relax, and promised to keep the music to half volume if he would not call the police, he said he would give us one more chance ONLY because he knew my buddies parents quite well.
We kept at it, but we did lower the volume and kept the yelling to a minimum.
I was going to hard and ended up passing out on a deck chair before 5pm.
When I awoke its was dark and my buddies were passed out on the deck, chairs, ground, and a few lucky ones had made it indoors avoiding the mosquitoes and black flys.

Saturday Night****

I was really feeling like hell after 24hrs of hard partying and the rest of the lads were still passed out, well one was awake, in the washroom puking his guts out.
I rolled up a few joints and decided to go for a walk to unwind, I grabbed a couple Gatorade, my phone and strolled down the road listening to the sounds in the darkness, it must have been 35 degrees celcius outside and muggy.
I had been walking for about 30 minutes and was beginning to feel much better.
I could see headlights coming down the road in the distance but could not tell how far away it was due to the darkness and the d**gs flowing through my body….
Several minutes later the car was approaching me and slowed down as it passed, I noticed the vehicle slow to a crawl and the reverse lights came on.
I turned and walked towards to car and the window came down….SHIT, it was the grumpy neighbor that had complained about the partying earlier.

I was much more relaxed now and upon recognizing the man I apologized again for the noise.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, you young fellas were pretty quiet after I left and I appreciate that young man”.

Then he asked “Where the hell are you off too? If you keep going that way you will end up at the Lake and it’s a dead end son”.

“I just needed to get away from the party for awhile, and clear my head, thanks for the directions though”. I answered.

“Well, I am just returning from dropping some gas off to another resident, if you make it to the end if this road my cottage is the second last one on the right side, feel free to pop in for a beer ” he said.

I thanked him and said I might just do that sometime this week, and with that he pulled away and I kept walking.
I watched as his tail lights disappeared into the dark night.

I was feeling much better after walking for awhile, I was sweating the booze out in the heat, it had been about an hour since our grumpy neighbor had passed me on the road.

I pulled another joint out and lit it up, I was about halfway done it when I could see lights ahead in the dark….
I had made it to the end of the road, there were only two cottages in this area and only one with lights on, I recognized our neighbors car in the driveway, I had drank all my Gatorade and was carrying the empty bottles.
My mouth was dry from the weed and I figured the old fella would let me fill them up for the hike back if I asked politely enough.

I headed up the driveway and could hear music playing, I climbed the porch steps and knocked lightly….
Hmmm no answer, I knocked again louder this time, still no response.
My lips and mouth felt like I had stuffed cotton inside it was so dry, I walked around the porch and peeped in the window but could see nobody inside, the music playing was Christine Aguilera, the cottage was very clean and rustic, the walls had beautiful paintings of women in burlesque type clothing and the furniture looked all handcrafted.
I looked around for an outdoor tap, there was a hose but I could not locate the tap in the darkness, I went back up to the door and opened it slightly, “Hello, hello is anyone home?” I shouted into the cottage and then let the screen door door shut. I was about to say fuck it when the music stopped,
a second later I saw the old neighbor walking into the kitchen area, he was wrapped in a blanket.
He came to the door and seemed very surprised to see me….
“Hey, I guess I walked a little too far, sorry to disturb you” I said.

“Oh hey there, why yes you did make it quite a piece, can I help ya son” he asked.

“Well, my water bottle is dry and I was wondering if you might let me fill it up for my hike back?”

“Yes, yes of course, my name is Sandy, come on in, tap is over there, and there is bottled water on the floor beside the refrigerator, take your pick, there canlı bahis şirketleri is beer in the fridge if you would prefer that”.

I declined the beer, the thought of alcohol made my stomach uneasy, “Thanks but water is fine, by the way my name is James”.

“Welcome to my humble abode James, make yourself at home I am just going to change” Sandy replied.

With that he headed to the bedroom still wrapped in the blanket…
I stood at the sink and drank 3-4 glasses of water, it had that sulphur taste from the well but it was cold as ice, I filled my two empty Gatorade bottles as well.
With no sign of Sandy coming back out I took a seat on the couch to wait,
there was a stack of magazines on table so I looked through them and was shocked to see all but the top one were porn mags, every fucking type imaginable, teen, milf, tits, and whoa!!!…..there were also a few shemale type magazines!
I also spied about 25 X-rated videos neatly stacked beside the DVD player!
*Teens Swallow 3
*Mommys Favorite Stepsons
*Nylon Sluts 1 & 2
*Shemale Surprise 4
*Tranny Secretary

I heard Sandy coming out of the bedroom so I quickly put them back in order and stood up. Sandy came out wearing grey sweat pants and no shirt,

“Holy shit its frigging warm tonight” Sandy said.

“Hell yes, I thought it would cool off at night but I guess not, listen thanks for the hospitality but I have a good walk ahead of me and should probably hit the road back, can I use your washroom first?”

“Please, yes, go ahead, down the Hall first door on the right, light is on a chain in center of bathroom” Sandy I formed me.

I headed down the hallway and located the bathroom, I had to feel around blind for the chain and finally found it. The bathroom decor was old fashioned dark panelling, but that was not what caught my attention!
There was a full table of makeup and beauty products and two pairs of stockings hanging from shower rod.

I hadn’t seen any visible signs of a woman being here, and my curiosity peaked….
“Was Sandy married?” I wondered.

I took a much need piss, flushed and headed out to the living area, Sandy was sitting on the sofa.

“Hey, well then I guess I am off, thanks again for the refills and if I am out this way again I will be sure to pop in, may even take you up on that beer offer.”

“Anytime young man, anytime, that’s what neighbors are for, and hey, this might be a little forward but if you wanna spend the night I can drop you off in the morning, your looking at an hour plus walk in this heat and those bugs will pick your bones clean, I’d offer you some bug spray but it’s down on shore in my tackle box”. Sandy said.

“No I best be getting back, the boys will be worried if I don’t show up” I replied. The offer to stay made me uncomfortable, I was beginning to put it all together now, I figured Sandy was gay maybe even a crossdresser……. the pornmags, makeup, stockings, shemale vids, and not a woman in sight….yup, made sense now.

“You have a wonderful evening Sandy, I am going to start my journey back”.

“Suit yourself, feel free to visit anytime your out and need a refill.” Sandy said.

I got back outside and the heat was disgusting, I was about a mile from Sandy’s place when the bugs attacked, these were no ordinary bugs they were massive deer and black flies, within 5 minutes I was covered in nasty little bites and with no big spray I was sure to be a skeleton upon arrival!

I weighed my options….

1. Keep going, I would be back with the guys in an hour or so if I survived this heat/bug onslaught….
2. Go back to Sandy’s, text the guys and hope my assumptions were incorrect, spend the night and head back first thing…

I turned tail and headed back to the old guys place, I had only been gone about 20 minutes and when I approached I noticed all the lights were off expect the porch light.

I quietly walked up the stairs and knocked very lightly, the bedroom light came on, then the living room….

“Hey, back so soon?” Sandy asked.

I replied ” These bugs are fucking vicious, and now that it’s dark I am kinda disoriented, is your offer to stay the night still standing?” I asked.

“Well of course, come on in, lemme grab ya a blanket and pillow, the couch is all yours son.” Sandy said.
I texted my pals and told them I would be back in the morning.

I sat back down on the sofa and a few seconds later Sandy returned carrying a pillow and thin blanket.

“Here ya go son, sorry I call everyone ‘son’ or ‘gal’, here you go James”.

If you need anything, there is soda and beer in fridge, there is also bread and peanut butter and jam if your hungry, sleep tight James, I will leave the bathroom light on in case you have to use it”.

Sandy headed off to his room and I stretched out on the couch, it was fucking boiling so I stripped down to my boxers. Once comfortable my mind kept wondering about Sandy, he had to be single, there was no sign if another person living here.
I layed there for about 30 minutes and could hear Sandy snoring in his room.
I got up, I had to piss again, I walked to the washroom and since Sandy’s room was directly across from it I peaked into the darkness, he was asleep, and completely naked, laying spread eagle.

I slipped into the washroom and relieved myself, then headed back to the sofa, Sandy was still snoring naked as a jaybird.

I had one more joint rolled and slipped out onto the porch, I smoked my joint and headed back inside before the fucking bugs came after me!
I tossed and turned for about an hour and couldn’t doze off, I sat up and turned on the light beside the couch.
I listened to see if Sandy was still snoring (he was) and decided since I was baked that maybe jerking off would help me sleep.
I flipped through the magazines on the table and settled on “Young Tight Beavers”, the pages were filled canlı kaçak iddaa with girls that were very young and cute, it didnt take long until my cock was rock hard, I pulled out my 6 inches and began to stroke.
I flipped through that magazine, then then next, the next and so forth until all that was left was the shemale ones, out of curiosity I picked one up and began leafing through it, unlike the other this one was well used and the centerfold was glued together with what I assumed was cum…..gross!

I found the remote and turned on the TV making sure to turn the volume down, I browsed through the porn vids and decided on Teens Swallow.
I tried to put it into the DVD player but there was a disc already inside, I hit eject and out popped the Shemale Surprise disc.

I put it aside and put Teens Swallow into the DVD player, the first scene was a tiny teen getting face fucked by a huge white cock.
I stroked, being careful to listen for Sandy still snoring which he was so I kept jerking.
After that scene another teen was attempting to deepthroat a big black cock and then it froze, it wouldn’t play anymore so I popped it out and decided to check out the Shemale Surprise DVD.
I had never really been a shemale admirer, and was more curious than anything.
The scene began with a man bringing a prostitute home, they fooled around which led to her getting on her knees and sucking his cock, after several minutes she stood up and took off her dress, she layed back on the bed and the man was kissing her legs and feet, when he made his way up to her groin and he pulled her panties down….surprise, she had a 6 inch cock where he thought her pussy would have been, the shock on his face was priceless, he got up and looked ready to run but then she took his hand and eased him back down between her legs (without audio I had to fantasize about what they were saying) the man took her cock into his mouth and began to expertly suck it.
My cock grew hard, I found this incredibly erotic, they slid into a 69 position and began exchanging blowjobs, my cock was ready to burst.
I had forgotten I had nothing to blow my load into, I paused the DVD and hustled to the bathroom for some toilet paper, just as I was exiting the washroom Sandy spoke up…

“Hey, everything okay fella?”

I froze….. “yup, I just needed to piss, sorry I woke you” and I turned and flushed the toilet even though I hadn’t used it.

“All good, I was getting up anyhow” Sandy responded.

Sandy reached over and turned on the lamp beside his bed, his nakedness was on full display, he was dark tanned and I could see his cock flopping around freely while mine was poking out in front of my boxers half hard!

My mind raced, I had left the DVD paused….if Sandy came out and saw it I was fucked and would be walking through the night while fighting off the bugs!

My fear became reality as Sandy walked right past me into the living room…..
“Listen Sandy I can explain, I was just trying to watch something on TV and this shit came on!” I said trying to act convincingly.

“Well, well what do we have here?”
“Son you don’t have to bullshit me, I get pretty horny watching that one too!”
Sandy said with a giggle. I turned red with embarrassment.

Sandy grabbed a glass of water and I reached over and turned the TV power off, I had also left the Teens Swallow DVD sitting on the coffee table and quickly slid it under the magazines!!!

” Now don’t be embarrassed James, jerking off is what men do when they need relief, carry on son, no big deal”.

I stayed seated and tried to not make eye contact with Sandy, my face was red with embarrassment.

Sandy then said “Hey, I have something you should try, gimme a second” he went into the washroom and returned with a small bottle that looked like eye drops….and a bottle of lube.

“Have you ever tried Poppers” he asked.

“No, what’s a popper” I replied.

Sandy then said “You just take the cap off and inhale, gets you a little buzzed, and makes sex or jacking off very intense”.
“Let me leave it here and if you get the urge, give it a wee sniff, don’t overdue it though”.
He then tossed the tiny bottle on the sofa and set the lube down on the coffee table and headed back to the bedroom!!!

I stared at the tiny bottle and picked it up, it was labeled ‘Rush x2’ and I opened the cap, I took a little sniff…..nothing.
I put it under one nostril and inhaled deeply….WOW!
I felt a euphoria come over me, it wasn’t as intense a cocaine, but I felt a warm rush all over and felt intensely relaxed.
I put the bottle under my nose again and inhaled, wow this stuff was good, I felt like I was melting into the sofa and my groin was tingling.

With Sandy now gone back to bed I went through the DVDs and decided on Female Domain #8.

I laid back and pulled out my cock, it was hard as steel, after a few moments I grabbed the bottle again and gave it a huge whiff, my heart raced and my groin was throbbing from my cock to my asshole, this popper stuff was awesome!

I was beating off under the blanket watching the video featuring dominating women making guys suck their toes and women using dildo’s on mens asses.
I hit the poppers again, lifted my leg, wet a finger and slid it up my asshole! The sensation was fucking amazing, the poppers made it all the more intense. I was keeping rhythm with the woman on the video, I was right on the edge of blowing my load when I heard Sandy walking into the room again…..

I stopped what I was doing and looked towards the hallway, there was Sandy dressed up like a cheap slut!!!!
He was wearing a white bra, panties, stockings, garters, makeup, and a fucking blonde wig!!!!

“Can I offer you some company or assistance with that?” Sandy said as he came closer.

Sandy sat down next to me on the couch and asked…
“Do you like my outfit canlı kaçak bahis James?”

I looked at his outfit and saw he was rock hard, the tip of his cock was poking out of the white panties!

“Sandy…..I really don’t know if I am into this” I said.

Sandy lifted the blanket up and said…
“Well, well that is a gorgeous cock you have there fella, why don’t you let me help you just this one time?”

I looked back at the TV and a woman was now sucking a man off while she slid a vibrator up his asshole!

Sandy grabbed the bottle of poppers off the table and inhaled deeply, his eyes got glassy and he handed me the bottle.
I took it and inhaled deeply, then again……..the buzz took over and I looked at Sandy and said


Sandy pulled the blanket back and my hard cock was pointed at the ceiling, he was rubbing his own dick through the panties now.
Sandy grabbed a pillow and placed it on the floor between my feet, he promptly got down on his knees and grabbed my cock…..

“Just watch the movie and relax son” he said.

I sank into the sofa while Sandy massaged my cock and balls very softly, my groin was again tingling from my cock to asshole.
I watched as Sandy pulled a tube of red lipstick out of his bra and applied it to his lips!
He placed the lipstick on the table and began slowly kissing my stiff cock leaving little red smudges from my balls to the head of my now throbbing cock!

In one motion Sandy grabbed the base of my dick and his mouth engulfed my dick, I closed my eyes and relaxed while Sandy worked my cock like an expert.
Within seconds he was deepthroating my entire length with no effort, all the way out, all the way back down his throat until my cock was screaming to cum.
I could feel myself pushing my hips up to get my cock farther down his throat.
Sandy pushed my legs back towards my chest and was licking my cock, balls, and then he let his tongue slide right over my asshole!
The sensation was fucking mindblowing, I guess Sandy could tell from my moans and he dove right in rimming my asshole like a starving a****l!
I grabbed my legs behind my knees and pulled them up as far as they would go, I could feel the warmth of his tongue darting in and out and all around my tingling ass.
“You like that James?” he asked…
“Fuck yes” I replied.

Sandy went back to work on my dick, I had never had a blowjob this slow, he would take 30 seconds to go from tip to base of my dick, it was painfully slow, but fucking amazing too!

Then unexpectedly I felt Sandy place a finger on my asshole!
I was about to protest this and with a gentle push his finger slid right up my ass! I almost came right there but Sandy wisely had left my dick untouched.
Sandy then grabbed the lubricant and put a drop on his finger.
He went back to licking my balls while slowly sliding one finger in and out of my virgin asshole….
I asked Sandy to hand me the bottle of poppers again, he did so and I took the biggest hit of the night.
My cock and ass were throbbing intensely again, and Sandy went back to work on my cock!
The movie was at the end, Sandy reached over and hit play again…
I noticed Sandy was jerking himself while servicing my swollen dick!

My knees were touching my chest now, my cock was deep in Sandy’s mouth and he had a finger buried up my ass, Sandy grabbed the lube again and squirted some right onto my throbbing asshole…..
He took my cock down his throat to my balls and slowly pushed one and then TWO fingers inside of me, it hurt for a split second but then the pleasure took over!
The feeling of his warm fingers in my asshole and mouth around my cock was about to send me over the edge and then he stopped.
Sandy started kissing his way up my legs and belly, then he began to kiss and suck on my nipples, I could feel his hard cock pressed up against my balls, we were grinding our cocks together while he teased my sensitive nipples.
I felt his cock brush over my asshole and I pushed back, the sensation was fucking wild, Sandy was sliding his dick between my ass cheeks and up under my balls against my septum, I instinctively pulled my legs up as far as they would go and let him grind against me.
My cock was dripping precum and Sandy was getting close too.
I reached down between my legs and grabbed Sandy’s dick in my hand and began to jerk him off, he grabbed mine and returned the favor.
Maybe it was the video, maybe it was the poppers but the next thing I knew I was rubbing his cock head all over my exposed asshole while jerking him, I held the tip of his cock against my asshole and pushed down!

“You sure about this” Sandy said.

I didn’t bother responding and held his cock up against my asshole.
I felt him push against me, he pulled away and grabbed the lube and smeared it across my ass.
He settled back between my legs and I grabbed his cock again and rubbed the tip against my asshole, he pushed and I felt my asshole getting spread open, little by little he entered me.
Sandy was about an inch inside me, I pulled up my legs and his cock slipped out….OMG did that feel fucking wild.
He lined himself up again and worked his cock back inside of me, one inch…..a little more….another push and I felt my asshole relax and take Sandy’s hard dick, he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and as he did I felt him enter me completely!
Sandy grabbed my cock and jerked me off at a feverish pace, the sensation coming from having a hard dick in my asshole sent me into waves of orgasm from my cock to my ass.
My cock exploded and I could feel my asshole tighten around Sandy’s cock when I came, Sandy pumped my asshole slowly and then I felt him withdraw from my ass with a plopping sound, he jerked his cock over mine and shot cum all over my cock, balls, and some slid down towards my asshole.
Sandy slid down and slurped up both of our loads off my dick, balls, and stomach “mmmmm” was all he said.

Needless to say I went back to my pals cottage early the next morning, Sandy let me keep the bottle of poppers with the promise I would visit if I ever got out this way again……I was going to make a point of it!


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